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Requested: Anonymous said: I need some good Juggie writing in my life. That boy is just on my mind and here’s what I’m thinking. Maybe like your from the Southside and you’ve met Juggie before and his dad jokes around saying that you and his boy would be perfect and then like your family or just like you move from the south side to Riverdale and you really start to know Juggie better. Maybe under that tough outside she’s a huge fluff and loves to hug and cuddle

A/N: So willing to do a part two if you guys want!!!

Words: 3634

Warnings: Mentions of bulling

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Jug and I had been friends since I could remember which made everyone speculated our relationship but we always remained friends. It was only until recently that I had started developing feelings for Jughead but I kept them suppressed in fear of ruining our friendship, I mean who wants to lose their best friend over some stupid emotions.

 Today I left school and went straight to the trailer park and turned a right going towards Jug’s trailer instead of mine. I climbed the stairs and knocked on the door but my expression dulled as Fp opened the door. “Hey Mr. Jones.” I grinned and stepped inside as he motioned for me to come in.

 “Hi Y/N, Jug will be home in a few seconds, I was actually just heading out, so no funny business while I’m gone okay?” He chuckled and pulled on his coat.

 “It’s not like that Mr. Jones.” I groaned as he laughed at me.

 “Well it could easily be like that with you two, you never leave each other alone.” He chuckled and shook his head. Jughead walked in just as Fp reached for the door to leave which made Fp laugh again, “Bye you love birds,” he said between laughs, “remember, no funny business.” He called as he closed the door behind him.

 Jughead turned to face me with a confused look washed over his face I shrugged and stepped towards him enveloping him in a hug. “How was school?” He mumbled into my shoulder then pulled away to my expression, I shrugged again and sighed which made him frown and push back the hair falling in my face. “That bad?” He sighed and dropped his bag to the floor.

 I had always gone to South Side High and Jug had always gone to Riverdale High which didn’t really matter but lately these kids in my class kept tormenting me, writing disgusting notes all over my locker, books and desks. Sometimes they would try physically hurt me and one group of boys often tried to corner me and have their way. I was moving to Riverdale High tomorrow and to say I was excited was an understatement, I was so glad that I was escaping the torture.

 “Don’t worry, with me around tomorrow no one will hurt you.” He grinned and pulled me into another hug.

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anonymous asked:

jealous archie tries to confess his "feelings" for Betty in the cafeteria & like Jughead hears this and avoids Betty for days but she confronts him & confesses her love for him. ?

Title: I Moved On
A/N: This is another request I received not so long ago. I made a few changes, since I already have an idea with Betty and Jughead spending some days apart, so let’s just let them solve things at the same time XD Either way, thank you for the request, anon! Hope you and everyone else enjoy it! And please, tell me what you think!
“I think I love you, Betty.”

Her baby blue eyes widened, hands fell numb on the table and rosy, heart shaped lips that were wrapped around a straw were suddenly left agape. She could feel the weight of those words sinking in, and all the thoughts and words that were in her head suddenly disappeared from her train of thought. Her breathing stopped, the world around them went mute and she could feel an avalanche approaching her peaceful life.

Of all the things that had crossed her mind when she left school that morning for a milkshake at Pop’s with her boyfriend; a love confession was certainly not one of those things.

Especially not a love confession from her ginger best friend.

When she had coincidentally met Archie at Pop’s, Betty Cooper had no idea that her childhood friend would have a mental crises and confess his nonexistent feelings for her. She was expecting a nice and enjoyable afternoon of chatting and milkshakes just like when they were younger, but instead, she watched as her world turned upside down due to his irresponsible words.

Archie had got to be kidding her, she thought, as anger started to spread through her veins.

He had no right to say that to her. Not when he knew how much she loves his best friend. It was not fair for Jughead, for he trusted the Andrews boy and he would be devastated to know he was actually confessing to his girlfriend behind his back. And what about Veronica? They were also together and the blonde girl could not believe he was actually throwing it all away because of some stupid jealousy that would never turn into love.

Archie would never love her—not like that—, and she would never feel such feelings for him ever again. She had moved on. Her heart belonged to the one with the crown shaped beanie, and she couldn’t picture a future without the Jones boy anymore.

Betty loves Jughead, and she would hate to tell him about what had just happened. In fact, she had no idea of how to tell him about Archie without creating any kind of tension between them.

She had no idea of how she was going to explain that to him.

However, she would need no words. Not when he heard it all from his best friend’s lips.

Timing really is a bitch.

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  • Veronica: If I were a gardener, I'd put our tulips together.
  • Betty: Awwww.
  • Reggie: If I were a gardener, you'd be my hoe.
  • Archie: ... thanks?