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Kids are Afraid to Cry in Front of Their Parents and I'm Stunned??

Ok so I was talking to a friend a few nights ago and they said something that floored me and I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it since? They were in a confrontation with their mother and said “should wouldn’t listen to me I just wanted to scream and cry. Lol but I couldn’t I can’t give her that satisfaction I won’t let her hold that over me.” And I was absolutely horrified? I’m horrified that so many of my friends I’ve made on this website have such horrible parents. Like I have never EVER been scared to cry in front of my dad. He has never made fun of me, belittled me, told me it was childish, or “used it against me.” He comforts me. I’m in college and even now when I’m crying he’s the first person I turn to for comfort. He’s semi retired and spends most of the week out of town but if there’s something that’s upset me you can bet your ass the I’m picking up the phone with every intention to cry to him. Parents always talk about how their kid is so closed off to them and never lets them in about their personal life and shit like this is the reason why. How DARE you call yourself a parent if you mock their trust in you to be vulnerable before you? I don’t care if you think it’s overdramatic or silly they’re trusting you to be there and comfort them. When I lost my fish I called my dad crying and did he think it was silly? Absolutely! Did he tell me it was silly? Hell fucking no. He comforted me over the phone for 30 min. That’s what a parent should do!

I feel horrible whenever I bring up my dad and have people tell me “your dad is so nice and amazing I wish my parents were like him.” But he shouldn’t be some gold standard unattainable parent? He should be seen as a normal parent. He’s an amazing parent but he makes mistakes and so do I, but guess what? He’s human and I expect him to make human mistakes and he expects the same.

If your children doesn’t tell you about their life then maybe you should consider yourself to be the problem.


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summary: the de-aged, smol!Shiro fic no one asked for.
in this chapter: The rest of Shiro’s day. Keith and Pidge make a difficult choice.

“Here, I’ve got just the spot for you,” Pidge says, tapping her hand against a cleared place on the worktable. If she’s surprised by Shiro’s sudden shyness Keith can’t tell. “Any news from the others yet?”

“None,” Keith says, setting Shiro down. Shiro’s legs dangle off the wide worktable, well above the floor. Shiro keeps his fingers curled in Keith’s jacket - until the array of tools scattered across Pidge’s workstation catches his attention enough that his grip loosens. That’s progress. “I’m assuming they’re on schedule, or we would’ve heard.”

“What’s that?” Shiro asks, reaching.

…too much progress. “Don’t touch,” Keith starts, taking Shiro’s wrist.

“No, no, that one’s okay,” Pidge says. She picks up the little tool Shiro’d been reaching for, bending down slightly to Shiro’s eye level. It’s not far. “This?”

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Cullen Rutherford and Halise Lavellan - “Trial by Fire”

Just so beautiful
Inside out more colourful
Fair hair tied back casual
A go-getter, go-getter
You’re the best of all
You’ve seen it four, five hundred times on repeat
You’re like a leftover better than a ribbon-tied treat
Narrow roads, never limit, never temper your speed
And when the river froze solid you’re still swimming upstream
You’d hold your own in the presence of pauper and a king
Leave a singing bird silent, make a hummingbird sing
You are a rope-a-doper coming back queen
They all want you so bad, of course they do

Okay, so my lower lip is still quivering from how awesome and perfect this is! I commissioned the wonderful and inimitable @xla-hainex for Cullen and Halise in my modern lawyer AU, “Trial by Fire,” and she gave me the most amazing, beautiful result!!! Just look at how they’re looking at each other! My heart is full to bursting!

Thanks you @xla-hainex! If you ever get a chance to commission this wonderful artist, do it!!! DOOOO EEEET!!!

Dumeril's Boa Caresheet

Dumeril’s Boa Caresheet with improvements written by me, with some text from Lillie Nyte’s writeup. I’m adding this to my “Setup & Care” link, because I can’t find an existing caresheet that writes about everything I’d like to see.

^ Vigil, my 4 year old female, 5′10″ in length

Description: Dumeril’s boas (Acrantophis dumerili) are a medium sized boid with an average length of 5-6 feet for males, with females attaining maximum lengths of 7-8 feet. Rare individuals can reach 9 feet. This is a slow growing species who may take 5~6 years to reach their “maximum” length, but continue growing slightly their entire lives. They are a heavier bodied ground dwelling species and can easily weigh up to 20 pounds. 

