himchan is always so disciplined and so firm with himself about following his routine in order to reach his goal, so i can only imagine how much he was pushing himself each and every day just to reach his target physique. just in case some of you might not know how idol dieting works, it usually involves a large drop in daily calorie intake and lots of exercise - so repeated overexertion from exercise and practice most likely led to his stress fracture. 

i shouldn’t even have to say this, but himchan is BEYOND breathtaking at any weight. with all the comments about his weight that have been made by “fans”, some of the members, show mc’s, and probably even TS themselves, how much more motivated do you think he would have been to keep up his strenuous weight loss routine? 

he’s always so adamant about putting the fans first - who was the one that made an entire fansite dedicated to capturing the fans at b.a.p’s concerts? who takes the time to upload photos of the fans at every fansign to their personal instagram account? even after going to the hospital for sharp chest pains and discussing his options for this promotion period, himchan still had the fans and the rest of the group as his top priority, insisting that he wanted to be there onstage as 6 after yongguk’s break.  

kim himchan is honestly one of the most genuine, caring, selfless individuals that i’ve ever seen, and he deserves to be loved and appreciated just as much as every other b.a.p member. please don’t just sit back and passively dismiss this as “just another injury” by sweeping it under the rug. 

what he really needs right now is overwhelming love and support from the fans. 


Here’s Shigure in GBA Pegasus Knight getup because I have zero self control


“Take my hand, Princess!”

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whenever you have time/energy for it, could you talk about headcanons for if hera somehow got a physical body? no rush, just wanna know what you have to say on the matter

(not quite sure whether this is headcanons or a ficlet? or whether it’s at all what you had in mind? but boy, do I have Thoughts about AIs and their relationship to humanity and Hera in particular, and that comes through here.)

  • Hera’s first concern when they start talking about making her a body is that she wants to design it herself.
  • it isn’t that she doesn’t want a body. and it isn’t that she doesn’t want to be able to engage in the kind of comforting physical socializing all of her friends use their bodies for – she really, really wants to finally high five Eiffel, for one thing.
  • (he started leaving handprints on the Hephaestus’ monitors within a month of the day they met.)
  • but Hera knows what kind of shape they’d think of for her – not maliciously, she knows they love her, but it’s like the words they didn’t give her, the mind they did – they only ever conceptualize one shape, one kind of body, one way of being.
  • Hera doesn’t want a body so she can be more human, doesn’t want to be a pretty little android. she doesn’t want a body that proves that she’s just like all of them, because she’s not. Hera wants a body that makes her more Hera.
  • it does not need to move or look like anything human beings have referent for, although she pulls inspiration from everything from plants to animals to industrial engineering (anything she thinks seems cool, honestly; she confesses this to Eiffel but would never admit it to Minkowski, and she’s not lying when she tells Renee that she has a coherent functional and aesthetic goal. and she’s quite proud of it, in the end). Hera does not want a body so she can be a person (she knows she is already a person); Hera wants a body to do the things she can’t without one.
  • she is so hungry for experience, for seeing and feeling and doing – now that the station is no longer a part of her, now that so much of her mind and identity are not occupied with a million calculations and routines and consciousnesses keeping the Hephaestus running, now that she finally gets to decide for herself what she wants to do – she realizes she wants to do everything.
  • Hera’s body is built to house any sense they could think of, all that freed-up processing power devoted to every kind of experience - vision in spectrums beyond human comprehension, as many tactile sensors as they could cram in, temperature, electrical impulses, electromagnetic waves, even taste, of course taste, she has spent almost her entire life listening to her best friend describe food, like she would miss out on that entire slice of what the universe has to offer
  • and she thought space was full! she never understood how it could be called a void, called emptiness – but suddenly it makes sense why people would say that, because even with the limits of a human body, there is so much – this world is so much, every square inch of it, and just going fifty feet down a street is such a kaleidoscope of incredible things. it is awe-inspiring and disgusting and painful and amazing and beautiful and she is full of wonder at it.
  • (there is so much in this world that she is the first person ever to know. there are so many experiences so intrinsic to life here that no one thinks about them and that she is feeling and wondering at for the first time.)
  • people do not generally find it a comforting body. hera doesn’t care; she didn’t build it for them, and her friends don’t care, either, and that’s all that matters. she has an emotional body language of her own which Minkowski can read as easily as her own humanoid shoulder shrugs and eyerolls. Doug does not seem at all to mind sitting back in his apartment, propped up against her humming-warm metal side as he dozes in front of the TV, as long as she has all the right appendages to give him a hug.
  • (Lovelace will walk down the street next to her as naturally as though she was any ordinary human being in the world; and Hera’s senses can easily read the tenseness, like coiled springs, in her step as she does. but she also knows there is nothing defensive there, only a fierce pride, now, in both of them, for knowing and deciding who and what they are. daring the world to try and tell them differently. Hera and Lovelace understand each other really well these days.)
  • and it’s nice, she finds, nicer than she expected, to be able to stretch limbs and feel the brush of textures and the weight of physicality and think this is mine. this is me. it is something she could never feel with the Hephaestus, which was always neither her body nor something she simply piloted, but frustratingly in between. there’s comfort in this clearer delineation of what is and isn’t Hera, in her own right to decide what shape that space takes.
  • hands, she tells them, are very useful for doing all kinds of things, as humans prove, and were an obvious choice to include in her design.
  • (they’re good for high fives, too.)
Imagine Helping Jim Interrogate Jerome But Being Totally Attracted To Him

