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Warning: Hot make-outs, smutty mentions, cute Bughead galore and just me fawning over the bae that is Cole Sprouse. 

“We have to go.” Kiss

“Hmm, in a second.” Kiss

“One day – kiss – we’ll get caught – kiss – and they’ll definitely expel us.” Hard Kiss.

“Oh, I’d love to see you, Betty Cooper – kiss – getting expelled over a steamy make out.” Bite.

Betty just let a breathless laugh, alternating the angle of her head and dropped her arms to his shoulders, crossing them by the wrists behind his head. Jughead’s smile grew more in delight against her lips and he dove in again, pecking her lips hard. They were in one of the dusty storage rooms of their high school, the smallest one and the one with no windows, exploring this new-found feeling of being in love and being a couple, mist old broken chairs and random school supplies. Betty was perched up on an unused desk that lay against the wall, dressed for her cheerleading practice in her usual white and yellow t-shirt and dark blue shorts, while her boyfriend was standing deliciously between her gorgeous legs, school bag, denim jacket and beanie abandoned somewhere on the floor, kissing her like there was no tomorrow for God knows how long now.

That was basically they daily routine. Ever since the two of them overcame their irrational fears of rejection and possible heartbreak and talked with each other about that kiss that held all of Jughead’s suppressed emotions all those years, they couldn’t overlook their mutual feeling of desiring to be together. Three weeks had passed since that day and, despite of the new challenges they were faced with every day, regarding their unconventional families and the amorality that seemed to emerge every once in a while of the core of their small town, the two teens were basking in the afterglow of their romance with affectionate gestures and heated make outs. The only cloud shading their Romeo and Juliet fairytale was that everything was being done in shadows, like a good, concealed secret.

They wanted to tell people; and they would do it. They weren’t afraid or ashamed, both emotions equally unfair to the wonderful union that it was them. They just wanted to do it in their own terms, without excited friends or controlling parents getting in their way, without having to explain themselves or put labels and boundaries in something that came and kept growing natural to them. So, janitor’s closets and storage rooms it was.

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2 - Cheryl Blossom x reader

request: one where betty is lowkey in love with the reader but she’s already with Cheryl and it starts to mess with the friendship…

• • •

You walked into the gymnasium, with a confident bounce in your step. Today was the day you would try out to be a River Vixen. With your countless hours of practice, and not to mention your girlfriend at the top of the pyramid, you basically had a guaranteed spot on the team.
You walked over to Betty and Veronica, your fairly close friends seeing as you only hung out with them on the rare occasion when Cheryl was too busy for you.

“You look hot.” Veronica said, sending a slight smirk in Betty’s direction. Betty was still gawking at you, her jaw slightly ajar as her eyes raked over your body.

“Thanks, Ronnie!” You blushed lightly at the compliment.

You looked around the room as you pulled your hair up into a ponytail. You watched the other river vixens as they did their warm ups and stretches.

“Are you nervous at all?” Betty questioned, finally gaining back her composure. Betty straightened out her posture and did her best to act like she didn’t want to rip your clothes of then and there.

“Nope, not at all! I think I have a pretty good shot.” You winked at both the girls. They understood that even if you completely butchered the routine Cheryl would still give you a spot on the river vixens.

Just then, familiar arms wrapped around your waist. You immediately relaxed into the warm, comfortable embrace of your girlfriend’s arms. She placed a quick peck on your cheek before turning you around to face her.

“Are you ready, babe?” Cheryl asked. You ran your fingers through her glorious ginger locks, keeping your hand at the nape of her neck.

“I was born ready.” You said, a cheesy grin on your face.

“Really? That’s the line you’re going with?” Cheryl rolled her eyes playfully at you.

“Shut up and let me feel cool for once.”

You pulled Cheryl in for a quick kiss, smudging her iconic, bright red lipstick on your mouth. You let Cheryl go, as the rest of the girls gather around on the sidelines to watch your performance.


You ended the routine with a wink at Cheryl. The rest of the vixens applauded and cheered for you. Most of the girls were shocked that you actually did perfect the routine and you actually earned a spot on the cheer team.

“You did amazing, y/n/n!” Betty beamed as she pulled you in for a hug. You quickly reciprocated the hug, thanking Betty for the compliment. Betty enjoyed holding you in her arms. It felt right to Betty, like that was where you were both meant to be.

Betty’s perfect hug didn’t last long though. Soon Cheryl came to steal you away from Betty. Betty watched from afar as you blushed profusely at your girlfriend’s praises and compliments. Betty watched from afar as you pulled Cheryl in for a quick, mostly-innocent kiss. She watched as you kissed her again. And again. And again. And again. Until she couldn’t bare to watch anymore. Until she couldn’t bare the thought of you kissing someone that wasn’t her.

“Maybe if you told her how you feel you wouldn’t have to suffer like this.“ Veronica suggested.

“I can’t, V. Not after what happened last time.” Betty sighed.

“You can’t just base everything off of Archie not returning your feelings. You just gotta take a chance.” Veronica said.

“Not gonna happen.” Betty dejectedly walked out of the gymnasium.

~ ~ ~

“Hey, Betty! Wait up!” You called down the hallway as Betty walked by, not sparing you a second glance.

It had been three weeks since Betty started avoiding you. When you tried texting her, her replies were short and simple. The second you tried to start a conversation, she wanted to end it. You weren’t upset about Betty not wanting to talk to you. You mad that she would try to just cut you off like nothing.

You walked after her quickly. “Betty wait.” You caught up to her, grabbing her arm to keep her from walking further. You turned her to face you.

“What do you want, y/n?” She questioned, seemingly annoyed.

“I want to know why you’ve been avoiding me.” You said. Betty wouldn’t meet your eyes which only added fuel to your fire.

Betty took a quick glance back towards your locker. As expected, Cheryl was waiting there for you. You followed Betty’s gaze and saw Cheryl fixing her makeup in the mirror hung up on your locker.

“This is about Cheryl, isn’t it?” You crossed your arms. After everything, you had hoped your friends were past all that hating Cheryl bullshit.

“Yeah, it is.” Betty admitted. “Of all people, why did you choose Cheryl?”

You didn’t say anything. You couldn’t quite figure out what it was about Cheryl that drew you to her in the first place. She was just so… Intriguing. You just had to know more.