Dumeril’s boas generally have very docile temperaments, can be easily handled, and tend to be very reluctant to bite. In handling, they tend to find a position to relax in and will stay there. They are burrowing ambush predators, and a relatively inactive species.

They can be easily sexed visually due to the fact that males have obvious cloacal spurs where as females’ spurs are often hidden by the surrounding scales.

Dumeril’s Boas (individuals a year or older) are a great beginners species for those wanting something bigger, but still very manageable for one person and with undemanding, simple husbandry. Neonates tend to be shy and may have trouble getting started on food.

Distribution: Dumeril’s boas are found on the islands of Madagascar and Reunion located off the southeastern coast of Africa. In Madagascar, they inhabit semi-arid habitats in the southwestern regions of the country. They share some of the northern parts of their range with the Madagascan ground boa and may even interbreed with them in the wild where their natural ranges overlap. 

Enclosure: A 4x2 foot enclosure is the minimum acceptable for an average size adult Dumeril’s boa. Large females may need up to 6x2 feet. Neonates can be kept in 20 gallon tanks or tubs. They are a highly burrowing species, especially as adults, so they appreciate thick substrate, rummaging and hiding in leaf litter or scattered fake leaves and vines to provide further ground cover.

For neonates, I would avoid making the substrate thicker than a couple inches, or you will have a hard time finding them. Neonates tend to be shy and require tight, secure hides where they can be hidden entirely (no hides with large openings), and a lot of cover, such as leaf litter or fake vines. Individuals younger than 2~3 years old may also climb a bit when “hunting”, but normally become very terrestrial as adults.

Substrate: Dumeril’s boas do well on a variety of substrates, like cypress mulch, aspen, coco chips. Some keepers use newspaper, but I recommend substrate that allow them to burrow and act naturally. Dumeril’s drink large amounts of water at a time, therefore they urinate more than other species and require frequent cleaning.

Temperature/Humidity: Dumeril’s are a cooler species than the red-tail boa. Their enclosures should have a hot side with temps around 85-88 degrees Fahrenheit and a cool side of 73-80 degrees. In my experience Dumeril’s will spend the majority of their time on the cool end of their enclosures and periodically bask on the warm end after meals. Heat can be provided using heat pads, heat tape, ceramic heat emitters, heat lamps, or radiant heat panels. Be sure to attach every heat source to a thermostat.

Dumeril’s boas can be maintained in 40~50% humidity. They do not require a high level of humidity, since their natural ranges are in more arid regions of Madagascar. Higher humidity is tolerable, as long as there is good ventilation in the enclosure. When in shed, Dumeril’s boas may benefit from a slight increase in humidity and may even make use of a humid hide created by placing moist sphagnum moss inside of a hide.

Feeding: Dumeril’s boas should be fed mainly rodents. Rodent sizes should be just as wide~slightly wider than the widest parts of their bodies. Neonates can be started on larger than average prey items such as rat pups. These animals are ambush predators, striking at their prey from their hiding spots under the substrate. 

Dumeril’s under 2 years old may be shy eaters and may need to be fed in a smaller, darkened enclosure. Sometimes a frozen/thawed rodent may have to be left in their enclosure with them over night. Young snakes should be fed every 7~10 days and larger juveniles to large adults should be fed about every 14~30 days. They are fairly inactive animals with slower metabolism and a tendency to become overweight.

Remember that each animal is an individual, and some behavior may differ from the norm. 

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Could you do a story with a very hurt Jason getting dragged back to the cave by a freaked out dami. Who's worried about his brother then maybe Bruce and the other siblings come in and yah does that make any sense. 🍊🍊🍊#i get bored and read tags #yah

THANK YOU. Wow I didn’t think anyone would read through all those tags lol. I hope you enjoy what I came up with. : )

Also @dove-among-bats this is what I was talking about.

Title: If I Live to See the Dawn

Rating: General

Warnings: Blood

Words: 3,700

AO3 link

Jason’s night had not gone as planned. He’d been halfway across the city, ready to drop in on an unsuspecting group of drug dealers when he’d gotten the call from Bruce. I need your help.

Bruce didn’t call him often and he never asked for help. Jason’s first thought had been that Batman was in trouble, but his voice hadn’t sounded strained. His tentative response of With what? was answered with a request to watch Damian. More precisely Bruce asked Jason if he would “Take care of Robin tonight.”

Damian was the last person Jason expected to be babysitting that night. Dick maybe. Tim probably at some point. But Damian? Jason hadn’t been able to wrap his mind around it. His youngest sibling was headstrong and far too similar to Jason himself for Bruce to approve of their spending a lot of time together.

