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(Not so Valentine again) Celebration Day 4: Zen : That-Cheesy-Romantic-Valentine-Surprise-That-You-Sometimes-Wonder,-Are-People-Really-Doing-This?

Valentine’s after ending for Zen will be always like this in my mind. *cue Careless Whisper*

Day 4 for an event held by @mysticmessimagines

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rfa, saeran, and V reaction to MC wanting to adopt teenagers since they usually don't get adopted as often as younger kids

(heck yeah I’m here on team adopt older kids and teenagers!!!)


  • at first he doesn’t know if it’s a good idea
  • not because he thinks the teenager would be any trouble, or that the idea itself is flawed
  • he’s just not sure if he’s going to be able to be the father of a teenager right away??
  • MC can’t help but snicker when he spills his worries
  • seriously, that’s all he’s worried about
  • he knows he’s weak when it comes to his loved ones and he doesn’t think he’ll have enough strenght to berate his new child if they rebel 
  • MC is just, laughing at this point because they know this man will make a great father 
  • after a while, he’s much more calm and ready to talk with MC about the plans- when should they adopt? where could they go? should they start meeting teenagers in adoption right now? and all that important jazz


  • her smile is as wide as her happiness is
  • Jaehee is a pro for adoption of all kinds, especially seeing as she was taken in by her aunt and uncle
  • of course, when MC expresses how sad it makes them to think of all those teenagers thrown about in the adoption system, Jaehee joins in with her feelings too
  • it’s not even a conversation- MC just says it and Jaehee is agreeing by the second
  • Jaehee is usually one for calm planification though, so MC knows that it’ll be ages before the actual adoption takes place
  • because obviously, Jaehee will want to read up on teenager care, adoption care, nearby high schools, the psychological needs of an adopted teenager, and probably any sort of book related on the matter to make sure she’s prepared for everything


  • at first he’s a bit surprised to hear that
  • when he hears “adopting a child” his mind just tends to picture the typical scene of a couple with a baby in their hands after leaving an orphanage or something
  • he hadn’t ever just wondered what happened to the older kids? he guessed they left, but the more he thinks about it… the less he likes the fact they’re left behind
  • still, he’s a bit hesitant and MC notices it, mainly because he remembers how he was as a teenager
  • and oh boy is he not ready to take care of a teenager like that
  • him and MC end up visiting one of the adoption centers to meet some of the teens for adoption, mostly so Zen can see not everyone was an unruly little shit at age 15 like he was
  • once at home, Zen starts wondering about the future- he’ll skip through all the baby care, the raising… and he doesn’t really mind. MC seems happy, and honestly, just that is enough to tell him it is the correct decision


  • his heart is split in two
  • one side says he doesn’t mind, he really doesn’t care that MC wants to adopt and he’ll gladly go along, and that he’s happy as long as MC is
  • the other half screams that his father will be unhappy, that of course someone like his father wants a flesh and blood grandchild, and that this might just tear apart his father’s patience
  • MC notices he’s worried, and for a second they think he might dislike the idea of adopting a teenager
  • Jumin opens up rather easily, maybe because he’s spent so much time with MC, about why he worries his father won’t like the fact he’ll get a teenage grandchild like that
  • after talking for a while, Jumin decides to simply think it through- he and MC can tell his father after everything is done, and frankly, as long as neither him or MC mind adopting an older child, who cares?
  • it’s not easy for him to adopt the “it’s our choice” mentality (after all, his father had been asking for a grandchild since Jumin was about twenty, and had always been there to add his opinion to most of Jumin’s big life choices) but once he does, his worries melt away


  • Seven is a bit serious when it comes to the topic of children- not because he feels like it’s worrying, but because he feels like if it’s something important to MC, he shouldn’t joke around it too much
  • really, Seven is ready for whatever. MC wants children? he’s happy with that. MC wants no children? he’s more than ok with that. MC wants twenty kids? a-ok by him. 
  • so MC wants to adopt a teenager? he’s more than happy to cheer along
  • he just feels like his life is now complete with MC by his side, and whatever happens afterwards with them will be filled with happiness no matter what
  • and if that is by adopting a teenager, then he’s more than happy to proceed with that plan
  • he can’t help but crack a joke about it here and there, though- such as how he’s going to make the poor teenager’s life a mess by throwing in dad jokes 24/7 at them, or how he’s planning on driving them to high school in the most ridiculously expensive sports cars he owns to make their classmates think they’re the child of a multimillionaire
  • which, y’know, taking in count how much money Seven has, is kinda right


  • one of his fears, that he hardly ever expresses, is accidentally harming a child- even more so if it were his child
  • MC had mentioned adoption before, and he hadn’t minded much; the idea of adopting was natural to him? he’d never quite understood why people would say things like “they want it to be their child” when speaking against adoption
  • and fairly, teenage adoption seems more…easy, in a sense
  • MC warns him that it’ll be a bit difficult- and that the teenager might be a bit awkward at first around them, or might rebel a bit, but he knows he can handle that
  • secondly, he knows that at least with a teenager he doesn’t run the risk of accidentally dropping them and hurting them when trying to play with them
  • and as an added bonus, nobody would judge the teen’s clothes if they went through an emo phase. because. one of their parents is already a Big Emo so


