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Could u draw ur ocs Olly and Ruca with each others clothes???

Ruca still looks normal switched cause she wears his clothes all the time haha Olly on the other hand…I don’t think pastel is his  thing and I don’t think he is a fan of crop tops

velvet on velvet on velvet. I must wear at least one piece of velvet in every outfit for the month of December. so many parties and events this week! 👏🎁🎄🎅👯💃💋 if I get any more pale I’m going to need to start wearing white out as foundation 😖 #ghostofchristmaspresent


You don’t really see many black girls with bangs -except for every now and then a celebrity will wear clip in bangs- so I figured I’d put up some pictures to encourage all my golden goddesses who are hesitant about them to do it! When I first wanted to get them, I was told not to because it would make me look “ghetto” but fuck that shit, I look fabulous! The double standard is real… 💁 any-who, they are extremely high maintenance if you have curly/kinky hair, so be ready for humidity and wearing headbands to the pool!


Finally got to try on one of my new lip paints from Le Keux and I’m in love 😍 The one I’m wearing is Cherry Bomb.
Amazing buildable color, lovely creamy texture and on top of that it smells like candy! ❤️
If you want to get them from the Le Keux website, you can use the code JOANA10 for a 10% off discount.
Meninas de Portugal: a loja The Green Cherry vende 😊