“Yeah, that’s what I thought.” Betty tried to walk away, but you grabbed her arm again.

“Why do you care about that? I thought we were past this.” You said, sadly.

By now Cheryl was listening in on the conversation, there wasn’t anyone in that hallway that wasn’t trying to.

“She’s not right for you!” Betty almost-shouted. “You could do so much better! She’s a self-centered, manipulative bitch–”

“Don’t you dare talk about her like that!” You cut Betty off. You calmed your will to slap Betty, not wanting to start something physical in front of all those kids in the hallway. “You don’t know her like I do. Why are you so sure she’s not right for me, huh?”

“Because she’s not–” Betty cut herself off, seemingly on the verge of tears. She shook her head softly, looking down at her feet.

“She’s not what, Betty? Spit it out!”

“She’s not right for you because she’s not me.” Betty almost whispered.

You were taken aback by that. You didnt even think Betty was even remotely gay. And if she was, you would have thought she’d go for Veronica.

“Betty …” You gave her small, sad smile. “I’m sorry but–”

“No, no I get it.” Betty let a few tears fall from her eyes. “Not everyone’s going to return my feelings. I’ve just gotta find someone who does.”

“You could’ve told me.” You said, pulling her in for a hug. Even though you didn’t love her romantically, you hated to see her so sad. “I’m glad you told me. Maybe one day.” You whispered the last part in her ear, making sure no one else would hear.

You pulled away from the hug, held Betty’s face in your hands and wiped away her tears with the pads of your thumbs. Then, you walked back over to Cheryl and gave her a quick kiss on the cheek, keeping in mind that Betty has a raging crush on you and you shouldn’t be too affectionate towards Cheryl while around Betty. You didn’t want to push her away.

“What was that about?” Cheryl asked, as if she wasn’t listen the whole time. You knew she was listening. She knew you knew she was listening. But, Cheryl didn’t want to push anything. Cheryl was on cloud 9 knowing that you wouldn’t leave her for Betty.

“We can talk about it later.” You dismissed the question. You held out your hand for Cheryl to take. “Walk me to class?”

“Of course.”

I Need My Girl | Chapter Six

Betty and Jughead are out of college and rooming together and it couldn’t have been a more self-destructive decision. They’re both in love and best friends since the dawn of time. Jughead pining for Betty who has no idea, What could go wrong?

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Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4, Chapter 5

Words: 1583

Warnings: Talk of drinking problems again so be warned.

Just let me know I’ll be at the door, at the door
Hoping you’ll come around
Just let me know I’ll be on the floor, on the floor
Maybe we’ll work it out
I gotta get better, gotta get better
I gotta get better, gotta get better
I gotta get better, gotta get better
And maybe we’ll work it out

Harry Stiles

It was a method of disposing of herself. Drinking. Sure the taste of it was nice but that wasn’t why she needed it. She needed it to disappear. All the thoughts running around in her head could be stilled by a shot of tequila. She could forget about the absence of her dad. She could forget about her mother. She could forget about the raven-haired boy and his eyes, his smile, and the disappointment that would line his face, as she would leave again and again. With drinking it all became meaningless. Each moment of terror would fall to the back of her mind and she could giggle in a haze of hooch. It was a moment of bliss in a sea of horror. Blood and pain would reside in a sea of champagne. It is beautiful in a way, how easily a chemical can dispose of the pain, and yet intensifies it when the morning comes.

Betty Cooper wasn’t addicted to alcohol. She was addicted to feeling nothing.

Betty’s eyes opened and saw the lining of the inside of Jughead’s truck around her. Her eyes opened further and she realized it was morning. She shifted on the leather as she saw Jughead’s gaze on her. He leaned into her and handed her some ibuprofen and a water bottle.

Betty tossed the pills to the back of her throat and chugged the water as her eyes winced at the sunlight coming through the truck’s windows. She gained full consciousness as she stared back at Jughead. Her head turned to see where they were. They were in a parking lot outside of a building foreign to her. She could hardly remember the details of last night’s events but the look of the boy’s face made her feel uneasy.

“Jughead, where are we?”

“We are at one of New York’s finest rehabilitation centers, the Hazelden Betty Ford house.”

Betty’s chest closed up as the words flew out of Jughead’s mouth. Her eyes scrunched up as she bent down between her legs and held her hands around her neck, pulling herself into a ball.

This isn’t happening. This isn’t happening. This isn’t happening.

She felt like she was going to be sick.

Water began to collect in Jughead’s eyes as he saw her in panic. Her eyes blown in shock following, her pushing herself away from him and under her hands.

“I can’t make you go in, you have to make that decision for yourself.”

Betty didn’t respond as she unfolded and stared out in front of her as her eyes lightened and emptied themselves. She didn’t look at him. And god, it fucking hurt to see her switch gears in front of him and close up, pulling down the curtain, shutting off the connection. Her face-hardened and she sat there vacuous and fixed, it was like she wasn’t his Betty anymore. The rage that outlined her eyes made a shiver go down his spine.

A wave of anger crossed over her. The blood surrounding her bones boiled and it as though she was about to explode.

“But I…I’ve watched you stumble into my arms at four in the morning and listened to you tell me that you love me with alcohol on your breath too many times to take it anymore. I’m tired of it. And frankly I think you’re tired of it too.”

“You have no right.” Was all Betty could muster as she shook her head in disbelief.

“I have no right? The person who’s been there for you every time you’ve fell! Every time you’ve cried. Every time you couldn’t fall asleep. I have been picking you off the bathroom floor for five years, watching you drink yourself to death. Watching you fuck every single being who shows you just a smudge of adoration just so you can feel that rush!”

He began as he showed a look of annoyance at the phrase. The intention of the line stung. But it was the truth and he was tired of lying.

“I have been watching you pull this shit so many times and I can’t take it anymore. I’ve already done this. I know how this ends. You think I don’t have a Dad because of bad luck Betty? No. He’s a fucking alcoholic and I’m sure as hell not going to do this again. I have a right to want more than this.”

Jughead yelled the words as something unhinged, this was the first time Jughead had ever yelled at her like this, like he meant it.

He watched as the green around her pupils darkened and her lips parted in shock.

“I don’t… It was never my intention to make you feel like you have to take care of me, like that.”

“Yeah well I never thought that I’d be doing this all over again, especially with you.”

