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so many people have been so rude to trevor about his dyed hair, and it just hurts my heart. it's clearly something he wants to do, and yet people like to comment about how shitty they think it looks or how unattractive they think he is now? i'll admit, it wasn't my cup of tea at first (tho the idea of having it white has absolutely piqued my interest) but i never thought hey, let's make him feel shitty about it. trevor's so sweet and deserves so much better than all that. give the boy kindness.

Having you’re own opinion is one thing, but all the people attacking Trevor over this (something so small) are clearly fake fans. Yes, Trevor is very attractive, but he is fair more than “that one hot guy in Achievement Hunter”. He’s hilarious, he’s kind, he’s brilliant, and he cares about the community. If you are so petty that you’ll bully someone over their hair, you clearly don’t deserve that person in your life. To all the people bring hate into this community, please just leave and take your stanky ass toxic attitude with you.

Nine year old Marauders
  • *when the yet-to-be marauders are asked what they want to be when they grow up*
  • James: I'm going to be a famous quidditch player and invent my own broomstick that'll be WAY faster than all the other broomsticks and I'll be Minister of Magic and own a zoo with lots of baby hippogriffs because Dad showed one to me the other day and it was so cute— in a manly way, of course— and I'll also be... *continues for 40 minutes with farfetched yet surprisingly detailed plans*
  • Peter: Um... well— *blushes furiously* I want to be a pie maker so I never run out of pies. Pies make me happy.
  • Sirius: Far richer and better looking than all of my swotty cousins combined, which will be very rich and handsome indeed as my family seems to breed like rats.
  • Remus: Normal.