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Muhammad Ali stops a man from committing suicide. Police negotiators and psychiatrists had tried for over two hours but the young man wasn’t budging. Ali stepped in, went to the window near the troubled man, and told him they were “brothers.” He talked him off the ledge. 1981.

Nat “King” Cole and Harry Belafonte were apparently moved to sing a song after signing formal contracts to create their business partnership, Cole-Belafonte Enterprises on February 19, 1960. The venture was formed to produce projects for the stage, film and television. Photo: Bettmann/CORBIS

12 Apr 1968, Saigon, Vietnam — 4/12/1968-Saigon, Vietnam- Soldiers of the 25th Infantry Division look at the bodies of more than 50 Viet Cong killed in the Battle of Good Friday 80 miles NW of Saigon 4/12. The Infantry Division was participating in Operation Complete Victory when their campsite was attacked. — Image by © Bettmann/CORBIS