oh look, it’s that time of year again when I get pointlessly angry about “WINTER HOLIDAY!!” everything and want to punch a snowflake.

the northern internet: hot chocolate and marshmallows! jumpers! cosy twinkly lights! 

me: for how short a period can I turn my on my oven in order to bake these biscuits without dying of heatstroke. why am I out of white wine again. WHY AM I SINGING ALONG TO A SONG ABOUT SLEIGH BELLS AND SNOW.

don’t get me wrong, I love december about as much as a cheerful atheist can, it’s my birthday and it’s parties and food and presents and carols and writing for yuletide and obnoxious decorations, it’s just also…summer! so much summer.



Greeting Video (2) For: GOT7 “FLIGHT LOG: TURBULENCE” IN MALAYSIA 2016

source: Three Angles Pro