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Our girl went to the doctor and they said she had a bad sprain and severe bruising. Pray for a speedy recovery for Normani! And pray for 5H at the Jingle Ball because without her being able to outperform everyone those performances will be lackluster

What They Do When the Hear You Sing for the First Time

Requested by @adriellej, (Castiel and Kevin Tran under the cut) 

Sam Winchester:

Sam could barely carry a tune in a bucket. And he never sang in the car, not really. At least, not until he met you. The two of you met years ago and you just happened to be driving through Kansas on the way to a hunt when you invited him to come along. He easily accepted. It was better than spending time hold up in the bunker.

He hopped into your car and immediately noticed your music set up. An ipod docked in and a playlist already selected.

“Been years since I got to drive in a car that didn’t have a tape deck.” He chuckled.

“Dean desperately needs to upgrade his radio…and his music tastes.” You winked at Sam and he felt his heart skip a beat. You turned the volume up on your radio as you started driving down the road. Within seconds you began to belt out the latest Justin Timberlake hit. He rolled his eyes trying to play cool, but he secretly loved this song. And he couldn’t hide the dumb smile crossing his face watching you move so animatedly. If this was how your body moved, he wanted to see more. He still tried to keep his calm demeanor as he memorized the sound of every note emanating from your lips.

I got that sunshine in my pocket. Got that good soul in my feet.” You held your hand out to him as if passing a microphone.

“Come on Sam. Sing along.”

“I can’t sing.”

“Sure you can. Come on.” You started snapping your fingers in front of his face and bobbed your head.

Under the lights when everything goes. Sam I am waiting. Come on now. Nowhere to hide when I’m getting you close. When we move, well you already know...Come on Sam take the chorus!”

Sam caught your eye for a moment and he couldn’t hold back any more. He cleared his throat and started.“Nothing I can see but you when you dance, dance, dance. Feeling good, good, creeping up on you.

“Hell yeah Sam! Shake it baby.”

The two of you continued singing in unison, toes tapping and bodies grooving as best you could as you made your way out of town towards the hunt.

Sam always looked forward to your duets from that day onward.

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Dean Winchester:

Dean never hesitated to belt out any tune he wanted in the car, usually off key. Not that he couldn’t sing the notes, but it was more fun for him to watch as others cringed around him. It was like a game, and he usually won. Except when it came to you. You didn’t look bothered when he went totally off key. You just kept your nose buried in whatever book you were reading or texts you were receiving. At first he thought you were just tone deaf, but then he caught you mouthing along to the words and your toes were tapping. 

“Y/N. Why you just mouthing the words? Why don’t you sing along?” 

Out of the corner of his eye he saw you shake your head. “No way. I would rather listen to you sing.”

“Me? You know I sing off key on purpose, right?”

“I know, but I like listening to you.

“Well maybe I wanna hear you sing Y/N. Please? I will do anything you want. Anything, if you let me hear your voice.”

“Anything?” You cleared your throat. Dean smirked. He got you. He knew it. 

“Alright. I will sing.” Carefully and cautiously you started a sweet country ballad. 

“I don’t know what your doing and I don’t know where you are, but I look up at that great big sky and hope your wishing on that same bright star. I wonder. I pray. And I sleep alone. I cry alone. And it’s so hard living here on my own. So please, come home soon.” 

Dean felt his heart drop. Your voice was filled with emotion. It had that country girl twang, but with something intoxicatingly sweet. Why had it taken him so long to hear you? 

“Wow, Y/N…that was beautiful. I could listen to you over Brian Johnson any day. What do I owe you?”

He felt your lips press against his cheek. “I’ll tell you when we get to the motel room. You can really hear me sing then.” 

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Dating Jason Todd Would Involve:

As requested, dating Jason Todd…

- Constantly having to reassure him that he was the best robin.
- constantly reassuring him that he is equal to batman
- Him being insanely flexible and athletic in the bedroom
- and in other parts of the house
- who needs a ladder when he can just back flip into the attic
- Putting up with him being a total show off
- And all his bragging about how great he is.
- And his desperately wanting you to agree that he’s so great
- Better than Batman, right? RIGHT?
- Discovering that your car is missing parts around the same time that Jason seems to have come into some extra cash
- Having to remind him that it’s not okay to take your cousin/sibling/etc who is a minor, to a bar.
- Generally having to remind him that it’s not okay to give children alcohol or cigarettes
- Arguing over his irresponsibility
- Probably coming to the conclusion that he’s actually fairly responsible in that he supervises when letting minors do bad stuff
- Possibly just agreeing with that to end the arguing
- Sleeping in until the afternoon cause he was out late last night and super tired and physically won’t allow you to get out of the bed.
- Provided that he even came home at all.
- He’s probably a lot stronger than you.
- And he won’t let you forget it.
- Treating any wounds he gets while out fighting
- Making him ice baths to sooth his aching muscles
- Agree with him that he could totally knock out Dick Grayson
- And Tim Drake if he wanted too
- Learning how to sew/repair leather cause he keeps fucking up all his jackets and they’re very expensive
- No pain killers or any other kind of non-prescribed drug in the house. He won’t lose you like he did his mother.
- Learning the hard way not to call him ‘a joker’ when he’s messing about and being funny.
- Lots of morning hugging from behind, lips grinning against your neck, stubble tickling your skin
- Playing with his floppy morning hair
- Frequent visits from members of the bat family whenever they’re worried about his recent actions or current wear about abouts
- I’ll let you decide if you believe his total conspiracy theory that Bruce Wayne is batman. Pfft, yeah right.
- He’s probably a total fuck boy at times
- ‘pics?? ;)’
- Probably also a meninist
- Helping him get over his hang overs on the occasions that he does let you out of the bed.
- With fatty foods and lots of water, no pain killers.
- ‘I’m great but your better at cleaning and cooking than me so you should do all the household chores’
- so many dick pics
- Learning to live with (or love) the fact that he constantly stinks of old leather, blood, gun powder, and cigarette smoke.
- Arguing over the fact that he never lets you in, or asks your opinion on stuff.
- He’s very independent, which is fine, but you know, couples should share stuff.
- Also arguing that he never really wants to share your stuff either. You’re your own person, and your happy to have the space, but you want him to be a part of your life, you know?
- He’s very kind of 'you follow but I won’t lead’ kinda guy.
- Him ALWAYS using up all the hot water with her super long showers.
- Him acting out and/or leaving when you try and get bossy with him.
- Him returning with his tail between his legs and a sheepish smile that you can’t be mad at.
- Repeat last to points over and over.
- Him warning you of the roughest parts of town and give you directions/tips on going through the nicer/safer parts.
- Him getting super embarrassed whenever he’s trying to be romantic.
- Demanding that you don’t look at his face when he gives you flowers.
- Will buy you sanitary items and ice cream without batting an eyelid.
- 'haha an then what? ;)’