They sat in silence as they watched the clouds clear and the sun beat down on the truck. Betty took a deep breath before she turned to him and perched her legs up on the seat in front of him.

“I didn’t think anything of it at the time. I didn’t think about what it would mean for you. I didn’t think at all. You were just there, and I excited you. And something inside of me just wanted to take advantage of that…I wanted to do that to you. I didn’t realize how much of a mistake it was until at Cheryl’s that night.”

“You think it was a mistake?” Jughead’s voice croaked as he asked the question.

Betty’s eyes softened as she saw a sadness wash over his expression.

“I think that it wasn’t right for me to do that when I wasn’t and still am not ready for anything like that. I’m not used to being with someone who I…who I love. I don’t think I’ve ever connected the two, sex has never been about that for me.”

“What has it been about then?”

“Are you asking why I sleep with people like Veronica, Reggie, anyone really, and not you?”

“Maybe yeah. It hasn’t exactly been easy seeing and hearing about it all the time.”

“I didn’t know it bothered you so much.”

“I didn’t know why it was everyone but me.”

Betty took in his words, finally connecting all the clues. A lot of it made sense now.

“That’s because after I did that with you things changed just like I knew it would. That’s why it was never you, because after that night, my mind had that image of you. Once the image was there, I couldn’t erase it. And I tried to go back to what I normally do and then I said your name when I was…when I was with Veronica. It was weak and pathetic and no matter how much I tried I was imagining you. She didn’t deserve that and you don’t deserve that either.”

He took in her words trying to understand. She was afraid about being with him because she was worried she would want it too much. He couldn’t comprehend it. The sound of her moaning his name entered his mind, repeating over and over again. He wished it were he hearing the lovely sound.

“So, am I taking you in today or are we driving off?”

“I know that I need to go in there. I will. It’s just I need to spend some time with you; we haven’t really been together the past few weeks. I know that’s my fault but I just want to be alone with you, for a little while longer. Before I essentially enter the beast.”

Jughead smiled at that. A glint appeared in Betty’s eyes, they were themselves again. And it felt like home.

Jughead put his keys into the ignition and turned out of the parking lot.

“Where to?”

“I don’t know what do normal people do in the mornings?” Betty chuckled as she asked the question.

“I don’t know if you’ve ever heard of this thing, it’s called ‘breakfast’. Ever heard of it before?” A smirk widened on Jughead as he continued down the road.

Betty rolled her eyes as her hands ran through her hair. She could feel the dirt and grime in her curls and her nose caught the reek of alcohol all over her.

“Actually, maybe can we go home and shower first?”

Betty asked absentmindedly until the words had already left her mouth and she realized that maybe that wasn’t the best way to phrase it. Eyes wide and full of embarrassment Betty turned away to sit straight as she saw his eyebrow arch in the corner of her eye.

Red began to color her skin as a blush ran from her chest to her cheeks. Jughead smiled to himself as he saw the opportunity right in front of him.

“Are you getting flustered Cooper?” Jughead’s smile only widened more as she grew more mortified.

“This is so weird.”

Betty Cooper, without a doubt, was not used to Jughead knowing she wanted to have sex with him. And that he wanted her to.


anonymous asked:

okay im in the mood for a super sad fic. jughead, post fighting with betty comes home and sees archie in the living room and is basically in tears saying “you’re her best friend and i ruined it. please, punch me, or punish me, or do something to me because she just… cried. she was just so sad– please, be angry at me, please. give me what I deserve.” and he's trying so hard to punish himself but betty's in the kitchen bc she came over to archie's for comfort a bit earlier and heard everything

Alright since they had that fight in episode 11 we’re doing this now, this is an AU because it doesn’t quite line up with the events of episode 12.

Jughead slammed the Andrews’ front door, hard. His foul mood permeated the entire room quickly as he walks into the living room to pick up some of his things.

That was it, he was going to Toledo, his father and Betty be damned. He didn’t see Archie sitting on the sofa with Vegas until his voice startled Jughead out of his rage.

“Betty wasn’t a part of it, Jug.” Archie said, softly.

“What?” Jughead couldn’t quite believe what he had heard.

“Betty refused to be a part of the break in at your dad’s trailer. She yelled at her mom and told her that she loves you and didn’t want to do it.” 

A flush of embarrassed redness began to creep up his face to his ears. 

“Fuck” his cussing was barely audible. He had yelled at her, discounted her. He hadn’t listened to her. His blue eyes filled with tears as he looked up at the red head on the couch.

“Please” Jughead’s voice choked “You’re her best friend and I ruined it. Please, punch me, or punish me, or do something to me because she just…cried. She was so sad- please be angry at me, please. Give me what I deserve.” His voice trailed off as the waterfall of tears began to pour down his cheeks.

“I fucked up Arch. I didn’t listen to her. I love her and I fucked up and I ruined the best thing that has ever happened to me. I’m my father’s son for sure, I never deserved her. Hit me, please. Do something. Say something. I’m mad at something you did, but I took it out on her.”

Even through his blurred vision, he could see Archie’s dark eyes weren’t trained on him, but over his shoulder. Archie stood up suddenly, walking past him to go upstairs. Jughead turned to follow him upstairs. To get the rest of his things and disappear into the night. 

Instead he came face to face with Betty, tears streaming from her green eyes, blonde hair in messy waves around her face. How she still looked beautiful in a crinkled dress with mascara creating dark streaks on her face was beyond him.

“I should have said something.” she whispered, as though the hurt and the tears had stolen her voice.

“I should have let you.” he said, voice just as soft as hers. 

She took a few steps into the room, placing the glass of water she had been holding down on the wooden coffee table, before turning to face him. His heart ached at the sight of her blotchy, tear soaked face. 

“Juggie. I should have told you what I knew. I just wanted-” her voice hitched, but she pressed on “I just wanted you to be happy, and I knew how much our families getting along meant to you.I made a huge mistake, not you. F-f-forgive me?” her glassy eyes pleaded with him.

“I forgive you Bets, I know you never meant to hurt me. Will you forgive me for what I said?” 

“Of course.” she wiped the tears off her face onto her grey shawl, before bringing it to his, gently swiping the tears with the soft material.

“Archie told me that you told your mom that you love me.” his clearing eyes didn’t waver from hers.

“I heard that. And it’s true, Juggie, I do love you.”

He pulled her into him, gently brushing back her honey blonde hair to kiss her forehead.