  • after everything he and MC have been through, it’s easy to talk about anything with him
  • maybe it’s that or his naturally calming aura that make MC pretty chill with the whole telling him and seeing what he thinks
  • V listens to all of MC’s points, about why they think adopting a teenager would be good, and about why it’s harder for teenagers to get adopted, along with other benefits, as V listens carefully
  • he nods along and hums in agreement, not interrupting MC
  • once they’re done, MC looks at him, waiting for an answer
  • he just smiles, and asks MC if they have a plan or a set date when they’d like to begin the process
  • he just jumps head-first into it, ready to go along with it 
  • he’s also pretty excited to take a family photo- but he says he wants to wait to actually adopt so he knows what kind of scenery or aesthetic the teenager would like for the photo, so he waits before making the arrangements
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Hello! Hope you are doing fine :) could you write a story with Zen x MC where MC had years of suffering bc of her parents? Mother and father were mistreating and hitting her bc they were extremely strict and drink too much alcohol. One day she ran away from home and left everything behind. Even her older brother didn't help her. She also got a handicaped sister who she took care of since childhood. Now she can't see her and Zen is the only person who understands her and helps her ease the pain

hey anon! to be honest I’m still a bit sick, but thank you :) also, thank you for the request! It was…a lot, but I had some fun with it. It goes along with zen’s route, for the most part, leaving out Echo Girl.

oh, and since you didn’t specify ‘handicapped’ I left it kinda vague, hope that’s okay ^^;;  side note: im hoping this was your imagination but pls don’t hesitate to talk to me if you wanna 

I hope you like it!! Requests are open <33 

Word Count: 2017(well isn’t that ironic)  Trigger Warnings: alcohol, hitting(.. i can’t word things), past abuse ,cheesy zen

Edit: sorry cuts hate me;;

 “You’re late.” Her father’s voice. “I thought we made it clear that 8 o’clock was your curfew.” Her mother’s now. Which wasn’t good—she could handle one of them, but both was just annoying. She had hoped it was one of those days where they would pass out by 7:30, but apparently she wasn’t that lucky. Still, she was 5 minutes late… “Do you have anything to say for yourself, MC?” No, she didn’t. Even if she did, it’d be useless. “Nothing, huh? How ungrateful…we were giving you a chance.” Sure, mother, call it a chance. “Look at me, young lady.” MC reluctantly followed her father’s words, knowing full well what would happen. It wasn’t the first time—and it probably won’t be the last—but she grew used to it. One slap for every minute she was late. This time, it was 5. The least she ever got was 2, the most 15. Her father did the hitting while her mother counted and poured both of them another drink. Scotch this time…must be a Thursday. When that punishment was over, a bag search. That was the easy part. Her mother would take the bag from her and shake it until everything spilled out on the floor. A pack of gum, her house keys, loose coins, a $10 bill, and a tube of lip gloss. They’d take her $10, give her one last, hard slap for “worrying them”, and send her upstairs. MC didn’t even care about the money, she had something more important in a hidden pocket she made. A girl learns things over the years.

While she went upstairs, she passed her older brother’s room. He used to be helpful, but he caved. Now, he was practically like them. Just as drunk and rude, the only difference being he didn’t hit her. He stayed holed up in his room, only going out for school and the occasional party he gets invited to. MC had half the mind to wonder if those parties made him any different. He wasn’t important, though. What was important, was her sister. She meant the world to MC, especially since she was the one to take care of her when they were kids. There was…an accident when MC was 7 and her sister was 5 that left her practically under house arrest. These days, she barely ever came out of their shared room. It wouldn’t surprise MC if their parents forgot about her. “Psst, it’s me.” MC whispered, opening the door just enough for her to slip through. “I got you something.” Her sister moved the blanket from her face and turned to her. “Is that why you’re late..?” MC shrugged, taking out the small bag apple slices from the hidden pocket in her bag. There were only 4, but she knew it would make a big difference. “It was worth it.” She said. Walking to her sister, MC carefully opened the bag and handed her a slice. “No it wasn’t MC,” her sister said, taking the slice anyways. “You shouldn’t get beat for fruit…” MC sat at the edge of the bed, getting a slice out for herself. “We shouldn’t get beat, period. But that’s our life, right?” Her sister ate the slice slowly, savoring it. “It doesn’t have to be. You could get out of here.” “And leave you?” MC responded automatically. “I couldn’t.” MC’s sister shook her head, “You can. And you should. One of us deserves a decent life.” MC popped the whole apple slice in her mouth and handed the rest to her. “Do we?”

When the day came, MC was definitely not prepared. “Go!” Her sister whisper-yelled from their bed, motioning her to the window. “We planned this, remember? Out the window, to the back, and do not stop until you see the third gas station.” MC nodded, opening the window. It was pointless to be quiet, their father was coming up the stairs as they spoke. MC started to put a foot out the window when she turned back to her sister. “And you’re going to stay in bed, and pretend you’re me…oh, this is ridiculous, just let me take it-” “No!” Her sister cut her off. They heard their father’s voice down the hall. “I didn’t answer your question back then, but the answer is yes. One of us does deserve a decent life. And you’re our last chance. So go!” The voice was getting closer, and MC was still not completely sure about this, but she knew her sister meant that. And out the window she went.

