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idk i think it's kind of unfair that sh are taught from birth that their lives are worthless and that they'll probably die in battle for this holy cause and i have so many feels about how this thinking affects them, especially the lightwoods. but sh /are/ the ones who are trained!! and it is just incredibly selfish and arrogant and fucked up of them to refuse to fight/protect, putting downworlders at risk bc of it, but then still walk around like they are good and right and fair. i just hate it

i think there are two things to unpack here:

1 shadowhunters are the shadowworld policeforce

they are literally the police (and the judicial system which is pretty messed up) who believe in an absolute right to arrest, prosecute, even kill downworlders as their day to day job. as shown when maia was arrested by imogen for daring to walk home they don’t even bother with evidence half the time. they truly believe they’re right in what they do, they’ve shown blatant disregard for downworlders at one point or another, they’ve left allies behind or arrested allies…. they are not ’superior’.

and yet the second point

2. these shadowhunters are kids who are taught they’ll die in battle 

ok their ages are 18-22ish* but they’ve been shown to have been doing this ‘since max’s age’. how old were they, 10-12 ish? did they send out 3 kids to fight on missions? how long have they been indoctrinated with this garbage clave propaganda? don’t get me wrong, they believe awful stuff, but i blame the clave for it, not the individuals per se, though they should (and are) unlearning the nonsense they’ve been taught.

anyway, you’re right - whatever the reasons shadowhunters are the ones who are trained, they are the ones who should be standing up to valentine and jonathan (especially since once more the villains are shadowhunters gone bad). maia & i did a bodycount in s1 and it was pretty balanced but i think a s2a and s2b bodycount is going to weigh unfavourably on lots more downworlders dying than shadowhunters. (so far…)

Painted a hurt Fenris and Hawke sneaked in there to kiss him better - went from pure angst to 100% fluff, I do not regret.

Pride before the fall

  • Friend: The oldest I'll date is prolly 25 mayyyybe 26.
  • Me: ha haha.. Yeaaa, no. Not me.
  • Friend: *gets shy* that's not too old? Why? How old would you go up to?
  • 50's
  • Friend: ...

do u ever get a seasonal urge to doodle zevran… i do so here’s sum elf doing the ‘dont trust even yourself self’ meme or idk bc as always it turned out differently from what i wanted to draw at first. and it seems im incapable of drawing anything in color im sorry

and i draw for hours not saving so if it crashes i definitely deserved it