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happy birthday victor nikiforov!! here’s a present for you: a cute japanese figure skater slash fiancé! 🎁✨

At the first competition of the year, Yuri scored a 94.36 as his short program score.

And although it wouldn’t go on record, people were astounded because Yuri would have placed in the top ten scores for Senior Men’s short program. We also know that Victor has broken 100 on the short program on multiple occassions 

However, we don’t know how high above 100. If we look at the actual senior mens short program world scores, we see that there are only two skaters world wide who have broken 100 (so we can assume that Victor is roughly around that caliber).

We also know that Yuri scored 165.20 for his freeskate program

And while that score didn’t make the top ten free skate scores, he is not that far behind the world leaders.

We also know that Yuri’s final score at the September competition was 259.56, which is not record breaking, but drastically different from his 232.59 score that he achieved at the GPF (which would have been the peak of his season arguably). 

Now onto episode six, Yuri scored a 106.84 on his short program at the China Cup

The actual world record for the short program is 110.95, Yuri is literally only four points away from that.  This means that Yuri, who placed sixth in the GPF and over 100 points below Victor, is progressing enough to legitimately compete on Victor’s level. He’s slowly but surely making his way through the world ranks.

And while you make argue that his 165 free skate program isn’t that impressive, remember that Yuri only landed ONE of THREE quads, missed several of his triples and lowered at least one triple to a double aka Yuri was supere nervous and skated like he did before Victor was his coach. That means that he skated a program with a high technical score, missed lots of jumps and was received deductions for those, but made it up with presentation component points. However, that’s not how Yuri skated at the China Cup. At the China Cup Yuri skated the Eros Short Program perfectly. This means that the next time Yuri skates Yuri!!! on Ice, provided he doesn’t crash into the side of the rink, he could possibly obliterate his opponents and possibily rank in the top ten world scores.

Tl;dr – Yuri’s amazing and has progressed so much and is gonna kick butt (hopefully Christophe’s unattractive butt) in the China Cup Free Skate Program if he can get his nerves under control

ok but going from watching Yuri on Ice to looking at us freaking out about Dean holding Cas’ elbow honestly feels like leaving the Hogwarts Halloween feast and heading to Nearly Headless Nick’s Deathday Party.

Victuuri kiss

How I saw it:

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How it actually went:

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So I know how YOI will end

I’ve been screaming for a solid ten minutes since I finished episode 9, as I’m sure the rest of you have. I might come back later and talk about other things I figured out this ep, but first of all: I have figured out how the relationship between Yuuri and Viktor is going to turn out.

Now, obviously anyone with eyes can see that at the end of this episode, they’re pretty in love. Bless their souls. I cried during the reunion scene. However, the biggest thing I (and surely you did too) focused on was that Viktor said, “It’s almost like a marriage proposal.” Yuuri doesn’t deny it, he just smiles and hugs Viktor again. Then, in the preview, we get Viktor asking Yuuri, “What are you getting me for Christmas?”

Yuuri replies, “Something round and gold.” This is the important part. I jumped to the conclusion of a wedding ring and proceeded to bust my own ear drum screaming, but after watching the scene 6 more times I finally realized that Yuuri was alluding to the GPF medal - or is he?

Here’s my theory: why not both? I think Yuuri’s going to win his gold medal at the GPF, and then when he gets it, who is he going to give it to? That’s right. I think Yuuri’s going to propose to Viktor with his medal. Something they won together, something he could have never gotten without Viktor, something that means more to these two than any ring could.

Ok but now only Three Songs are Missing N.22 Otabek’s Free Skate/Short Program N.23 Otabek’s Fs/Sp (Pretty hyped for this one..not gonna lie) N.24 “Stammi Vicino,Non te ne andare” Duet Version (Aka “Our long awaited Victuuri Duet”)

one of my favourite things about episode 12 is how it was confirmed that yurio never really hated yuuri he was just disappointed in him bc he knows he can do better…. the way hes acted since ep 1 makes so much more sense and im honestly getting the vibe that yurio looks up too yuuri and this is why hes so disappointed in his idol when he fails??? i just 😢

Valentine’s day!

Things Victor Nikoforov would totally do for his Valentine (aka Katsuki Yuuri):

  • wake him up with sweet kisses and flowers in hands
  • go to a rink dressed in a full suit just to spontaneously dance this kind of program (honestly since I’ve seen this video this is all I can think of)
  • buy some pretty expensive present and attach a very cheesy note to it sth like “this watch made me think of you because it’s beautiful and because I’d like to give you all my time”
  • take him to a luxury restaurant and order the finest champagne
  • invite him to waltz and tango
  • write a tooth-rooting sweet love letter and leave it on his pillow

Things Yuuri Katsuki would totally do for his Valentine (aka Victor Nikiforov):

  • make him a sweet breakfast with heart-shaped pancakes and fruits in chocolate 
  • ask him to finish training earlier this day because he can’t focus anyway (you know with Victor in the three-piece suit around)
  • make him some really cute handmade present like a knitted scarf or photo album
  • go with him (and their dog) for a really long romantic walk at the river stopping on every bridge to kiss him
  • kill him by dancing a tango with a rose in his teeth
  • wear his eros costume to bed (rip Victor again)
VictuuriWeek Day 1: Firsts (AU: Other Sports/Careers)

Title: Savior

Rating: General Audiences

Summary:  Viktor is enraptured by Makkachin’s new veterinarian. (Veterinarian Yuuri, Model Viktor)

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