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Smut week: Day 3



He’s more into the sweet nicknames, that are slightly kinky. They’re soft, and sweet. Yet sultry, and sensual.

“You’re doing so good, Princess.” “Scream, Kitten.” “That’s it, Sweetheart. Let everyone know who’s fucking you this good.”

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He’s more into the soft nicknames, something simple. He has no problem calling you something else though, but only if you request it.

“You look so good like this, Babe.” “Shit, Princess.. I’m gonna cum soon.”

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He’ll basically call you anything you want. But likes you to know you’re wanted.

“Go on, Kitten.” “You look so beautiful, Princess.” “Fuck, Babygirl, you’re so fucking hot.” “Yeah, just like that, Baby.. Keep going.”

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He’s like JB. He enjoys the small nicknames that still make your core heat up.

“Bend over, Kitten. I wanna show you just how much I’ve missed you.” “Well, damn.. You taste so good, Baby.”

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Simple and sweet, loving boy, let me tell you. He’s a cute little sunshine, enough said.

“You’re so beautiful, Baby..” “I’m serious, Babygirl. I have to be the luckiest man alive.”

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He seems a little kinky in my opinion, but he won’t take it too far if you don’t want it to be.

“How much do you want it, Princess?” “You’re gonna have to do better than that, Babygirl.” “Beg, Kitten.”

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He’s a cute dom in my opinion, sometimes a switch. He loves pleasuring you, and calling you cute nicknames.

“Fuck, Baby. You look so good.” “Show me what you’ve got, Love.” “Cum for me, Kitten.” “Mommy.. I wanna cum.. Please..”

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Disobedient (Yoongi)

Smut; Blowjob
Dom Yoongi
1148 Words idk wtf happened its 2:00 am

“Did you really think that was a good idea?” Yoongi hummed tracing her bottom lip with his thumb. She sat on her knees and feigned innocence while staring up at him. “Answer me.” He demanded his voice low. “What did I do?” she challenged knowing full well that talking back would get her in trouble. She let out a yelp when he suddenly grabbed a fistful of her hair and yanked her head back reminding her of her place. He had ordered her to undress to which she playfully shook her head at and now she was going to face her consequences.

“It’s one thing to disobey orders but talking back? You know better than this kitten.” His monotone voice completely contradicting the tight hold he had on her hair.

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Pick your favourite - Tom and animals

What can be cuter than Tom himself? Yes, it’s Tom interacting with various animals! So which is your favourite?

1. Are you a big dog person?

2. Smaller dog maybe? (Mono, say hello!)

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3. Because little spotted dogs are cute, aren’t they?

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4. And sir Thomas Sharpe loves them!

5. How do you feel about Tom on a secret date with his mystery blonde?

6. Of course cats are equally important, right? 

7. And this cat knows what’s best

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8. Let’s not forget about the horses!

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9. Tom and Joey were such a great team…

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10. And we all know Tom has a marvelous bird, don’t we?^^

Which is your favourite? Vote now! :D

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Do you have ferret diet recommendations? Right now we feed Orijen cat biscuits (very hipster biscuits supposed to mimic wild diets), and cat meat sachets like Whiskers etc (which I've checked for high protein/no carb). I was thinking of moving to raw food, until your post said otherwise. I wish there were good + simple foods-for-ferrets available :/

Ooof, that is a tough one. There are some commercial ferret diets out there, but I admit I am not very familiar with them. I used to know someone who had a ferret rescue, but we’re not in contact anymore. Wysong Ferret Epigen 90 seems to have good recommendations, and high protein/moderate fat seems best. It seems that kitten food is better than cat food as kitten food is higher protein, and adult cat food may be too low in protein.

A ferret’s gut is basically a straight tube - they need to maximize bioavailable protein and energy, but they can’t tolerate fiber terribly well since there’s no space for it to be broken down. 

Raw food might work for a ferret if you’re careful. Again, I’m not against it 100%, I just feel that most pet owners wouldn’t be willing to jump through all the hoops needed to make it safe for their pets. What kind of raw diet were you considering? 