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“Watch out for this one,” Jim said.

“Why?” Your pigtails bounced, a hairstyle Jim had been pushing you to get rid of despite your refusal, “Is he dangerous?”

“The most dangerous person I can think of,” he warned. As soon as you walked in the room, you were struck by the youth of Jerome Valeska and then by his attractiveness.

“Hello, Angel,” he smirked at you, “Have we met?”

“I don’t think so,” you smirked back, causing Jim to give you a concerned look.

“I’m Jerome,” the redhead said casually.

“I’m Y/N,” you said, ruffling one of your pigtails, “but my friends call me Quinn. It’s the hair.”

“I like the hair,” Jerome complimented, rising from his seat a bit, “It makes you look like…a Maniac.”

As Jim looked between you and the teenager, he wasn’t sure who he should be more concerned about locking down.

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365 Days of Justified


Petition for this fucking management that every year takes advantage of some sweet cute puppies in order to promote their stupid stunt and make it look more real.

And then? What happens next?

Please stop. Those puppies need a real lovely family. All puppies need it.


I love this moment so much. There’s SO MUCH going on here. Shall we talk about it? LET’S SHALL

The first and most direct stuff comes from Haruka, because of course it does. Her quiet little demand that Michiru not leave her and all the things that says, IT GETS ME.

It’s a beautiful foreshadow of course to later, when Michiru will in fact leave Haruka. This moment is so important for that because of how definitively it’s showing Haruka and Michiru’s relationship has changed over the course of the season. When we first met Haruka and Michiru, they were partners and they were close, but there was distance between them. Michiru is falling off of cliffs and shit, and however tormented Haruka may have been by the decision, she leaves Michiru to her fate.

That was then. Now, Michiru is only symbolically apart from Haruka, but It’s a distance between them that Haruka can no longer bear.

I love the phrasing of it. Haruka making it a thing Michiru is doing to her, and it’s just UNFAIR. It’s so lightly petulant in a way that carries so much comfort and affection.

But then I want to look at Michiru. It’s particularly striking with the right-most two pictures of her. In the top, when she’s “away” while listening to the ocean, her world is almost magical. The colours are bright and vibrant, the water glowing, the birds gliding overhead. The wind blows around Michiru. She’s content. She’s FREE.

Haruka pulls her away from that. Michiru opens her eyes to a world that’s dull and still. It’s like the black and white reality versus the Wizard of Oz technicolour. It’s stark and, I feel, intentional. Michiru is leaving a place of richness and tranquility to the unpleasant reality because Haruka asked her to.

And she does this with a smile.


I just did three everyday outfits because I’m lazy and my computer is being kinda slow!
I was literally super deep into your blog to find pictures of your face and what kind of outfits you wear, so the first two outfits are loosely based on some outfits you’ve wore a some pictures and the last one is something I’m guessing you might wear? I have a lot of fun, but I don’t think I did the greatest job. I hope you like my attempt anyways!! <33

Also, accidental screenshots are great!!

Imagine Woozi looking at you in awe because you’ve managed to prepare a delicious Christmas feast for 14 people.