It had been 4 years since she left. At first, she tried to keep contact with her sister. Even if that only meant flying paper airplanes to the window. But she was found out one day by her mother, who yelled at her to never come back. MC didn’t know what happened that day or after, but they didn’t threaten her to come back. Part of her was relieved at first, another knew exactly why. It was confirmed by her mother, who had told her, “don’t you dare come back here, MC! It would be a huge disappointment to your sister, huh?” They hadn’t forgotten. Which meant who knows what for her sister. “If I see you near our house again, then you will come back. And it’ll make things so much worse.” Was the last thing she heard from her mother, complete with a smirk and a vodka bottle in hand. Vodka meant she was extra strict and dangerous, but it also meant somewhat honesty—much worse than lies. That, and it was Monday.

Ever since then, MC had nightmares. About what had happen to her sister, about if they would force her back there, how bad things really were. They did seem to get a little better, however, when she joined the RFA. That was also kind of forced, but the RFA was full of nice people. Nicer than pretty much everyone she knew before. There was one person who, uh, was a little too nice at times, but MC found herself drawn to him. Sure, the others were just as nice. She thought that Yoosung was cute, Seven was amusing to talk to, Jaehee was kind, and Jumin was even funny sometimes. She even liked V, though she rarely saw him. But Zen was…weird. In a good way. Her nightmares seemed to not be as frightening when she talked to him before going to sleep. He called every morning just to talk, made sure she ate—like everyone else—and now she had more pictures of this guy on her phone than she did herself. Seven told her he was kind of into her. Yoosung agreed. Jaehee was skeptical, but MC could understand. She was just getting to know this guy, just like she was with the rest of them, it’s not like she could fall in love through a messenger. But then he sprained his ankle and she was in a car Jumin sent on her way to his house. She was nervous, even dressed up a little bit. Okay, maybe she could fall in love through a messenger. Maybe.

Wait, did MC really find love over a messenger? Because she was supposed to leave his place an hour and a half ago, but here they were eating dinner together and laughing over something he said. It was easy around him, MC thought. And he was happier again, though she didn’t even have the chance to mention the cat food model job—sorry Jumin. After dinner, he took her up to the roof. It was a beautiful night, with stars practically everywhere. There, he spilled his life story to her. And at first, MC was surprised at how similar they really were, but she took her time to listen. This was important to him, she could tell. Plus, the blush on his face was cute. Damnit MC, focus. “It’s strange,” Zen said, “I feel as if I’ve known you for a long time…you’re strange.” MC smiled a bit, “Well…maybe it’s because we have kind of similar stories.” Zen looked at her, tilting his head a little. “What do you mean?” “It’s a long story…” “You listened to me, it’s my turn to listen to you.” He said, returning her smile. Now MC was blushing. “Alright…here we go.”

She took a deep breath and told him everything. From the accident with her sister, to the alcohol, to when the beatings started, her older brother, all the way to the day she ran away. Even the nightmares and the day she was yelled at by her mother. Somewhere along the way, she started crying. Not long after that, Zen started crying too. When she finished her story, the two of them were a mess. “MC..” Zen said, regaining his composure first. “How long…have you been keeping all of that in?” She shrugged lightly, “What, 4 years? It doesn’t matter, they’re not what I’m worried about-” “It’s your sister.” He said, cutting her off, but she nodded. “…I can’t see her anymore. I don’t know what they’re doing to her, what they already did to her, I just left her!” Zen quickly took her hand, intertwining his fingers and holding it tightly. “MC, listen to me. Nothing that happened was your fault. I have no doubt that your sister is proud of you and does not regret your decision. She’s happy that you left.” MC looked at him, her tears coming to a stop. “But they’re probably hurting her…” Zen sighed and brought up their hands, kissing hers gently. “I know…but whatever you do, you can’t go back.” She nodded, the blush coming back slightly. “You’re right…and I’m sorry, you have family problems too. I fully support you in your decisions, you know that. If you want to go back or not.” Zen smiled, “ Don’t be sorry. And I know, princess. Thank you. Oh, it’s late…you should probably go back to the apartment…” MC blinked, “Oh, yeah…Jumin’s driver is still outside…” He helped her stand up, hands still together. “I’m sorry if it seems like I’m kicking you out, but I honestly feel like I might faint just holding your hand.” MC laughed, following him back inside. “Please don’t. Your ankle still isn’t fully healed.” They continued talking while they walked towards the door. “It will be by tomorrow, I know it! Anyways…text me when you get back safe, okay? Promise?” MC nodded, “I promise.”

It was late by the time MC got back to the apartment, but she didn’t mind. She texted Zen as promised and joined the messenger when she saw he was on. Yoosung was on too, and the three of them talked for a while, but he went off once one of his guild members called him for a raid. Then it was just the two of them.

‘That boy..anyway I’m glad you made it back safe, MC. Make sure you rest up’

‘I will, you rest up too. You’re going back to the doctor tomorrow. Goodnight Zenny~’

They both left the chatroom, but he called her right after. “Can’t get enough of me?” She said teasingly when she answered. “No, actually. I can’t. Haha” He said, “I really just…wanted to thank you. For coming over, letting me share my story, and letting me listen to yours.” “I should thank you for having me…you made dinner.” She heard his laugh again, “That’s nothing, babe. I just made dinner. You made my day.” MC laughed now,  “Are you always this cheesy?” “I prefer ‘romantic’, but either way the answer is yes.” She rolled her eyes, smiling. “But seriously…thank you. And sweet dreams, my love. No nightmares tonight. It’ll just be you and me in the land of dreams.” He hung up after that, but he still left MC with a smile. And that night, there were no nightmares, like MC had a clear head for once. She really did just dream of the two of them, back on the roof and looking at the stars. 