the best nights
we had together
were getting
fucked up in a friend’s
and having couples
twerk off competitions
we’d always win
cause you had back
and gave me some,
so we’d twist our arms
around each other
to rock shots
and let our friends watch
us be crazy together,
i’ve never
felt better
than laughing
so stupidly
as i held your hand
on the car ride
home and you’d run
your thumb along
the veins
in the back of my hand
and draw
a heart
in patchy lipstick
you thought i never noticed
but i’d repeat
the pattern
on your shoulder
with my lips
as you fell
in my arms,
you always left
a mark on me
for the world to see
while i loved you invisibly -
—  J.S.

- lipstick hearts -

So for this one -

The car in my hand is a ‘71 Chevelle, same size as the model of Baby. I went up to him and said good morning, and explained that basically what I wanted was a my dream car is better than your dream car.

Obviously, he delivered. He also complained that the Chevelle’s hood and stuff open and the Impala’s doesn’t. “Why doesn’t MINE do that?” HAHA!

Also, he smelled like he’d just had a shower and rolled around in the woods after. Amazing. Also freckles.









jk this is my mancandy’s car and I’m busting his balls for posting pictures I took without giving me credit. Bastid. <3

If you make $32,400 you are among the 1% of wealthiest humans to have ever existed.  You have a vaccine in your blood for a disease that crippled a president less than a century ago, you can make it hot when it’s cold and cold when it’s hot with the flick of a button, your car has better amenities than most people’s house had 30 years ago.

Isn’t that a beautiful thing to realize?  That you should be thankful not only for where you were born, but WHEN?  

Sanders fans don’t see they live in the anomaly of history, where human suffering, starvation, infant mortality, experiencing whatever conditions it was outside, isn’t the everyday norm, the constant standard of living.  Where obesity is more of a public health issue than starvation.  All they see is some of their neighbors have more than them, are jealous, and wish to outsource violence and theft they would never personally commit.

This isn’t just some useless room decoration that rich people buy their kids simply to prove how rich they are – it has a working engine. It’s an actual miniature car, and it’s probably better than yours.

The Ferrari Testarossa Two Seater Car for Kids is currently priced at $97,395 and has a top speed of 17 mph. It features fancy-looking upholstery, retractable headlights and even a tape player, as if your kid even knows what a tape is. Turns out that junior Ferraris are pretty popular in Europe: Check out this footage of a little kid driving an Italian model down the street.

He’s like 8, and this already makes him a more accomplished adult than us. We’re guessing that the lady beside him is his trophy wife. On the other hand, if you’re concerned less with luxury and more with performance (and blatant parental negligence), for only $29,000 you can get the LeMans Junior Race Car has a top speed of 30 mph. That could get your kid arrested for speeding in some residential areas. The specifications page lists a number of impressive features, none of which are seat belts.

6 Amazing Rich Kid Versions of the Toys You Grew Up With

The Alphabet, according to Bonnie Bennet: A-I

A is for Amsterdam where you saved my life. I did mean to say “Thank you” but you did hesitate for three seconds.

B is for Bon Bon. You should know I think its very unimaginative but I prefer it to Bonica Magica.

C is for Camaro, your beloved car that I drove better than you. It was mine for a little while…

D is for dancing. It was the first time I realized that you might actually care.

E is for eyes or maybe I should say eye rolls. God knows they’re the punctuations to our every conversation.

F is for friendship because I was doubtful we would ever get here. F is also for the flowers you never bought anyone else.

G is for the gift I gave you, so that you could be your girlfriend’s hero.

H is for Hugs. We’ve only hugged twice but they’re a reminder that you were there when no one else was.

I is for this quote “I’m doing this for Bonnie, Elena.” Because you did something for me…for a change.

When girlfriend’s away, daddy will play.  With a new truck that handles wet roads a hell of a lot better than my beater car did.  What’s the protocol for picking your girlfriend up at the airport in a new vehicle, though?  Flowers, bottle of wine?  Offer to make out in the back?