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queer movie recs

were the world mine (on netflix) LG - A bullied and demoralized gay student at an all-boys school uses a magical flower derived from Shakespeare’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ to turn many in his community gay, including a comely rugby player for himself. (x) (adventure, comedy, fantasy, musical, happy ending, not rated, 4/5 stars)

the way he looks (on netflix) G - Leonardo is a blind teenager searching for independence. His everyday life, the relationship with his best friend, Giovana, and the way he sees the world change completely with the arrival of Gabriel. (x) (drama, romance, happy ending, not rated 4.5/5 stars)

boys (on netflix) G - A sexually awakening gay teen athlete finds himself in a budding relationship with his mutually attracted relay race teammate. (x) (drama, romance, happy ending, not rated 4/5 stars)

north sea texas (on netflix) G - A teenage boy’s search for love finds him fixated on a boy who lives nearby. (x) (drama, romance, semi-happy ending, not rated, 4/5 stars)

out in the dark (on netflix) G - A drama centered on the love affair between two men on opposite sites of the Mid-East conflict: Palestinian student Nimer and Roy, an Israeli lawyer. (x) (drama, romance, not-so-happy ending, not rated, 4/5 stars)

free fall (on netflix) G(B?) - A promising career with the police, a baby on the way – Marc’s life seems to be right on track. Then he meets fellow policeman Kay and during their regular jogs Marc experiences a never-before-felt sense of ease and effortlessness – and what it means to fall in love with another man. Torn between his family and his new feelings for Kay, Marc sees his world careening more and more out of control. Suddenly, his life is in free fall and Marc realizes that try as he may, he can’t make everyone happy. Least of all, himself. (x) (drama, romance, not-so-happy ending, not rated, 4/5 stars)

private romeo G (on netflix) - Shakespeare’s original lines from Romeo & Juliet are almost exclusively spoken in a military academy setting of his tale at which gay love blooms between two cadets. (x) (drama, romance, happy ending, not rated, 3.5/5 stars)

the rocky horror picture show GBT - A newly engaged couple have a breakdown in an isolated area and must pay a call to the bizarre residence of Dr. Frank-N-Furter. (x) (comedy, musical, sad ending, r, 4.5/5 stars)

brokeback mountain G - The story of a forbidden and secretive relationship between two cowboys and their lives over the years. (x) (drama, romance, sad ending, r, 4.5/5 stars)

the perks of being a wallflower G(side characters) - An introvert freshman is taken under the wings of two seniors who welcome him to the real world. (x) (drama, romance, happy ending, pg-13, 4.5/5 stars)

kill your darlings G - A murder in 1944 draws together the great poets of the beat generation: Allen Ginsberg, Jack Kerouac and William Burroughs. (x) (darma, romance, biography, not-so-happy ending r, 4/5 stars)

interview with the vampire (on netflix) G(heavily implied) - A vampire tells his epic life story: love, betrayal, loneliness, and hunger. (x) (drama, fantasy, horror, kind-of-happy ending, r, 4/5 stars)

g.b.f (on netflix) G - What happens after Tanner is outed by his classmates and becomes the title “gay best friend” for three high school queen bees? (x) (comedy, happy ending, r, 3.5/5 stars)