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Jane Week Day 7: Free Space

Yooo thank you admins who created this event and thank you to everyone who participated and celebrated it! (even though im hella late myself)

i never thought drawing jane could be so much fun!

anonymous asked:

this is a nonsensical thought i had but i kept thinking of gabriel reyes/jack morrison trying to learn to bake bc s/o likes sweets like cupcakes and whatnot

Gabriel Reyes/Reaper

× Gabriel would definitely be the best baker (could be sponsored by Betty Crocker or other bakeries/companies). He’s a pro at baking. He’s great with the oven thanks to his mother teaching him how to make tamales.

× He’d toss flour your way and you’d wrinkle your nose in that cute way he loves, a sneeze coming from you. You’d glare at him but then he’d press his lips to your forehead. After all the baking, he would get a wet cloth and wipe your face of the powder.

× The decorations would be absolutely stunning and Gabriel will whistle while he takes his time with each little detail. The decorations are colorful and represent Hispanic heritage and culture. Expect some colorful Dia de las Muertos skulls. Gabriel only allows you and Jack to have some sweets.

Jack Morrison/Soldier 76

× Jack is frustrated because every batch of cupcakes he attempts to make burn. When you try to help, he’ll swat your hands away or snap at you and huff. After the 100th attempt, he’ll sulk and let you take the reins with the baking.

× He’ll be super impatient. By impatient, 76 will slather frosting on the fresh-out-of-the-oven cupcakes and all your pleas will fall on deaf ears. When the icing quickly melts, he grumbles curses under his breath, scratching his head in confusion. You swipe icing on his nose with a laugh and that leads to a chase around the kitchen. Out of breath, you two come back to slightly warm cupcakes.

× Jack will grow accustomed to the recipe and soon he’s making great (award winning cupcakes, honestly) cupcakes and other sweets. Like Gabriel, Jack will hum a tune as he adds the finishing touches on his desserts, his eyes bright and a relaxed smile on his face. He’s the one who mostly eats all the treats, though. You do convince him to go around with you to pass out the delicious baked goods.