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Can I request the rfa's reactions to finding out MC is a professional dancer? Thanks!

So I watched an anime called Princess Tutu not too long ago and it was about ballet so that kind of inspired me for this one and it’s also why most of them are ballet based! I hope that’s okay and I hope that you like it! ^^


  • Because he’s Yoosung, this boy was looking at his university’s bulliton board to find a new club to join
  • As he scanned the list of clubs, there was one in particular that caught his attention
  • It was a club to show students how to dance
  • Yoosung became excited thinking about showing off his newfound skills to you so he grabbed a flyer and went home
  • You were already waiting for him, turning his computer on for him and said “Welcome home Yoosung! Anything fun happen today at classes?”
  • Yoosung really wanted to surprise you about joining the dance club so he casually said “Nope, just a normal day.”
  • As Yoosung finished setting up his computer for a couple of rounds of LOLOL when you noticed a piece of paper thrown hastily in his bag
  • Curiousity got the better of you and when you saw what it said, your eyes widened
  • “Hey Yoosung, are you joining a dance club at your university?” You asked as he jumped in surprise becoming embaressed
  • “Uh m-maybe I was just thinking about it, I’m not completey sure yet.” Yoosung said as his face turned bright red
  • You smiled at him excitedly saying “Yoosung, I’ve been in a lot of ballets in the past so I can help you if you want!”
  • Yoosung’s eyes widened in surprise and asked “Wait MC are you like a professional or something?!”
  • You nodded sheepishly saying “Well I guess you could say that.”
  • Yoosung smiled happily and grabbed your hands, clumsily spinning you around the room saying “Then I want you to teach me! You should have told me sooner MC, I’m so excited and I want to see you perform now!”
  • You taught Yoosung the basic steps of ballet and even those he was still a beginner, it was the best bonding experience that the two of you could ask for


  • Zen had received yet another lead role for an upcoming version of The Swan Lake that he was going to be in
  • He was especially excited about his new role since it was a ballet, something that he had never done before
  • Once Zen got home that night he told you the exciting news saying “It’s going to be so awesome babe! Although I’m a little anxious since I’ve never danced ballet before.”
  • You listened intently but you could feel yourself getting excited and told him “Why don’t I teach you how to dance!”
  • Zen chuckled and kissed your forehead and said “Babe, you know I love you more than anything but you’re the biggest klutz I know and I don’t want you getting hurt so no way.”
  • You huffed and left to go to your shared bedroom
  • Zen panicked thinking that he upset you and rushed into the bedroom
  • He found you digging at the bottom of your closet and you smiled triumphantly when you found a photo album
  • You smirked as you handed it to Zen and told him to open it
  • Zen took the album hesitantly and looked through and saw pictures of you on a stage performing gracefully
  • “Whoa MC, is this really you?!” Zen asked shocked and he flipped through the album
  • “Yes it is! I’ve been in tons of ballets and I still get asked to perform to this day. So there Zen, see I’m no klutz!” You said playfully to Zen
  • He closed the album abruptly and grabbed your hands saying “You have to be the main lead with me babe! I’m calling the director now.”
  • In the end, you did end up getting the lead role along with Zen and the two of you put on a magical performance


  • It was time for the two of you to do some spring cleaning, much to your dismay
  • You swept as Jaehee dusted but you were getting tired of it whining “Jaehee, can’t we be done already? I hate sweeping anyway.”
  • Jaehee sighed but smiled and said “Listen why don’t you finish with the dusting and I’ll finish with the organizing okay?”
  • You gave her a thumbs up and with that, Jaehee went to go clean the two of yours messy closet
  • As Jaehee started organizing her collection of Zen DVDs, she noticed a video with your name on it saying ‘My Best Performance’
  • Curiously, Jaehee put the video in the player and gasped as she saw you, performing the most beautiful dance routine that she has ever seen
  • You walk into the room asking “Hey Jaehee are you okay I heard you-”
  • You cut yourself off when you saw that she was watching your performance and paused it immediately
  • Jaehee gave you a questioning look and said “Huh? Why did you pause it MC, you looked absolutely stunning.”
  • “It’s embarrassing Jaehee!” You pouted to your now giggling girlfriend
  • She shook her head saying “Nonsense MC, I never knew that you were a dancer, you should have told me soon. Can I please watch the rest of your performance?’
  • You thought for a minute and smirked and said “Only if we can be done cleaning then sure!”
  • Jaehee reluctantly agreed and you cheered as you brought her onto your shared bed to watch your performance
  • Jaehee couldn’t take her eyes off of your performance and said “You know MC, I think that you might just be a better dancer than Zen.”
  • You dramatically gasped and said “What?! You mean you think that I’m better than Zen?! That’s the best compliment that you give to anyone!”
  • She laughed and brought you in for a tight hug saying “Yeah yeah yeah I know. But promise me I can see you perform in real life sometime soon okay?”
  • Without responding to her, you got up bringing her along with you and turned on some music, dancing with Jaehee
  • Both you and Jaehee agreed that it was definitely more fun than cleaning all day


