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School Blues (bluemorezone)

“ Lets skip.” Honey said while she leaves Burger Kingdom with Alice and Betty. Betty blinked a few times and opened her mouth. She shuts it and looked to Alice. “ Come one we really don’t need these classes.”

“No. “ Alice said. Honey sighed. Honey crossed her arms. “ Besides do you really want to be a wandering warrior. Or do you not want to work in a decent agency. Tech would stop giving you jobs if you don’t finish high school.”

“ I have history today. If they talk about The New Turn Era one more time I’m going burst.” Honey noticed that Betty was missing her bag. “ Hey Betty where’s your bag?”

Betty blinked and noticed her bag was missing. “ Oh I forgotten it.” Betty was going inside until Honey stopped her.

“ I’ll get it. You go to school.” Honey goes back into the restaurant before Betty could stop her. Honey see people by where they were sitting, “ Hey do you see a black bag around there?”

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wait idk how exactly she does it but when my mom makes sugar cookies she puts a lil orange juice in em... u don't taste it in the cookies except for just a lil extra somethin somethin...... like glitter but for tastes..... and still buttery. v good. i recommend finding a recipe w orange

We just used the betty crocker bagged cookies lol but orange juice is a very interesting addition to a cookie recipe


based on my lurkin’

He’d missed pre - calc. Betty, having ensured he was caught up on assignments since they were in the first grade, made sure to grab an extra sheet of homework. Had he skipped any other classes? Football practice? Her schedule didn’t allow them to see much of each other on Fridays so she wouldn’t know. A text to Veronica and she sees the raven haired girl doesn’t know either. 

Getting home from cheer practice she’s almost up her front steps when she spots him on his porch. It’s where he spends most of his time in the fall. Sometimes they both do; rocking in the porch swing or reading books without even talking. Somehow the porch next door seems more inviting than her own. Her house is shadowed by the absence of her sister and Mom’s bitterness.

Betty drops her bag off before crossing the lawn that separates them. The homework in her hand is a weak excuse to see what’s chipping away at him. He’s been off somehow. It isn’t just new friendships or another school year starting. Betty knows Archie well enough to spot when he’s keeping something bottled up. He’s selfish that way; never wanting others to be burned by his problems. She would take them all if he let her.  

“Hey,” Betty greets him with a half smile, “you weren’t in class so…”

A heartbeat passes, “Arch…if something is wrong, you know you can tell me right?


Betty set her bag down on the floor if the airport and then turned to Jake, “From here where do we go?”

Jake pulled out an envelope with instructions and scanned through it, “Looks like there should be a cab waiting for us and we take that out to the field. There we meet up with a Pete Mason and he’s supposed to take us to our tents.”

Betty nodded and looked around, finally seeing a sign, held by a cabbie, that said BBC, “There.” She turned to John, “You ready?”