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He wanted her gone. He wanted everyone in this damn hallway gone. But there was no one he wished would vanish more than Alice cooper.

Couldn’t she fucking see? She was ruining her daughters. She was ruining Betty.

And that? He was not down with that.

As Betty lunged for her sister, the burly man in the white scrubs took a step towards Betty. No he couldn’t let that happen, he was hardly able to move before he was shoved against the wall.
They didn’t need a scene, he just needed Betty, he wanted to reach for her. But he couldn’t.

Suddenly Alice was dragging her away, Jughead following closely, as soon as they were outside Betty ripped her wrist free.

“Get off of me.” She was fully crying now, tears streaming down her face, but she looked deadly. Her tone even and cold.

“Betty don’t..” Alice tried to gain ground, reaching for her wrist again.

“I said get off of me.” Her eyes were still focused, but he noticed the shake to her shoulders, the way she backed up. He assumed Now was a good time to interject, he couldn’t sit by and watch this anymore.

“I’ll take her home mrs. Cooper, you should go.” He reached his hand out, intertwining their fingers and squeezing.

“Excuse me, this is my daughter I’ll decide..”

As Betty sunk lower behind him, he heard the soft whimper she was trying to hide. No, consequences be damned. He wasn’t handing her over to that monster.

“All due respect but like I said, you should go. You’re not wanted here. I’ll get her home safe. Go home.”

The blonde older woman, spared a glance at Betty before slamming the door to her car and speeding off.

Almost instantly the dam broke.

He had her wrapped up in his arms faster than he thought possible.

“You’re okay, pollys okay, I’m here. I’m right here” he whispered into her ear.

They didn’t speak, they stood in that parking lot for thirty minutes, just holding each other. Eventually the bus came, and jughead took her by the shoulders, leading her to a seat.

As soon as they sat down she had rested her head on his shoulder, falling asleep purely out of exhaustion.

Looking down, he frowned. She didn’t deserve this, she was so good, so loving, she cared so much. Dropping a kiss to her forehead, he closed his eyes. It was quite a bus ride back to riverdale and he knew he would sleep better having her by his side.

They were both jolted awake as the bus came to its final stop.

She smiled up at him sadly

“I’m sorry, I fell asleep. I wasn’t such great company today was I?”

He moved to help her off the bus.

“Are you kidding me, I couldn’t have asked for a better sleuthing partner.” He winked

He thought he saw a genuine smile but maybe he was biased.

They walked in comfortable silence, hand in hand.

Arriving at her door, he saw her shoulders start to shake

“Call me. No matter what happens. You call me, I’ll answer, whatever hour. I’ll answer. I can be here in ten minutes flat.” He said seriously, staring deep into her eyes.

She nodded and then lunged, wrapping her arms around his neck and squeezing so tight he thought he might suffocate. He didn’t care he wrapped his long arms around her waist, holding her to him.

After what felt like hours he pulled away looking into her eyes.

“Call me.”

She nodded before walking into her house with a wave.

Climbing the latter to her room, he scanned her over quickly. She was okay, no visible changes.

She was smiling, that was good. He could make her laugh, that much he knew.

she was ranting, talking about being crazy

He placed his hands in her shoulder, staring into those deep sad eyes.

“Were all crazy.” She laughed

He was choking, he couldn’t say it. Why couldn’t he say it? Just tell her.

She was so patient, understanding.

Forget it.

He had her face in his hands and his mouth on hers.

Oh god, he had never felt anything like this, he didn’t know how to feel. It was good, it felt good, it felt safe.

He pulled away, she went back nipping his mouth slightly. She was smiling.

Jesus Christ she was smiling

What did that mean?

As soon as he opened his mouth to speak her eyes had widened and she was back on the case.

They were gonna have to talk about this eventually , but right now?

There were more important things to deal with

First Apartment Vol 2

A/n: A short series of one-shots of Bughead in their first apartment - one story above the “read more” line, three more underneath! Find the first volume here!!

Tag list: @fiendfyrx

Betty scurried around the living room, adjusting the throw pillows on the couch and picking magazines up off the coffee table.

“Jughead! Are you dressed yet?” She yelled to the other room, finding herself preoccupied with the cheese platter she had so carefully selected.

“Don’t worry, I’m good to go.” Jughead walked lazily into room, finishing up the final button on his shirt as he went. He paused to lean up against the wall, smiling as he watched his girlfriend move to and fro.

Betty turned around and spotted him, stopping to place a hand on her hip. “Amused, are we?”

Jughead moved across the room, grabbing hold of her arms and kissing the top of her forehead. “Very.”

Just then, there was a knock at the door.

“Coming!” Betty called out, turning to Jughead and giving him one last glance over. “Ready?”


Betty opened the door, and a squeal came from the other side.

“Betty!” Veronica practically lunged forward to hug her best friend. Pulling back from the embrace, she held out a small box, wrapped in silver paper. “For you. An apartment-warming gift.”