  • You couldn’t have been happier when Jumin told you that he was going to leave work in order to take you someplace special
  • He wanted it to be a surprise so you waited anxiously as Driver Kim took you and Jumin to your destination
  • “Come on Jumin, tell me where we’re going!” You told Jumin, becoming more excited by the minute
  • Jumin only smiled saying “Patience MC. We’re almost there now.”
  • Once Driver Kim dropped the two of you off, you saw that Jumin had decided to take you to a theater that you were quite familiar with
  • Jumin grabbed your hand and led you inside to the theater
  • Since the two of you arrived early, Jumin led you around to wander the theater
  • He noticed that there were some posters hanging on the walls from previous performances
  • His eye’s widened when he saw what looked like you in one of the posters
  • “MC? Is this… You?” Jumin asked you
  • You nodded shyly saying “I kind of perform here a lot as a dancer. I’m sorry Jumin, I should have told you sooner.”
  • Jumin shook his head and held your hand tighter saying “Don’t be sorry, I just can’t believe that I didn’t know before. By looking at this picture of you, you look like you’re a beautiful dancer.”
  • You blushed and said “I’m alright I guess. But I’ll definitely let you know when my next performance is!”
  • Jumin thought for a minute and said “I think that I have a better idea. But I’ll let you know after the show.”
  • When the show ended, Jumin went to go talk to the owner of the theater
  • Apparently Jumin’s idea was to rent out the entire theater for the two of you and you held a performance for him
  • After you finished, Jumin got up on the stage and kissed you saying “I’ve seen a lot of performances but I’ve never seen anyone perform as beautifully as you MC.”
  • Jumin made sure to rent out the theater a couple of times a year in order to watch you perform for his eyes only


  • Seven was bored of working so he decided to pull a prank on you
  • He planned on dressing up in one of his many cosplays to try and scare you
  • Since you were going to be home soon, he quickly raided the closet in search for the perfect outfit
  • Seven stopped and held up a fancy ballerina costume saying to himself “Huh, I don’t remember ever buying this one.”
  • He was snapped from his thoughts when he heard the front door open and tried to put the costume on
  • “Saeyoung! I’m home and I bought you some Honey Buddha Chips!” You called out to your boyfriend but when you couldn’t find him, you walked around curiously
  • When you opened the door to your shared room, you saw Seven trying desperately to put one of your old ballet costumes on
  • “What the heck are you doing with that Saeyoung?!” You yelled at him making Seven jump slightly
  • He pulled the costume down and asked “Is this yours MC?”
  • You rolled you eyes and snatched it from him saying “Duh, it obviously isn’t yours you idiot.”
  • Without responding to you, Seven ran over to his computer and began to type furiously
  • You walked over and peeked over Seven’s shoulder to see what he was doing
  • Seven threw his hands up and exclaimed “How he heck did I miss this?! I’m the great God 707 and I missed that your a professional ballet dancer!”
  • You patted his back saying “There there Sae. I didn’t tell you either so it’s okay.”
  • Seven spun around on his chair and grabbed your shoulders saying “MC I want to see you dance! Teach me, be my sensei!”
  • You giggled and took his hands saying “Alright, it’ll be fun!”
  • You came home the next day to find Seven in a ballerina costume stretching telling you that he was ready to learn
  • It ended up being the most fun that the two of you had in a while
The Battle for Yoosung

Hello guys!! Sorry I forgot yoosung in my previous HC so I decided to do a post JUST FOR HIM CAUSE HE IS A PRECIOUS BABY WHO DESERVES THE WORLD

-> MC has a younger better looking sister and that sister (she isn’t a sister anymore :) ) tried hitting on Yoosung <-

• it’s been six months since your first RFA party.
• You and yoosung were “couple goals” because YALL did everything together.
• you played games together, cooked together, -exercise if you know what I mean ;) - because lord Jesus Christ
• this boy was gaining muscle from having you pinned against a certain wall c:
• :)
• so you and Yoosung were finishing battling a certain tribe that took FOREVER to beat
• beat with your team and his team joining forces
• this bean was happy
• he put you back down and just blurted out
• I want you to meet my family
• I kid you not he was like
• (/.O) me ?
• yes!! YOU
•(O.\) BUT WHY
• idiot cause I love you and I want you to meet them
• you smiled and hugged him and kissed him gently
• I know and they will love you
• you went to the other room and saw the chat room blowing up
• you logged on and saw yoosung asking for advice for meeting parents
• -Zen: Just act professionally like Trust Fund Kid Does
•-Jumin: At least I am a better actor than Zen would ever be
•- Jaehee: Mr. Han I don’t appreciate you putting down Zen acting career
•- Jumin: he has a career ? Then why he isn’t receiving checks like I am Assistant Kang. Oh right, he only gets letters.
• - Jaehee Kang has left the Chatroom-
•- Jumin: that is what zen says before he enters an audition
• - MC joined the Chatroom-
• MC DID YOU eat
•-MC: no i didnt because me and Yoosung are going over to my parents TODAY
•- Yoosung has left the Chatroom-
• MC: I have to go you guys :) make sure everyone stays safe! And remember to eat!
• - MC has left the Chatroom -

