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Not to be rude or anything, but that was the end of the comic? It was cute, but kinda anticlimactic. Is there going to be anything else? Because I really love this AU and I can't wait to see what happens.

shit youre right, theres some missing panels

now thats an ending!

Imagine a convo like this during the Orion Pax arc...
  • Orion: You... used Dark Energon? How?
  • Megatron: I... inserted it directly into my own spark, then I--
  • Orion: Hold on. Wait.
  • Orion (to Soundwave): Did he really...?
  • Soundwave: *nods*
  • Orion: Oh Primus, Creator of all, what THE FRAG were you thinking?!?
  • Megatron: *scoff* You don't think I could have handled the power?
  • Orion: YOU COULD HAVE DIED! I don't give a scrap heap about whether you could control it or not. Megatron, you placed the very essence of death and destruction into your spark chamber!
  • Orion: And what would have happened then? If you had ceased to function?
  • Orion: You constantly belittle Starscream's command-- publicly. It's clear to everyone who follows you-- and possibly our enemy-- that you don't want Starscream to lead! You waste his time and talents with the promise of leadership opportunities...
  • Megatron: *growls* I promise NOTHING.
  • Orion: ...Even when he performs his duties amicably and efficiently, you give him no reward. What message does that send to your troops?
  • Megatron: His reward is his life! The fact that I allow that traitorous mech to even function on my ship... he should be grateful.
  • Orion: ...So you don't actually trust him, or LIKE HIM enough to be a true heir to the Decepticons.
  • Megatron: No. I do not trust him.
  • Orion: Alright, then what about Soundwave?
  • Soundwave: *stops his work and quietly excuses himself. Nope, not doing this today.*
  • -- DOORS CLOSE --
  • Megatron: What about Soundwave? You know him too, he has been here since the beginning.
  • Orion: He may have been here the longest but he is not meant for as large a role as leader... and he knows it too.
  • Megatron: Soundwave is my most loyal. I trust him completely. The only reason I don't have him as my second is so that we can BOTH keep an optic on Starscream. Get to your POINT, Orion!
  • Orion: You disappeared for 3 years, leaving Starscream to care for and coordinate your armies.
  • Orion: He does a fine job continuing your expansion whether you like it or not, and even takes out a member of the primary Autobot squadron.
  • Orion: Energon production is not up significantly, but it's not down either-- likely the best anyone could have done in times like these.
  • Orion: But then you return, beating and tossing him this way and that, barely even acknowledging his work!
  • Orion: Your troops see this, and any respect Starscream has garnered during his time commanding has gone out the window.
  • Orion: And you MUST know this, somewhere in your processor. And I know you are also aware that Soundwave could not have filled your pedes in your absence, otherwise you would have specified as such.
  • Orion: If you had died, Starscream could not resume his command after you laid waste to everyone's opinion of him. Soundwave could not have taken over because he simply could not handle it.
  • Orion: There would be a power vacuum. Any and all strong Decepticons within a few stellar cycles journey from here would compete for dominance, dividing your forces. The message would be lost... your armies, scattered.
  • Orion: The Autobots... would WIN.
  • Megatron: ....
  • Megatron: *gets up to loom over Orion/Optimus*
  • Megatron: You seem to have a lot to say for someone who has essentially been in stasis for millions of vorns.
  • Orion: *huff* All I'm saying is that you aren't using your intellect and prospective reasoning! You keep acting on your first instinct instead of thinking things through. What happened to the strategist? The gladiator with a plan?
  • Megatron: ...
  • Orion: ... talk to me. What is it about the Autobots that make you lose your focus?
  • Megatron: ...
  • Megatron: *knocks hand away* We will discuss this later, Orion.
  • Orion: ... do you even know what it's doing to your spark now? I doubt you can fully purge Dark Energon, as energy can neither be created nor destroyed.
  • Orion: *reaches out* Please... as your friend, I am asking you to seek medical attention... if only so we can better understand what must happen now.
  • Megatron: ...
  • Megatron: ... I have things I must attend to.
  • -- DOORS CLOSE --
You’re a Dancer and Tommy Falls For You

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Tommy Shelby x Reader

“Thomas! We’ll be late!” Polly yelled through the house before she saw her handsome nephew descending the stairs. She smiled and reached up to fix the one fly away hair that was sticking straight up. “Are you ready to go?”