Which meant that Jason was the last choice. He’d scowled, despite Bruce and anyone else who cared to look being unable to see it. It felt good to turn his mouth down in a grimace. “No.” He’d answered.

Except Bruce had asked him. And Bruce never asked him for anything. The request alone tempted something warm to bubble up in Jason, but he pushed it down as fast at the thought of being the last to be asked.

He didn’t mind spending time with Damian. The kid wasn’t so bad when you pushed past his prickly exterior, and he had a sense of humor that Jason found endearing. Especially when it involved dragging Tim for his lack of self-care. Jason simply refused to be Bruce’s last choice in the matter. He understood it, but that didn’t mean he had to be happy about it.

The other side of the comm was silent as his father considered the answer and tried to come up with one of his own. The silence dragged out longer than it should have and Jason started to wonder if Bruce had closed the connection.

“I’ll send him home then.”

That was it. The comm clicked off and Jason swore. Damian wouldn’t go home. Even if Bruce marched him back to the manor the boy would be back on Gotham’s streets in half an hour. Damian was many things: highly trained, able, and smart, but Jason couldn’t see himself letting a child, because that was something else Damian was, out patrolling Gotham’s streets alone.

Jason had been Robin. He’d been the kid to do things on his own. To be assured in his abilities. Batman had trained him after all. He’d failed more times than he cared to count. Wanted a partner more than that. No Jason wasn’t going to let Damian patrol alone, neither was he going to call Bruce back and tell him that.

It took Jason longer than he cared to admit to find Damian. He refused to call for help early on, for fear of Bruce overhearing before he’d left. Thankfully his youngest brother had a tendency to follow his father’s example and follow pre-planned patrols unless something caught his attention.

As Jason moved on to the third area he figured Damian would be he was ready with a snappy comment to give his little brother the moment he found him. Something about sneaking out being not DaddyBats approved, but the words died on his lips the moment he parked his motorcycle and cut the engine. Shouts filled the air followed by the cough of gunfire.

Jason was off his bike, the vehicle crashing to the ground behind him, and halfway down the street before his head caught up with his feet. The source of the sounds had to be close, his eyes grazing each alleyway he passed before moving on to the next.

A little over a block away he finally found the right one. He couldn’t see Robin through the press of men, but he could hear the kid through the roars and grunts of whoever he was fighting. Jason didn’t hesitate to throw himself into the fray, working his way towards his brother.  He lost himself in the steady, practiced actions of find the biggest threat and take them out. His brain a few steps ahead of his guns, a part of his attention on Damian.

All Jason could think of during the fight was the words Bruce had used earlier: take care of Robin. They were what pushed him to his limit during the fight, and what propelled him into Damian, shoving the boy out of danger as a stray bullet caught the side of an unprotected water heater and causing it to explode. 

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Ep. 182

-Tango is magic??? Shit

-Ashe is learning to read!! I’m so proud of my girl

-Ballast McGee’s writing exposed as being simple

-Kyr is such a good friend???!!


-Markus Velafi is getting steamed

-Ashe is enthusiastic about crushing the dungeon??? I’m happy for her!

-She’s getting her blood boiled

-Glowing rat coins are unnerving


-The fish cannon is fantastic

-Jay seems just a little bitter

-just a little

-That final boss looked like Sir Dunstan


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Its funny how people react to music differently. Have you seen the video of Gigi where she lists her top ten TS songs? Or the Thrillist article that ranks every TS song? The put state of grace as one of her worst :)

That Thrillist ranking article. Like. I have NO WORDS. With the exception of getting the number 1 choice spot on (”All Too Well”) IT PUTS “ENCHANTED” AND “SPEAK NOW” WITHIN THE TOP 10?!?!? 



?1??1?!??1!!??!1?!?1!?11!?!?ONE!!1 !!! !?!?!??


Like what bridge did the author of this mismanaged rankings article have to troll out from under in order to write this?????

They also call “Invisible” one of their favourite songs off her debut album. That’s how you know they’re untrustworthy. 

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How could you find those ties HOT?

I have three theories on why they’re so bad and one or more of them has to be correct.

• His crippling lack of self-awareness. I find this attractive apparently.

• He doesn’t care. That’s hot. Be a mess, Mulder! Fuck it uuuuup. Better bad ties than a coke habit.