• Yoosung why did you leave !?
• you just ran to him and hugged him and told him to relax
• you kissed and reassured him that everything was going to be and that your parents are not gonna know if they had sex
• he turned red
• you guys got in the car and went on your way
• you guys arrived and he was a mess
• he was sweating everywhere
• doing breathing exercises like a pregnant woman
• you grabbed his hand and gave it a tight squeeze and looked at him with your eyes
• he relax and was ready
• you heard him sigh “ I am a man”
• you knocked on the door and your father opened it and gave you a TIGHT HUG
• yoosung was thinking
• he extended his arm out and your father just got his arm and pulled it to bring him into a hug
• HUG. YAAAAASSSSSSSSS he was thinking mentally
• he met your mom and she instantly called him son
• he felt right at home
• they told him that this was the first time MC brought anyone home
• he cried on the spot
• you hugged him
• your mother hugged you hugging him
• your father did the big group him
• then you heard your sister sighing
• YALL need to get over yourself-> said Ashley
* yup this bitch name is Ashley* ( if I used your name here you are a wonderful person C: I’m just thinking of whatever name comes into my head )
• but then she saw yoosung
• she lived for innocent men
• she loved the power of making them blush and flustered
• she found a new prey
• she walked up to yoosung and looked him up and down
• MC DO I HAVE something on my shirt do I have something on me
• Ashley: yeah you are gonna have me all over you soon
•MC: Ashley i SWEAR leave him alone. He is mine. Now. Back. Off.
•Ashley: awwwwww MC are you sccaaarreeed ~~
Scared that he will chose me over you
• Yoosung: there THERE is No competition

your parents cried :’)

sleep tight like a baby sheep - a fanfiction

read on ao3

Yoosung Kim was the fluffiest sheep in all the field. All the other sheep couldn’t tell if they wanted to be him or if they wanted to be with him.

One day just after he’d woken up, Yoosung accidentally angered resident sheep king, Jumin Han, by eating his grass. How was Yoosung to know it wasn’t for him? He was only a sheep, unaware of the concept of property, but Jumin was not taking any excuses.

Suddenly out of the shadows, the local sheep actor, Zen, jumped out and slapped his archenemy Jumin right on the head.

“How dare you upset Yoosung?! He is the best sheep in all the land except for me!” Zen turned around to look at Yoosung as Jumin ran away crying from getting hit. Jaehee cheered in the distance.

“Thank you,” Yoosung said to Zen, “I never knew anything about not being allowed to eat this grass.”

“That’s okay,” Zen nodded, “Jumin is the biggest jerk-sheep in all the field.”

He trotted over to Yoosung and gave him a gentle kiss on the mouth, making Yoosung’s wool even fluffier than usual because of his excitement.

After roughly nine seconds of kissing, a friendly sheep called 707 jumped out of his bush, which is where he spent most of his time doing things no sheep should ever know how to do, like playing chess.

“I am even better at kissing than Zen!” he declared confidently, and Zen scowled angrily.

“That’s a lie,” he snapped. 707 proved his point by hitting the side of Zen’s luxurious wool with his head, forcing him to turn and face him. 707 gave him a kiss on his lips and Zen promptly fainted from the skill.

“That was amazing!” Yoosung exclaimed.

“Baa,” replied 707, sauntering over and kissing Yoosung quickly on the mouth. It was like the most delicious grass Yoosung had ever tasted.

“Why can you not kiss me for longer?” Yoosung complained. 707’s smile suddenly fell from his face, replaced with an angry scowl instead.

“I have a dangerous past,” he whispered darkly, his wool suddenly turning black as he slowly backed away from Yoosung, getting absorbed into his usual bush.

Zen still hadn’t woken up, so Yoosung decided to wander around a little bit and find some of the best grass he could that didn’t belong to the nasty sheep king.

“Psst,” came an unfamiliar voice from beside him. Yoosung turned his little head to see a very pretty looking sheep who he had never seen before.

“Who are you?” he asked.

“My name is Saeran. Do you want to buy some grass?”

“Grass? But I can get grass from anywhere,” Yoosung told him, confused. He didn’t know what buying was because he’s a fucking sheep.

“This is the best grass in the entire field. I will give some to you for a price.”

“What price?”

“For every piece of grass I give you, you have to kiss me three times.”

Three times?!” Yoosung exclaimed, “That’s too expensive! This is capitalism in its most obvious form, and you’re exploiting the innocence and naivety of sheep to further your own agenda. I will not do it.”

“It’s very good grass.”

“Okay then.”

Yoosung trotted forwards and Saeran held out a strand of grass to Yoosung. It was very beautiful. Yoosung ate it and felt like he could now fly away with happiness. Saeran looked at him expectantly and Yoosung stepped forwards and kissed him three times on his mouth. Saeran was very good at kissing, so the price didn’t feel too bad.

“Do you want any more?” Saeran asked sheepishly.

“No, I don’t think I can afford it. I don’t have enough kisses left for today.” Yoosung told him sadly.

“Okay,” Saeran nodded and lay down, rolling onto his back and falling asleep immediately.

Yoosung walked away. He wondered if Jumin was okay.

“Hello Yoosung,” said a voice from behind him. He turned around.

“Hello Jaehee. Why is everyone talking to me today?”

“Because you have very good wool. Can I touch it?”

“Of course you can.”

Jaehee stepped forwards and reached out with her little leggy to brush against Yoosung’s wool. “Very good,” she nodded in appreciated, “I would give it 9/10.”

“O-only nine?” Yoosung asked, trying not to burst into tears.

“Zen’s is the only wool I would say is 10. I’m sorry for upsetting you.” She looked sad, and trotted closer to Yoosung, kissing him on the mouth.

