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Top 10 sexiest pics/gifs of Malkin

10. #swagger

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9. this GQ lookin’ shit

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8. idk but this one Does Things to me

7. he makes the double demin disaster work

6. Intense Concentration™

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5. bitch u thought

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4. A R M S

3. better than u

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2. why is he doing this to me personally 

1. the pic that started it all for me aka who Gave Him The Right

bonus bc yall needed to see this one too:

The Joshua Tree Tour should hold a special place in all our hearts

Long haired Bono heck yeah

Edge’s ponytail and hat

Larry’s love affair with white tshirts mhmm

Red light = Streets

Adam’s glasses (and lack of shirts)

Anton Corbijn’s camera and the brooding Celtic cowboys

They turned up at the Grammys like this stupid cuties

Everyone thought they were vry srs musicians but they were dumb giggly 20-somethings on top of the world for the first time and it was beautiful

If you think Zoo TV isn’t the coolest thing any band has ever done then I’m sorry you are wrong

Parodying mass media

Belly dancing

The Fly

The huge ass, very fucking expensive stage

Fucking cars hanging over the huge ass, very fucking expensive stage

Dressing up as dictators and devils and calling presidents

Four jerks in a police escort

Everything about this was brilliant thank you goodnight