betternikki  asked:

TAG! State 15 facts about yourself and pass it on to 15 of the nicest tumblr users <3

  1. My parents considered naming me David Allen, but instead chose Stephen Douglas.  My Mom says it sounded more presidential.
  2. My 1st pet was a weimaramer named Fella
  3. I was left handed, but my first grade teacher converted me to write with my right hand.  I still shoot pool left handed and kick a football with my left foot so I am kinda crossed.
  4. My 1st date, i took a girl i knew from church to a Willie Nelson concert.  It was pouring rain when i left her house and i got my Mom’s car stuck in the ditch.  My Dad and her Dad were super nice about helping get the car out of the ditch.
  5. My Dad was a great role model as i was growing up.  The only downside was that he worked 7 days away and then home for 7 days, so he wasn’t always there.  He also worked a 2nd job during his 7 days at home.
  6. I was smart enough that i didn’t study at all during high school. The lack of study skills was a negative in college.
  7. I was a stick skinny nerd in high school (6'2" tall and 130 lbs when i graduated).
  8. In 1984, I graduated college and i moved to Houston and took a job as a chemical plant operator because there were no engineering jobs because of the recession.
  9. Married in 1985 to the best girl in the world.  Not only is she beautiful, but she also takes great care of me and gives me balance and perspective.  Mrs. Snap is 3 years younger than me.  We went to the same high school and she is the same age as my younger sister, but I never knew her in high school.
  10. After the chemical plant job, I worked for 7 years at a cane sugar refinery.  A nice company to work for although the commodity food industry tends to pay engineers lower than chemical or energy industries.
  11. In 1995, i got a job at a chemical plant near my hometown in Louisiana and we moved there.  I changed jobs again in late October 2011 to an energy company near our hometown.
  12. In 2009, I had a problem with degeneration in my right hip joint.  I went to see my family doctor and he immediately referred me to an orthopedic specialist.  I was hoping for just a cortisone shot.  The orthopedic doctor told me I needed surgery and an artificial joint.  He installed a birmingham hip in September 2009.
  13. I like to go fishing, but never seem to find the time because i am busy with exercising and work and church.
  14. This summer, I will be teaching a middle school boys Sunday school class at church.  I hope I can use this opportunity to get them to think long term instead of only short term.  I have already talked to them about Gabe.
  15.  One of my goals is to demonstrate kindness in my deeds.  I need to also work on my thoughts and words.

What an exciting day?!!!!!

Snap got tumblr mail from the ever sweet Nikki (betternikki) and the mail included a Welcoming Ryland card, a Merry Christmas card with the famous Ryland on it and even a Happy New Year card with their whole family on it.  and Nikki included some new tea for me to try.  Nikki is such a sweetheart.  i’m just busting with joy……

Nikki, Ryland, and I after the half-marathon. I know you all are jealous that I got to meet this cutie. And he is ten times more adorable in person, true story.

Time was 2:29:57. Slowest of my half-marathons, but I’m proud of it.

Tumblr Crushes

It’s been a while since I posted any of these because somehow a random blog I don’t even follow gets on my crush list.

  • Dan: Posts great recipes/motivational quotes (amongst other fitness related things) that I keep for later reference.
  • Maggie: CO Fitblr FTW! Love this girl! We’re going to OWN the ½ this weekend!
  • Nikki: BFF that just killed her first “official” half marathon this past weekend!
  • Shortmom (Christine): What’s not to love about SM? Seriously.
  • Mommyslosingit (Jenn): This lady rocks and I get to meet her in Vegas!
  • Emily: Another CO Fitblr FTW! This girl is doing the FULL RnR marathon this weekend! I love calling badasses such as her a real life friend :)
  • Robin: You want motivation? Inspiration? Support? Look no further than this woman half-IRON woman!
  • Rachel: Superhero in human form. For real.
  • Sarah: This lady was able to have me break out of my shell during the sports bra challenge. Much love and keep up the great work!

ALL fantabulous people. If you don’t follow them, you need to. Seriously.

Since I've Been Gone...

Tumblr has gotten a new front page and new buttons.

Joined LA Fitness because they just bought out Bally’s making it the closest gym with a Steam Room and Sauna to my house.  I realized that my home gym was just not hacking it for me. I need somewhere to escape and get in the zone.

bonbonmakesababy and mollierunsherbunsoff had their babies!!  Congrats ladies, I am so happy for you wonderful mommies!

Started nightly meditation/hypnosis on healthy habits.  At first I was skeptical but within the first 4 days I had gotten up early to make my green smoothies for breakfast again, ate generally healthy lunches and started cooking at home again.  Then I joined a gym. 

J and I are remodeling out hall bathroom.  It’s currently completely demoed down to the studs and needs to be done before April 28.

On April 28 I am throwing J a Star Wars birthday party for his 30th!  It’s consuming my world.  Death Star Pinata, costumes, drinking games.  It’s going to be legend-waitforitbecauseit’sgoingtobeintergallactic-dary.

betternikki and regainingmymoxy are still as fit and entertaining as ever.  I am inspired by your dedication good fitblr times!