“I don’t have many kisses left today,” Yoosung told her.

“You can top them up again tomorrow,” Jaehee told him kindly, before turning around to go and look after Zen who was still unconscious on the grass.

Yoosung heard loud sobbing coming from the deepest, darkest corner of the field, and so headed over.

“Jumin,” he said as he saw the sheep king curled up on the floor crying, “Are you okay?”

“No!” he lamented, “Zen hit me!”

“I know I was there, but you were very mean to me.”

“You ate my grass,” he sulked.

“I’m sorry,” Yoosung sat next to Jumin, “I didn’t know it was yours. I only have one kiss left today, do you want me to kiss you?”

“O-okay,” Jumin nodded. Yoosung leaned down and kissed Jumin on the mouth. There was a lot of sheepy snot on his face from crying, but Yoosung didn’t mind.

“I hope you cheer up soon,” Yoosung said as he got up and trotted away.

Today had been a very successful day for Yoosung. He’d faced some hard times, but also happy times. It had been an emotional rollercoaster and now he was very tired, so he lay down and fell asleep.

(Zen x Mc)

 I´m writing a smut scenario in front of my little sister,in the middle of the living room because some dude broke my window then to burst in my house and then he chased me when I was running to my brother´s room but GUES what! …he really was being pursued by a gang? AND NOW people are repairing my window.

Long story short, I´m writing the last part of the “series”

Requested by @silentdreamsofthedead

Part 1 Seven: Here

PART 2 Jumin: Here

1 YEAR  anniversary

You had to do something spacial and you figure out that you will:

  • Start with a little something something  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°).
  • Make a nice dinner.
  • Then a beer in the roof and see the beautiful view with a little
  • Do little a something something in the roof ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)…
  • Maybe a dance?
  • A message?
  • Finish with a little something something  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°).

In general, you wanted to release “the beast”.

Well…the Idea is that you had a plan.You texted Zen a saying to come early from rehearsals.Everything was prepared and you wait and wait and wait…but he wasn´t coming…

Zen open the main door of the apartment.He kinda knew that you were doing something special today (he knew that yesterday [because now is 12:45 am]  was his anniversary of a 1-year relationship with you.

First, he left his keys on the coffee table and with the sound that the keys made, you woke up and slowly got up from the cozy bed.

When you were sitting on the bed you saw your boyfriend enter to the room with a big smile.

-You made a death glare because WHAT WAS HE THINKING? why did he think that just with his beautiful smile he can repair what he did?

-“Hey mc, I-…” he saw what you were wearing “that´s mine?” he said with a naughty look.

-“Yeah but, will go change” You made your statement and then you got out of the bed making your way to the bathroom. But before opening the door you fell as two bear arms were wrapping around your body.You could feel how your whole body was melting when whispers,his arms were so strong to not let you go from him but very soft to the touch.

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Your naked ass felt the bump that was growing in Zen´s pants and in that moment you wanted to-to … NO NO NO! HE ALWAYS Gets AWAY WITH EVERY STUPID THING THAT HE DOES.You are weak.You were always weak when he touches you like that and now you are really angry.

-“Don´t change…you are perfect like this, princess,” Zen whispers in your ear in a very seductive way.

-”Where were you?” In this moment you felt like better actor a than Zen because you respond in a very cold way when in reality you were so hot inside.

-“Sorry babe…” he kisses you on naked “But …” now he kiss you on the shoulder “I…” finally he kisses you in your ear and he is slowly  lowering his hand from your stomach to between your legs “Ohh…you are not wearing underwear,w ell that makes it easier”

-“Zen!” you took his arms way from you and then facing him you say “Stop! I want to talk because you can’t just forget our first anniversary, then broke your promise of coming early to our house and the getaway and then still get rewarded!”

-Zen walk to a plastic bag and pulled a Book.

-“What´s that?”

-“this is the unlimited edition of [Insert your favorite book/movie/camera/etc]” he hangs it to you.

-“How did you get it!” you said with excitement and censure

-“I took a day off and stand for 8hrs. a  line.I should have told you but that would be ruined the surprise…” He said

-“Sorry, Zen…this is…” You were interrupted by Zen´s harm hug

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-“Don´t be sorry…I love you and I will do everything for you…plus you look really cute when you are angry”

-“I love you too Hyun” with tears of happiness you said

-“Soooooooo…in what were we ?” He said with a smirk

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I couldn't write something more hard.I´m sure that you little fucker are not satisfied so I promise that I will do something naughty or request something. 

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Special Agent 606, Out.If you want to request here are the rules: HERE/Masterlist: Here


The shopping trip counted! it was a date! a date!!

still don’t really know how zen managed to go shopping with a cast but


imagine-ikebukuro  asked:

Can I start off by saying your theme is absolutely gorgeous? Nice job, same with the guidelines, you explained the rules really well! I'm excited about this blog, yes!!!Could I get some fluffy headcanons of the 5 RFA members reacting to their s/o painting a picture of them?

omg thank you so much!  you made my day!!


