Alright yo so on Saturday I was at a screening for the Almost Adults movie (made possible by the folks from Queer Screen - y’all are fantastic) and I promised some people that I’d give my honest opinion/review of the movie.

So, here we go:

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Jemaly’s dailies - 88/365 I today I had my first kanji class! It went way better than expected, and I had a good time! We got two essays to write and I already finished one of them so I’m very excited about that. Afterwards me and some homies had plans to go to the planetarium but apparently everything is closed on Monday so after getting our free coffee in the uni café (registering took me ages ahh), we ended up going to book-off (I got HP&PS in Japanese!!!!) and then just chilling in the MPRoom. I did my homework, wrote the essay, studied some vocabulary, then discussed a trip to Mt. Fuji and had dinner. I feel like I need to DO something else today so I’m gonna plan tomorrow and try to go to bed early so I can go get breakfast tomorrow before class :)


Took a break from drawing [on the computer] and did some watercolor studies of food in my sketch book. My phone camera sucks so obviously these look better in real life :/
But they turned out a lot better than I expected seeing how I can’t see red & green very well and I haven’t touched watercolors in a million years.

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DUDE this cute girl in my psychology class got my attention today by calling me a "very pretty artistic girl" aaaaaaa. Also my friend and I were LIVING to some 🔥🔥🔥 music as she was driving me home. and my still life sketch for my art class is so much better than I expected. And I'm happy and things are going well rn (94 on an APUSH test too aaaaaahhhh)

omg this all sounds great im glad things are going so well for you :-)

So, I need to apologize to people. I promised some drafts this weekend but I didn’t get around to it.

I haven’t talked about things on this profile much though I have a little but, I have had some health issues. But, things are looking better now. I saw my doctor Friday. They had found a mass on one of my ovaries and they worried it was cancer. But, the oncologist thinks it’s benign. So, in the next two weeks I’m gonna have surgery to remove it and likely my one ovary, unless they can spare it. So, sad. I have to have surgery two days before my birthday.

But, I’m going to try to be less childish and more grateful. Things could have gone a lot differently. But, at least that’s much better news than I expected.

So, I will get to those things this week. On top of everything my router blew.  -_-; But, I did order a new one. I should have it by the end of the week and then I can stop dealing with eating up all my mobile data. :) Thank you all for being so wonderfully understanding these past few months. And for welcoming me into the community with open arms. Everyone has been wonderful and I am so entirely grateful for it all. 

Tried some food at the Lunazul. Taco sushi. And a few other places.

Anonymous Mexican Restaurant: Had no idea what I was talking about. Looked at me with disgust then improvised something matching what I asked for.  ★★½ , was a soggy mess just like me.

Fast Food Place: Would not improvise for me. Wouldnt refill the drink I bought there last week.  No stars.

Lunazul:  Better than expected actually. ★★★★½ Would be 5 but the sauce was not hot enough to melt my eyes out of my sockets as I ate which is a requirement for five star mexican or asian food.

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The flashbacks with Yuto and Ruri were surprisingly cute. It would have been nice to have this kind of context to their relationship earlier, but it worked better than I expected. I felt so bad for Yuya and Yuzu though. I was hoping that they weren’t going to brainwash Yuzu because of how creepy it the whole thing is, but now a duel between Yuya and Yuzu seems quite likely. That’s going to be a tough duel to watch.

Tell me about it, after watching that preview i want Berserk!Yuya to crush that guy’s hands, that’s how creepy I find it.

On the other hand the even if its heartbreaking, part of me actually looks forward for a Yuya vs. Yuzu duel (and maybe we’ll finally get more Melodious support?)