I wish I could help more, but unfortunately, ferret food on the market is limited and we didn’t really cover it in my classes, either. If all else fails, a zoo with ferret relatives may be a good place to contact. Best of luck! 

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Hi guys! I was hoping you'd link me to the fix called 'better than kittens' the link isn't working on the work not YouTube master list 4. Thanks in advance !

The author changed urls and deleted their fics from tumblr but they are still on ao3!

Better than kittens - A cute short AU drabble based on the prompt: Dan works at an animal shelter and Phil comes in everyday just to play with the kittens and Dan thinks Phil is super cute but can’t work up the courage to talk to him but eventually he does and you go from there. Phan, drabble, fluff.

- Tori

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AHHHHHHHH ALL YOUR POST ARE AMAZING!!!!!!! May I please ask for the peacock spider one with 2p allies and Romano please? Thank you so much! Love your stuff!<3<3<3

I love all of your stuff too!!! Believe me :)))

2p America/Allen F. Jones

Allen don’t move…” s/o cautiously approached him. “What?” He raised his eyebrow at them. “HYAA!!” They screeched as they attempted to catch the little bug on his shoulder. “WHAT THE HELL?!” He gasped, ducking. “Gotcha!” s/o smiled in triumph. “I caught a peacock spider!!” They squealed in delight. “Look, look look! It’s so cute!” They excitably said. “All of that… For a spider.” He sighed, glancing over at the dancing spider. “What is it doing?” He questioned, seeming interested. “It’s dancing! See? Cute right?” They asked with a cheerful expression. “Yeah… I guess that is pretty cool.” He nodded.

2p France/Francois Bonnefoy

“You really like that spider… Don’t you?” Francois asked nonchalantly. “Sure do! It’s so colorful and it’s irresistibly cute when it dances.” They informed, carrying a jar which consisted of the little spider. “Oh! Look, it’s dancing!” They gasped, pointing at the jar. Francois looked down at the jar and watched it dance. “You can keep it. But if you start finding the spider more interesting than me then it’s as good as dead.” He stated. “Jealous of a spider…?” s/o smirked as Francois rolled his eyes.

2p England/Oliver Kirkland

”You’re right Poppet! It IS really colorful!” He chuckled at the spider. “It’s really cute when it dances too! See?” s/o’s eyes sparkled as the spider did a little dance. “Did you give it a name yet Poppet?” He beamed. “No, how about you name it Ollie?” They grinned widely. “Oh! Alright then! Let’s name it (nickname). Does that sound alright?” He wondered. “Of course, it’s perfect.” s/o nodded contently.

2p China/Zao Wang

You know, most people would be cautious around spiders…” Zao commented, noticing your odd fascination with a tiny spider. “But this spider is too cute to be cautious around!” They explained. “Of course it is… What makes that spider so special anyway?” Zao looked over at the tiny spider s/o had caught. “It’s really tiny, colorful and it is adorable when it dances.” s/o answered confidently. Zao looked into the jar and spotted the tiny spider dancing. “It is a better dancer than you Kitten.” He teased. “S-shut up. That isn’t a fair comparison!” They pouted.

2p Russia/Viktor Braginsky

”So, you like this tiny thing because it dances?” Viktor raised a brow. “Not just because it dances! It’s colorful, tiny and adorable!” s/o said. “I don’t see the appeal.” He sighed. “I know… But please try to like it!” They pleaded, holding up the jar. He looked into the jar and found a spider of a different species, “Interesting colors.” He commented. The spider had started to dance, Viktor had his eyes glued to it. “Maybe it isn’t that bad after all.” Viktor shrugged.