Working 7 days a week because I had the brilliant idea of learning how to do taxes in addition to my full time demanding job.  I paid for a tax prep class so I could be sure I was doing my own taxes correctly.  Then figured I’d try working a tax season to see if it was at all fun (plus they reimbursed me for the class if I worked for the season).  I am now exhausted and cannot wait until tax season is over.  I used the extra money to buy my honey a gun.

Started a new blog, not as personal, but details little helpful tips and tricks that I use in my own life.  It’s here at  I haven’t been very good at writing on that either.

Still not pregnant.  Found out that Soy, which was a major staple in my diet when eating mainly vegan, is particularly bad for fertility.  So I started charting, which is a big drag because I just want to get KTFU (knocked-the-f-up) by just doing the horizontal lambada. Charting, calculating, taking my temperature.  It’s for the BIRDS!  But hey, it might be the overworked stress that’s keeping me without child. 

Planning a getaway.  I don’t know where but I know it’ll be in May after everything settles down. I am taking suggestions!

femme-enforme and whenmysexyisright are looking are looking leaner than ever!  You guys are the hotness!

Brownberryruns seems to have disappeared.  Does anyone know where Jen went?

On the bright side, I had my blood work and physical done and I’m perfectly healthy.  Which is weird because I’ve got to get to work to drop these extra lbs!

So tell me, what did I miss?

betternikki  asked:

What's your favorite Christmas craft you made in school?

Honestly, I absolutely ADORED those simple bead candy canes. You know what I’m talking about, the ones that have the beads that stack this-a-way and that-a-way. We also made wreaths with those.

I’ve been tempted on numerous occasions to run out and buy some of those beads and pipe cleaners just to make some. Seems like it would be sorta therapeutic. :)

Hey - you think my parents would still eagerly accept that as a gift from me?!?! LOL

Tumblr Tuesday:

  • Robin (real life inspiration; if you don’t know her, you clearly live under a rock)
  • Rob (one of my favourite [I see what you did there] Brits!)
  • Brent (rad dude)
  • Nikki (tumblr BFF!)
  • Michelle (love this lady! Helped me get my PR in Vegas!)
  • Manda (MISS YOU!)
  • GRACE (nfr…but a daily dose of funny!)
  • Nick (i have no idea why he’s still on my list; dude has had problems with me since Vegas for reasons unknown to me?) <<don’t even know if his url is correct
  • Maggie (one of my newfound bffs in Denver. MISS YOU!)

Oh my goodness, I WAS TAGGED by nivueniconnue aka, the lovely and talented Marion. <3

1- What is your favorite song ?
emmmmm… It so depends on my mood. But the song I’ve wanted to hear most lately is Madness by Muse.

2- Do you ever wish you were born a boy (or a girl for boys)?
Sometimes I’m curious I guess! I’m pretty content being a girl though.

3- What is your favorite thing to do in the week end ?
I like getting out–hiking or just enjoying the scenery… It’s finally cool enough to enjoy the mornings here :)

4- What do you want for Christmas ?
a potty-trained kid!

5- What is making you cry ?
The number of times I have seen Wreck It Ralph

6- Jeans or leggings ?
I wear yoga pants, like, all the time… because I despise jeans. So we’ll go with leggings.

7- What upsets you most ?
My three-year-old’s poopy underwear D:

8- Do you want a big or a tiny house ?
I love tiny houses… Everything in there has a function, there is not a superfluous light bulb in them!

9- Tea or coffee ?
Can’t I have both?

10- Top 5 movies
Howl’s Moving Castle
Stranger Than Fiction
Seeking a Friend for the End of the World
Pride and Prejudice
Nausicaa :D –Not in any particular order.

It is now my turn, I suppose.

1. Are you a cat person or a dog person?

2. What is your drink?

3. Are you a better host or guest?

4. Which starbursts do you first go for?

5. Would you rather be blind in one eye or deaf in one ear?

6. If you could go back and restart college, would you change your major? What to?

7. What do you want for Christmas?

8. If you had a chance to learn any language, which would you learn?

9. What is your favorite type of entertainment?

10. What do you like to do in your spare time?


Weekend Fit Teacher Warriors!

This weekend we have two teachers kicking butt and taking names.

Hisnamewasbeanni is participating in an Ultimate Frisbee Beach Nationals Tournament!

BetterNikki is doing the Georgia Warrior Dash!

Good luck to them this weekend!

Send them note of encouragement and cheer them on!

What are you doing this weekend to get fit? Running, pushups, going for a walk?

Remember to send an ask to Fit Teacher telling us when your races are so we can cheer you on!

Let's be real....

I’m severely undertrained for my half-marathon next Saturday. And by severely undertrained, I really mean, not trained at all. I was hoping this was the half that I could do in sub-2 hours, but I know it’s probably not going to happen. Part of me wanted to just not do it, but I think I"ll just do it to have fun and I get to see Nikki (and Ryland!!!) in the process.

Oh, and after this, I think I’m done with races and maybe running for a little while. But that’s a story for another post.