better yet i'll make my own

Nine year old Marauders
  • *when the yet-to-be marauders are asked what they want to be when they grow up*
  • James: I'm going to be a famous quidditch player and invent my own broomstick that'll be WAY faster than all the other broomsticks and I'll be Minister of Magic and own a zoo with lots of baby hippogriffs because Dad showed one to me the other day and it was so cute— in a manly way, of course— and I'll also be... *continues for 40 minutes with farfetched yet surprisingly detailed plans*
  • Peter: Um... well— *blushes furiously* I want to be a pie maker so I never run out of pies. Pies make me happy.
  • Sirius: Far richer and better looking than all of my swotty cousins combined, which will be very rich and handsome indeed as my family seems to breed like rats.
  • Remus: Normal.