Here’s Shigure in GBA Pegasus Knight getup because I have zero self control

Made a little sprite of my love, Oscar.

Imagine Helping Jim Interrogate Jerome But Being Totally Attracted To Him

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“Watch out for this one,” Jim said.

“Why?” Your pigtails bounced, a hairstyle Jim had been pushing you to get rid of despite your refusal, “Is he dangerous?”

“The most dangerous person I can think of,” he warned. As soon as you walked in the room, you were struck by the youth of Jerome Valeska and then by his attractiveness.

“Hello, Angel,” he smirked at you, “Have we met?”

“I don’t think so,” you smirked back, causing Jim to give you a concerned look.

“I’m Jerome,” the redhead said casually.

“I’m Y/N,” you said, ruffling one of your pigtails, “but my friends call me Quinn. It’s the hair.”

“I like the hair,” Jerome complimented, rising from his seat a bit, “It makes you look like…a Maniac.”

As Jim looked between you and the teenager, he wasn’t sure who he should be more concerned about locking down.

-For Anon-

My poor attempt at using paint (!) to show you that it’s not the same shirt, it’s probably the same model, just not the unique same shirt, the pattern is placed differently. You can see two distinctive pieces of pattern that are in different places in either shirt (green and red) and in light blue you can see that there are pieces of the pattern that are just not there. Same model and brand most likely, JUST DIFFERENT SHIRT.


I love this moment so much. There’s SO MUCH going on here. Shall we talk about it? LET’S SHALL

The first and most direct stuff comes from Haruka, because of course it does. Her quiet little demand that Michiru not leave her and all the things that says, IT GETS ME.

It’s a beautiful foreshadow of course to later, when Michiru will in fact leave Haruka. This moment is so important for that because of how definitively it’s showing Haruka and Michiru’s relationship has changed over the course of the season. When we first met Haruka and Michiru, they were partners and they were close, but there was distance between them. Michiru is falling off of cliffs and shit, and however tormented Haruka may have been by the decision, she leaves Michiru to her fate.

That was then. Now, Michiru is only symbolically apart from Haruka, but It’s a distance between them that Haruka can no longer bear.

I love the phrasing of it. Haruka making it a thing Michiru is doing to her, and it’s just UNFAIR. It’s so lightly petulant in a way that carries so much comfort and affection.

But then I want to look at Michiru. It’s particularly striking with the right-most two pictures of her. In the top, when she’s “away” while listening to the ocean, her world is almost magical. The colours are bright and vibrant, the water glowing, the birds gliding overhead. The wind blows around Michiru. She’s content. She’s FREE.

Haruka pulls her away from that. Michiru opens her eyes to a world that’s dull and still. It’s like the black and white reality versus the Wizard of Oz technicolour. It’s stark and, I feel, intentional. Michiru is leaving a place of richness and tranquility to the unpleasant reality because Haruka asked her to.

And she does this with a smile.


I just did three everyday outfits because I’m lazy and my computer is being kinda slow!
I was literally super deep into your blog to find pictures of your face and what kind of outfits you wear, so the first two outfits are loosely based on some outfits you’ve wore a some pictures and the last one is something I’m guessing you might wear? I have a lot of fun, but I don’t think I did the greatest job. I hope you like my attempt anyways!! <33

Also, accidental screenshots are great!!

Imagine Woozi looking at you in awe because you’ve managed to prepare a delicious Christmas feast for 14 people.

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❝ Never waste my time on reviews, but I had to review this one! Probably the best on the market, but the price will probably be too high for you (i.e. most of you plebeians reading this) to afford. Simply put, Bellatrix is niche. Absolutely. I mean, it’s likely you've heard of her (if not, it'll hit the Daily Prophet soon, give it a few years) - but you probably do not have the strength to stomach her. P.S. Once ground to a fine grain, would probably make a great-tasting, creamy espresso. ❞

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There are currently five open bottles of wine in my house. Most of them are part drunk. One of them is a forty-three pound bottle of wine. Christ.

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What are the main weapons sold/used on the home planet and in the wars the kilm are fighting?

Heh.  That’d be the kilm themselves.

(But I suppose if you’re asking about tech… just about everything and anything.  They use whatever fits the situation, everything from rifles up to atmospherically detonated nukes.  That last one is frowned on though.  They also shy away from biological warfare.)