Betty happily undid the ribbon, opening the box to reveal a framed photo, taken in their high school days, of Betty, Jughead, Veronica, and Archie sitting in a booth at Pop’s. Placing a hand on her heart, Betty sighed contentedly. 

“Thank you, V.”

“Aw great, was I supposed to bring a gift?” They turned to see Archie standing in the doorway, a goofy grin on his face. 

“Hey man, thanks for coming.” Jughead approached him, giving him a quick hug. “No gift needed.”

“I should have known the great Veronica Lodge would show me up.” Archie sent a flirty grin her way.

“It’s easy to show you up, Archiekins.” Veronica quipped, removing her jacket and making a move toward the couch.

Betty gave Jughead a knowing smile before following their friends into the living room. Veronica and Archie had been on and off ever since high school, and if her use of nickname was any indicator, they were definitely headed toward “on again”.

“The place looks great Bets!” Archie said as he looked around, “I should have known you moving in would spruce the place up.”

“You know it.” Jughead agreed, placing a hand around Betty’s waist proudly, “I didn’t even know what a throw pillow was before this girl came along.”

Betty laughed, “Oh c’mon it wasn’t that bad! But yes, I definitely made a few improvements.”

A beeper went off and Betty clapped her hands together, “Dinner’s ready! Come on everyone, let’s move to the kitchen.”

“Shouldn’t we wait for Kevin?” Veronica asked.

“Oh, don’t worry” Jughead said, “He called earlier, he’s going to be a little late. He told us to start without him.”

Veronica nodded, getting up and moving toward the kitchen, Archie in tow. Betty began to follow, before Jughead stopped her by tugging at her hand and pulling her into a kiss.

“What was that for?” Betty blushed.

“For being you.” Jughead smiled, “For putting on this dinner. For saving me from my throw pillow-less bachelor pad. I love you Bets.”

“I love you too Juggie. Now c’mon, our friends are waiting.”

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I Need My Girl Ch. 5 | Roomates AU

Betty and Jughead are out of college and rooming together and it couldn’t have been a more self-destructive decision. They’re both in love and best friends since the dawn of time. Jughead pining for Betty who has no idea, What could go wrong?

Hello all! This new chapter was already half finished by the time I finished chapter four so here it is! This chapter is more bughead-centric than the others and the whole thing (that is making you all cringe) is addressed ;) I am sorry to the person who recently sent me a request but I am starting it tomorrow I swear! All of the love you guys have been sending me in the comments has literally been breaking my heart! I have tagged the following who have asked to be tagged or are just being a damn sweet ass person!

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Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Words: 2292

Warnings: There is talk of alcoholism and suicide. If this triggering for you you might not want to continue

Drink up baby, look at the stars
I’ll kiss you again between the bars
Where I’m seeing you there
With your hands in the air
Waiting to finally be caught
Drink up one more time
And I’ll make you mine
Keep you apart,
Deep in my heart
Separate from the rest.

Elliott Smith

A few weeks had passed since the incident and Jughead found himself feeling a new emotion towards Betty.

Every smile, touch, every time she would play with her ponytail, every look she gave him would make Jughead’s skin crawl. Every minute they spent together ignoring the situation, every time she would act as if that night in his room never happened, as if the moment they shared at Cheryl’s never happened, anger would settle in his chest.

The things that he used to love about her, the little things that would leave flutters in his stomach had now turned sour. They were tainted with the taste of what he couldn’t have. Now knowing what her touch was like in ways he’d never didn’t before had ignited a fire in him. One that Betty was trying her best but was failing to distinguish.

Each moment felt like a chore and he was loosing his patience. She didn’t tease him anymore and she filled their time doing small favors, silently trying to ease the guilt that still lined her face. She kept apologizing for little mistakes that she would make around the house. It was like she was apologizing for everything except the actual problem at hand.

The change in dynamic didn’t go unnoticed by Archie. Every time he was over it was like he was just there to be a buffer. Jughead would snap at just the littlest things and his body would tense up every time Betty would brush up against him. Every time Betty would laugh Jughead’s eyes would send daggers his way. One time Betty tried to do the dishes and he practically exploded. Something was very wrong.

Betty began to spend her nights out longer and she started sleeping over at Veronica’s, at Cheryl’s, at Kevin’s, at Sabrina’s, even sometimes she would show up at Archie’s.

The apartment became more of a common meeting place rather than a home to the both of them. Jughead picked up more shifts at Pop’s, ones particularly during the times he knew Betty would be home.

Betty’s thoughts began to become obsessive when it came to Jughead. Every time she would sleep with someone his face would appear. She was on thin ice with Veronica already, but one day enough was enough.

Betty tensed as she felt the nerves in between her legs begin to pulse. Veronica continued as she followed Betty’s moans before it happened.

Just as Betty’s head sunk further into the pillows and her eyes rolled to the back of her head she uttered his name.


Veronica stopped in her tracks as she watched the girl let go. Her eyes closed and her hands gripping onto the violet sheets. A tear fell from Veronica’s eyes as she watched the girl before her in a possessed state. Her face changed as her eyelids moved from side to side and her legs quivered.