“I love you too”

Okay so in the Riverdale preview/leak (I’m not sure which one it is) for episode 8 and Archie tells Veronica and Betty that Jughead’s dad is a Southside Serpent, like, why are people acting so negatively towards Jughead for that?? FP is the Serpent, not Jughead. Jughead can’t control what his dad does??? LEAVE THE POOR BOY ALONE?? 

(*And if this fucks up anything between Jughead and Betty I’m gonna rage*)

Prompt: Trouble at the Whyte Wyrm

(1728 Words)

As Riverdale’s civil war raged on Betty and Jughead’s relationship had been tested more and more every day. The biggest test had been Jughead’s more recent involvement with the Southside Serpents. Betty hadn’t been 100% supportive, especially in the beginning but she was working on it. The Serpents had been a safety blanket for Jughead and she knew that was important for him to have in his life, especially now.

Betty was enjoying her Friday afternoon, she was working on the school newspaper in the student lounge while Archie, Veronica, and Kevin worked on their own assignments within the same vicinity to keep her company. Betty had been finishing an article about the treatment of Southside students attending Riverdale High earn Reggie and a few of his posse strode into the room. All boys aside from Reggie stayed back to talk to Archie when Reggie pushed forward closer to Betty.

“Can I help you with something Reggie?” Betty asked not bothering to look up from her laptop.

“Well, I sure hope so,” Reggie began. “What are you doing tonight?” Betty stopped typing as the question left Reggie’s mouth. Looking up from her laptop, Betty replied:
“Why, are you having a party?” She asked indulging the boy in front of her.

“Of course,” Reggie smiled. “A party for two,” he continued, leaning down invading more of Betty’s personal space.

“Well you’re out of luck if you wanted me to join that party Reg,” Betty stated leaning back in her seat. “I’m going out with Jug tonight,” she informed him in a tone that said ‘obviously I’m going out with my boyfriend it’s Friday’. Betty pushed her chair back to both move away from Reggie more but also to get up from the desk.

“You’re still dating that criminal?” Reggie asked harshly. Betty had gotten used to comments like those, she had learned that no reaction is best. Archie, on the other hand, wasn’t as attuned to the comments as she was.

“Jughead’s not a criminal Reg,” Archie fired back.

“He’s a Serpent; as far as I’m concerned they’re all criminals,” Reggie replied leaning against the wall. Betty could see that Archie was going to speak up and continue so she simply put her hand up as a means of telling him to stop. Sitting down on the couch next to Kevin, Betty took a breath before speaking up herself.

“Even if Jug was a criminal Reggie, which he’s not, he would still be twice the man you are.” At this statement Reggie huffed and he and the other boys left the room once they realized there was no way they were going to get what they wanted.

“How do you do it, Betty?” Kevin asked.

“How do I do what?”

“Not care,” Kevin expanded. “How do you not care what people say about you and Jughead?”
“It bothers me but I know that the people who have bad things to say about mine and Jug’s relationship don’t actually know anything about it,” Betty replied. “What they say can’t hurt me because I know the truth.” All three of her friends nodded in understanding.

The four sat together until the final bell rang at which point they all moved to Pop’s while Betty waited for Jughead.


“Sorry I’m late,” Jughead said breathlessly as he ran into the room. He gave Betty a quick peck before urging her out of the booth.

“I’m guessing where not saying at Pop’s?” Betty smiled.

“As much as I love Pop’s, we have a date to get too,” Jughead jokes. Betty and Jughead waved at their friends before leaving.

“So, what do you have planned for tonight?” Betty asked slipping into the passenger side of the truck.

“Well I was thinking, how would you feel about going to the Whyte Wyrm?” Jughead asked tentatively. “One of the guys showed me something I think you should see,” he smiled.

“So long as you think it’s okay for me to be there I think that sound’s okay,” Betty replied.

“I’m sure that it will be okay,” Jughead stated taking Betty’s hand in his own, driving off towards the Southside.

Betty’s anxiety grew stronger the closer they got to the Whyte Wyrm. Jughead, sensing Betty’s worry, spoke up. “Bett’s I’ll tell you what, we’ll go in and if you’re uncomfortable we’ll leave and just go to the trailer,” he told her, calming her nerves slights. Betty nodded staring ahead at the bar as they approached.


The bar itself wasn’t that bad. Betty realized very quickly that Jughead was some sort of big name in the Serpent community. This meant that no one would dare touch her. Betty and Jughead had moved over to the booths to take a quick rest. “Wait here, I’m going to go get that surprise,” Jughead said after Betty sat down.

It didn’t take long for someone to approach Betty. The man had looked over from across the room to see a pretty blonde girl on her own and decided it was time to move. The man sat across from Betty and she immediately saw the Serpent tattoo; Betty figured that this was one of Jughead’s friends. It was after he spoke that she realized that she was very wrong. “What’s a sweet little thing like you doing in a place like this?” Betty didn’t know what to do, he obviously didn’t know she was her with Jughead, by the way, other people acted with the two of them she could tell this man was different.

“I’m here with my boyfriend,” she said looking down at her hands.

“I don’t see him here,” the man leaned in closer. “But I will say it’s good to know you’re a Serpent girl,” he laughed darkly, reaching out to touch her arm. Every situation ran through Betty’s head at that moment. She craned her head to look for Jughead, she was trying to decide between waiting for him there or risking getting lost in the crowd to look for him. As Betty was looking for Jughead out of the booth she didn’t see the man across from her slip something in her drink.

Within minutes Betty was feeling groggy. She found herself not able to sit upright, and the man took full advantage. He slipped into her side of the booth allowing Betty to rest on her shoulder. Before he could pull him and Betty out of the booth Jughead came back. “What do you think you’re doing?” Jughead asked harshly. Jughead grabbed the man by his collar and pulled him from the booth. An unexpected Betty fell forward on the booth’s seat. Luckily she was coherent enough to catch herself before her face hit the seat.

“Chill out Jones, I’m just talking to this beautiful thing here,” the man smiled.

“Tell me, did the beautiful girl say anything to you before you obviously put something in her drink,” Jughead growled growing angrier by the second watching the woman he loves barely able to keep her eyes open.

“The girls into Serpents, got herself a Serpent boy,” the man informs’s Jughead who is holding his jacket tighter by the second. “I don’t see him so I figured it was fair game to keep her company.”
“You don’t see him?” Jughead laughed. At this point, their ‘conversation’ was drawing a crowd who seemed to know exactly what was going to happen and waited in anticipation.