“Yes, Pol, but I hope you know I have better things I could be attending rather than a ballerina performance.”

“Oh I know, but you promised to do something with me of my choosing and this is what I would like to go see. Now go get in the car.” Her stern voice broke through and he immediately walked out the front door.

When they reached the theatre, they found their seats and patiently waited for the performance to start. When it did, Thomas wasn’t really sure what the story was or what was going on. He was purely focused on one dancer, the lead. Her (Y/H/C) hair was pulled into tight braids that met together in a bun on the back of her head revealing her beautiful face. He watched as her grace was the only thing that seemed to be present on the stage.

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[SPOILERS] NDRV3 - Killing Harmony Chapter Summaries

Alright lads, time for me to get crackin’ down and write this for all of you who may still be confused but please, do note that my knowledge about what happens is limited to translations provided by people I share a Discord server with and though I’m summarizing what we all collectively figured out, all of the credit for this goes to the amazing translators in the server made by @officialamami who did a wonderful job providing leaks for the fandom and whether right or wrong, they really do deserve credit for their tenacity and determination. With that settled though, I think it’s finally time for me to start writing. Now everyone do like Juzo Sakakura’s dub VA says and hold onto your ass because we’re about to go to fuckin’ trippyland, hope you bring something to eat and/or drink because there’s going to be walls of text below the Read More… If anyone has a more clear understanding of what happens, please PM me or put it in the notes so I can fix the information accordingly.

NOTE: I am constantly editing this post as I learn more information so by the time someone else is reading this, there may be new information. What I’m basically saying is, until we get official English translations, I’ll keep coming back to this post and editing it so there’s a 100% clear understanding of everything that happens. If you read this post before, I advise you read it again, there may be new information. 

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The next few days were all about making new friends. Remus spent most of his time at the Village Market and Harbor, hanging out with the islanders, chatting with them and getting to know them. The hyena story was in very high demand, and he had to retell it many times over - not that he minded, of course! It was a nice feeling, being in the center of attention for once (back home, he always felt like he was playing second fiddle to his more interesting, more successful, cooler supernatural half-siblings), and he savored every moment of it. The natives were so wonderful and cordial, praising him all the time and giving him gifts, and for the first time ever, Remus could’ve sworn that he felt genuinely happy. The tribe matriarch promised that she’d weave him a sail for the raft, but he wasn’t so sure that he wanted to leave anymore.

And then came the incontestable highlight of his stay on the island: Chief Fangaloka Manave, the head of the tribe, asked to meet him! Never has Remus felt so important in his entire life. And to make things even better, the Chief invited him to attend the island’s sacred festivity, Volcano Festival - as a guest of honor, no less! There was no passing up this unique opportunity, so Remus was more than happy to accept the invitation.


how to attract the signs

this was an answer to an ask at first but i made it into a post. check your crush’s sun AND venus and follow both.

Aries: be kind of rowdy tbh. listen to their stories attentively. laugh at their jokes. give them as much time as they seem to need to really open up, particularly about their feelings. allow time to earn their trust.

Taurus: be chill and sarcastic and let them make judgmental comments about people/things. don’t judge them for judging. unleash your judgmental side with them. don’t be annoying or seem uneducated. have a slightly rebellious and bold, risk-taking persona.

Gemini: match their sense of humor and let them shittalk. don’t be quick to disagree with them, criticize them, or get angry at them. don’t fight with them, like ever. get along with their friends. don’t be antisocial or very shy.

Cancer: have intellectual conversations and debates with them, share interests. show interest in hearing about their interests, likes, and hobbies.

Leo: give them a ton of attention and always say they’re right even when and especially when they’re totally wrong. let them feel superior to you. bolster their esteem. don’t be better than them at things. seem like an influential person. be social. throw/attend parties.

Virgo: get to know them well, take note of their opinions, and then act like you agree with all of them and do things that demonstrate that agreement. do not seem unintelligent or uneducated. watch their favorite shows/movies with them, do things with them

Libra: be confident, funny, and smart but not necessarily booksmart. also be open-minded, don’t annoy them, don’t be fake, and have a good sense of fashion and good hair.