South Italy/Romano (Lovino Vargas) ”NO WE AREN’T KEEPING IT!” Romano snapped. “But Roma~! It’s so small and adorable! Toni even said it reminded him of you!” s/o smiled innocently. “W-WHAT THAT BASTARD SAID HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THIS!” The Italian growled in reply. “Look at it dance! You might change your mind!” They pleaded. Romano looked at the spider as it danced, s/o looked hopeful. “We still aren’t keeping that.” He declared as s/o continued to persuade him otherwise.
i have this feeling // m.c.

okay this got way out of hand im sorry omg but this is for @0kbutmichaelclifford and @smartsetclifford‘s sports blurb night (but there really is not a lot of sports in this….sorry) edit: also this is punk!michael and ballet!you but yes anywho! enjoy!
wc: 2,619

Michael fell in love. Again. He fell in love with the motions of your dancing, he fell in love with the way you pinned your hair up, and he fell in love with your little smile at the end of every dance. You were the beauty of the campus, the apple of every professor’s eye; yet he was the psycho, the bane of every professor’s existence. He shouldn’t have fallen for you, he should have just kept walking, but he didn’t. He stopped in front of the dance studio. He watched you twirl as if you were a feather caught in the wind. And he watched his heart jump off the deep end of love without his permission. Michael fell in love with you, but you only saw him as the boy with piercings and tattoos.

He works as a volunteer at the animal shelter across from your studio. That’s how he first noticed you, besides the astronomy class you both have. At first, he didn’t notice that it was you whom danced in the late evenings, but then he got a glance at your face. Michael likes to pride himself on the fact that he remembers faces quite well. And you, well, you were etched into his mind forever. You were a true masterpiece; from the bun that set on top of your head, to the pink tutu that surrounded your waist. If he was an artist, he’d paint you. But he wasn’t. Michael was the quiet guy with crazy hair and tattoos who occasionally volunteered to cuddle the animals that no one wanted. He supposes that maybe him and the animals aren’t that different.

He remembers the first day you came into the shelter. You still had your dance uniform on, and your bag was settled on your shoulder. Your hair was down, though, and he swore you looked like an angel who was gracing him with their presence. He was in the back, trying to focus on the puppy who was gnawing at his fingers, but he couldn’t help overhearing your conversation with the owner.

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Hey guys! So I was wondering if you know of any fic based on Phil's allergies. I know is dumb but I find it really cute and I tried to find some by using the tags but I could only find one (Better than kittens) and I just... NEED MORE! Thank you, I really love you guys, I appreciate your job, and you all are going to heaven for this. Thank you! <3 <3 <3

Cat Cafe: The Failure - What happened when Dan and Phil visited the Cat Cafe.

Failed Rescue Mission (ao3) - Dan can’t help but think that Phil is hiding something from him. When he notices how sneezy and wheezy Phil suddenly is, things become clear to Dan. His boyfriend is harboring a cat in their home.

My Lungs Won’t Fail Me Now (ao3) - Phil’s cat allergy has never really been a problem until today.

Reasons Why Phil’s Body is a Fail (ao3) - Phil didn’t exactly draw the best numbers in the gene pool lottery, and here are a few reasons why.

- Sam

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reg, barty, scabior, kittens are awesome but you know what is even more awesome ? GOATS

((OOC: I feel like you may have come from my other blog… because of the whole goat thing 😂))

Regulus: BUT BABY GOATS!  Just baby animals in general.  I love baby goats.  I love baby cats. *Has moment*

Barty: I’m scared of goats.  I once had a nightmare that I was being chased by goats, and then when I woke up (or thought I woke up) there was a goat standing next to my bed screaming in my ear.  I’ve never been the same since…

Scabior: Well anything is better than kittens.  No offence, Reg, but you and your 18 kittens have put me off kittens for life!

Kitten (Part 11)

Note: Phew, this chapter ended up longer than I meant it to be, but it really didn’t feel right splitting it up.  I tried to work in as many of the suggestions I got from ya’ll as possible.  Hopefully this will be a good send off for Kuro as we move into the next phase of the story.

I probably won’t update again today due to the length of this part.

Warning: Kitten Is A Dark Fic With Dark Themes

<< First < Prev.

Kitten’s resting now.  Still passed out from their last play session.  Kuro had finally gotten tired of his starving himself by refusing to do tricks for food and just given him a bowl with no requests attached.  His reaction to the drugs he laced it with were better than he’d hoped.  

