bettere city


There is was again, that sensation on the back of her neck.

 She was being followed, and frankly it was getting old. Tired of having her house on complete lockdown, tired of the frustrations that came with just not knowing what they wanted. No, this was ending now…one way or another.

The redhead weaved throughout the city, despite better judgement saying she should have called for help.  Someone watching from above to pinpoint where the shrouded individual was, just like Asher had said.

This would be the perfect place for her would-be stalker to jump her, dark and away from prying eyes. She’d even went so far as to give her back to the wide opening of the empty section, but there was no one.

 “This is getting’ real fuckin’ old!” She called out to… well, literally no one. The woman looked like she had a few loose screws. Neeka threw her hands in the air, letting out an exacerbated sigh before starting to stomp off. It was the faint traces of…chanting? that caused her to stop. All the missing pieces fell into place, especially after spending yesterday afternoon with Adun. 

It would be her, wouldn’t it? She was the one there, the one who spoke to that lunatic leader of theirs. They knew her.

‘Way to go Neeka, get yourself involved with the Mythril Blades and now you have the Lambs of Dalamud after you. All because of some stupid hunk of rock. You should have dealt with it the first time yourself, fuck whatever else anyone wanted to do.’Vicious thoughts swirled in her mind as she broke out into a sprint towards the Goblet in hopes that maybe this time Asher had rigged the security to actually take care of intruders.

She’d made it through the gate, not even taking the time to notice that once again she found herself in an area completely empty. A cry tore from her lips as she was sent to her knee, something had hit her from behind…although it wasn’t physical.

 She knew magic when she felt it, her eyes went wide as she spun around and what do you know? There they were. Carbon copies of what she’d dealt with before, a few times now. Cultists. Four of them to be exact. “A reminder, from Sovereign.” They called out as she got to her feet, teeth showing with a deadly smile.

“I’m going to rip you all to pieces, and feed those pieces to the rest of your little fuckin’ family.” She snarled, taking a few steps forward.

The group was quick to spin around and run back towards the city, a smart move given what’d happened the last two times their comrades faced off against her.

“No. You’re not getting away this time.” A cruel laugh accompanied the words as she reached out to her crystal, she’d have the higher vantage point, jumping over the rooftops and taking them one by one from above.

Only. Nothing happened. Well, to be more specific it felt like there was next to nothing for her crystal to amplify? She stood there for only a moment, examining herself in confusion before her features turned dark. Hadn’t they fucked with Adun’s aether with that curse he’d gotten off himself? Is that what was happening? Did they curse her?

Oh no, she wouldn’t need aether enhanced abilities for what she was going to do to them.

 But first, she needed that fucking rock.


D&D Quotes of the Night 3/25/17

(we’re facing something that keeps making us forget it)

Brad: Does anyone remember how eleven dealt with the silence?

Kieran: Arm marks

Brad: No, at like the end..there was something with a TV broadcast? we don’t have that.


Kieran: Are there any other pop culture references we can make?

Rizun: Let’s push it somewhere else.


Liadan: right, can someone give him directions? someone who knows the city better?

Feruzi: It’s the second star to the right and straight on til morning.


Adam: Wait…Rizun…is Sunny actually divination?

Everyone: In this economy?


Kieran: *weird noise*

Caitlin: Kieran what was that?

Kieran: Oh, a die fell out of my mouth.

Caitlin: Why was it in your mouth??

Kieran: ….You can’t see me.


Caitlin: Liadan doesn’t think he’s bad because there’s no ill intent, yet.

Rizun: You don’t know that! He’s GREASY.

Brad: He’s probably greasy cause he’s a fish fucker.

Rizun: People around here are desperate for water, you know.

Adam: You could say he was pretty thirsty.


Sunny: Remember, it’s called the ABC’s. the third letter is C.


Adam: Roll.

Caitlin: Roll what?

Adam: Raw intelligence.

Caitlin: Alright, I’ll roll it on the computer, I didn’t get my dice out today.


We proceed to argue for about 15 minutes about the alphabet.


Oliver: At least we can all agree on something, mayonnaise is disgusting.

Everyone: Proceeds to discourse about mayonnaise for 20 minutes.


Brad: We’re not paying for this!

Caitlin: We never said we were…

Brad: I’m just specifying.


Feruzi: We can’t tell anyone we got our ass kicked by dogs….cause we shouldn’t have gotten our ass kicked by dogs.


Brad: I have a question. Ciar, as a frequenter of brothels, would I be able to tell if it was a human bite mark or like..human adjacent bite mark.


Adam: Okay, would you like me to edit the party’s gold for some extra costs?



Oliver: Xanthos has one of those eureka moments!

Kieran: A brain blast, call it by it’s real name.


I Trained Crows To Bring Me Quarters

By reddit user LeoDuhVinci

In college, I struggled to make ends meet.  Most of my meals consisted nearly entirely of ramen noodles, garnished with a scrambled egg if my finances were stronger than usual, combined with the weekly splurge of a candy bar and soda each Friday.  I worked a part time job, but city rent was expensive, my classes were too tough to work more than twenty hours a week, and my parents had cut me off the year before.

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pushing daisies AU, a conversation (for more context click here, but in summary, dirk can’t touch jake because if he does jake will die)

i spent too much effort on this comic, then slowly lost it


Tome Kurata, the only girl in the city who gets neuralyzed thrice a week 

she manages

So baby pull me closer to the backseat of your Rover ~♡○°

‘Yuri!!! on ICE’ Location

(→ part 2)

Not sure if this has been already brought up here, but anyway.

Yuuri is from ‘Hasetsu’ (長谷津), a fictional place in Kyuushuu, but it seems it’s based on the actual city called “Karatsu” (唐津) in the prefecture Saga (Kyusshu).

Hasetsu/Karatsu castle:

Hasetsu/Karatsu station (source: X):

Hasetsu/Karatsu city:

Yuuri’s jogging route:

Bonus: Viktor in Nakasu, Fukuoka (Kyuushuu)

Source: (X)


a dirkjake playlist

[ with focus on The Break Up and reconciliation ]

i’m currently blocked on the piece i’m working on, so i whipped together a quick cover to share a dirkjake-ish song list

tracklist under the cut (with lyrics)

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Killjoys 2017!

I was looking through some Danger Day stuff and came across something.  According to Agent Cherri Cola  the Pig Bomb was dropped in 2017…….well shit, I guess

A quick roseali for pasdechat