better than you and your faves tbh

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I've talked bout my faves & sent asks lots of times. You always ignore. I'm tired of seeing my faves drop their fics and delete bc no1 reads. I've read amazing fics, better than yours, with 3 notes and BNF responses to anons with 300. blogs are dropping off the radar every day now & I wish u could have all been friends. A mysme writing community would have given us amazing fics

I’m so sorry, I don’t ignore anyone…I just…get a lot of messages and it’s overwhelming tbh. I can’t reply to everyone. Right now for instance I have over 100 in my box just of people talking to me and sending me things. I never want anyone to think I’m ignoring them and I’m really sorry you’ve felt that way.

I try my best to encourage everyone in the fandom whether it’s writers or artists. I’ve given advice on writing and I’ve even done shout outs for people who were struggling to find their place in the fandom. It hurts my heart to know that someone works so hard and writes amazing stuff and they feel like they don’t matter. I don’t know what more I can do…

I feel like Kara needs more fans.

All these new ‘fans’ that came with s2 don’t care about kara, they only care about their faves, she’s only there as a prop. And surprisingly it’s not only the karamel shippers who do this.

Supercorp shippers - sure most of them don’t do this, but i’ve seen a few people say they don’t like Kara only Lena, which makes no sense like??? how can you ship something and hate half of your ship??? -, karaolsen - same as supercorp shippers plus saying James deserves better than Kara and that’s she’s not good enough for him - and even sanvers - I’m not gonna say anything about this one - don’t give a fuck about Kara.

She’s only there to elevate other characters, they don’t care about her storyline, her developtment as a character or anything tbh. And the moment she gets an episode more focused on her, people start to whining they want to see their fave, “Fuck Kara I don’t care about her, where’s ____?!?!" 

The number of people in the fandom who hate Kara is overwhelming, and I genuinely wonder, if you hate her so much, why do you watch a show called 'Supergirl’?

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y do u stan josh

Honestly, I don’t stan him lol I like him better than the other HGs but I only stan Dom. I just refuse to let people demonize him when they don’t even have all the facts or just want to take the blame off their faves🤷🏾‍♀️. Tbh alot of the tag hate him because he’s emotional…but then yall reblog things complaining about toxic masculinity. He does need to have a better handle on his emotions but I’d rather see him cry openly than into the freezer like Kevin did because Lord KNOWS yall complained about him doing that too 🙄🙄

I understand the general dislike (bc dude is kinda annoying) tho. Getting back at people who spent weeks bullying you/putting you down isn’t the same as bullying and isolating people for no reason imo. But that’s just me lol

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14, 15 and 28 for the Naruto ask!

14. Your opinion on new generation?

I like them! Sarada, Inojin, Shikadai, and Mitsuku are my faves so far but I’m not in love with any of them yet. We’re only like 20 episodes in though so there’s time lol in terms of the show though I’m pleasantly surprised - it’s better than I expected and I’m enjoying being able to continue with this universe even after Naruto is over

15. Did you expect such an ending?

No tbh I honestly thought Sasuke was either gonna be killed or die at the end and I’m definitely surprised how many main characters made it out alive (thank god lol)

I also didn’t expect it to end with a wedding and without Naruto becoming hokage (anime wise). But I think the time skip for Naruto becoming the 7th was smart since he definitely wasn’t ready by the end of Shippuden in terms of mentality (plus I think it’s cool Kakashi became hokage too). I did honestly really loved the ending though and thought it was all done really well.

28. Reason you ship your OTP?

I just thought Naruto and Sakura had really good development like how they interacted with each other as the series went on just made me ship them. I was genuinely surprised they didn’t end up together since I thought that’s what Kishimoto was hinting at but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I still believe by the end of it they both loved each other but I guess Kishi just meant that to come across as a platonic love

send me a naruto ask

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I keep reading posts about how this song is 100% Kaylor... and I have to disagree! This song is 100% crap. The lyrics are generic and terrible! If Taylor were to write a song about the great love of her life (a.k.a. Karlie "the giraffe" Kloss), I would expect her to come up with better lyrics than this shit about robbers and captivity! I really hope she wrote it about Joe tbh, it would be more fitting! Sory Tay Tay.. you're still my fave, but this was a miss......

Whoa there anon!

Fist of all, thanks for your message. It’s always nice to know someone out there is interested in my opinion :)

I wasn’t going to post anything about RFI to be honest. I took a peak here yesterday in the middle of a very very difficult work day and it honestly made want to never return. It’s exhausting seeing people defend their pov as the only valid narrative. I respect everyone’s opinion, including yours, on the lyrics, the song, Taylor’s intentions, etc. but I don’t engage because I hate conflict and prefer to stay on the sideline. I also don’t try to push people into believing my take on things. I prefer to just sit back and enjoy the music for now.

That being said, I have to agree on some part of what you say. The part of this not fitting Kar at all. The name of the album, it being the first song, the lack of “heart” in the lyrics, the different voice textures she employs. It just doesn’t say “I’m singing about my hidden lover” to me. Maybe just the chorus, but that is so fucking different from everything else.

I’m the biggest Blank Space stan, I even wrote a deep piece about it back in April, so I might be bias in saying this runs along a similar line.

I also think the song was done before the lyrics, and sometimes when you try to fit them to the melody the result isn’t as good or “cohesive” as when you write both at the same time. Maybe that’s why you don’t like it?

I would suggest you don’t stress over this tiny detail. Let’s not forget this era is just starting!! We have been waiting forever for this and I think we need to have the whole album narrative in our hands to make our individual final verdict.