Betty silenced herself as she had realized what she had just moaned. Her body stilled and her throat closed up as she saw a tear stream down Veronica’s face.

“You know if that’s what you’re here for, then maybe we shouldn’t be doing this anymore. I’m not someone you can just use to fuck away your feelings with.”

Veronica stood up from her spot and threw Betty’s dress in her face.

“Veronica I-“

“Even though this isn’t even anything, I don’t accept being someone’s second choice.”

“Veronica that’s not what, that’s not-“

“Get over yourself Betty and cut the bullshit…God, for once can’t you stop lying to yourself and everyone around you?”

Betty’s eyes froze as her mind went blank and her body went cold.

“That’s what I thought.” Veronica stated as she walked out her door into the bathroom down the hall.

Betty laid there as she stared at the empty door frame, listening to the water run from Veronica’s shower.

The sound of people passing through the streets and cars through New York’s roads filled Betty’s ears as she slipped into her dress. She trotted out of the apartment into the night, finding the closest bar in sight.

Four hours and 5 tequila shots later:

“He-ey, hey, hey…Baby, c’mon let’s go home.” Jughead whispered as she cried into his shoulder. He could feel her breath get caught in her throat as she tried to hold back a sob. Her body was shaking and he could smell tequila all over her. He pulled her up to carry her out of the house. He opened the passenger door of his truck with his left hand, pulling the car door ajar with his foot. He placed her carefully in the leather front as he buckled her seat belt.

“Just stay her okay? I’ll be right back. I promise.” He whispered against her cheek as he felt her nod her head under him. He closed the door as he walked back into Archie’s house finding him in the kitchen.

“What happened?”

Betty had showed up to Archie’s about an hour ago stinking of alcohol. Stumbling all over the place forcing Archie catch her before she tripped over the carpet.

“Do-on’t call Jug-gie.” Betty murmured as she lunged for the liquor cabinet.

“Betty what are you-“ Archie began before Betty cut him off. Laughing dryly as her hands trailed over the bottles before finding the vodka.

“You know, my mom called me today! I was expecting a long apology, a cry for forgiveness, maybe even a little groveling. But what does she say? She starts lecturing me about my ‘lifestyle’.” Betty exclaimed rolling her eyes unscrewing the cap on the bottle.

“She just doesn’t wanna call me a slut. But look at me! I am the slut. I’m the biggest fucking slut there is!”

Betty laughed into the bottle as she smiled when the rush of the drink went to her head.  Archie frowned at the sight.

“Mommy dearest didn’t think about that when she tried to send me to camp to ‘pray the gay away’. She was a lot happier when she thought she just had to worry about me getting pregnant.” Betty choked out as she held a grin. Her eyes were red and wild. She staggered holding onto the table as she gripped onto the bottle of vodka. Before she could take another shot Archie grabbed the bottle from her, pulling her into the kitchen.

“You’re not any fun!” She protested as she tried to grab the bottle from his grasp. Archie put the bottle away grabbing a glass of water as he eyed her cautiously. His eyes trailed over her face trying to find the Betty he knew. He had seen her drunk like this before but Jug was always there, there to whisk her away. The fact that she wasn’t back at her own doorstep calling on his friend was worrying. Why was she avoiding Jughead? He asked himself.

He handed the glass of water to her as she slid down to the floor.

“Drink this. You’ll thank me in the morning.” He said to her as he stared her down. He knew she would follow his orders if he didn’t break eye contact. Finally she broke, exasperated grabbing the glass from him in a puff glaring at him.

Archie stood up from his crouched position and reached for the phone. He knew that she would hate him if he called Jughead. But he was the only one who knew how to handle this. This Betty. The Betty with mascara running down her face and an empty grin on her face. The Betty with panic in her eyes and limp limbs. She looked like a cautionary tale lying down on his kitchen floor staring blankly in front of him. Her green eyes held nothing in them, like she was somehow not there, not present. It was haunting watching her lie there with her mouth parted sinking into the floor. The girl that was in love with his best friend was breaking before him and there was only one person to call. Archie dialed Jughead’s number and waited until he picked up after eight rings.

“Archie it’s 3 in the morning what the fuck?” Jughead groaned into the phone.

Archie moved away from the kitchen hoping Betty couldn’t hear his words.

“Betty she…she’s here. And it’s bad, really bad. She might be going full yellow wallpaper this time.” Archie paused as he heard a shuffle over the phone and a door click.

Archie walked Jughead back outside to his truck, stopping Jughead before he climbed inside.

“Jughead, we gotta do something.”

“Do what Archie?” Jughead yelled as his eyes trailed over Betty’s passed out state.

“She’s getting worse…she keeps pulling this shit. Getting drunk, going out constantly with people she doesn’t even know. And then as you say, she doesn’t even acknowledge it in the morning. Like it never happens.”

“I’m handling it Archie.” Jughead stated as he folded his arms leaning against the truck.