• He just likes the bad ties, which is cute. Let him wear stamps on his own body. It’s weird as hell but he’s always screaming about aliens, so.

A journey in typing (ft. Olivia Benson)

SUBMITTED by howtotallyamazing

Hello all, I’m someone who has been an adamant follower of this blog for quite some time and has also changed MBTI types like changing socks (same functions, different order for the most part - save for the time I thought I was an INTP) which I believe to be part of my very overactive Ne (is it inferior? is it dominant? Is it aux? Is it tert? Trust me, I can give you arguments for each). So as of right now, I’m in yet another pickle and describing myself as an xNFP because when it comes to typing there are a lot of things to take into consideration: looping, being in the grip, cognition, etc.

So I’m going to compare my own journey to one of my typings. That of Olivia Benson from Law & Order: SVU.

If you’re not an SVU viewer, let me break it down for you: I had to take into consideration that there is now 18 seasons worth of character development for Olivia. The writers on this show thrive on dramatics and this is a character who has had everything and the kitchen sink thrown at her.

My first initial typing? ISFJ. It seemed simple enough. Olivia’s the stereotypical caregiver who wants to help people but it’s looking at functions. Does Olivia have any sign of Si or inferior Ne? No. When Olivia has to, she will put her foot down and change things more quickly than an ISFJ might. If you’re even a casual SVU watcher and you want to find a better embodiment of an ISFJ? Look at Cragen. Duty and detail oriented, thoughtful but also the embodiment of team dad when his detectives get out of line. He knows how to appease IAB when they get involved in the fold whereas other characters aren’t so apt to do that. He’s always the one to remind everyone to work within the system, reminding them how it works.

So I went back to the drawing board realizing that Olivia did not possess Si (nostalgic, often compares the present to the past, traditional? Nope.) nor did she possess Ne, especially inferior Ne. (Any impulsive behavior she had wasn’t indicative of an ISXJ nor did she possess that “WE’RE ALL SCREWED” attitude. Again, look at Cragen or Stabler for an ISFJ and an ISTJ. Stabler is a “bulldog” who is so by the book and will never admit to any wrongdoing, Fin himself said this in around season 8 or 9. If Stabler’s environment changes, he has an inferior Ne freak out of biblical proportions. Does Olivia? No. She rolls with the punches very well.)

Next typing? ISTP.

Where I got particularly screwed up? Looping vs inferior functions. At first I thought Olivia had inferior Fe which in retrospect makes me think really? She’s described as “the heart” of SVU by her own colleague (Munch, an ENTP). She is good with people and not in a Harrison Ford/Han Solo/Indiana Jones xSTP sort of way where she gives off that lovable rogue vibe. Want an ESTP? Look at Fin. Fin is good with people, good at getting them to open up or sometimes using his Fe to play them but he’s more… detached. He uses his Se better than Olivia does. He uses his Ti better than Olivia does.

Fin’s approach to questioning suspects? “You’re screwed, now tell me what happened or you’re going to go to jail. Here’s how we can tie you to the crime. Help me and I’ll help you.”

Olivia knows how to tailor fit her approach. There’s the emotional understanding approach. 

And then there’s the “I will use my Fe to antagonize the living hell out of you because I know where your weak spots are”

The biggest difference between Fin (ESTP) and Olivia (INFJ)? Her indisputable dominant Ni. The biggest evidence of this on the show in a single episode is back in season 7 I want to say? The episode called “911”.

A 911 call is transferred to SVU where a little girl named Maria talks to Olivia and says she’s trapped in a room. The number is traced to someone else thanks to the suspect having cloned the cellphone that the little girl got a hold of. The restaurant she claims the man gets her food from burned down. Whenever the little girl calls back, the signal bounces from one part of the city to another. Cragen and Fin are both completely adamant that this might be a hoax between this and the looping background noise the suspect had playing in the background to throw people off to the little girl’s location. Olivia is hellbent, gung ho that this is not a prank or a hoax. That this little girl is real and she needs their help; she never wavers from this whereas Fin with his higher Se is seeing the facts as they appear. Olivia’s theory is being debunked left and right until the pieces come together slowly. The girl is real and rescued in the nick of time after the perp gets rid of her.

Hell, this happens a lot. Olivia will have an over arching hunch that can be refuted by solid physical evidence but she doesn’t waver. When her colleagues debate with her about it, she emotionally appeals to them that they have to do something. When she has a “feeling” that someone close to a suspect can be helpful, she is excellent at baiting them. I watched an episode last night where she lied and said the suspect’s wife had planted evidence to frame someone else and to be at court at 9:30am to testify against him or else she’d be arrested.

