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I've reached my last year of high school and am planning to have a gap year to work (college tuitions are a bitch and my parents cant help and loans are not an options) but im not sure i even want to go onto education after high school. I just want to move out and work in a town and live? but teachers and my peers keep telling me i /need/ to go to college, but i dont want to, can i have some advice on this?

You need to do whatever you feel is right for your life, not what anyone else says. Yes, college can be important and is right for a lot of people, but it’s not for everyone. You don’t need to go to college, it’s just strongly advised. If you feel like you’re better off going straight into the workforce, then do that. You will always have the option to go to school later, it’s not required that you do it right away. Maybe it will be a better option for you in the future and fit into your gap year plan. Or maybe you’ll take the year and realize you’re just fine without going to college and you’d rather just stay working and that’s fine too. You need to do what’s right for YOU and only you can truly decide that, not your teachers or your peers.


I wish this strange concept of dark skinned vs light skinned did not exist. I’m honestly sick of hearing about how one side has it worse than the other. At the end of the day we are ALL black and we are ALL oppressed as a group. Complaining about who has it worse will never make things better. Also can we stop generalizing? Just because a few black people were ignorant and have rejected you because of skin color that does not mean ALL black people hate you. Also if you have a darker complexion that does not mean that you have to hate other black people that have a lighter complexion just because you THINK that they have it better. Please, please, please keep in mind that we are ALL oppressed and hating other black people that have not done anything to you at all, keeps us from progressing.

Camp Pep: Why Reckless Abandon is Crucial for Writing

Are you tackling a writing project this July at Camp NaNoWriMo? Our incredible participants have words of wisdom to share with their fellow writers. Today, Shannon advises you to face the blank page with reckless abandon:

Reckless abandon. These words are my guide for Camp this July, and they’re words I want to share with you.

Now, I’m not saying that reckless abandon is the best way to live all aspects of life (safety is important!), but when it comes to writing, reckless abandon means shutting your cabin door in the face of your inner editor, and creating a whirlwind of written excitement. This isn’t the time to worry about inconsistencies and plot holes. This is the time to write and explore.

There is no better time for spontaneity and adventure than summer vacation…

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Signs Watching a Scary Movie

Aries ; is the one that says they don’t get scared but they actually jump in horror with Libra

Taurus ; literally never gets scared and is sleeping with Capricorn (not like that though…)

Gemini ; doesn’t even watch the movie because they don’t want to make a fool of themselves so they paint their nails with Leo

Cancer ; spends half of the movie covering their eyes with Virgo

Leo ; scoffing at the immaturity of everyone while they style their hair with Gemini

Virgo ; reminding themselves that it’s just a movie and covering their eyes with Cancer

Libra ; jumps every time the killer appears but refuses to admit they’re a scaredy cat with Aries

Scorpio ; switching the lights on and off to scare everyone with Aquarius

Sagittarius ; trying to make everyone feel better about being scared with Pisces

Capricorn ; spoils the movie for everyone with Taurus

Aquarius ; creeping up to everyone and scaring them, then laughing their heads off with Scorpio

Pisces ; telling everyone that it’s, again, just a movie and to not worry about the killers coming to life with Sagittarius

On a romanced Cullen and the Inquisitor’s death

I am mildly annoyed by all the “THE INQUISITOR CAN’T DIE WHAT ABOUT CULLEN???” posts.

I’m sure a lot of people will describe this better than I am, but I’m just gonna get on my soapbox and say this once: I think it is insulting to Cullen’s character to think that he suddenly won’t be able to function without the Inquisitor.

Cullen is his own person. He has his own opinions. He’s had a life before meeting the Inquisitor. He’s seen the best and worst of humanity—hell, he’s been the best and worst. He’s gone through a lot of turmoil, a lot of upheaval. He’s come out better in some ways, worse in others, but he has had a life and he is his own person regardless of whether he romances the Inquisitor.

Cullen made the choice to drag himself out of bed every day after Kinloch Hold. He also made a choice to give into his anger, to look the other way when the mages were suffering. But he also made a choice to step up after the Gallows fell. He made a choice to leave the Templar order. He made a choice to quit taking lyrium

He made all of these choices without the Inquisitor.

I am not going to deny that the Inquisitor lends some of his/her strength to Cullen. I am not going to deny that he/she (along with Cassandra) probably provide a much needed support system.

But a romanced Cullen is not a stipulation for this.

I have a hard time believing that someone who has worked so hard to distance themselves from the order (we can debate whether or not he’s been successful, whether he’s fully ‘reformed’, whether his efforts go far enough, but I don’t think we can debate that he is trying), who has overcome so much mental trauma, who is shown as being a strong and capable leader who cares about the people under him, will suddenly crumble and fall because his love interest dies.

I’m not denying that it would be a blow. That it would hurt. That maybe Cullen throws himself more into his work, closes himself more off from others, and that his ways of coping with the grief are poor.

