Okay but Jaskier- Noble fresh out of Oxenfurt whose always had the money for a tailor to repair his clothing- rips his clothing while traveling with Geralt early on. During that first stretch when neither of them ever have any money.

Jaskier moaning and whining All day about it. How his pants are just going to get worse and Worse and fall apart and no ones going to let him play for them because his clothes are destroyed!

Geralt thinking he’s just being an over-dramatic shit ignoring him. Because Everyone on the continent knows how to repair a tear like that. He’s just trying to get Geralt to do it for him.

Then Geralt realizing as the kid’s lip starts wobbling as he stares at it while they make camp that- no he actually doesn’t know how to.

Geralt sighing and taking out his sowing kit and showing Jaskier how to fix it. Jaskier copying him and then looking up to ask ‘did i do it right?’ Geralt nodding.

Jaskier breaking out in the Biggest grin. Positive reinforcement! That’s new!!!!

It’s nice. Helping someone and receiving gratitude instead of hatred or fear. It’s nice. So he lets Jaskier stay. Just for a little longer. Just a little longer.

Bonus: Jaskier absolutely loves the simple repetitive task that makes them look nicer and their clothing last longer. He can talk and think and be helpful and do something with his hands and its GREAT.

And Jaskier’s just a little more bearable on nights when he’s mending something. So Geralt lets him sow up his clothing too. Spends the extra time hunting or foraging or making potions. 

Its just a little thing. But its one of the little things that makes his life easier when he’s with Jaskier. And all those little things add up into something he doesn’t want to lose.