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How did you interpret the last exchange between Morgan and Daryl in NBF? When Morgan says he and Daryl are the same and that he knows Daryl because Daryl didn't tell Carol what happened. "See? We're all holding onto something." How do you interpret that line? What do you think he is suggesting Daryl is holding onto?

Hello, again Nonny :)

I think Morgan is referring to Daryl holding on to the best parts of himself and not giving in to the rage we saw as he killed Fat Joey.  Daryl is holding to the better man he has become in the ZA- which includes his feelings for Carol. Carol has helped him transform from the Merle-like man he was earlier in life, to the good man we have seen him be since season 1.

Daryl is holding on to Carol, holding on to the good man, the better man, the ZA helped him become.   By holding on to that good man and to Carol, Daryl has a future better than any other he would have by letting go of that good man and Carol.

We saw Daryl with the Claimers in 4-B, briefly having let go of the good man inside him and spiraling down to that brutal level of existence which lacked a future.  The only road fro Daryl, had he continued with the Claimers would be to become just like them, with no future, no love, and no family.  He would eventually die, like them, in some stupid way or been set up to die by Joe.  He fell back into the Merle-like patterns with Joe, because it was safe, familiar and better than being alone after B3th disappeared.

Rick, Michonne and Carl saved Daryl then because he stood with them and was willing to die for them, to spare them.  Daryl has grown a lot since season 4-B though and now he has a future, a better future than ever before.  He has examined his feelings, grown a bit and has opened up more with Carol and Rick’s group, even voluntarily hugging people and being more open with his feelings.  All good and necessary growth IMO.

Daryl’s not falling in with Negan and The Saviors, his resisting that familiar soulless existence of becoming like them, is such a watershed moment and change for him.  Daryl has a future now, is healing, is learning to tame and purge the rage I think although we have not seen much of that yet I think,

Morgan was reminding Daryl that he has that future, can still get back to being that better man, can have more than he has ever had before.  That includes Carol and Caryl I think and hope.  It would be a wonderful bit of development for Daryl, necessary even.  

Daryl’s decision to hold firm despite Easy Street, the torture, the allure of an easy yet brutal life- that is huge as a step in his growth and journey.  We’ve seen Eugene being seduced by fear and the chance of personal power and being valued by Negan.  

Rick’s group had not valued Eugene in the same way since his lie was admitted in season 5. So Eugene and Daryl are two sides of the same coin, one refusing the other seduced by Negan and power.

Daryl refused because he chooses to be that better, man, that good man with a future that will include a healthy love relationship I believe.  Yes, he has rage and impulses still- who would not after the captivity, torture, and witnessing Glenn and Abraham die, particular the Glenn death since Negan used Daryl’s line-breaking and punching to kill Glenn.   

Morgan reminded Daryl that he has quite a lot of great things to hold on to right now and not lose sight of or squander through foolish actions. That bright future includes Carol and Caryl IMO.

Thanks for the ask, Nonny. 

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Doc you've indicated that you accept parts of a character's canon that you like and ignore parts you don't like. How does that square with telling people it's wrong to write/draw characters the way they would prefer to, as long as the issue is deemed "important" enough?

I’m trying not to lose heart here, but come on. This ask is so disingenuous, and you know it. 

You know there’s a difference between saying something like “resurrection without consequence isn’t a thing/she made choices of her own volition/this character’s age is screwed up” and removing someone’s disability. You know that. You are not stupid, and I am not going to treat you like you are. 

I am not here to police you. I am here to encourage you to think critically about what you’re doing. Why is it so important to defend the right to remove someone’s canon disability? How does that serve the character or the canon? Why is ableism on that gets “important” when you might not feel that way about racism or homophobia? Please think about these questions critically and fairly. 

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How do the Allies feel about having an s/o with a rough past? Like this s/o has seen/done some serious shizzle in the past. Of course it was a matter of survival if they did something bad, but even still?

(Can we just appreciate the fact that they used the word ‘shizzle’ xD)

China: He thinks that not forcing them to talk about it makes it easier to push it aside. If they want to talk however, he is a great listener.

Russia: boy, he knows what that feels like. And he knows bad actions are often the results of the circumstances someone has to deal with, not that they are bad in general (as a person)

America: though he wants to push it aside, he has done some atrocities too in his past. He encourages them to accept them and make the future a better place than the past.

France: he wants to know if they’re ready to talk about it. Talking is a sign of reflection. He doesn’t condemn them because he trusts them that they had a valid reason and encourages them not to hate themselves because of it. They’re here now. Alive. Use it.

England: he doesn’t push them to talk, but he always listens if they do. He reminds them that they bad reasons to do it and that it is over, that they have to use the present to build a brighter future. Atrocities can’t ever be unmade, but one can try to make a change for the better.