“Like I said, never seen him,” the guy smiled back unknowingly.

Jughead stepped away from the man, still holding onto his jacket, but moves away to look at the group surrounding them. Without a moment of thought, Jughead pulled the man close enough to whisper into his ear. “You’ve seen him now.” The man’s expression turned from amused to fearful quicker than the former came.

Before Betty could force herself up to stop him Jughead had punched the man in the face, she figured he would regret it late so Betty used every bit of coherence left and pulled Jughead away from the man and lead him out the door. “Take care of him,” Jughead yelled back at the other Serpents as the front door of the bar closed behind the couple.

Jughead laid Betty down across the seat of the truck, her head rested in his lap as he drove her home.


Alice didn’t question Jughead when she opened the door to see the young Serpent carrying her daughter. “New Serpent,” was all Jughead had to say. Alice allowed Jughead to carry her daughter upstairs with the threat of coming up in 5 minutes to make sure he left, he was 50% sure it was an empty threat but he wasn’t going to risk it.

Jughead laid Betty down and pressed a kiss on the top of her head. Jughead left her ‘surprise’ at her desk before closing her door softly and heading home.

The next morning Betty woke up with the worst hangover of her life and 5 missed calls from Kevin and Veronica. Eventually, she worked up enough energy to get up and shower.

Walking back into her room Betty noticed a pink leather jacket laid on the back of her desk chair. Carefully Betty lifted the jacket up to look at it more closely. She immediately noticed the large Serpent logo on the back, but she wasn’t expecting to see Ali carefully stitched in handwritten script on the right breast of the jacket.

Betty slipped the jacket on to check the fit when her mother walked into the room. “I never thought I’d see that again,” Alice said stunned. She walked closer to her daughter to get a better look at the jacket.

“Juggie said he had a surprise for me last night, I guess he left it for me,” Betty said looking up from the arms of her new jacket. “I never knew you were a Serpent mom.”

“It’s a part of my life that I try to leave behind me,” Alice explained. “But it’s also a part of my life I’ll never forget, it made me the strong woman I am today.”

Betty smiled up at her mom, “do you want the jacket.”
“No, Betty,” Alice said placing her hands on her daughter’s shoulders. “It suits you,” she smiled.


No one dared to say a word when Betty walked through school on Monday sporting her new jacket.

Adam and Eve Chapter Eight: Ghost of High School’s Past

Summary: The Jones men find out the truth about Scott, Betty looks in Cheryl’s closet.

Rated: M

Word Count: 4565

Note: This chapter doesn’t move the plot forward much, just a little treat for FP/Alice shippers. Next chapter will start to reveal some stuff!

Alice clenched her hands together and waited patiently for her daughters’ responses. Their wheels were turning, she may be a tough mother but she knows her kids; Betty balled her hands into fists and Polly lifted her head to the ceiling with her mouth agape when they thought intensely.

Before this very moment, she never admitted out loud that the son she gave birth to at age sixteen was not her high school sweethearts, but the tired, sad and lost boy from the Southside. He was that one piece of her that she couldn’t shake when she tried to desperately to leave behind where to grew up and migrate to the middle class of Riverdale. Hal was her ticket out, but FP, the dark haired boy that smelled like cigarettes and campfires, always reminded her of home.

When Betty brought home Jughead Jones, Alice couldn’t help but smile sadistically at the irony. Jones boys always had a way with the Cooper women, Alice thought.

The girls must have noticed her smirk, because Betty pressed, “Why are you smiling? Is this funny to you?”

Alice shook her head and looked at Betty’s green eyes, mirrors of her own, and now; her daughter knew just how alike they really were. She tried to keep eye contact with her, but the watering eyes of her daughter broke her heart. “No, it’s not funny. It’s a mistake I made as a teenager, cheating on you father. It’s something I’ve had to live with.”

“Does dad know?” Polly asked softly.

“No,” Alice answered quickly, “and I would like us to keep it that way. We are just putting the broken pieces of are family back together. It won’t make a difference now anyway. No need to drudge up the past.”

“Drudge up the past? Scott isn’t ‘a past.’ He’s a person. Speaking of which, FP is a person too. He deserves to know he has another son out there,” Betty said.

“You propose I visit him in jail?” Alice’s tone was mocking, but Betty nodded.

“And I have to tell Jughead,” Betty said determined, standing up and grabbing her coat from the hanger in the hallway connected to the sitting room. Alice stood up with her and followed her closely, her chunky heels clacking behind Betty like an axe murderer on a summer camp counselor.

“This is not your secret to tell, Elizabeth. Do not get Jughead involved,” Alice spoke firmly.

“Jughead has a brother. We share a brother. I’m telling him and there’s nothing you can say to stop me,” Betty challenged her mother, the two blond woman stepping closer to one another, the strong rigid jaws of their anger waiting to see who would crack first.

“If you leave this house, you’re not welcome back,” Alice whispered gruffly.

Betty’s eyes flickered with fear and disappointment, how could her mother abandon another one of her children? Like it was so easy? But Betty prided herself on doing the right thing and despite the old wise tale that your parents always knew what was right, Alice was full of hate and rage Betty would never understand.

“I’ll send you a forwarding address,” Betty pursed her lips in a tight line to suppress her quivering lip. “I’ll pack a bag and be out of your hair.”

Betty bounded upstairs and Polly, hearing everything, ran after her, calling her name with a throaty whine.

She gathered only the essentials, clothes for a few days, toothbrush, deodorant and makeup, all flinging them into her paisley patterned overnight bag. Polly crashed into the room and wrapped around her from behind, almost like she was tying Betty in a straightjacket in attempts to stop her.

“Don’t leave me,” Polly begged and Betty felt a warm tear soak through the shoulder of her pale colored sweater.

Betty turned to her sister and her shoulders, “I don’t want to, Polly. But Jughead deserves to know. FP deserves to know. Jellybean too. Mom will come to her senses, just like when you were living at the Blossom house. Don’t worry, Pol. I’ll be back for Christmas,” Betty gave her a shaky smile, only half believing her words.

Polly nodded, “You are right. I remember how I felt when Mom told me… tell him. I support you.”

