Rosie is my wife. W-uh…former wife.

I just love how visibly uncomfortable Jack is in this scene. Not much rattles him, but the unanticipated meeting of his ex and his, um, Phryne gets him so flustered. Cutest thing I ever saw. 

Dear Future Me,

I hope you’re happy. 

I don’t care if you’re single, married, divorced, or whatever…at this point in my life right now, I’ve forgotten what inner happiness is and I hope you have it.
I hope that you’re doing something that you love and it makes you WANT to get out of bed in the morning and not lie around all day drowning in self hate and unhappiness.

I hope you speak your mind and have stopped wearing the many masks that I wear now.
I hope you’re happy.

It boggles my mind when people don’t think Hook has the most flawless redemption arc on this show. Hook has the best redemption arc on this show for the sole reason that he’s the only “villain” not trying to find this damn author to change the shitty choices HE made. HE takes blame for his actions. HE works hard to be forgiven by people and to earn their trust back instead of trying to force someone to fix his past. HE is focusing on bettering himself for the future while acknowledging his poor decisions and learning from them and taking his fate in his own hands. THIS IS WHY HE HAS HIS “HAPPY ENDING” and Regina, Rumple, and the queens of darkness do not.

We’ve lost another brother today, Ash Haffner of Charlotte, NC. I cannot stand the chain of trans death that has occurred since Leelah Alcorn left us.

It is, of course, very important to publicize these awful things and fight for a better future of trans youth. However, the kinds of posts that are being made to do that are romanticized just enough to make anyone of us that are mentally ill, and/or feel alone stop and think “if I did it, I’d be a 200k tumblr post and a trending topic on Twitter, too. If I did it, people would care about me.” I know this because it’s crossed my own mind more than once. Please keep us safe. Tell us you love us while we’re here, and remind us that we’re not alone.

For anyone battling with mental illness here are a list of national hotlines. You’re welcome in my ask box as well. Please stay with me, my brothers and sisters and non-binary siblings, I can’t change the world without you.

Suicide Prevention lifeline:1-800-273-8255
Trans lifeline:877-565-8860
GLBT National Help Center:1-888-843-4564

Please feel free to add any lifelines you know of.

You’re in my heart.

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Don't you think your parent a would be every disappointed that you show the whole world your baked body?

Are you kidding? Did you not see the answer I previously posted? I am 18. I am a hard worker. I set and achieve goals. Im pretty much the first in my family to be going to uni. I have a large savings account that ive worked hard for so as I can go to USA and buy a home in the next 5 years, I strive to be the best I can and treat people the best I can. Ive remodeled my whole life in the last year to make for a better future. If you think my parents would be disapointed in me because some swole ass then you are so insanely wrong and need to do some thinking as to what respect and appreciation is all about.
Thank you and good day.

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America needs to get their shit together. I just read that you cant donate blood if you are gay? what the fuck! I have a bleeding disorder like there is actually stuff wrong with my blood and i can still donate if i want? Sorry im sending this to you but that pissed me off

It’s alright bro! I love when people rant to me!

And yeah, America is extremely fucked up. But it’s better than it was decades ago. So decades into the future, maybe it will be better than it is now! :)

I’ve given up on America’s present, so I’ll just have to hope for a better future. No matter how much we protest and voice our opinions, it will probably be years before most of America’s problems are fixed.

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if you could live in any era of history, which would it be?

i wouldn’t want to live in any era of history, really

i mean I’m a bisexual latina girl who likes selfies and googling answers to questions like lets be real any other era of history would have been shit for me

a lot of my peers either say they wish they could have been alive in the 60s-70s bc the social revolution, and like i get that and it’s all so inspiring in retrospect to be riding that “wave” (as Hunter S Thompson put it) of irrepressible ideal of change and to be swarmed in that technicolor euphony of music and aesthetics and to spend those years buoyed by the unrelenting optimism in a better future, but i think people tend to forget that that oh-so Elysian era only spanned a few years of the mainstream before being swallowed up and the hippies either overdosed, went insane, or took up office jobs and reaganomics and bitching at IHOP for a better table.

and i cant even fathom why anyone would genuinely want to live in the 90s? i mean i’d love to see all my beloved seattle sound bands in their early days, but i just don’t think the grunge era was rlly that great. like if anything, Generation X has essentially become Generation Purgatory. (not unlike the “Lost Generation” following the horrors of WWI except modernism at least marked a more definitive shift with the tangible rejection of preexisting Western values but it was such a watershed it’s essentially left its subsequent generations without any cultural threshold to cross)  there was truly no widespread cohesive sense of galvanization or empowerment beyond a mass disillusion  so like as far as i can make out that’s why while Gen X’ers themselves are basically teetering on the borders of irrelevance a lot of the attitudes that dominated Generation X are still fully relevant today so thats why they’ve basically dissolved into this sort of generational limbo without getting a true cultural swan song. also how did i get here 

whatever I’m gonna get off the soapbox and stop putting down other people’s interests

long story short our prospects for employment, financial security, and education are all beyond bleak but i wouldn’t trade being a Millenial for anything else

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Spock was one of my first crushes, and I will be in love with him forever. Now that I'm older, I realize the reasons I was drawn to him were always about the promise of a better future, with the good people in it leading the way, despite our differences. Nimoy will always hold the most special place in my heart for the warmth he brought to this character and the way it defied convention! I loved reading your own reasons for why Spock meant so much to you and what a beautiful thing it is!

Nothing against Zach Q, who did a great job, but Nimoy always did a special warmth, and he was in my life long before Quinto. He was very much a dear childhood friend who became a cherished and far more appreciated part of my adult life.

Today’s been very sad, but it’s also been lovely reading about the way he touched so many.


Rogue or Future Rogue. I understand they supposed to be the same person in different time frame, but which one is better? I personally like regular Rogue better because he he’s kind and reserved while Future Rogue is a dick and want to rule the world with the dragons. Plus regular Rogue is better looking than future Rogue. (In my opinion.)

Name: James Jim Hawkins
Age: sixteen
Power: Energy Manipulation 
Student or Teacher: Student
Class: Gamma 
Backstory: Jim was born into a family of supers — and while as a child he hoped to become a hero like his parents, that quickly changed at the death of their father. Now instead he enjoys tag-teaming with his twin brother, Jamie, and causing an unnecessary amount of mischief, consequences be damned. 

It seems that the brothers are falling off the righteous path and possibly into one of manipulative and evil means — and this is enough to cause their mother Sarah to worry. While it was easy to blame their brash behavior on their father’s death, they’re far past the age where acting out is deemed acceptable; especially when they’re using their powers. As a last resort she shipped her sons off to Montressor High with the hopes that the environment will steer her boys to better, more heroic futures. Jim only agreed to go because their mother threatened to separate the twins — something they’ve both never — and never want to experience.

took you long enough bro. accepted!!!!