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Another Adventure Time Emmy Win!  

That’s right! The 7th win, with 13 nominations over its lifetime, Adventure Time is the winner of the Outstanding Short Form Animated Program 2017

Congratulations to Pen! Congratulations to all! (Full credits below). 

Photographs: at the 2017 Emmy Creative Arts ceremony, September 10, 2017: Creator Pendleton Ward and Mom Bettie (above), Supervising Producer Kelly Crews and Bettie Ward 

Adventure Time: Islands Part 4: “Imaginary Resources”
Cartoon Network/Cartoon Network Studios

Pendleton Ward: Executive Producer/Story by/Written by
Fred Seibert: Executive Producer
Adam Muto: Executive Producer/Story by
Rob Sorcher: Executive Producer
Brian A. Miller: Executive Producer
Jennifer Pelphrey: Executive Producer
Curtis Lelash: Executive Producer
Kelly Crews: Supervising Producer
Graham Falk: Written by
Kent Osbourne: Story by
Jack Pendarvis: Story by
Ashly Burch: Story by
Elizabeth Ito: Supervising Director
Lindsey Pollard: Animation Director
Cheolhui Han: Animation Director
Michael Lyman: Timer
Ken Bruce: Timer
Maureen Mlynarczyk: Timer 

This just in, more photos of the night, courtesy Kelly Crews

Creator Pen Ward on stage accepting the Emmy. 

Kelly Crews and Supervising Director Elizabeth Ito. 

Supervising Producer Kelly Crews. 

STFU Haters

It pisses me off to no end when people say a ship is “abusive” just because they don’t like the ship. I never post things hating on other ships, you know why? Because that is continuing to spread a hate culture that is not OK! So what if you don’t like a ship? Don’t post about it! Stop watching the show if you have to. You are only hurting peoples feelings and spreading hate if you talk about it. If you have to talk about it, AT LEAST have the decency to tag it correctly and not fill up what are supposed to be happy tags.

My tags with my OTP’s should be full of love, fun, and happiness! It should be full of people who are excited about their ship. It should not be filled with people attacking and say crazy accusations. People throw the word “abusive” around like it’s nothing. There are actual toxic relationships out there in the world and you are diminishing them by calling these ships “abusive” because you are upset your OTP is not cannon. I can’t tell you how many times my OTP’s are not cannon! However I don’t spread hate online and make up crazy and hurtful things to say in the tags. Honestly, just STFU and find better things to do with your lives!

I’m having real anxiety about my asexuality lately. I keep trying to create stories with ace issues and characters but it’s very difficult to find a way to make successful believable relationships. I’ve been watching Iron Fist and I appreciate the Ward storyline because you can definitely interpret his character as ace but I have anxiety about future episodes of Defenders or Iron Fist where they might introduce a sexual storyline for him (I get that’s what fan fic is for but still). Also I didn’t like that Danny took an oath of celibacy and then just gives it up for the first chick that shows interest. But I guess that’s just because I couldn’t do something like that. Also watching Riverdale and I was ok with Jughead/Betty but then the most recent episode they were starting to have sex and it just triggered something man. I mean in some canons Jughead is aro/ace and it would just be nice to have that exist in media for once. I guess it’s because the characters are in high school and there people that exist that don’t have sex in high school but you would never know watching these shows. And I’m also bothered by the idea that you can’t be this emotionally mature person or taken seriously unless you have had a sexual experience. Its frustrating, disappointing, and invalidating.

2014 Peabody Award

Another hearty congratulations to the Adventure Time gang on its hefty new Peabody Award. Pen, Adam, Pat, Tom, Kent, and Jack were all on hand in New York City this weekend to pick up the trophy in person. (Hey, guys—leave shelf space for the inevitable Pulitzer Prize, Albert Schweitzer Gold Medal for Humanitarianism, and Purple Heart.)

Photo credit: Bettie Ward