stop what you’re doing and imagine harry and louis frantically trying to come up with themes for their child’s first birthday

this is rlly gross and messy but i drew it at like 4am leave me alone…..

john and dave arent really big fans of going all out for valentines day and things. dave usually dedicates a shitty sbahj comic about farts to john and john lets dave pick the movie they watch that night (but hes starting to regret that decision because bee movie for the third year in a row is getting a little less romantic each time)

dave isnt a gender bend/r63. heres the speedpaint

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So Remus is a trans boy and Sirius is gender fluid and once they come out to each other Remus teaches Sirius his A+ make up skills and Sirius uses his excellent fashion sense to teach Remus how to choose a new wardrobe and they both end up very comfortable with themselves and each other and it's during a make up lesson after applying Sirius's lip gloss that he kisses Sirius and they're both shocked at first but it quickly becomes a regular thing :D

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send me a marauders/wolfstar headcanon that i can only reply to with a gif