Originally, I wanted to draw an AU where Link and Zelda were normal human kids in a world like ours, but then I started thinking about Zoras and I got excited and a new AU within an AU happened?? I’ll probably make more of this.

anyone else kinda terrified you’ll never be able to hold a job in the future because of your mental illness

how to write a fat character

by: your local fat writer 

media seems to do such a terrible job at representing people like me and same goes for many fic writers who try to base their characters on these characters shown in media. Here are some basic do’s and and don’t’s to writing fat characters! 


  • make your character in love with food- they’re allowed to eat like everyone else, but not every real fat person has an obsession over food. The rule can get iffy if your fat character is a cook.*
  • make your character the center of jokes- everyone has something “funny” about them, but don’t make your fat character constantly make jokes about their own weight. Fat people get enough bullshit from skinny people about their weight already. 
  • make your character incredibly unfit- there are real fat people who are incredibly athletic! their weight may be from genetics or from proper muscle building (not the muscle building we’re groomed to think is right in society). The choices your character makes is what affects their athleticism, not their weight 
  • make your character the Depressed One- yes, fat people do get upset over their body. Many go through horrible diets to try and get slim. It takes years for real fat people to get over it and realize their body is horrible gross. Their weight can simply be because of genetics, not because of how much they eat. 
  • make your character’s arc about things involving their weight- unless your fat character ABSOLUTELY needs to involve food, don’t make this their entire character arc. There are so many cooler things you can do with your character; sexuality, friends/family, simplifying the heroes journey, etc. make your character exciting! make them relatable! 
  • make your character the token fat character- the real world has many types of people, the fantasy world should not be too different from this fact. Your characters should always show diversity, and sometimes repetition is good when its the right character type. 

*making your fat character a chef can be a risky move. think about why your fat character is a chef. was it because they’re the fat character? or is there something that influenced them to become a chef? choose your answer carefully


  • make your character’s interests diverse- I like food! but i also like many other things! video games, bike riding, painting, singing, give your character varying interests! maybe your character has that one thing they love above all else. the game Fire Emblem: Awakening has always been my go-to favorite thing, what’s your character’s?
  • make your character an individual- develop their personality! how would your character react to seeing the ASPCA commercials? What’s their reaction when a family member dies? When their favorite artist is performing in town? Are there songs that make them emotional? What do they do to de-stress? Do they stim? There’s PLENTY you can say about your character that isn’t just “I love food.”
  • make your character as realistic as possible- just as skinny people are diverse, so are fat people. When you’re describing a fat character, don’t default to “pear shaped.” there are proportionate and disproportionate fat people. maybe they have fatter thighs than they do calves, their stomach pops out but they don’t have “bingo wings,” maybe their chin does that weird thing or maybe it doesn’t (this happens to skinny people, too!). and don’t forget stretch marks. they are real and they are not “taboo.”
  • write your character as if they’re like any other- it all boils down to one thing: the similarities and differences. I’m an XL and my friend is an XS, we both enjoy oversized hoodies! She would wear hoodies in the summer but I would rather walk around shirtless (if society didn’t tell us boobs are bad.) I would never wear short shorts when exercising because they ride up my thighs. Your fat character can act just the same as your skinny one(s).
I need Efi and Zenyatta to interact

Give me Zenyatta being genuinely curious and interested in her work, which she enjoys because she loves talking about it but it’s hard with kids her age and adults have some pretty high expectations

Give me Efi being frustrated with trying to figure out something, and Zenyatta encourages her to step outside for a moment and to “come back to it later once she’s cleared her head”

Give me Zenyatta encouraging Efi to eat and take time to walk around periodically to take care of herself

Give me Efi asking Zenyatta to measure something that needs to be absolutely precise because she wants to double check and her hands are shaking a bit from working so long

Give me Zenyatta reassuring her that her measures are correct to foster her confidence, but doing it anyway because she asked

Additionally, give me Efi and Zenyatta having a funny talk about flying on a plane for the first time

Give me Zenyatta confessing how he was the one at the Shambali monastery playing pranks on the other monks

Give me Efi laughing at hearing how Zenyatta bested all the other monks in a snowball fight, as well as challenging him to a snowball fight if they meet again somewhere there is snow

Give me these two saying farewell until they meet again with Zenny’s signature fist bump

Because though I know Efi is a genius and a child, I feel like Zenyatta is one of the few people that wouldn’t see her as just one or the other

Reminder. If you’re rping a canon character and feeling insecure about your writing, or fearing replacement, simply remember that your muse is not just a duplicate. No one else will be able to breathe life into that character the way you do. No one else will feel the exact way you feel about your muse. There will be people who value your muse and never stop writing with you no matter what. There will be people who appreciate your portrayal, no matter how many other versions are out there. Always remember why you made your blog. Never let anyone or anything cast your passion out of your heart !!

Reyes Vidal, from Mass Effect: Andromeda

Listen I love the X-Men movies and all but just a thought: maybe you wouldn’t have such a hard time trying to shove everyone’s character development and backstories into one ensemble film (and subsequently cutting important characters out of the majority of said film) if you gave someone other than fucking Wolverine a solo movie.