The two hugged, it was a deep, soul penetrating hug of understanding and being a little too grown up for their age. Polly left and Betty went with her bag slung around her arm to sneak into Cheryl’s room. She didn’t know for how long she would be gone and she had one more thing to do. On her knees, Betty waded through hundreds of shoeboxes in what used to be Polly’s closet, until she reached a shiny red box labeled prétentieux. She didn’t know what she was expecting when she flipped open the lid, blood overflowing from the top maybe, but instead, there was nothing. Mysteries were always full of dead ends.

Betty flicked off the light and passed her mother in the hall, going through the door with her phone in her hand, already texting Jughead: are you at the trailer?

Yeah, how did things go with your brother? His response came quickly like he was waiting for updates.

I need to come see you. I’ll be over in 10. Betty put her phone back on her pocket, not wanting to have him ask and having to explain just what the hell was going on over text. He deserved better than that. He deserved better than all of  this.

Polly walked to her mother who still stood at the door, frozen watching Betty walk down the sidewalk and out of view.

“I hoped you would have learned better than to kick your children to the curb when you can’t handle them anymore,” Polly said in her ear, the words ringing painful and Alice’s brain.

Alice didn’t turn, so Polly went up the stairs and slammed the door loudly enough, making sure it’s wooden bang rang throughout the house and into her mother’s pounding head. She didn’t flinch. Alice Cooper had spent her entire life running from the Southside and what it contained, the crushed dreams, the dreariness and depression; but all of those things consumed her no matter wherever she filed her taxes, Southside blood ran in her veins.

The Cooper matriarch didn’t tell anyone she was leaving the house, not that anyone would care. She alienated everything she worked for, two beautiful daughters and a husband with enough money to give her security. And yet, just like that night her and Hal asked her to go steady, she found herself running back to FP.

Sheriff Keller was surprised to see Alice inquiring about FP Jones and wanting to see him. Everything to write for the paper had already be written surrounding FP and his involvement in Jason Blossom’s murder. But Alice Cooper being Alice Cooper, she just have a charming, stepford smile and Keller is compelled to trust her.

FP was lying on his flat mattress and it looked like he was reading something. The paperback was curled in his hands and Alice tickled her knuckles against the bars to get his attention. His dark eyebrows quirked and he sat up in a manner that made Alice feel like he was trying to impress her with straight posture.

“Welcome to my home, Mrs. Cooper,” FP sweeped his hands in a grand gesture around the concrete cell and stood up to lean on the bars in front of her. She stepped back slightly a smooth her floral blazer. “To what do I owe this pleasure?”

Alice pulled the folding chair from the corner to sit in front of the bars and sat before him. “I want to play a memory game,” Alice began, “I’m going to say a date and you tell me what happened that day.”

“Is this an interrogation?” FP smirked from above her and grasped the bars. Alice noticed the muscles in his forearms straining and his calloused hands.

“I love games, FP. You of all people should remember that,” Alice said. FP stayed silent and shifted his weight to his left foot.“May 31st, 1994.”

The dark haired man snorted and shrugged, “I don’t know. 1994 is the year we graduated.”

“Correct. It’s the day we graduated,” Alice confirmed. “May 14th, 1992.”

“This is crazy, woman.”

“Hal’s senior prom, where you caught us two fighting and decided that was alright to mention to my child,” Alice answered for him.

“You’re here about that?”

There was a long pause and Alice swallowed a lump in her throat before she said, “February 29th, 1992.”

FP suddenly crouched down and looked her in the eye, level with her darkened gaze, “Why are you bringing that night up now?”

He remembered. She could tell my the boyish look in his eye bringing her back to that night.

Alice was just asked to be Hal Cooper’s girlfriend she should’ve been over the moon and around the stars, but instead she felt a hollowness. And maybe it was the fear of unfamiliarity, and maybe it was a grasp for a past she wanted to rid herself from, but she found herself at the Jones trailer at the other side of the park. And there she found FP Jones, opening the door to greet her in ripped jeans and no shirt.

“Wanna hit the playground?” Alice asked, leaning on the door frame. She could hear the faint arguing of his parents in their corner room in the background. He closed the door gently behind him.

“Aren’t you supposed to be with that dink Cooper tonight? The whole park is talking about how one of us is going with a rich boy,” FP’s face showed disgust and Alice smirked at his display of possible jealousy.

“He dropped me off already,” Alice replied, her eyes trailing down his naked chest. Northside boys were hot too, but they’ll never have the rugged darkness and sexiness Southside boys had. “I’m his girlfriend now.”

FP shrugged, “Okay.”

“I think we should go drink at the playground like we used to,” Alice offered.

The kids in the trailer park hung out together a lot of the time, especially growing up as they were all so close in proximity and age. FP and Alice were never best friends or anything, but they spent enough time together where the request was only odd because it would just be the two of them.

“One last time before you move to the darkside?” FP chuckled at his joke, all of Riverdale believed the Southside was the dark side, not the North.

“Something like that.”

“Give me a sec.” FP slipped back into the trailer and she heard soft clanking; probably stealing from his parent’s liquor stash. They always had enough. He reemerged with a bottle of tequila, a shirt and a grin. He was still wearing his slippers when they started walking to the playground at the edge of the park.

It was nothing grand, there was a swing set, metal monkey bars and wooden tunnels that sat on top of a crumbling structure. The town never vowed to clean it up like the Northside playground when it was unsafe.

The teens climbed wordlessly up to the top of the monkey bars and sat with their feet dangling below them. It was cloudy that night with no stars hanging in the sky. FP untwisted the tequila cap and took a swig, noticeably trying to hide a wince. He passed it to Alice who did the same.

“Let’s play a game,” Alice offered, taking one more slug before passing it back between FP. She couldn’t help but think her lips touched where his just were.

FP scoffed, “What are we? Five?”

“Truth or dare.”

A deviant smirk crept up onto FP’s young, fresh face. “Oh. That kind of game. You have a boyfriend now, Ms. Alice, you shouldn’t be playing naughty games with boys from the trailer park.” FP liked the age-old sin of coveting your neighbor’s wife, especially when your neighbor was a middle class white yuppie and his girlfriend was hot and her hair was golden like a wheat field. He may have the money, but he was sure Alice and Hal never talked like this to one another.

“What he doesn’t know won’t hurt him,” Alice shrugged. “So, truth or dare FP Jones.”