Scorpio: show absolute willingness to be completely devoted, loyal, committed, faithful. let them kind of be in charge and be kind of submissive tbh. don’t be afraid to make your sexual attraction to them obvious. act kind of in love with them, they might string you along at first but wait it out. give them the power.

Sagittarius: be really witty, kind of sarcastic. never ever be dishonest or at all fake. avoid even white lies. don’t take any shit and tell it like it is. don’t get easily offended. hate-watch things with them.

Capricorn: demonstrate knowledge, intelligence, ambition, and drive. show that you take life seriously and are responsible and not rash or foolish. give them time and space to open up, as much as they need.

Aquarius: just be chill af. definitely don’t be too emotional. have a sense of adventure. be open-minded and up for anything. be interesting, never boring. talk about your interests and opinions with them and listen to theirs.

Pisces: be really sympathetic, empathetic, and compassionate not only to them but to everyone (especially them though). show concern about their feelings. listen when they talk about them. only provide constructive criticism. never invalidate their feelings or experiences.

Hey guys! It’s Ezra - I’m back!

Things have been going better for me. I’ve been attending therapy, I’m working on transitioning, I’m getting out of my abusive household soon, etc - so I’ve decided to come back because I’ve been missing this blog! Sorry for leaving you hanging for so long.

I had a thought of Viktor calling Yurio and inviting him to the wedding which promptly leads to Yurio going off on a rant about how he has much better things to do than attend a stupid wedding for an even stupider couple. Viktor listens, completely amused, for the whole ranting session until Yurio finally calms down and there’s silence. 

“So, you’re coming?”

“Of course I’m coming, what do you take me for?”

Yurio pretending to hate the whole thing but wouldn’t miss the wedding of his ‘parents’ for anything. 

All My Friends Are Wasted [Bellamy Blake College AU]

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Title: All My Friends Are Wasted
Fandom: The 100 (TV Show)
Characters: Bellamy Blake x reader, your best friend (Y/B/F/N)
Warnings: None because I’m family friendly yo
Word Count: 989
Short Description:
Alternate Universe – where you and Bellamy went to the same high school and he had always had a huge crush on you (which you never knew about) but now you’re in college and he’s gotten more confident and he basically knows now that he’s hot. Inevitably, your friends – who brought along Bellamy – get wasted at a party and he tells you some interesting things you didn’t know about.

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"you express your hatred for her daily even when she's doing things like attending charity events for the betterment of children's underdeveloped education, donating to storm victims, helping children with developmental issues." Her doing those admittedly good and nice things don't erase and does NOT give her a pass for the shitty and ugly things she's said/done. Which, btw, she's never apologized for or tried to amend. So until she does that, we'll keep calling her out

Exactly.  I don’t need a PR list of good things she’s done when her actions are always so much more telling.  Frequenting a bar where the confederate flag was on display for months before they finally took it down is more telling to me than chipping in to buy some pizza while she was shooting a movie and calling it charity.

anonymous asked:

Shelley says something from a couple years ago and you express your hatred for her daily even when she's doing things like attending charity events for the betterment of children's underdeveloped education, donating to storm victims, helping children with developmental issues. You act like such a loser sometimes. It's sad considering. I'm not a stan. You just say stupid shit sometimes and your followers uselessly agree while some side eye you but choose to ignore it. I know they're tired of it.

If you’re tired of it then you probably still haven’t latched on to the simple fact that I don’t like her.  I don’t care if what she said was two years ago, two months  or two hours.  She’s never asked for my forgiveness so I don’t see a need to give it.  You don’t need to pump her up with fake accolades, I don’t care about her redemption.  She’s trash so I’m going to talk trash about her.  I’m probably never going to like her and I don’t have to, reset your expectations and get used to it. 

I know you’re a stan, but that’s a part of being an SMS stan and also enjoying this blog.  90% of the time there’s no issue, but I like to stretch the 10% and that’s just how it is, boo.  Sorry that chaps your hide.  If you see Shelley come up, know you’ll probably have to scroll a few asks. Until then, instead of complaining about it, be the change you want to see.  Talk about something else and direct the conversation that way.  Or take a breather, whatever works for you!


