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Better Luck Next Time

Prompt: While hunting a werewolf, you find you’re not the only hunter in town.
Reader Gender: Female
Character: Dean Winchester
Word Count: Somewhere around 1,900
Warnings:  Language, talk of injury & blood, nothing more than what’s on Supernatural.
Author’s Note: GIF not mine. Found on google images. Is it yours? Let me know.

Breathing low and steady, you crouched behind a large shrub, and took aim through a gap. You could hear him snarling, the werewolf, but you had failed to lay eyes on the beast. By your calculations, he was about twenty yards past the line of trees on the other side of the clearing, and should be breaking through in less than two minutes. You only knew that because of the scent you had sprayed on the plants and trees. It was your own special blend of female werewolf pheromones and human blood. What alpha werewolf could resist that?

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Better luck next time

Well you don’t need to put that performance in the books -sigh- I don’t know what’s wrong with me, I was so nervous through all of it but in practice I was ok, I didn’t fail as hard as I did when actually performing… sorry everyone I guess this year isn’t my time to shine.

I’ll do my best if I get a next time… I’m just gonna hug the plushies I got that I don’t deserve and hope that my performance is easily forgotten.

And here is an aesthetic of my Yoon bum cosplay!!
It isn’t much yet,, I may improve it sometimes, to be honest I dont really like cosplay, but this one was fun!!
Tell me what you think and if I should do it again.. better.

Ps. I have photos with a knife, but idk man.. should I post such ones too…