better than your favorite otp

  • Mare: (up in a tree) NO!
  • Cal: I'm going to call the police.
  • Mare: Go ahead, I'll fight them!
  • Cal: (sighs) I have cookies.
  • Mare: (immediately climbs down and grabs cookies) I totally would have fought them.
  • Cal: I know you would.
Wednesday: Favorite Kiss

Every Richonne kiss is amazing in it’s own way but the canon kiss to me, is the bees knees. The smiles and the moans, the revelation that everything they’ve wanted and needed has been right there in front of them the whole time, is so well portrayed in this kiss. I mean, we got a giggle from Michonne, her fingers in his hair (doing the lords work I tell you) and seeing Rick get her on her back in .2 seconds and pulling her hips into his still kills me. I couldn’t have asked for a better first kiss.

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I don’t think it gets any better than this, do you?

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