The party was dull. You felt like you wasted four whole hours of your life, and you could never get them back. The vampire costume you threw together last minute was a waste of your precious money and your friends – well, they didn’t care. They just wanted the booze.
“Hey,” you poked your friend on the back, causing him to jump and turn to face you. “I’m leaving.” You shouted over the Halloween music.
He gave you a look of confusion. “Hell, (Y/N), don’t you want to have a good time?” He asked.
With a soft chuckle, you shook your head. “I’m going to a haunted house or something.” You flashed him your fangs with a half attempt at a smile and turned on your heel, wishing for real magical powers so you could turn this night into something more, something worth your time spent away from your work at home.
Before you walked out the door, however, you stopped and looked around the room. You swore you felt the creepy ‘I’m being watched’ sensation, just like a horror movie. But you knew everyone here, they wouldn’t be staring at you. You were invisible to most of these people, especially with the beer filling their stomachs up.
Just when you thought you better leave, you caught sight of the figure in the corner, a red plastic cup raised to his lips, those thin slits for eyes watching you as he gulped down whatever he might have had left in his cup.
He slowly let the plastic cup fall to his side as his mouth hung there, his eyes growing a bit wider as he noticed he had been caught. He was probably the only one not dressed up for the party, or at least the only one who didn’t go out and buy his costume. He looked like a normal guy with a few holes in his clothes and a clean shaven face.
Part of you wanted to rush over and slap him, the other part wanted to know his name.
You decided it was better to just leave and never look back. The door closed behind you as you swiftly exited the house and the thumping music. You would have to salvage what was left of your Halloween night, and you had no idea how exactly you were going to do so.
Remembering that you rode with one of your friends, you had to walk down the sidewalk in your vampire boots and squint to see anything, seeing as most of the streetlights were turned off earlier in the night. This was to give the neighbourhood a “spooky” effect.
You almost kept walking – almost. The voice was deep and a little scratchy sounding, like he needed to clear his throat. It doesn’t scare you, though. Actually, you’re drawn to it, want to answer him by giving him just a few extra minutes of your night. You do.
Turning around, you see the man from the corner. He’s pushed his hands in his pockets and followed you outside. He’s taller than he looked, towering several inches over you, even in these godawful heels.
“What are you doing?” He asked, catching up to you and stopping just a few steps from you.
“Going to make this Halloween worth something.” You state and cross your arms over your chest. “I was told this was the party of the century, but it was just an excuse for the rest of them to get drunk.”
“Isn’t that what makes the party of the century?” He teased. One of his eyebrows shoot up, and you notice how cute it is.
“I’d rather be out doing something. I never liked parties much. Actually, this was a last minute idea. My other plans fell through and Ricky pulled me to this damned college thing. Sometimes you just can’t win.” You shrugged.
The man chuckled a bit. “I know what you mean. My brother wanted to come back and see a few of his old college buddies. We’ve been out of town for a while, and work brought us back. I had no idea it was going to be this boring.”
“Whose your brother?” He peeked your curiosity. You knew everyone at the college, even if you didn’t attend it yourself. You had better things to do than sit in a classroom all day, learning stuff you had no interest in.
“Ah, Sam.” The man smiled some. Clearly he cared very much for his brother.
“Winchester?” You had to stop and think.
“The very same.” The man beamed. “I’m Dean.”
“Well, it’s nice to know he’s still around.” You smiled some, too, remembering the few times you hung out with the giant. He was real sweet at the time. “(Y/N).”
“Why don’t we get out of here.” Dean pulled a set of keys out of his pocket. “We’ll go have some fun while they drink themselves to death.”
You should have said no, should have walked away right then. You had no idea what you were getting yourself into. “Alright.” You smiled and took his hand, knowing this was a bad choice.


