Workouts for 2/27/14

I’ve been feeling amazing today but lately i’ve been pretty sad, personal reason and i have returned to writing my feelings and even writing songs. So i’ve picked myself up and i am focusing on being happy and love the life God has given me!


But on another note…….

Today i will be doing:

1 hour of Yoga 

30 minuets of Ab workouts 

Lately ive been doing the Xhit workout daily and then going to the gym afterwards or going to yoga. Basically I try change it up everyday! 

So everyone let me know how you are dealing with stress or even your workouts i would love to here how y'all are doing!

Heart Weights

I was talking to my best friend today about the process of building muscles.

If you want to tone up you do many reps with light weights.

If you want to bulk up you do fewer reps with heavier weights.

As you workout, your muscles tear and repair.

That is how you build new, bigger, better muscles.

Maybe that is what relationships are,

A workout for the heart.

Your everyday interactions are the little tears from the little weights.

You don’t really notice them,

But over time your heart becomes more toned.

Your intimate relationships are the big tears from the big weights.

You have to put a lot of effort into them and they might hurt

But over time your heart is bulking up.

Even though committing to a intimate relationship might be scary,

And they may not last,

And they might leave you a bit sore,

Think of it as a workout.

Next time around your heart will be a little stronger,

A little bigger,

A little tougher,

And you will be better fit to carry the weight of your next relationship.

The only thing stopping me from what I want is me.
I’ve been working on myself and it’s helped a little bit I think. But now I need to crack down and not go back on my own words! I make promises to myself and immediately break them. I need a new system because the one I have isn’t working.

I want to live a life worth living. I know I can get there. I just need to try harder.