Kitten had screamed.  Seeing phantoms of his mind’s design.  Calling out names and pleading with them not to leave him.  At one point, he’d even seemed to be begging Zarkon of all people not to do something.  What, Kuro couldn’t quite tell from Kitten’s blubbering half of the conversation, but it had him terrified.  Then he’d started to see the bugs.  First crab-crawling away from the invisible hordes on the walls, then scratching his own arms bloody to try and get them off.  Kuro had been forced to intervene at that point and tie him down.  Some self injury was amusing, but he’d hate for Kitten to claw out anything Kuro would miss.  Eventually Kitten had been unable to keep up the fight and was reduced to a panting quivering mess on the floor, then even that had become too much and he’d slipped into unconsciousness.

Kuro had used the intervening time to get some rest and send off another packet to his weaker self.  Oh he could just imagine the look on his face when Shiro saw how Kuro had broken his little kitten and made him cry.  Would he blame himself for leaving Kitten with such obvious weak points?  He hoped he did.  Nothing made Kuro happier than thinking about about Shiro brooding and hating himself for being unable to stop him.  Admitting Kuro was superior through his own weakness.

He hoped that soon he’d stop having to imagine Shiro’s pain and actually be able to see it for himself.  If he can find an electronics shop of some sort, he should be able to ‘convince’ the owner into helping him set up an untraceable communicator to contact the Castle with.  If he keeps just at the edge of communication’s range with his cloak up, he could have as long of a conversation as he wants without fear of capture.

But first he’d need to get some more footage to share.

Kitten is going to be wonderfully disoriented when he wakes up from his nap.  That puts him in the perfect frame of mind for some of the toys Kuro has yet to have a chance to use.  Carefully, gently, so as not to wake him, Kuro slips on the blindfold and earplugs over the sleeping kitten’s face and locks them in place.  He has no idea what material they were made of, beyond being alien in origin, but the salesman had guaranteed and Kuro had tested out himself that someone wearing them would be unable to see a single prick of light while staring at the sun or hear a spacecraft landing directly beside them.  Kitten would be both blind and deaf while wearing them.

Kuro carefully arranges the camera for the perfect recording and checks the bindings on the sleeping things arms to make sure none of Kitten’s earlier struggling had loosened them, then he slaps him.  Kitten jerks awake, panics, and slams his head into the wall in an attempt to scrabble upright.  Kuro laughs hard, and hits him again.  Kitten chokes and curls into where Kuro’s fist buries itself in his stomach.  He takes a step back and watches as the thing gasps and tries to press into the wall to hide from the blows he can’t see.  Huh, he almost looks halfway defended.  Back to the wall legs pulled up to protect his stomach.  That just wouldn’t do.

Grabbing him by the back of his neck, Kuro hauls him into the middle of the room and drops him on his knees.  There, now he’s exposed on all sides, and still at a complete loss for what’s going on.  He circles him, like the predator he is.  Watching Kitten’s head twitching about desperately trying to pick up some clue on where Kuro is.  Every light crack to his skin from Kuro’s fist or boots making him cry out and fold.  Unable to see or prepare himself for what’s coming.  

Kuro doesn’t play long before he grows bored.  The kitten is scared, flinching at every errant wind current, as if it might herald a blow, but he’s not in any real pain.  He bounces back from every hit, showing signs of forgetting the last as soon as the next arrives.  New minor injuries blurring into the background of the old.  He finds it unsatisfying to have his efforts be so temporary.

Truly Kuro is at fault for this, he’s been awfully gentle with the kitten since taking him away from his home.  Trying so hard to make the smaller man last, that’s he’s hardly done more than bruise him.  A little bit of rougher play is clearly in order.  He thinks, he’ll start with his toes.

Kitten’s chin collides with the floor, as Kuro lays him out on his belly.  Straddling his thighs to hold him still while facing his feet.  He slowly traces up the back of the kitten’s calf with cold metal fingers.  Enjoying the tiny sounds of fear and confusion that Kitten can’t quite swallow.  The moment he selects a toe, Kitten seems to catch onto his plan and begins to try and wiggle out of his grasp for real.  Slow build up pressure, bending the thing back further than its meant to go, tiny whines of pain like music in the air.  He bends it further and further until-

The ship alarm blares, startling him into dropping the foot.  Damn, they’d gotten here quicker than he’d expected.  He leaves Kitten whimpering on the floor and heads to the pilot seat.

