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Splatoon 2 is out!

I’m sure everybody is busy either playing or abstaining from the Internet to avoid spoilers, but for those of you who aren’t, here’s a little Easter egg: when you’re queueing for a turf war match, you can remix the background music! Pressing the arrow buttons or ABXY buttons will play specific vocal segments, while tilting the joysticks up or down will alter the audio balancing!

Have fun, everyone!


“What say you?”

For @hysterekial, who asked me to post this separately, but I wasn’t really happy with that one, so I made a new set, including one with the same crop. 


What about her?

Now that I’ve heard the entire record, there’s so much to unpack…

Here’s the thing, if I look at this album how the average person would which is as a record of 16 songs they can listen to on shuffle while they drive down the highway, then the product itself is outstanding. On the music aspect alone it gets 4/5 stars from me. At the very least. That’s me trying to be as unbiased as possible. Unless you’re purposefully trying to be an ass, then I truly don’t think anyone can listen to this record and say it’s not good. Objectively it’s a fucking fantastic album. That’s all there is to that.

I can’t look at this album like a regular person though because I know there’s SO MUCH more to it than just a record to mindlessly listen to. That being said, I can’t talk about how good it is as a concept album yet because I haven’t unraveled the concept in full. What I can do is confidently make an educated guess and say that once I crack this thing open I’m going to love it.

HFK builds on all the successful parts from Badlands and introduces completely new elements. It’s this ambitious, lavish, histrionic, and almost dystopian love story gone wrong unfolding in this purgatory type place and it is absolutely meant for the screen. It’s dirty and it’s gritty but it also feels both mature and grounded in reality because we know that this is the album Ashley was writing when she was trying to purge herself of all her feelings following her breakup with Lido.

Honestly, if Ashley pulled a Todrick Hall or a Beyonce and released this like they did with “Straight Outta Oz” and “Lemonade” I would probably cry happy tears. The level of enrichment this story, the album, and the concept would get from visuals backing each song is beyond what I can even envision. It needs to happen.

you know, as much as I enjoyed Wonder Woman, it had one of the most egregious cases of “We can’t tell the main character vital information for no reason at all” I’ve seen in a while

“It’ll help Ares find her faster!”

um ok how????

assuming that the info in question is that Diana is basically a god (making Ares her brother) and that she, not the sword, is the god-killer …. that helps Ares find her how, exactly?

Especially when Diana had already declared her actual strategy was to go straight to the front lines and start shouting COME AT ME BRO to Ares …. I really fail to see how telling her the truth would have changed anything.

(that’s not even going into the fact that finding Ares/Ares finding her was, you know, the actual goal. we’ll let that go since Hippolyta had obvious issues surrounding her daughter’s destiny.)

Date night~

One of these days I should actually write up, like, “a fannish guide to C-PTSD and BPD” for people who aren’t mental health professionals, so that people understand what I mean when I say a character sets off my trauma radar. 

I’m writing that kind of thing for work–trying to explain these disorders to people who have them, since I can write from the perspective of having them, and so much psychological literature is essentially written by therapists as a way of teaching other therapists how to treat people, not about how to live as one of those people. But it’s hard–hard to constantly dig up my perspective and re-root it in a different position, when I’m so used to being clinically detached; hard to concisely explain things that took years of experience to learn. 

I struggle also with my position in fandom?  I don’t like being in a position of authority over knowledge, telling people what to think and what’s correct or incorrect. Especially in the mental health field, I go out of my way to de-emphasize my systemic power and build up peoples’ knowledge over their own lives. So I don’t want to say, you know, “That neurodivergent headcanon is incorrect!” or anything like that, ever.  

On the other hand, I do kind of want to explain the frankly excessive amount of thought that goes into some of my own headcanons, because when people go, “You can’t just slap these labels on characters! You’re not an expert!” I’m like… I can slap these labels on people, not just fictional characters. I can legally diagnose people. I kind of am an expert. So I’m not coming at this from the same place as someone who’s read the Abnormal chapter of their Psychology 101 textbook. XD

And somehow, telling people, “Just read three or four of these books” has a low success rate.

me @ every salty person who says that botw is getting perfect scores because it’s “only a zelda game”

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clever-girl98  asked:

Hi I love your Wish By Spirit And If Yes. One thing that always pops into my head though, the Whitebeard Pirates? How they kidnapped Ace until he agreed to join them? I kinda want them to do that to Sabo....just take him. When the RA asks for him back their just like "No. This is what happens when you don't take care of your toys, they get taken away." And Sabo just being so much happier cause he's around Ace all of the time, I mean he prob tried to escape for a while but No he's one of them now

Ahhhh I’m so glad you like Wish by Spirit! Thank you, that’s so kind of you to say! haha, that’s a hilarious thought, I love that thought of the Whitebeards running away with Sabo over their shoulders going “na na na~”!

“I’m just here for a few days,” Sabo tells them, and Whitebeard laughs.

“Of course, son,” he says. “You’re always welcome here!”

Halfway around, Sabo stops and turns back because that’s not quite right. “I am?” he asks.

“Course you are!” Whitebeard booms at him. “All my sons can come and go as they please.”

That’s really not right. “I’m not yours,” he points out.

An arm drops over his shoulder and a familiar, warm weight leans into his back. “You kinda are,” Ace points out.

“I’m really not,” Sabo retorts. “I have a job and a life and everything.”

“And we’d never take you away from that,” Whitebeard tells him with an implacable kind of gentleness. “But our home is yours.”

“It’s too late now,” Ace says, really loudly and still right in his ear. “You’re already family.”

That’s a loaded word if ever there was one, and Sabo shrugs Ace off, perhaps a bit sharper than he meant to. “I don’t need family,” he says, loading the word with bitterness. “I’m not anyone’s son.”

Ace wraps himself around Sabo’s back again, offering comfort without clinging. “Neither was I,” he murmurs in Sabo’s ear, “but they took me anyway.”

“I can’t afford–” Sabo starts, and then he makes the mistake of meeting Whitebeard’s eyes.

“We aren’t asking anything of you, son,” Whitebeard says. “And we never will. But we’ll be here, always, and we’re yours to claim if you want it.”

That’s not fair–it’s not fair. “You can’t give me a choice,” Sabo says, and it comes out higher and faster than he’d meant it to. “Don’t–you can’t just do that.”

He doesn’t get choices. No one gives him choices. If he wants something, he has to choose it for himself and then fight for it, tooth and claw, like he did for Ace and Luffy. Like he did for his position in the Army. Nobody gets handed things in this world, especially not things as nice as family.

“You can’t seriously think–” Sabo says, waving the arm that Ace isn’t pinning. “You can’t just offer someone unconditional acceptance like–like it’s an invitation to dinner!”

“Why not?” Whitebeard asks, genuinely curious.

Ace scoots sideways to lean on his shoulder instead of across his back. “You’re not winning this one,” he tells Sabo. “Seriously. They got me.”

Which is a valid point, really, but Sabo’s not prepared to let this go without a fight. “I’m not yours,” he tells Whitebeard, because if there’s one thing he is, it’s stubborn.

“That’s fine,” Whitebeard says, and at the same time Ace grins at Sabo and adds, “not yet.”