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Aaaaaa it was the lovely @origami10‘s birthday recently and I totally missed it!! So sweets here’s a very late Birthday present for youuuu! QoQ

I feel pretty bad abt bein’ late, but in my house no matter how late you are u still give a present to your friends!! Honey ilu and u deserve wishes and everything good!! ((=^3^=))

anonymous asked:

could you do a bts reaction if you were serving them at a restaurant & accidentally spilled their food/drink in their lap/on them? please LOL

 I would love to!! Thank you for asking me this question!!

Serving BTS: spilling food/drink on them

Upon setting the food down on the table, you accidentally spill a whole cup of soda, and a whole plate of food! You begin to apologize and bow, anxiously and furiously…  

Namjoon: Namjoon’s calmness frightens you. He stands up, puts his hands on your shoulder, and looks into your eyes. “It’s okay,” he laughs. “Besides, I already took my #Kim Daily photo today~”

Yoongi: “I like your style, kid.” *Looks down at the mess on him.* “Here’s my mixtape.” *says swag under his breath, looking really proud of himself*

Taehyung: *Looks down at the food all over him*  “Wuah. Just like a drama!” He turns around and talks to the people behind him. “This pretty server just spilled food all over me, she must like me~”

Hoseok: *Eats the food, anyway* “Whaaaaa? My clothes are clean!” He sings, playfully. “Here,” with a hand full of food, he begins to chase after you. “Don’t you want some, too~”

Jimin: *Looks up at you with a shocked expression* Mouth hanging open, Jimin says, “Wow. You have managed to completely cover me in food.” *Begins hysterically laughing* “This would be a great concept for our new MV!~” 

Jin: Actually, with his brilliant mix of parenting and food skills, Jin would sense that you were going to trip, and spill food on him, so he would jump up and save the food you. “Ah, little one! You almost spilled the food!” He looks at you with a beautiful smile on his face. “Now, why don’t you sit down, and enjoy this delicious meal with me, hmm~”

Jungkook: *Laughs, and calls his mom Jin to come pick him up, and bring another set of clothes for him to change into*