“Are you? Cause you carry her home and put her to bed just like you did with FP. And it’s not working. She needs help. She needs a professional. Maybe you can’t save her this time.”

“You don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about Archie. You don’t know her. I know her. And I know that she will be fine. She just is going through a rough patch, that’s all.” Jughead insisted as tears started to well up in his eyes.

“If she’s just going through a rough patch, then why is she showing up at my place instead of her own? Why is she suddenly asking me not to call you?”

Jughead paused as he took in Archie’s words. But no amount of truth could calm him down, he was breaking. The girl he loved was drinking herself to death every night and he had no idea how to cope. It was déjà vu all over again, and a little part of him resented her for it. His gut wrenched and tightly coiled in his stomach as he looked at her, curled up in his truck.

“I-I don’t know. The past couple of weeks, things have changed. I-I don’t know why.” He choked out.

“Look I know that you don’t want to force her into anything, but maybe it’s time. Maybe it’s time to stage some sort of intervention.”

“An intervention? You think Betty Cooper is gonna react well to an intervention?”

“It may be our only option left.” Archie said exasperated as they both gazed upon the sunken blonde. Jughead cried at the thought of telling her that something was wrong with her. He was always the one to reassure her that she was beautiful and kind and smart and that not a damn thing was wrong with her. Nothing at all. Was this really his only option left? It seemed like some sort of betrayal.

“Okay, but just give me a week. Let me, I don’t know, figure things out. See if I can get her to snap out of it.”


Jughead climbed into the truck, falling into the seat. His head fell to the back of the leather and he turned his head to look at her. He lifted his hand up to her face and pulled back a strand of her hair that had fallen in her face. She stirred at his touch as she breathed out in frustration.

A moment passed before tears started to well up in Betty’s eyes again.

“She didn’t even remember that it was his birthday today.”

In that moment Jughead realized that it was Betty’s dad’s birthday and that he had been so wrapped up in his own problems that he had forgotten. It had been eight years since he killed himself. Betty had found him in the garage after he hung himself.

A laugh erupted from Betty’s chest as she shook her head as the tears ran down her face.

“It’s like she didn’t even love him…maybe she never did.”


“She’s never loved me that’s for sure. At least not the real me.”

Betty began to kick the dash as she started hitting any surface around her. Jughead panicked at the sight, grabbing onto her wrists as she squirmed under him. In her state she couldn’t fight him off for that long, her head fell into his shoulder as she sighed.

“She may not know the real you or understand you. But she loves you.” Jughead waited a beat as she lay in his arms.

“And I love you…you know the real you. And even though I haven’t acted like it lately, I do. I always do.”

Jughead ran his fingers through her golden hair as he pulled himself from her grasp to put his keys into the ignition. Betty laid her legs on top of Jughead’s lap as he drove out of Archie’s drive-way. Jughead turned to the intoxicated girl next to him. Her eyes closed with her head leaned up against the window. Her breath slowed and he could see the imprint that her heady breaths left against the frigid car window. The yellow lights above flickered over her, bathing her in light as the rest of the car was hidden in shadow. The illusion was gone as his eyes drank up her soaken state against the passenger cream colored leather.

Betty Cooper was broken, and for the first time, Jughead had realized that maybe he couldn’t fix her.

Riverdale Imagine; Pt. 2

So many of you requested Part two, and I’m giving it to you!! So here you go. 

Originally requested by @booklover240 please go and follow her! 

Request; Y/N is being beat up and harassed at a certain dark place by Reggie€™s team because she revealed the score book to the school and even wrote about it in the Blue and Gold paper. Jughead, Archie, Veronica, and Cheryl comes to the rescue and they were a little too late so Y/N was so injured she had to be brought to the hospital. Everyone is crying and worried about what’s happening next.

Part 1 here !

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erin-m-brown  asked:

Hello!! I really love your writing and I was wondering if you could maybe write a story where Betty and Jughead made a promise to each other when they were slightly younger to marry each other if neither of them was married by thirty-five and so Jughead tries to sabotage every relationship that Betty has till then? If so that would be amazing and again I love your writing and I can't wait for part three of that story!

Okay, to finish out this request, I’m going to have to make a part 2 lol. So here’s the part where they make the pact, and part 2 will be the series of times Jughead tries to sabotage her relationships. Hope that’s okay! 

@riverdale-ships also sent in a request to have a fic about Bughead as kids being really cute together, so I hope it’s alright that I combined the two. <3

Note: This takes place when Betty and Jughead are in the 4th Grade, so everyone is either 9 or 10 years-old. 

“Juggie, give it back!”

Betty lunged for the book that Jughead was holding high above his head, using all her strength to snatch it out of his grasp.

“I’m saving you the heartache, Bets, this book does not have a satisfying ending and wouldn’t be worth your time to finish,” Jughead explained, yanking the book away and shielding it against his chest. “In fact, we should probably just burn it now and save everyone else the misery it caused me.”