FP looked thoughtful for a moment and replied, “Truth.”

Alice rolled her eyes. “Boring. Okay, tell me, how many girls have you had sex with?”

“Two,” FP answered slowly, gaging Alice’s reaction, and it was unimpressed and disbelieving. “Okay, fine, one. This girl Gladys. Her parents just moved to the park and she’s pretty and we got to kissing and talking and it happened. I’ve seen her around, but she doesn’t look at me.”

“So you’ve only had sex once,” Alice giggled. “Hal and I must have done it a million times by now.”

“Shut up. It’s your turn. Truth or dare?”

Alice leaned in closer to FP, smelling his summer scented soap mixed with cigarettes.

“Dare,” her voice was low and heavy with expectation.

What was this girl going for? She finally had her ticket out of this hellhole and she was slinking back into it with. Was she going to kiss him? What did she want him to say?

“Kiss me,” FP grumbled hotly.

Alice felt his breath on her he was so close. She held onto the bars behind her when she pushed her body forward to kiss him. It wasn’t a peck, but a lip crushing, eyes-squeezing-shut kind of kiss. FP still had the bottle in his hands but moved it to his lap so he could grab her face and keep her there just a little longer. Hal must have taken her to Pop’s for their date because she tasted like ketchup. They eventually broke apart and Alice wiped her mouth. Her eyes were dark and wild.

“Let’s get off of here. You’re going to have sex with me,” Alice said and climbed down.

“I’m going to what?” FP clutched the alcohol tighter; he needed more liquid courage to be as brave as her. But she gave him a look, hands on her hips, and he decided this was a once in a lifetime opportunity to be with someone as beautiful as her, and he wasn’t going to sit idle as life passed him by like his parents. He dropped the bottle down for her to catch and hopped off, “Yeah, I’m going to have sex with you.”

It was late February, technically March if it wasn’t a leap year, so the ground was cold but there was no snow. Fp peeled off his jacket, he was fucking cold already, but he laid it down on the patch of gravel under the monkey bars and Alice laid down on it immediately. FP pressed his body on top of her and she groaned, loving the feel the unfamiliar weight of a different man on her.  He kissed her tenderly at first, slowly, wanting to feel every crevice of her mouth and lips and drink her in like fine wine, not cheap tequila; but Alice wanted none of that. She bucked her hips upward, earning a moan from FP, and wrapped her legs around him tightly.

She kissed him back aggressively, taking control of the rhythm. She brought her hands under his shirt and on his bare back, feeling the rigid muscles tense and relax as his body went through sensory overload. She pulled his shirt over his head and his body tightened with the cold air.

“Don’t worry, I’ll warm you up,” Alice snickered and flipped them over.

She undid the button of his jeans and slid them down, his boxers following. He hissed when his cock hit the cool air, but Alice bent and took him in her mouth swiftly. He automatically let out a throaty growl and she bobbed up and down, her warm mouth cradling him. He pushed back the hair falling in front of her face and made a ponytail with his fist so he could watch her. She took him expertly and he wondered why she was wasting her time on him. She gagged and pulled back.

“You’re so much bigger than Hal, but don’t tell anyone I said that, obviously,” Alice grinned and kissed his chest right near his heart. She got off up him and sheds her tights and rolls up her body conforming skirt.

“I’m going to touch you,” FP warned gently, asking permission but also wanting to be affirmative, and dipped a finger into her panties and was surprised by how wet she was. Her heat was pulling him and he inserted his middle finger inside of her, causing her hips to rise and meet his finger’s thrusts. He took his other handed and tweaked her nipples under her coat but through her thin shirt underneath. With him still inside, he circled his thumb around the nub he only read about in his dad’s Playboy magazines. He must have learned something important, because Alice was jelly underneath his touch and she growled out his name and flooded his finger with her cum.

“Shit, FP, you’re good with your fingers,” Alice sighed, “I’ve… that’s never happened to me before.”

The black haired teen smiled widely and rolled back on top of her, pinning her to the cool ground. They wiggled awkwardly back onto the jacket and Alice shimmied out of her panties. He took the head of his cock and ran it along her inner lips, teasing her until she grabbed ahold of his length and pushed it inside of her. They both groaned at the contact. FP started to move before giving her any time to adjust. His hips were wild and against hers; he was rough and unrefined and it made Alice’s toes tingle.

“Fuck, I’m not wearing a condom,” FP panicked and tried to stop his thrusts, but he was so close he could already feel the tightening in his balls.

“Just pull out,” Alice recommend breathlessly.

She had never not worn a condom with Hal before, but Mary Andrews said her and Fred did it all the time without condoms; she just had him pull out when he was going to cum. She hadn’t gotten pregnant yet. FP pulled out a second later and shot his liquid onto the ground beside them. He quickly put his shirt back on and pulled up his pants, feeling the cold once again. Alice put herself back together, too.

“Goodbye, Forsythe,” she smiled and left, not wanting him to walk her home. That goodbye was to her childhood and to the Southside that built her. She didn’t look back or wait to hear him say anything back.

The silence in the room was obvious because they were both reminiscing. FP was the first to speak, “Has Hal learned how to make you cum yet?”

“FP, this is serious. You didn’t wear a condom. And, well, fuck how do I even say this?” Alice stood up and bit the edge of her nail, staring at the ground.

“Just say it,” the man’s voice sounded small and scared.

“Hal and I argued because I was pregnant. I’m sure you overheard that. I gave him, the baby,  up for adoption. Hal didn’t know the whole story, though, and neither did you. I was nervous about that night we had sex, because the time frame lined up, so I took a paternity test at the hospital just to make sure,” Alice explained, her chest tightening. She never thought this would be something she had to do.

FP shook his head and his face scrunched up just like Jughead’s when he was trying to hold tears in. “Say it out loud, Alice.”

“You have a son, with me, FP.  We have a son,” Alice promised herself she wasn’t going to cry, she didn’t come all this way to cry, so her face went blank.

FP wasn’t afraid to cry though. His face was serious and tough, which juxtaposed the shiny tears staining his sun spotted cheeks.

“Jesus Christ, Alice. And you fucking kept this from me? I want to meet him. Bring him here,” FP demanded, his sadness quickly morphing into rage.

“I don’t know where he is. I told Betty and Polly and thanks to your other son, they found him. I caught them making plans to meet him,” Alice said.