Apart from all of this lyric drama, and as a parting note, don’t you just love the beats and the drops and the “ARE YOU READY FOR IT???!!”. As a huge sports fan it makes me wish I was a footballer just to scream it in the face of my opponent! It was so smart to use it for college football!

Hope you have a great day 💕

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what did bex do? (although i love her sm i dont think i want to know lmao)


B.ex has done,,,,, a lot. Like too much for a grown adult woman with a fan base to be doing tbh.  I used to like her and then,,,, I found her Tumblr (which I blocked lmao I don’t need that headache)

This post explains the nonsense a lot better than I could credit to @hunk-is-an-anti who is honestly,,, a Known Icon and one of my fave anti blogs!

A very good look at why B.ex shouldn’t have made those comments by @allura-of-altea who articulated this really well, so thank you! for this and your amazing blog.

Another B.ex post which goes into a lot of depth and is really well written! by @bluethepaladin who I actually wasn’t following before?? lmao how?? well I am now and that's what matters.

also a shoutout to @antishaladin bc I literally couldn’t have found any of this stuff without ur blog because I’m a Certified Mess and who is again, one of my fave anti blogs. 

Keep doing what you’re doing Y’all.

tbh the clique sucks for so many reasons but i think the #1 thing i hate about them is this holier-than-thou “our faves are better than your faves” thing like the clique loves to go after other bands and people and they have this superior attitude about tyler and josh and its super exhausting

because you know

at the end of the day tyler and josh don’t say “"problematic”“ things because they dont say fucking anything. yeah pete says stupid shit but its because he’s trying. brendon fumbles his words and says wrong ignorant things but at least he wants to talk about things and wants to show support…

tyler and josh dont even try. it’s like, i would rather have a fave that tried to say good things and sometimes fell short (like anyone in fob and anyone in panic! or paramore or mcr, literally anyone) rather than stan for someone who has never said anything ”“problematic”“ because they dont ever try to say anything at all about current issues or show any support to their fans who are minorities.

getting tired of all these people tryna act like zayn’s not doing anything music wise like, the kid released three songs since the album was out; WHO - Movie Soundtrack / CRUEL - Collab with Snakehips / YOU CAN’T HIDE - netflix series soundtrack. Dunno what these people are expecting of Zayn, he’s been wildly open in venturing to anything and not just music alone He’s an ARTIST. An artist who wants to explore not just in music, but also letting his creativity being out there and be shared to everyone. Better focus on your faves than be invested and so pressed about Zayn having a FASHION or ACTING (maybe in the future) venture. Zayn’s doing what he loves and seeing him happy in what he does is all that matters. 

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Heeey~Can I ask you what your fave fanfics are?:3

then came you ( my fave fave fave baekyeol fanfics nothing is better than then came you)

not intended (one of my fave baekyeol fics EVER) 60+ chaps

progressive education (kaisoo)

half your age plus seven (adult jongin + teenager kyungsoo this fic is  SO good sexy you dont even know)

do i look like a porn star (jongin loves kyungsoo but jongin is a porn star , will kyungsoo the fluffier love him back ?)

with  you (parent kyungsoo + teen ager jongin omg SO CUTE)

sensual touches (doctor kyungsoo making jongin feel good)

here’s the deal (jealous jongin EVERYwhere )

getting down and durty the kink

paper marché (omg omg omg omg omg MUST READ tbh)

thunderbird  (SOOOOOOOOO good)

i want you (teacher jongin everybody and kyungsoo)

i dont do boyfriends (or do you?)

i hate him and he hats me too (baekyeol yeah baby)

the letter (perfect baekyeol fic but where is it i cant find it on aff)

little voyeur (the smut)

the demon next door .

arbitage , anterograde tomorrow , revlotion …etc

[ps : all of the fics mentioned are must read so make sure to read all of them winks]

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The thing that irks me about so much of the Ginny criticism is that everyone seems to hold her to some standard that they don't for any other character. She gets a lot of flak for being a secondary character and not getting enough exposure but no one to my knowledge has said that about Luna, Bill, Charlie, or Hermione's parents. She's scorned for being 'bitchy' but many characters like the twins, Hermione, and SNAPE get a free pass and I'm fed up with her being singled out and torn apart.

Right? People whine about how Harry’s attraction for her came out of left field, but not really - plus, that year was when he did get attracted to her. Before, she was a kid, his friend’s kid sister, and then she grew up, got older and he developed romantic and sexual feelings for her. If he was making calf eyes at Ginny when she was 12 years old, that’d be pretty creepy, don’t you think? We are seeing the story through Harry’s eyes, and he generally liked her before that but not in such a significant way that would warrant he wax lyrical about her charms when he’s getting stalked by a mass murderer. I mean, I love Luna too but she didn’t get a lot of book time - hardly anybody did outside of Harry, Ron, Hermione and Dumbledore, lbr. If you think a character sucks and your sole argument is that they didn’t get enough book exposure, you better not say your fave is anyone other than the golden trio, tbh. Like, that’s a criticism on the author for not making more of an effort to develop and showcase her many characters, no on the characters themselves.

People just want to bag on Ginny because… I don’t even know why and I don’t care to find out. She doesn’t have to be your cup of tea or your fave, but the vitriol she gets is unwarranted and unfair, but whatever. This is, after all, the fandom that bends over backwards to excuse the behavior of literal terrorists by coming up with tragic backstories for them but will erase canonical facts to dump on characters they don’t like, as well as attack artists and other fans for theorizing that some characters could be PoC… that ain’t worth much 2 me