Betterfest has been awesome so far! I’ve already seen You Me & Us (who were nice enough to take a picture with me), Colleen Green, Fuzz, The Memories, White Fang, The Beets, and Ducktails! And there’s stil a day left! Jams till I die! 
Also, that sweater makes me look way swoll.


 Coming to Betterfest! The Beets!

Read the gospel of Thor: “The legend of the un-caped crusaders known to normal folks as The Beets, is vast, big, mythical, and no matter how over the top and fantastical it may seem is undoubtedly true. 

Legends in the DIY garage-psych circuit for their minimalist tales churned out in usually under 2 and a ½ minutes psych pop gems with nothing more than a minimalist drum kit, acoustic guitar and prodding bass. Led by front man Juan Wauters who’s knack for Lou Reed-esque story telling has brought the band from humble beginnings in Jamaican Queens, NY to the shelf of every serious record collector specializing in garage.  It was my first time in New York, sent by KWVA to the College Music Journal festival that takes place all over the city. The Beets played before Jacuzzi Boys at the Hardly Art showcase at Death By Audio, a venue fabled for its musty smell, leather jackets, graffiti'd walls, and an outside entrance so bland anyone who isn’t familiar with the venue walks past it at least 3 times before stepping inside to the warehouse. The Beets were simply mesmerizing, they barreled through a twenty-five minute set at a pace that seemed rushed and lackadaisical at the same time. The Beets make their own music, in their own style, at their own pace and from the album artwork they hand draw themselves to the plodding rhythmic acoustic guitars, we couldn’t be happier to have them at Betterfest!”

The Beets (of Queens, NY)  are “the musician’s band, the artist’s band, the band of bands.”  The Beets are smart and colorful individuals who treat life as a sing-along and a comic book all at once.  The Beets are more than a band: they are a way of life, a gang, a gang from Jackson Heights, a gang that you want to be a part of. All of the Beets elements: jangly acoustic guitar; simply captured, sing-along lyrics about being yourself, being free, not fitting in, and an undercurrent of restless energy.  The Beets love the Ramones.  The Beets love MAD magazine.  The Beets love Queens and Keds.  Now is the time for you to love the Beets.

click here for more detailed facebook event info!  KWVA’s Betterfest!
UO Students Plan Music Festival | KEZI

Students at the University of Oregon are in the final stages of planning a week-long music festival. They’re calling it Betterfest. The alternative music festival will feature a variety of concerts and parties. It’ll take place May 13th-18th.

Look ma, we’re on local news!


KWVA’s Betterfest!

KWVA Betterfest: KICK-OFF @ Party Downtown! KWVA Betterfest: “AIR IT OUT” Hip Hop Freestyle BATTLE MUSIC SWAP! KWVA’s Betterfest: 20th Anniversary Alumni Banquet!
So for those that have been paying attention, this is the most important thing I have EVER worked on ever. This festival means more to me than anything in the world. I remember writing the proposal hunched over a computer at 2 in the morning for funding, I remember listening to the Rocky theme on my way into a presentation to the over realized committee, I remember arguing and fighting the asuo senate for 9 hours straight to get this money, I remember spending weeks/months arguing with booking agents and chasing bands I believe in, and now I remember this. PLEASE SHARE/REPOST/RETWEET, we are all on the line here. Let’s make this festival for you, by you! This is our present to Eugene, for all the people that work their asses off. This is a celebration of 20 years of damn good music, and even better people. I am PROUD to present BETTERFEST!
—  Freeman “Hearts On Fire” Thor Slaughter


KWVA Eugene, 88.1 FM PO BOX 3157 Eugene, OR 97403 - T 541.346.4091


EUGENE, Ore. – (April 9, 2013) -KWVA Eugene 88.1FM turns 20 this year and is celebrating by throwing a week long music and media festival called BETTERFEST!  KWVA wants to party with you May 13th - 18th! The festival culminates in three main stage concerts at the legendary WOW Hall featuring performances from your favorite college radio artists.  

During the week leading up to the concerts enjoy a kick off party, record swap, hip-hop freestyle tournament, Small Howl local band showcase, unique radio programming, campus events, and participation of local businesses.

The three WOW Hall concerts will be completely free to all UO students. Thursday and Friday night shows will be $5 for non-students, and Saturday’s show will be $8. Events earlier in the week leading up to the concerts will have cover charges. For $20, anyone can purchase a VIP pass that will guarantee them entrance into ANY Betterfest event or concert.

Stay tuned to for more information concerning lineup announcments, event information, and how to get involved.

Ticket information: VIP passes and tickets go on sale 4/15/2013 at

MEDIA CONTACT/SOURCE: Thor Slaughter, Betterfest Director, 541-346-4091,

LINK: for updates and more details,



We’re going to tell you about WEED, who you can catch opening for The Helio Sequence May 18th at WOW Hall.

Here’s Thor: “My love of the musical project known as Weed from Vancouver, BC started in my first weeks as a DJ at KWVA. They played to an almost empty room inside the fishbowl of the EMU. A few years ago it was Will Anderson’s solo project enacted live by a fuzzed out guitar, drum machines and a bass player touring down the I-5 in a mini-van. Years later Will has grown the project into a full creative 4 piece work-horse of a band and is gathering buzz on DIY touring circuits for their inventive fuzzed out riffs and infectious melodies. There is something sinister in design to Weed’s pop music which owes just as much to Weezer as it does Dinosaur Jr, the guitars in Weed are some of the biggest around right now, but the tasteful creativity of the chaos always paves a way for melodies infused with lyrical heartbreak and longing. 

With a proper full length debut due out soon, we couldn’t be happier to have Weed destroy Betterfest in what will be their American festival debut!  GET FUZZED ”

Weed is a four-piece sludge pop band from Vancouver BC.  They have self-released two 7" EPs over the last year on their own Cruising USA label. A new LP, Deserve, is  forthcoming.  Influences include Husker Du, Dinosaur Jr and early Weezer.

Woah! Look what’s going on with WEED!

click here for more detailed facebook event info!  KWVA’s Betterfest!

With as many amazing bands as Betterfest is packed with, we wanted to take some time to talk about why each band was picked and why they are amazing! 

First up is You Me & Us! They kick off the main festival shows Thursday the 16th at the Wow Hall opening for Colleen Green and FUZZ. 

You Me & Us first came into KWVA’s life after their debut EP Paper Weights ripped up the charts. After an interview with Music Director Thor Slaughter the band became an unofficial part of the KWVA family and were a no brainer when booking of Betterfest started!

The only thing brighter than this band’s sun soaked pop music is their future. An EP produced by Bobb Bruno is slated for release before the end of the year and the Palm Springs three piece recently took up the title of first local band to ever play Coachella, not just one weekend but BOTH weekends in a row! Can’t wait to dance my face off with you at Betterfest!

“You Me & Us is a three-piece band out of sun-soaked Bermuda Dunes, CA. Having been together just two years, they’ve already crafted an infectious batch of short, supercharged pop songs that will make you want to be their best friends.  Very much something you’d blast while you’re chillin’ in your garage on a summer day, thinking about what you should possibly do with the rest of your time.” Check them out for sunshiney pop; melodic with simple chord progressions.


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