Betty stared him down, waiting for him to make his move before faking a lunge in one direction and shuffling her feet to dive for the book in the other direction. Betty smiled to herself triumphantly as she ran her hand along the cover that read The Bridge to Terabithia, before looking up to meet Jughead’s annoyed gaze.

“That’s my decision to make, Juggie,” Betty reminded him, tucking the book safely away inside her desk and turning in her chair to smile back at the red-headed boy chatting with his friends at the other end of the classroom. “Besides, Archie said it was really good and I trust his judgment.”

Please,” Jughead scoffed, rolling his eyes dramatically as he followed her gaze back to their friend who was now making his way over to them with his brand new lunchbox in his hands. “The last book Archie read was Chicka Chicka Boom Boom in the first grade.”

“Actually, I just read The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe for my book report, Jugs,” Archie informed him, swinging his lunchbox around by the handle as he passed them to stand in line for the lunchroom. “I loved it.”

“Oh, well, I stand corrected,” Jughead muttered sarcastically, a light-hearted tone to his voice as Archie smiled at him with amused eyes and headed out of the classroom towards the cafeteria.

A designer lunch bag swung around Jughead’s shoulder to land with a thud on his desk, causing worksheets to fly everywhere and land in various spots around the room.

“Sorry that not all of us can stand to read those boring mystery novels you like, Jughead,” Cheryl Blossom teased, her long red hair cascading down her shoulders as she tossed it behind her with a flick of her wrist. “We are only in the 4th grade  after all - or have you forgotten that small fact with that useless pea-sized brain of yours?”

“Yeah, and I bet all those fashion magazines you read are doing wonders for your intellect, Cheryl,” Jughead spat, pushing her lunchbox off his desk just as she grabbed the handle to pull it away effortlessly. “Gotta remember to pick one of those up on my next grocery store run. Not that you’ve even stepped foot in one of those before - you probably have no idea what I’m talking about!”

“Juggie, come on, we’re going to be late for lunch,” Betty gently pulled on Jughead’s arm and lead him towards the door to the classroom as they let Cheryl saunter by, her hair swinging behind her like a pendulum in an old grandfather clock. “Archie said he would save us a seat.”

“I swear, Betty, sometimes you’re the only person in the entire world I can stand to be around,” Jughead admitted, running his fingers along the brick wall of the hallway as they walked past each classroom. “No one gets me like you do.”

“Well, you are pretty complicated for a nine-year-old,” Betty informed him, giving him a sideways smile as she shuffled her feet along the tiled floor to keep up with him. “You can’t really blame everyone else for not liking the same things you like.”

“I don’t need them to like the things I like, Bets,” Jughead sighed. “I don’t even need them to like me. In fact, I don’t need them at all. The only people I need are you and Jellybean and Archie and that’s it, I’m set for the rest of my life.”

“What about when you get older?” Betty asked, her ponytail swinging forward to hit her cheek as she turned to look at Jughead. “Aren’t you going to want to meet a girl and get married one day?”

“I don’t know,” Jughead furrowed his brows together as he let this notion sink in. “I haven’t really thought about it.”

“Well I think your future wife will be pretty lucky,” Betty told him, her lips twitching up into a wide smile. “Whoever she is.”

“Hey, I have an idea,” Jughead stopped suddenly, grabbing Betty’s arm as they watched their classmates filing into the cafeteria. “Let’s make a pact right now. If neither of us are married by the time we’re - I don’t know, what would you consider old?”


“Okay, if neither of us are married by the time we’re thirty-five, we agree to marry each other, no questions asked,” Jughead posed the idea, his hands gesticulating wildly as he let the dozens of thoughts swirling around his mind transform into spoken word. “We’ll just go to the courthouse like those people I saw on that reality show, and then we’ll get married and that will be the end of that.”

“You sure you don’t want to fall in love first?” Betty wondered, a distant smile forming on her lips as she thought about all the fairytales she read when she was younger about princesses who met their prince and fell in love. “I always thought that sounded really nice.”

“Well, I like you a lot,” Jughead reasoned, shrugging his shoulders as he turned to gesture towards her ponytail. “Your hair smells nice and you give me your leftover chips at snack time. I think that’s close enough, right?”

“I guess you’re right,” Betty agreed. “Okay, we have a deal. Secret handshake?”

“It’s not an official deal without it,” Jughead reminded her, sticking out his hand as he prepared to complete the complicated handshake they created the summer after second grade.

“Betty, Jughead, over here!” Archie called out to them from inside the cafeteria, causing Betty to turn away from Jughead and wave back to him with a giant smile plastered on her face.

“There’s Archie, let’s go!” Betty exclaimed, leaving Jughead’s side and hurrying into the lunchroom to take her seat next to Archie.

“Come on, Archie, help a kid out here,” Jughead muttered under his breath, watching as Betty dumped out her lunch bag onto the table before spinning around in her seat to laugh at something Archie just said. “I don’t stand a chance if you keep making her smile like that.”