“Jughead knows?” Sadness returned.

“No. But… Betty insisted on telling him,” Alice shrugged, “He’ll know any minute now.”

“Maybe it’s best he hears it from her,” there was a pause between the two old lovers. They never spoke of that night after it happened, and FP swore he dreamed it anyway. Alice spent less and less time at the trailer park and when they graduated she moved in with Hal right away. Gladys finally started talking to him again, admitting that she felt awkward after they had sex, but wanted to get to know him. They went in their separate directions, but now, he knew they’re paths were forever congealed. “I hate you for this.”

Alice blinked rapidly, “You should.”

Alice delicately refolded the chair and left, the only noise was FP gently sobbing into his mattress.

Jughead could tell Betty had been crying during the walk over because her cheeks were especially cold and icy when he kissed her cheek. He imagined it was about Scott, that he wanted nothing to do with his birth sisters, and left the blonde Cooper girls utterly heartbroken. But instead, she almost looked sad for him, giving him sympathetic glances as she sat down on the couch. She patted the seat next to her. Jughead took it suspiciously.

“I looked through Cheryl’s closet, the shoes are missing. We will have to take another angle,” Betty said flatly. He instantly knew this isn’t what she came for, but he played along briefly.

“Not necessarily. Those shoes missing may mean she threw them out because they had blood on them,” Jughead mused. “You should text her, maybe under the guise of wanting to borrow them, ask her where they are.”

Betty shrugged and just the act or raising her shoulder seemed difficult for her. “Worth a shot, I guess.”

She pulled out her phone and text her quickly and put it back in her jacket pocket. Silence set over the trailer. Betty wondered if this trailer where her mom and Jughead’s dad conceived Scott. She shuddered at the thought, and her boyfriend took notice. Her grabbed her hand and rubbed circles around the pulse point near her thumb.

“What did you really come here to talk about?” Jughead asked gently.

“Can I see the picture of Scott you found?” Betty inquired suddenly.

Jughead nodded and pulled the laptop from the coffee table to his lep and opened it. He tapped the keyboard swiftly, made a couple of mouse clicks, and her brother was right in front of her. Jughead angled the monitor so she could see better, and there he was. Scott had thick, black locks just like Jughead, a sharp jawline like him too. How could Jughead not see that they looked a little alike? This was so freaky. Even though Betty and Jughead weren’t related, they shared a half brother that was a mixture of both of them, much like how a child between them would look like.

“Does he look like… someone?” God, how was she supposed to say this?

“Um.. you?” He looked at her incredulous, his heart thumping. What was she getting at?

“No… you, Juggie,” Betty’s eyes watered with tears.

In the back of his mind, he knew what she could possibly be referring too, but he was still at a loss. His lip was quivering, he was about to cry, “What?”

“My mom kept this from all of us,” Betty spoke softly, “Her and FP had a one night stand in high school. Scott is your brother too.”

Jugehad’s face was twisted in horror, and he pushed the laptop on the floor and curled into Betty, his head in her lap. He started crying, sobbing even, and he clutched onto her hips so harshly purple bruises began to form there. Jughead was strong for her when she found out, and she had to be strong for him too.

“Why can’t we catch a fucking break?” Jughead cried.

“I don’t know. But we are going to be okay. And you can come with us to meet him,” Betty offered.

He nodded, his head rising and looking at her in the eyes as he continued to sniffle, “I do.” Jughead paused. “Betty, make love to me. Make this go away. I want to just me you for a few minutes. No parents, no siblings; just us.”

Jughead’s eyes were puffy but their blueness shined so brightly with tears rimming his eyes. She nodded, and undid his pants. She kissed him sweetly as she stroked him softly before he sat back, just enjoying for a moment. He wanted to get lost in the rhythm of her hand. She takes it upon herself to reach into her pants and pleasure herself and prepare for Jughead. She shimmies her pants off and slides down her panties. She was about to get on him when he shook his head.

“Let’s take all of our clothes off. I need to feel your skin,” he groaned, almost in pain.

He pulled of his shirt and Betty tugged off the rest of her garments. She sank down on him and and he gritted his teeth, so overwhelmed by the feeling of his bare cock burying inside of her. He wanted to forget everything and so he closed his eyes and held onto Betty’s hips, silently guiding her, not like she needed it. Betty rode him like never before, using each other’s bodies to get lost. Betty threw her head back and Jughead took the opportunity to plop a nipple in his mouth and bite roughly. Betty rode him until she came, and used every ounce of her energy to ride him until he did too. She collapsed into his embrace. Jughead smoothed her hair back on her sweaty forehead. He was still inside her several minutes later when she eventually got off of him and layed on the couch. He cuddled into her, her back against his bare chest. The couch had little room, but the two didn’t mind because it was just another excuse to be pressed together.

“Can I stay here, Juggie? My mom said I’m not welcome home because I wanted to tell you the truth. I just need a place to stay until this blows over,” Betty asked quietly.

Betty felt Jughead nod against her shoulder. “Anytime, Betty. You don’t even have to ask.”

When sleep stated to overcome them, Betty’s phone buzzed. It was from Cheryl. Funny you should ask, those shoes are missing. I was going to ask if you are Pol took them. The redhead ended the text with the purple devil emoji. The little symbol made her gut twist. She nudged Jughead to show him, and his head fell back.

“You’re right, it was a dead end,” Jughead sighed.

“Maybe not,” Betty mused, “who else has access to Cheryl’s closet? Before she moved in with us?”

“Penelope Blossom.”


so these days i tend to make homestuck god tier titles for the adventure time folks here >8D
still considering the suitable titles for them

here is a few of the girls (sorry for the shitty sketchy)

—————besides, my plan is:
Jake - Knight of Heart (jake is the sympathy and understanding one actually, due to Princess Cookies episode, and he decided things by his feelings and used it as a weapon to help PC escape, plus, according to Ice King, he usually hides his feelings. oh and sometimes he does things without thinking first tho)
Lemonhope - Page of Breath (he didnt realize what had tied him up at first but then he did and dealt with it, he freed himself and followed his dream)
Lamongrab - Heir of Rage (acceptable!!)
Betty - Rogue of Hope 

and yeah, any suggestions for Finn and Ice King/Simon? i dont even know why but i cant decide what my two favorites would be ụ-ụ

Simon might be Seer or Heir of Doom? 0-0