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Glitch Effect Tutorial

ayyeee here’s a tutorial no one asked for made this for college assignment, but i hope someone will find this useful! >w< (original drawing)

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My bias has been Yixing from the beginning (since exo debuted) and it really hurts my heart to see how people treat him, cropping him out on photos, starting rumors that he's leaving exo and that he doesn't care for them, him constantly getting hate for everything he does. I really hope people appreciate this angel more, he doesn't deserve all the hate he's receiving

I understand how you feel anon. I actually struggle to imagine how annoy actually hates Yixing and would want to spread such nasty rumors about him because he’s so kind. He’s humble about everything and always makes sure to show his gratitude and he genuinely cares about the feelings of others and goes out of his way to make sure everyone around him is ok. The thing to remember when you see those disgusting hate comments and rumors about him is that the people posting them are extremely sad human beings. They have nothing better to do with their time than focus on something they hate and spread more negativity into it anyone who does something like that isn’t worth anyone’s time. The best thing to do when you see hate comments is report them and then leave it, don’t reply to them, don’t engage in conversation with the people spreading them cause that only creates a bigger mess. Report them and keep giving Yixing all the love and support we can.


I’m like a week too late but whatever lol
someone help totty

the second pic looks like it would be dakimakura lol

there was supposed to be a third drawing with oso lifting up tottys skirt but Nahh too much 

someone beat up oso
(choro is on his way)

freshman study tips 2.0

my other post got so much love i figured i might make another!

note: these are geared at high school freshman (because i am one, and these are things that help me in particular), but can obviously be useful for anybody!

  • productive procrastination! maybe sometimes you can’t get yourself to do your homework or study or you just need to ease into things, and that’s okay! try something like planning out your week, organizing your computer, downloading music you like, cleaning, etc. anything that will be helpful in the long run, even if it isn’t work-related. it’s more bearable than schoolwork, and you won’t feel as guilty for doing nothing.
  • set aside at least an hour every week to catch up on all of the stuff you need to organize!! no matter how disciplined you are, everybody falls behind at some point, and this helps to keep stuff from piling up.
  • mini staplers will actually save you so much stress i have one from muji that takes up as much space as an eraser and is so helpful.
  • find your study music! maybe you like acoustic covers of pop songs, or maybe you’re more into piano sonatas. don’t feel pressured to listen to stuff that doesn’t actually help you, and don’t be afraid to change it up!
  • clean up first. really. you’ll end up spending ten minutes at the library looking for a page of notes if you don’t organize your stuff beforehand.
  • manage your breaks well. i’ve found that i need more frequent breaks when writing than reading, and longer ones for history notes. adjust your schedule accordingly!
  • if you’re not feeling good, don’t push it. give yourself an hour to recharge with a short nap, meditation, a bath, whatever. you’ll feel better afterwards, and you probably wouldn’t have gotten much done in that hour if you were stressed anyways.
  • if you have trouble with time management and organization like me, just find a system. right now. tweak it as you go along, but it’s better to have something that doesn’t really work than nothing at all.
  • there are more ways to study than just taking notes. you can find online games for just about any math or science topic, and lots more!
  • breathe, ok? ur gonna be great, kid <3
  • bts x typical texts:
  • seokjin: "Did you drink enough water? Are you wearing warm clothes? Did you take your vitamins? Did you eat lunch?"
  • yoongi: "next time u come upstairs can u bring a glass of water and smth to eat ty i love u."
  • hoseok: "i saw this text post on tumblr today i'll show you when i get home it's ACTUALLY me."
  • namjoon: "Don't worry abt that loud bang u just heard. I'm fine and nothing is broken so just like staY upstairs and keep doin u nothing is broken!!!!"
  • jimin: "hope ur havin a great day cupcake! something better be makin u smile or i'm going to have to fight!"
  • taehyung: "i just saw the cutest dog i'm not kidding, even cuter than the one yesterday it waS SO SmALL i'M crYING!!!"
  • jeongguk: "ok i know you took one of my light blue t-shirts i have six there are five now explain yourself."
[fic] sit it out [1/1]

writer: crying-abt-fictional-people
recipient: the lovely @ackermenn, who is a super quality blogger omg thank u secret santa admins ;_______;
contents: humor, just dudes being guys ha ha no homo right, a bit of drunken stumbling and just a dash of pining
summary: someone’s been sitting in eren’s chair, and of course, as luck would have it, that person’s the only other one who hasn’t left campus for christmas.

read on ao3 or click below~~~ 

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Tbh best thing to do to get your homework done is to close down your computer, hide your phone and tablet etc and pick ONE of the assignments you have to do. Having several things on the to-do list never works w my adhd head, so I end up doing nothing. So if you manage to work on ONE thing it's better than nothing at all. Also make sure to reward yourself afterwards. I BELIEVE IN U. BEAT THAT HOMEWORK!

ok i said i was done w/ homework posts but this is actually really good 

mod jesse

The Pooh Report

I didn’t ignore the Pooh messages in my box…

Ok I kind of did but not because I was ignoring you guys or being ungrateful for the concern in any way. 
I just wanted to wait until I had something happy or something amazing to report back…
I didn’t want to write up a depressing post and cry about how difficult it is and how I desperately want things to get better. I mean other than me being whiny - that approach accomplishes nothing else but me bringing everyone else along for the pity party nobody wants to go to.

The thing is, while as you see - we aren’t exactly having fun here and we are both feeling completely miserable and cranky…the last few weeks have also been beautiful and heartwarming but in a completely weird, surprising way.

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I was going to say nothing, but I decided to say something instead…

Maks has never posted photos of random strangers on instagram before so that he and his 400,000 followers could discuss their problems & shame them.  It’s clear to me he thought it was ok to do so in this case because he views the homeless as a special breed of not-quite-humans.

And it’s also pretty obvious from his “I rest my case” comment that what he thought when he saw this person was “I’m better than him because I would never choose to be like that.”  

It doesn’t take that much awareness to know that severe mental illness is often at play when people live on the streets because they are unable to live conventionally.  Addiction (often in conjunction with mental illness) and physical disability are also common factors.  Maks’ life has been blessedly free of all of those things, but that doesn’t excuse him from having empathy for people who have not been so lucky.  

I think it was Aaron Sorkin, a recovering alcoholic, who once said that if he gives money to a homeless person who in turn spends it on alcohol, then maybe he’s helped that person get what they needed to make it through another night.  I can’t even imagine what it would be like to have a life like that. 

I’ve said several times that despite some of his trashy behavior I thought Maks was essentially a good guy, but I don’t think that anymore.  I think he’s an asshole who lacks basic human decency.  

So right now I feel like Maks can take his attitude and his abs and his Blue Steel selfies and go home to his Barbie doll girlfriend whose biggest contribution to the world is showing everyone her bronzed ass cheeks, and fuck himself.  I don’t even know if I can find humor in their antics anymore.