Once upon a time there was a marriage, and the Boy thought he was in love. Then the Boy found it was all a lie.

Now this is the only photo of him on his wedding day that exists.

Don’t feel sad for the Boy, if these events never came true the boy would have never been reunited w/ the Girl. And for all the shit that has befell the boy, he is somewhat grateful. Because it lead him to the Girl. His Love, his Life, his Only.


Only bad thing this year is I am paying on back taxes from the Ex-Whore Wife from 2006 because she refuses to pay.


Had some terrific beers.

Met and hung out w/ the girl’s Family.

Just worked alot and didn’t travel as much as we wanted.

But I moved in with greatest girl in the world.

Ate to much great food, all the gained weight shows it.

We love each other immensely.

And now that I am happy I am sure the world will end in 2012.