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How would Underswap, Swapfell sans and Underfell papyrus react to someone straight up challenging them and saying that they would be a way better Boyfriend for the skeleton's S/O.


He takes a challenge in the literal way of a battle because of the culture in the Underground. He smirks, crosses his arms across his chest and then promptly kicks the guy’s ass. At the end of it, he spits on them, declaring “I WON. NEVER SHOW YOUR FACE AGAIN.”


He usually loves a healthy challenge, jumping on the opportunity to practice the skills he’s trained for. But he doesn’t feel good about this one. His S/O isn’t an object to be fought over without their consent. He goes back to his S/O and asks them what he should do. 


He straight up goes “lol nah” and walks away from the challenger. He tells himself that his S/O chose him to date him and their choice is the only valid thing here. Still, his anxiety gnaws at him about the what if the other person really is better? Is he condemning his S/O to spending time with someone not as good for them? He tries to squash his doubts down with the first thought.


Same as Fell!Pap, challenge = battle. He goes back to his S/O, tells them about the incident, hands them a video recorder and tells them to film everything while he kicks the other guy’s ass. Deep, deep, down, he gets the nagging insecurity about his capabilities as a boyfriend. Maybe there is someone out there better than him for his S/O. He represses it hard by kicking the shit out of the challenger. Whoever is better for his S/O, it’s definitely not this guy.

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How do you feel about comparing queens? Like Aja looks a lot like Naomi.

I don’t mind when people compare queens as just an observation, like when people say Naomi and aja look alike, because it’s obvious they do , they’re from the same area, are friends, and do the basic new-queen-face, but I HATE it when people compare them in a hateful or one queen is better than the other type of way. for instance, saying Naomi and Aja look alike = okay. saying Aja stole Naomi’s face ≠ okay. kimora reminds me of gia gunn = okay. kimora is annoying and arrogant like gia gunn ≠ okay.

2x08 Love Is a Devil

I sure made use of the FF button on this one. 

I find both Clary and Simon rather grating on their own, him way more than her, but together? They are unbearable for me. And now they are dating? Or something. I really hope this will pass very very very fast. 

On the other hand, I could totally get behind some Raphael/Izzy action. Way better than Izzy & Simon, no matter what the books say. 

I love how secure Alec in the relationship and in his feelings. And the talk Magnus and Jace had was so heartwarming and funny. 

I’m not sure I’m really down with how they handled Malec taking the relationship to the next level, though. I liked the set up in the last episode but the fact the two of them didn’t touch on it at all was a little disappointing and felt untrue to the characters. I really hope there will be some form of conclusion, we and they deserve better. 

The concept of the episode was really interesting and well executed. And it was also heartbreaking. I wonder what Valentine wants with Madzie and I really hope she will be the first Malec child. 

The episode’s MVP was Magnus hands down and it was wonderful to see how smart and powerful he is. We really need to see him and Alec fight together at some point. 

My beloved Natasha Bedingfield - These Words ♥ The video is so adorable, the colours are amazing, this had to happen :>> i’ve never drawn anything like this before idk what i’m doing halp

Otayuri Week - Day 1 - Confessions

im so sad i probs wont have time to finish my other days this week i have something i need to prioritize i criii… i’ll post them one day i swear to glob

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totally not Prompto moaning
  • totally not Prompto moaning

Not as thirsty as tight squeeze, but still ∠( ͡°◞౪◟ ͡° 」∠)_ nonetheless

i am in free fall

i feel like i’m living history without any goddamn way to change it

i feel hated

which is strange considering this is brought on by an election in a country very far away from my own

but the assholes only truly win if we give up

so don’t

have a good cry 

call a friend

wake up tomorrow

and fight back 

by working for change

by loving

by surviving


& vice versa


♡(人⸝⸝⸝ᵒ̴̶̷̥́ ◡ ᵒ̴̶̷̣̥̀⸝⸝⸝)♡ heartthrob song minho ♡(⸝⸝⸝ᵒ̴̶̷̥́ ◡ ᵒ̴̶̷̣̥̀⸝⸝⸝人)


He thinks about Kit, some kind of warped, ruined saint with all her broken morals and shades of grey, surrounded by all of her foolish righteous holier-than-thou comrades, whiter than white, and he swallows heavily, because finally he understands what she meant. He doesn’t understand you like I do though, does he? he thinks, but she turns her back before he gets the chance to say it out loud.



i kinda had an adorable outfit the other day

Hey. Y’all. Please don’t bring up Mark in the comments’ section of other contestants’ videos on YouTube. That’s so inconsiderate and rude. Please. Let’s not be the kind of fandom that brings up NCT to something that doesn’t have to do with NCT.  

“i wanna go back in time and punch thomas jefferson in the face and tell him his macaroni sucks!!!” while that is understandable, these time travel goals are basic af and accomplish nothing. get ready for the new and exciting alternative version “i want to go back in time to talk to sally hemings and write down everything she tells me abt what she’s seen, done and felt bc unfortunately her narrative has been almost entirely obscured”