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You know what I’m excited about?

Pauline is a super important character in Nintendo’s history. Though the story of Donkey Kong doesn’t seem like much today, the idea of an arcade game having characters with motivation and personality was incredibly novel at the time. Pauline represented a character struggle for Jumpman, and was a key part of the game’s appeal. However, ever since she got the short end of the stick. She started as a damsel in distress. She got replaced by Princess Peach. Her appearances were reduced to spin-offs, and not even the cast-oriented ones like Mario Party or Mario Kart. She was more of a weird historical figure than an active member of the Super Mario cast. But now?

Here she is. The Mayor of New Donk City, as influential as she is glamorous. Pauline’s office totally recontextualizes her absence from the main series. While Mario has been playing hero in the field, fighting for the Mushroom Kingdom and Princess Peach, Pauline has been doing it through legislation, making New Donk City better and improving the lives of potentially millions of people. Pauline’s not a princess, but she does lead. She’s just as much a hero as her Jumpman.

tips to feel better

- moisturize your skin
- find lovely perfume
- plant flowers
- explore your city
- do a face mask
- take care of your hair
- read a book that your mom suggested you
- find your favorite place in a city
- braid your hair
- burn candles
- turn off your phone

oh pearly girly, what is going on with you


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