“Where are we going?” You shift some in the seat and buckle yourself. Dean took you to his Impala and told you he had a surprise for you, that this would be a Halloween you would never forget. It kind of scared you at first, but the thrill was worth every second of it.
Dean turned on the radio where an old classic rock song was playing, but he kept it on low so you two could talk. “I told you, it’s a surprise.”
“But I hate not knowing.” You pouted and crossed your arms over your chest. The corset was starting to get a bit uncomfortable on the bumpy ride. You wished you had put on something under it, just to give yourself a few minutes break. “Come on.”
“You’ll like it.” Dean smirked at you and turned sharply off the road. You grabbed onto the dashboard and looked over at the man. Was he about to try and murder you?
It took either of you a few minutes to speak again. The radio had started to play a song you actually knew and loved, so you whispered the lyrics low and hoped he didn’t catch it.
After the song was over, Dean stopped the car. The Impala was sitting in the middle of the woods, headlights switched off. Every horror movie you ever saw was flashing through your mind as Dean got out of the car and moved over to the passenger side door, opening it for you and offering his hand out.
“Am I about to be murdered?” You questioned out loud, taking hold of Dean’s strong hand and hoisting yourself to your feet.
Dean laughed and it felt like music to your ears. “I’m not going to let anything happen to you.” He made it sound like a promise as he held you a little too close to his body, the heat building between you two as he looked into your eyes, and you looked back into his. “Trust me.” He finally said, lightly pulling you through the trees and into a small clearing.
“What…?” You start to say, but Dean holds a finger to his lips and nods to a shadow that appeared in the middle of the clearing, the shadow of a man.
You give Dean a questioning look as he pulls out a long knife and mouths something to himself. “Stay here,” he whispers.
Dean leaves you, tiptoeing across the field to the shadow. All you can think of is that this man you just met is about to kill someone right in front of you, and possibly kill you next.
There was only one thing left to do. You kicked off your brand new heels and ran for the Winchester, knowing you must get him before he gets you.
You tackled him to the ground.
The shadow figure looked up and you saw his face, you saw the blood spilling down his chin and into his dark beard. A small smile creeps on his face as he straightens himself and saunters over to the two of you.
Dean his on the ground, his arms wrapped around you. For a second, he tries to get up, until he stares up at you and the realization crosses his face. His mouth drops open and his eyes – why, they looked hurt.
You roll over and sit on his chest, beaming up at the bearded man. “Did I do good?”
“My dear,” he grunted. “What did I say about playing with food?”
Your smile turned into a frown. “But, he’s a Winchester.”
The man beneath you was too stunned to move. The knife he once held was hidden in the over grown grass.
The bearded man smirks at you, pulling his blood covered lips above his fangs, showing them off. You do the same, allowing yourself to let loose as each one of your fangs slid down, popping the fake ones you placed in earlier that day.
“Where is the younger one?” The bearded man asked.
“He was nowhere to be seen. Once I discovered this one, I thought it better to contact you as quickly as possible.” You say as Dean started to regain his power and shoved you off.
You landed in the grass as he lounged for the bearded man, both falling to the ground. You scream, not ready for this. You were a fledgling, only a year or so old. You were still getting used to the fact that you were no longer human, to the fact that you were stronger than most men.
The bearded man, your creator, screamed in agony.
Dean Winchester started yelling something you couldn’t understand.
You saw the gleam of something in the moonlight and your hand flew to your mouth.
Dean Winchester stands up, his front covered in blood that was not his.
He points the stake at you, his eyes full of hate.
“You’re next.”

140911 Luhan Weibo Update

“I have to apologize to Thailand fans and everyone else. Due to excessive exhaustion over a long period of time, I’ve been having persistent headaches, sleeping problems, and I feel dizzy often. The doctor insisted that I rest for a while. I cannot attend the Thailand concert. I’m really really sorry. Originally I thought I could push through and complete all the schedules, and show everyone the best possible performances, but now it seems that’s not possible anymore. I hope that things will get better soon, and that I’ll be able to attend the Beijing concert! I hope everyone doesn’t worry :(”

i am DOWN for a potential 45 minutes episode because of REASONS including but not limited to 

  • hearing even talk about all that happened. about all that he is feeling. about all that has been on his mind. about how isak’s statement about people with a mental illness hurt him, scared him away. i need him to get everything off his chest. and i need this to not be squeezed into a 5 minutes scene. i 👏🏼 want 👏🏼 details 👏🏼
  • SOFT CUDDLING SESSION. soft face touching. soft hair touching. and soft sighs. a soft “this is us, we’ll be fine” moment. warm, soft, loving, soft. i want this to last a while. i really don’t think i’m being difficult here now AM I 
  • isak going to the show on friday. we get to meet his parents. isak hugs them. they talk. things slowly start to get better. there is hope. Things Will Be Fine. not sure if even could attend but??? the episode ending with isak and even holding hands and then the camera on isak’s face and we see him smile??? would be wonderful???