With that, Jughead headed through the double doors to join his friends at their usual lunch spot, already formulating the various plans he would put into place to ensure that he would always be able to stick to his pact with Betty no matter what.

anonymous asked:

can you write a fanfic that betty is uncomfortable jughead is smoking so she is trying to stop him

I’m gonna twist this again!

“Betty, are you sure about this? I mean it’s highly addictive and what if you… what if you like it?” Archie held the packet of marlboros in his hands, he’d snuck them from his fathers work bag and he was beginning to regret his decision in helping Betty with her plan.

“Oh please Archiekins, Betty’s stronger than that. I for one think this is a great idea. It’s a nasty, dangerous habit and there’s nothing Jughead won’t do to keep Betty safe. Not to mention I can’t wait to see his face.” Veronica was practically wiggling in excitement as she held out a hot pink lighter towards Her best friend.

She was right, smoking was nasty and dangerous, exactly why Betty had to do this. Jughead was causing more trouble to his health than he knew and his lips had recently started tasting more bitter than Betty preferred. Pulling the stick to her lips Betty inhaled, instantly ripping it from her mouth and coughing.

“Ew! This is disgusting! Who enjoys this?!” The beautiful blonde stared at the cigarette in disgust.

Archie chuckled swinging an arm around Veronica’s shoulder
“Keep on puffing, you have about five minutes to learn, were almost at Pops.”

By the time they had reached the neon lit Sign, Betty was inhaling like a pro, minus the grimace on her face.

“There he is! Look” Veronica clapped a hand to Betty’s shoulder, sure enough Jughead was sitting outside Pops surrounded by a few of the other younger Serpents and their motorcycles. “Okay so all you have to do is make sure to. Have his attention then pop one of those cigarettes in your mouth.”

Betty took a deep breathe as she sauntered past her boyfriend and his friends, instantly he noticed her, shoving the leather jacket boys to the side and moving to make his way to her.

Okay go time.

Veronica and Archie both leaned against the building pretending to have a conversation, Betty shoved the cigarette on her mouth and took a deep inhale nearly choking but keeping her cool.

Suddenly a hand was in front of her face, batting the cigarette from her mouth, wide blue eyes and mouth set in a firm line

“What the hell are you doing?!” He stubbed the lit cigarette out with the toe of his boot, his eyes searching hers frantically.

“Well hi Juggie, it’s good to see you too.”

Jughead gripped her hand, tugging her away from the prying eyes of the serpents and their friends.

“What are you doing?! What is this?”
He gestured to the cardboard box of cigarettes in his girlfriends hands.

Betty looked up at him through her lashes
“They’re cigarettes, I’ve been smoking for a little bit now. They help with the stress. You get it.”

Jughead once again knocked Betty’s hands, sending the carton flying and spilling its contents onto the floor.

“No absolutely not. Don’t you know what these things will do to you. You’re so beautiful, you’re gorgeous, these things? They’ll ruin you. Not to mention the health concerns, your lungs Betty! Your voice! Who’s going to sing me to sleep when you can’t even speak because the cigarettes have wrecked your lungs?! I love you too much to let these things destroy you. You know you have me! You know if you’re stressed you can talk to me! I’m always here baby. You don’t need those stupid cancer sticks.” He was practically shaking as he clutched her hands on his.

Betty went on her tippytoes and smiled adoringly as she dropped a slow kiss to his lips.
“It was my first cigarette Juggie. I don’t smoke, I’m not going to smoke. I just wanted you to see how it feels, everything you said? That’s how I feel about you, that’s how you smoking makes me feel. I love you and I want you to be around for a very long time.”

Jugheads head snapped up in shock before his shoulders slumped in relief.
“Betty..” he started

Betty kissed him again, this time more passionately
“Plus, I love how you taste without all that ash and smoke.” She whispered low on his ear.

The dark haired boy tightened his grip on his girlfriends waist as he shivered involuntarily
“I’ll try okay? I’ll try I promise.”

Betty smiled pulling away
“That’s all I ask, now come on my vice is milkshakes. Care to help an addict?”

Jughead loved his fingers through hers and rolled his eyes, dropping a kiss to her forehead.

“You got it Juliet.”

anonymous asked:

Could you write a fanfic about Betty and Veronica getting into a fight and jughead holding her back

Hey! I wrote this as AU because, well, Veronica wouldn’t do what I’m about to write her doing. I hope you like it.

(Theres About To Be A) Girl Fight

Veronica crept down the stairs slowly, watching Jughead open the door of the closet, looking around him.

He didn’t see anyone, so he quietly closed the door and walked away.

Veronica walked down the stairs and peered around the corner, opening the closet door and looking in.

Holy shit, she thought. What kind of loser took a nap at school?

She closed the door quickly, turned, and walked to her next class.

“Yeah! I swear, there was a sleeping bag in there.” Veronica said loudly to Cheryl and her friends.

They were in the lounge. It was absolutely packed in there. 

Jughead turned his music up louder, pretending not hear her. His attention flitted to the door, his favorite blonde walking towards him. 