He arrives just in time, to see what he thinks is the Green lion put out what looks like an expanding bubble.  He’s barely has time to throw the shuttle in reverse, before a curtain of energy washes through the cabin.  Something sparks and explodes off to his right.  His cloak is gone.

Kuro is exposed.  Out in the open, circling a planet friendly to Voltron.  He can’t outrun them, not in this tiny shuttle, and without the advantage of the cloak he can’t sneak past them either.  They’ve already spotted him, he can see the Green lion turning to face him.  

He executes the only option he has left.  Dropping into atmosphere and streaking towards the planet surface.  He’s smaller than the lions, if he can find a cave or densely forested area to hide in before they catch up, he can buy himself time to come up with another plan.

He can’t be picky.  The closer the Green lion gets the better able her pilot will be to see exactly where he goes.  The first clump of trees big enough to cover his profile from the air, he slides under and cuts the power.  He knows somewhere on the Castle they have the ability to sense energy output.  Leaving the ship on, will only make him easier to find.

Finally, he can breathe and asses his situation.  He can just barely see the Green lion hovering above him through the foliage.  She’s searching for him.  He won’t be able to fly out of here, and it is only a matter of time until he’s found.  He’s surrounded by heavily wooded bordering on jungle like forest.  If he leaves on foot, he’ll reach a city where a new ride can be acquired in about a half a days walk, but dragging Kitten through this terrain would leave a trail so obvious he would certainly be caught.  Such a shame, he’d been having so much fun.  

He briefly considers snapping the kitten’s neck and leaving his pretty corpse for the paladins to find, but he’s not foolish enough to believe that the rage such a move would inspire wouldn’t prevent him from ever leaving the planet alive.  He’s much better off leaving Kitten as a distraction.  After all, the most important thing they wants is to take back what he stole.  Give them back the kitten and they’ll be too busy trying to assess the damage to search for Kuro seriously.

He guesses it’s time to say goodbye then.  Kuro sets a nice slide show going for whoever finds the ship, grabs his trophy camera to take with him, and leans down to where Kitten has shakily pushed himself into a sitting position.  One last picture for the road.  

Kuro kisses him.  Disappointingly, Kitten is a cold fish.  He doesn’t even try to bite when Kuro’s tongue invades his mouth.  Staying still and simply letting him take what he wants.  This is simply not how he desires their last moments together to go.  Reaching down, he lets himself grope until he finds the thing that makes Kitten’s breath hitch, then squeezes until he cries out and tries to get away from his touch.  There we go.  He knew the kitten was just playing dead with him.

One last upload for the kitten’s owner, and Kuro steps out onto the planet proper.  He’ll miss this time they spent together, but he can’t let himself be too sad.  He’ll be back after all.

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kollektivet + kittens

[Read it on AO3!]

Eskild: Heiiii Sana!!! I know this is probably an odd message for you to receive, but Noora told me that you have kittens? And me and Linn were wondering if we could come and see them?

Sana: Sure!

Eskild: Yas! Thank you Sana!


Sana hasn’t been to Noora’s in a while, at least not while Eskild has been there, and she has almost forgotten how, well, flamboyant he is. When he arrives at her apartment, he sweeps into the place, exclaiming about how nice it is to see her, and how lovely her apartment is.

He blows her a kiss, as well, and when she looks confused, he explains. “Well, I would normally kiss you on the cheek, you know, but Noora says you wouldn’t like that.”

Sana smiles widely at Noora, standing at the edge of the room with Linn, neither of them having managed to get a word in edgeways yet because of Eskild’s nonstop chatter.

“Do you want to see the kittens?” Sana says. Eskild’s face lights up, and even Linn seems to smile a little.

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cicatrick replied to your post Ryan Johnson: “Kylo represents anger and…

I…can’t actually see what Kyle’s weakness is, if RJ means this as some sympathetic or excusing or relatable factor. Toxic narcissism? Malignant grandiosity? Hot Topic wouldn’t hire him? Damn, man. Send those kittens my way after and maybe throw in some puppies too.

“Hot Topic wouldn’t hire him” Well, this has cheered me up better than a box of kittens 😂

Here you go: 

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