  • “MC, you managed to make me look even more handsome than I already am! This belongs in the MoMA!”
  • He’d be pretty pleased that you decided to paint HIM of all things.
  • No matter what you say, he’s taking a picture of it and sharing it with his fans.
  • Zen’s used to his fans giving him art but his s/o? His heart almost stops (he’s lowkey flustered tbh)


  • “Wow you’re really great at painti- WAIT THAT’S ME !!!”
  • Highkey very flustered and probably doesn’t know what to do with himself.
  • Just stares at the masterpiece in front of him with a huge smile and a heart that’s ready to burst from his immense love for you.
  • Makes it his RFA profile picture and tells everyone in the chatroom about your skill.


  • “W-why did you choose to paint me?”
  • She’s screaming internally but externally she just smiles and makes a comment on how good your technique is.
  • No one has ever done something that wonderful for her. Jaehee thanks the universe for letting her know you
  • Treats it better than any poster of Zen she has (like wow that’s pretty special)
  • Will take a picture of it and use it as her desktop background at work.


  • “I suppose this means I’m your muse?”
  • Probably compares it to all the fancy art he’s seen before and decides that your art is better. 
  • Very proud that you were thinking of him while you were painting
  • That masterpiece is going to get an expensive frame (probably more than I’ll make in my lifetime)
  • Puts it in his office as a way of keeping you with him while he works.


  • “WOAH MC! You made me look like a cool dude !”
  • Will brag about it constantly, put it on all the social media and change the RFA app’s default background to be the painting you made my aesthetic tbh
  • He’s probably going to try and paint you in return (and fail but it’s the thought that counts)
  • Wants you to paint a picture of both of you as cats meow

Is the “707 is in love with MC in every route” theory still a thing? Because when I read it all I could think was Amnesia, so…here it is. 

(This took longer than expected… It was supposed to be a sketch, I don’t know what happened)

EDIT: Since I’ve read many comments about this…
Warning: Spoilers for Toma’s route in Amnesia: Memories ahead (and a bit for Jumin and Unknown? idk)

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Can we just take a moment to appreciate how amazing Akagami no Shirayukihime is?

The characters and relationships are just absolutely wonderful. I say this as someone who has gone through a shitty relationship before, but is now happily engaged. Sometimes I feel like we grow up with false pretenses on how a relationship should be (whether it be relationships with friends, family, or lovers), but AnS illustrates the qualities of good, healthy relationships exceptionally well. I could go on for hours, but I’ll just highlight a few things.

WARNING: Possible spoilers for those who haven’t read the manga.

Zen x Shirayuki: There are many pairings that I love across multiple series, but Zenyuki is my definite OTP. Their love and relationship is beautiful. Zen respects Shirayuki and encourages her to do what she wants, to reach further, to become better, even it means she has to be away from him to do so and accomplish her dream. Shirayuki understands Zen and his position as the second prince. She knows she could have a way easier time dating and loving someone else, but she loves him for everything he is. Every struggle she undergoes is worth it if it means she can stand next to him in the future. And they communicate. Communication is key in a relationship and avoids unnecessary problems. When they can’t talk to one another, they have their trust in one another to keep from jumping to conclusions. Zen openly admits he gets jealous, but he never questions her loyalty. Similarly, when Zen had his date with Kiki, Shirayuki didn’t dissolve into a jealous, frenzied mess, knowing that Zen will come talk to her about it later. Their relationship is so well-rounded, and they’re still growing as individuals and as a couple. This is the kind of fairy tale we should’ve grown up with as kids.

Zen [x Shirayuki] x Obi: I love, love, love that Akizuki-sensei had that scene on the boat between Zen and Obi. It just spoke volumes about their character and love for Shirayuki. In any other series, a huge battle could’ve ensued, but it didn’t. Zen knows Obi loves Shirayuki, but he has enough trust in their loyalty to him for nothing scandalous to occur between them. That, and (as my fiance pointed out) he knows that there is no one who can protect Shirayuki better than someone who loves her just as much as he does. Because Obi loves her, he will do everything he can to keep her safe and happy (her happiness is very important). And Obi, wonderful Obi, loves his mistress and master dearly. Zen gave him a place to call home and a permanent job. Zen also allows him to follow Shirayuki, well aware that with her is where he wants to be, even though Zen wishes he could be the one to protect her personally. But Obi cares for them (whether it’s platonic or romantic) so much that he wishes for their happiness together, even if that means he doesn’t get the girl. That’s love. Not some selfish, jealous rage that obliterates everything in its path. Oh, and neither ever treat Shirayuki like she’s an object. They don’t talk about her as if she’s some prize to won, and they respect her space. At any point in time, she can send Obi away. They never force their presence on her.

Zen x Izana: THIS SIBLING RELATIONSHIP - I ADORE IT. Zen idolizes his older brother, even though Izana tends to give him a hard time about things (especially Shirayuki at the beginning), but he knows Izana is just looking out for him. But Izana doesn’t think he’s better than Zen; he knows Zen has traits, good traits, that he doesn’t have but is just as beneficial to have as a prince. They compliment one another. Izana tests Zen and pushes him to be a better person so that he can be a better prince for his country. Zen, who loves to explore, exemplifies the point-of-view of his people. They have a fantastic (and cute) dynamic.

I’m just brushing the tip of the iceberg. All the characters of AnS are lovable and their interactions with one another are just as iconic. I probably first read this series over a year ago and just recently reread it to catch up (I didn’t even know they made it into an anime until two weeks ago), but I could re-read/watch the series again and again. The lessons they teach in this series - it’s gold. I would recommend everyone who hasn’t to watch/read this series.