He pulled out an earbud as she sat next to him. He couldn’t force himself to smile.

“Hey Juggie!” Betty said excitedly. 

“Heya, Bets. Do you want to go outside?” He asked her, trying to move her away from the conversation across the room.

“Jughead it’s freezing outside. That’s why it’s so packed in here,” Betty laughed. 

She opened her backpack, pulling out a bag of chips and offering them to Jughead.

“I swear!” Veronica laughed from across the room. “Yes! There was a can of beans in there. What a loser.”

Betty rolled her eyes. “She’s so obnoxious.” She murmured to Jughead. “Who’s she talking about?”

Jughead just shrugged and opened the bag of chips.

“I mean, I know his dad lives in a trailer park but who would want to live at school?”

“Juggie?” Betty whispered, cluing in.

“Yes, Jughead! Who else would it be?” Veronica answered one of her friends, pretending to whisper.

Betty stood up abruptly, sending her chair a couple inches across the floor. She walked over to Veronica and her friends.

“What are you talking about?” Betty asked her, heat radiating across her face.

Veronica looked up at Betty, then rolled her eyes and continued talking to her friends.

“Excuse me, I’m talking to you.” Betty spat.

Veronica stood up. “What do you want?”

“Why are you making fun of someone you don’t even know? Saying things you don’t even know to be true?”

Veronica smirked. “I saw it with my own eyes. Your little boyfriend is sleeping at school.”

Betty took a deep breath, stepping closer to Veronica. “Why is that funny?”

“Um… he brought his sleeping bag to school. What is he, homeless or something?”

“Stop talking about him, Veronica. Now. Before I do something to shut you up.”

Veronica cocked an eyebrow, taking a step closer to Betty. “Do you know who you’re talking to?”

“The daughter of a jailbird, I think?”

“Bitch you better back up before I send you to the psych, like your sister.”

Betty lunged towards Veronica, ready to connect her fist with Veronica’s face. She felt two hands wrap around Betty’s ribs, holding her back. She pulled forward, the heat pounding against her face.

She grunted, frustrated. “Say another word about my sister. I fucking dare you.”

“What are you going to do, Betty?” Veronica smirked.

“Let’s go, Bets.” Jughead murmured in Betty’s ear, pulling her out of the room. “Come on, Rocky.”

Jughead lead Betty out of the room, down the hall, until they were far enough out of the room that he could let Betty go.

“What was that?” Jughead laughed.

“I just… I hate girls like her. God, who does she think she is?”

“Someone who could kick your ass, I think. But don’t worry. She’s wrong.”

“Then why did you hold me back?” Betty demanded.

“I wouldn’t want to see you suspended.” Jughead laughed. “I need you here.”

And Just Like That... Everything Changed Part 7

Hello lovelies!! I cannot express how sorry I am that this has taken so long to post! I have had a bad case of writers block but I am back on track now and this chapter is reasonably long! Again I am so sorry and I hope you enjoy this!

link to master list which has first six parts-

By Wednesday, five days after he had been shot, Jughead was moved out of the ICU. While his injuries were still significant and recovery was still a long road to endure, they were no longer traumatic enough to endanger his heart’s ability to beat on its own. His breathing was still laboured due to the collapsed lung, but he was doing it entirely on his own now as well and thus he was deemed stable enough to be admitted to the children’s ward.  

Perched up against the abundance of pillows in his bed, Jughead watched in amusement as Betty moved around his new hospital room.  She had pegged his array of “get well” cards on a string and hung it across the small window sill so that he could see them from the bed, placed the flowers her mother had brought on the table next to his bed, along with his laptop and ensured the television remote was well within his reach. And now she was busy placing books on the limited shelving in the little room while Archie placed some of his clothes and belongings in draws.

“Enlighten me on your literary choices?”

Betty glanced over her shoulder to offer Jughead a grin. He was toying with his hair and that along with his more alert conversational attempts gave her faith that he was indeed beginning to recover. He was still weak and in pain but the morphine dosage had been greatly reduced and the doctors were talking about alternating to less intensive medication soon. So that and the move out of the intensive care unit had her in high spirits that afternoon.

“In Cold Blood, Crime and Punishment-“

“Betty Cooper are you making fun of my getting shot through book choices?” Jughead interrupted his voice raspy but shining with mock offence.

His brows rose sardonically and the image was almost enough to let Betty glimpse past the dark circles beneath his eyes and the still too pale colour of his skin.

“Not deliberately, but I can’t help it if your favourites gave me the perfect opportunity,” the blonde teased back, poking her tongue out at him for good measure.

Jughead let out a weak laugh and rolled his eyes.

“What else you got?”

“Catcher in the Rye, the Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, and Romeo and Juliet,” she finished as she placed the final book in place.

“I didn’t know you were a romance kind of guy Jug,” Archie teased, placing a poorly folded flannel in a draw.