But I don’t think he’s suddenly turn into a drunk or into someone who stares vacantly at a wall. I think that we have seen that Cullen is the sort of person who would become more extreme in his support of the Inquisition, the Inquisitor, and that he would use this pain and turn it into purpose.

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Kristoff is only Stripper!kristoff for Anna. That's the only way I see it.

I even have a hard time with that tbh honest lol.  Because stripper implies like..dancing and music…and costumes?  I cannot see it.

I’d much rather imagine a scenario like this:

Kristoff tosses his wallet and some loose change on the dresser. Running his fingers through his hair and it feels like there’s still sawdust in it from the work site.  He moves to continue undressing when he catches a glimpse of her in the mirror. She’s in the doorway to their bedroom, lip caught between her teeth. He keeps his eyes on her but she’s not looking at him; she’s watching.  

He makes his way down his flannel shirt, passing each button through its hole slowly.  His shirt sleeves are next.  They always end up rolled to his elbows at work.  He takes his time unrolling them back to his wrists.  His back still to Anna, he shrugs off the flannel and is left in a light grey undershirt, snug around his chest and shoulders. He can normally reach for the collar behind his neck and pull it off in one second.  But he doesn’t.  He still reaches for the collar but he pulls it off excruciatingly slow. 

Her breath quickens as his hips are revealed first, followed by the broad expanse of his back. When the grey shirt is completely removed and his arms are lowered again, the muscles in his shoulders are evident and she has a sudden urge to reach out and touch him.

“Sit down,” he speaks unexpectedly. Anna does as she’s told and sits on the edge of their bed.  Kristoff stands in front of her and pushes her knees apart with his hands. She’s eye level with his hips and she cannot stop herself from running her hands up his thighs and over the front of his pants. He instinctively pushes himself into her hand and she can feel the beginning of his arousal. 

Kristoff grabs Anna’s chin gently and tilts her face to him.  Without breaking eye contact he removes his belt; the jangle of the buckle and the swish when he slides it out of the loops are the only noises in the room. Anna looks back down in front of her and can see him straining against his pants.  But when she moves to unbutton him he pushes her hands away and moves to do it himself.

She’s practically grinding on her seat as he unbuttons his pants and unzips them… slowly, so slowly.  His pants fall to the floor and he’s left in his boxer briefs which afford no decency.  The head and shaft are easy to make out but before she can say a word he’s shoving her onto the bed and standing on his knees above her. Kristoff takes her hands and places them on himself and begins to thrust gently. Finally free to touch him, she roams her hands everywhere she can reach.  Over and around his thick thighs to his backside.  She comes back around and smooths her palms over his hips and up to his stomach, dragging her fingernails through the dark golden hair that leads below the waistband of his underwear.

Suddenly he grabs her wrists and pins them over her head, taking her mouth with his in a searing kiss.  She opens her legs for him and he grinds heavily against her, eliciting desperate moans from Anna.  The time for teasing is over.

If there’s a vet near you or ANYONE who has ptsd and reacts badly to fireworks/gunshot like noises do me a favor, before the fireworks start go over to their house and make sure they’re comfortable, offer to give them headphones/earplugs if they want some and don’t have any and go over the next day to make sure they’re okay


Nikita Scherbak has a message for Habs fans :))

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Do you have any really easy ice cream recipes?

Hello! I think those will be hard to find directly on my blog, so Google will be a better friend. However, I can give you the links to posted ice cream recipes, and you can try the no churn tag if you don’t have an ice cream maker.

Sometimes people are making fun of other people when they have a huge crush on a celebrity or something. But let me tell you a thing.

Having big crushes on celebrities and fictional characters helped me so much. I have huge anxiety, and whenever I had some, I just think about the people I love, and I feel a little bit better. Sometimes I even feel happy and completely calm. I know this post is random, but I just wanted to say it. Having crushes like that is helping me.

alright, so this summer’s been pretty great for me tumblr-wise. i surged up in activity, cleaned up my theme, got into some new things, and met some pretty sweet people :”). this follow forever is to commemorate six hundred thirty followers, my lovely new friends, a new start on tumblr, and a hope for a better tomorrow - all thanks to these lovely people. make sure to check out there blogs and follow them because they deserve all the love and appreciation.

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Red Roses

Your promise while roses render 
The pure intentions of your letter. 
To shear red flowers to white phantoms 
Would be a sin! Thorns would remember
The way you disregarded glory,
Retched knives into the gentle face
Of petal’s blush, not quite an ember
But living with a kinder fire.
Blade’s cold retreat provokes no ire, 
But is this empty pavement better?
Love disappears without a trace!
You are morality’s defender.
You are the reason roses bloom 
Despite their craving to replace
The order of a wretched building.
But still, you’ll trim them to deliver
That bleak array. I would assume
That letting flowers bloom their stories
In florid freedom before wilting
Would make each rose (before it withers)
Tenderly bow. “I must forgive her.”