betty and henry

It’s september 1st and summer is ending (though it won’t be over officially ‘till the mn state fair ends imo) and this picture has been in my head too long but clearly it wasn’t a super tiny endeavor so I put it off till now, whoops!

the toons really brought life to the grzeskiewicz home, enough to clean up their backyard even, or at least this slice of it. like I’ve mentioned, the toons in the lampblack verse are actual living beings, and they’re built to live in this world as good as anything with a pulse. they’re fine in water. more than fine!

i hope the majority of you guys know what chicken is, or what they’re doing in the pool might be kinda confusing. anyway, bianca belongs to @majorpepperidge, betty and pearl belong to @131-di!

The signs as IT characters

Aries: Richie Tozier

Taurus: Bill Denbrough

Gemini: Stan Uris

Cancer: Eddie Kaspbrak

Leo: Patrick Hockstetter

Virgo: Mike Hanlon

Libra: Beverly Marsh

Scorpio: Henry Bowers

Sagittarius: Georgie Denbrough

Capricorn: Pennywise

Aquarius: Betty Ripsom

Pisces: Ben Hanscom

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What are some of your favorite Old Hollywood scandals?

Oh gosh, don’t even get me started! There are some really sad ones around, but most of these will be about sex. There’s a really good post somewhere with a ton of really juicy tidbits, I wish I could find it but I don’t remeber what I tagged it as. Most of these are from that! Anyway, here are a couple, I’m putting them under a cut because they’re kinda crude. I don’t know how true these are and I don’t know if they’re all “scandals” because most of them weren’t known to the public at the time, but here are some things that I have picked up over the years:

Thank you for this! I could go on and on and on if you like especially about the gays!

Ask me questions about Old Hollywood!

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Jimmy Stewart and Burgess were close friends and even roommates circa 1940-41. Burgess staged a celebration at Mocambo in Hollywood for Jimmy after he returned home for a weekend leave from the war. This is a photo I found in the archives from that party. Franchot Tone, Lorraine Gettman, Frances Ford Seymour, Henry Fonda, Betty Field and Burgess.

The only fan page solely dedicated to Burgess Meredith // Lovingly ran by his grandniece in attempt to keep his legacy alive.

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India, do you have any advice for someone with extremely low self esteem?

“Think about all the things you wish you were, but you ain’t. For example, let’s say you see a fella with a lotta dough. You think to yourself, ‘gee, it sure would be swell to be that lousy with jack!’ and you picture all the grand times you’d be having if you were living large. Let’s say your idea of fun and success is buying a yacht and visiting all those exotic countries you read about in adventure novels. You think ‘boy, I was in that fella’s place, then I could do all the things I wanted.’

But here’s the trick, that’s not true. If you were in that fella’s place, you wouldn’t want what you want. You wouldn’t be who you are. Maybe that fella’s idea of fun is blowin’ all that dough in Vegas or something. Maybe he never even read an adventure novel. And if you were in his situation, if you did whatever he did to get that money, born into it, schmoozing, that kinda thing, you wouldn’t be the same you, you wouldn’t have those beautiful dreams about those exotic countries. Those dreams wouldn’t be anyone’s. They’d be completely lost.

And sure, you’re thinking ‘yeah but those dreams are useless if i can’t afford ‘em, right?’ And maybe that’s true. But if that’s what you really want, maybe someday you can save enough to go visit the one place that’ll really change your life. Or if you never do, maybe you’ll paint pictures of it or write stories about it. Maybe it’ll inspire you to get a pen pal from there, or work in an industry that’s popular there. Maybe it’ll just stay in your dreams and make you smile, thinking about warm sandy beaches on a cold and gray day. And none of these things would happen if you were in that fella’s place, because you wouldn’t be you, and only you see things the way you do.

Everyone, every toon, human, ghost and demon’s got something that makes them special. Even if that something is just a fleeting thought about how pretty another country would be to visit. Without you being who you are, that thought would never be think’d.

Even better an example though, is the people around you. Take me, for example. I’ve got advantages I’m proud of, I’m pretty and tough! But I’m all jacked up now, and I’ve always had a hard time showing people I care about them… But someone loves me. Godwin loves me. He loved me so much, he brought me back, and that makes me feel pretty good about myself. Even if it wasn’t because he loved me, I love him, and I’m happy I can be there for him. I’m happy I can be his sister. I may not be a perfect person, and I may not have a perfect life, but as long as Godwin’s in it, I wouldn’t trade it.

Not only Godwin, but I’ve got Bendy, Boris, Bianca, Henry, Betty, Pearl, Alice, my grandparents and cousins. No matter how much of a piece of shit I might find myself being, my life is worth something as long as I’ve got them in it.

Maybe you don’t have such great people in your life. Maybe only one person ever showed you kindness. Maybe nobody did, but you saw someone beautiful smile to themselves in a window across the street, and it made you kinda happy. Well if you weren’t you, that little piece of happiness never would have been felt.

Maybe you’re a total waste of space, maybe you’re the saddest palooka ever to disappoint everyone around him. But there is always somethin’. Hell, maybe that something is just that you make other people feel better by comparison! People appreciating their good qualities when they see your crappy ones! That can be a valuable service! Or maybe you make someone sad because you’re so pathetic, and they reevaluate their own life.

Either way, life isn’t about contributing, it’s about experiencing. Experiencing everything, good and bad. It’s not just happiness. Even feeling blue is enough. Feeling angry is enough. Feeling numb is enough. Coz’ you’re here to experience it. Your life isn’t here to make the world better, it’s just here to be lived, in any way it can be.

When you spend too much time worrying you’re not living your life right, or you’re not being the best you can be, you’re wasting time you could use to just experience your life. Things aren’t always peachy keen, but as long as there’s one piece of something you feel like is worth experiencing, even if it’s just seeing the sun come up when you can catch it, your life is worthwhile.” -IG