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anonymous asked:

Hi! Can you write about Betty saving Cheryl like, her getting there first and seeing Cheryl fall into the river and Betty​ saves Cheryl like Archie, punching through ice save only to fall through when the gang gets there. And you can add more cuz I don't have any ideas. Thanks!

“Cheryl? Cheryl? Where are you? Cheryl?” the gang screamed, running through the cold snowy forest on the outskirts of Riverdale. The gang stopped at the side of the forest near the iced-over river. 

“We’ve looked everywhere. Where could she be?” Archie said, putting his hands on his thighs to catch his breath. Betty gasped and started to run onto the river, the gang following her until she reached the edge of the snowy land. Betty looked down at her feet before looking back at Cheryl, with no red lipstick, wearing the same dress she wore the day Jason left Riverdale. 

Betty started running onto the ice, ignoring the cracking sound coming from underneath her feet. 

“Betty! Don’t! It’s too dangerous!” Jughead screamed, but Betty ignored him and continued to run on the cracking ice. 

In less then a second, Cheryl was no longer standing on the top of the thin ice. Her iconic red hair was barely visible underneath the frozen water. Betty could hear more and more cracking ice coming from behind her, and he could hear her friends screaming her name and Cheryl’s. She quickly turned around and saw her boyfriend, girl best friend and guy best friend following her onto the dangerous ice. She continued to run and quickly saw that the current had taken her and she was no longer visible.

“Everyone! Look around! She could be anywhere! Look now!” she screamed, tears forming in her eyes, threatening to fall. The gang scrambled around, pushing the snow from on top of the ice trying to find her glorious red hair. 

Betty saw a glimpse of red and pushed the snow from in front of her. “I found her!” she screamed, already punching the ice, trying to crack it, tears falling from her eyes. 

“Betty! Stop! Archie can do it!” she heard her boyfriend scream, but she just continued sobbing and hitting the ice with her fists. Blood started to flow onto the ice, and the cracking they heard was not just from the ice they were standing on. 

Betty lifted both fists up, and pushed them both onto the ice with all of her energy, letting more and more sobs escape her lips. She felt the cold water on her bloody fists, and blinked away the rest of her tears. She then realized that the cold water has surrounded her, but soon felt strong arms pulling her up from the water, placing her next beck next to the hole in the ice, shivering.

She felt Archie’s presence right next to her as they both reached around the cold water. Archie pulled Cheryl up by one arm, and Betty helped by grabbing the other arm, pulling her up and out of the river. 

Betty reached over and started to do CPR on her frenemy. She put pressure on her chest while humming staying alive, and then titled Cheryl’s head back and blew into her mouth. After a few times, Cheryl coughed up the water that was in her lungs. 

Betty reached over and continued sobbing while putting her head on Cheryl’s chest, feeling the rise and fall of her chest. Veronica pulled Betty off of Cheryl and pulled her into a tight hug, while Archie picked up Cheryl bridal style.

Betty was just crying into Veronicas chest, but felt two strong arms pick her up like a bride as well, trying to warm her up from the cold ice water that continued to drip from her coat. She slowly opened her eyes and looked up at her boyfriend. She wrapped her arms around his neck while sobbing into his chest. 

“Jug?” she whispered, tilting her head into his chest.

“Yeah Bets?” he said, as they all reached the side of the land, trying to warm the two frozen and injured girls.

“My hands hurt.” She said, closing her eyes, and Jughead gave her a small kiss on the top of her head.

Hey, thank you so much for this prompt! It was so much fun to write and I hope I did it justice. My ask box is always open for any prompts that you have! 



Bruce had been gone for a year, Shield had told Betty that he was dead. She had stopped showering and she had stopped eating, it was a miracle that her son survived with her horrible diet and the fact that she had stopped caring about her health. She had given birth to her second son eight months after Bruce’s disappearance and the little boy reminded her every day of his dad. She tried to care for him the best she could, but with her depression she wasn’t able to coddle him the way she wanted to. She still snuggled him and fed him and cooed at him she really did love him with all her heart but she could not seem to summon the enthusiasm to be the mommy her kids deserved that she would be. The baby was smaller than most, and he had little green speckles and brown curls, making Betty miss Bruce even more. Betty was lying in her apartment, cuddling with her infant when she got a call from shield, she stood up slowly but quickly fell back down, the little boy screaming at the top of his lungs and Betty began to cry herself as she got her children ready to go to shield, she made herself look as good as she could but she didn’t look great.

Betty made her way to shield with her two little boys, they were all crying and confused and Betty felt so horrible. She handed her boys to Natasha who took them to a park so that Betty could have some time to process things, an agent came and explained to her that Bruce was not dead, that he never had been, he was tortured near to death and they had assumed that he had been killed when they found mass amounts of his blood in a warehouse. He was alive and they were ready to give him back to Betty and her kids. Betty looked at the ground as she held herself as they brought him back to her. She got even more upset when she saw the condition Bruce was in, crying even more, her nose was sore and the skin under her eyes was chapped but she couldn’t seem to keep herself from sobbing.