What do you know, the suspect’s wife shows up to testify and she did plant the evidence, after all, despite the fingerprints having been “inconclusive”.

So, how in the hell did I get ISTP as my first official typing after realizing her functions? It’s clear she’s not emotionally detached. It’s clear that she’s a feeler. Her Ni is higher than an XSTP’s “I have a hunch but I’ll believe it when I see it” approach. That, my friends, was thanks to looping. Olivia loops. A lot. Ni/Ti. Her Fe can completely go away because she tries to access it so much for her job that she simply… fries the aux-Fe motherboard.

Olivia’s Se is her weak point. She’s great at going undercover and thinking on her feet but… she gets caught in the cross hairs of hostage situations and near death experiences so many times because she’s too busy chasing her Ni. She’s not as in tune with her Se as say, Fin is with his. He’s reckless physically but the one instance I remember (him running into a house with a meth lab to retrieve an infant inside) is because he has to be, because he’s not going to wait for back up, he’s simply better with his Se. It comes naturally to him. Olivia’s Se also leads her to overindulgence and spontaneous decisions outside of her work (um, hey Olivia, you might not want to pursue that relationship… WHY ARE YOU GOING INTO THAT BUILDING WITHOUT BACK UP? YOU DON’T HAVE TO).

It’s easier, for the most part, with a fictional character. It’s easier when there’s distance between you and who you’re trying to type. As the mods on this blog have said so many times, you have to be honest with yourself about your faults and what you’re good at. I’ve gone from INFP to INTP (I thought I had a case of inferior Fe but then realized it was Fi, always Fi.) to ISTJ (my anxiety can be construed as WE’RE ALL SCREWED inferior Ne) to INFP to XNFP (is it my Te or Si that I’m worse with? Do I go into Fi/Si loops or Ne/Te loops? Hey remember that time you read about ENFPs being the most introverted extroverts? Hey, isn’t that a paradox? That could be you!).

My advice? Identify your functions first. Then you’ve narrowed it down to four out of sixteen possible types and that’s less daunting. Then it’s a matter of putting together a puzzle. I’m still trying but as they say, Rome wasn’t built in a day and sometimes self reflection and getting down to the nitty gritty of your cognition as well as your strengths and weaknesses can be daunting. However, being one type vs another type doesn’t make you a better or worse person. Remember that.

ENFP Mod: solid advice. Also, I feel you on the confusion over your type. Been there, done that, drove my four friends nuts for years with my bouncing back and forth while I tried on different hats. Yes, I said YEARS. Take heart, internet. You’re not stupid if you can’t figure your type out right away. There’s nothing wrong with you. Give it time. :)

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You said Sokka is an ENTP, but how would that explain his behavior before his character development? Would it be a Ne-Si loop? And How would that explain the way he organizes his environment and needs to be in control/plan things all the time? Or do all those behaviors tie into some kind of Ne/Si ideology of being the Man of the house/a good soldier/etc...I always assumed he was an ESTJ whose Ne develops, making him act more playful later on in the series after continuous failures of his plans.

Ne-Si loop is incorrect terminology, so not sure what you mean. You are describing behaviors: controlling, planning, doing one’s duty, playful, etc. But you are not adequately explaining the reason behind those behaviors, which is what is necessary for identifying the correct function. Do only ESTJs exhibit these behaviors? I don’t see how ESTJ offers a better explanation because you have not fleshed out your argument. If he continuously failed in his plans, he’d eventually Fi grip, not miraculously develop Ne. Therefore, he ought to be working on auxiliary Si development for most of the series if he is to be “healthy” as you describe, but I cannot think of any evidence to support this nor Fi grip (though I admittedly cannot remember many details). He is also not at the age where significant tertiary development would happen, so well-developed Ne even by the end of the series seems rather unlikely. Since the characters are not adults, tertiary use is going to be very hit or miss. I would say that there is a better case to be made for ENTJ than ESTJ because there is some evidence that he could be seeking Ni development when he is wondering about who he is, when everyone else is a bender and has their own thing to be proud of but he hasn’t yet found his niche. 

At his age, it would be normal for him to struggle a lot with auxiliary development and the details fit better with Ti aux than Si/Ni. Sokka’s problem is not that he needs better knowledge of the system or to learn how to adhere to it better (Te-Si), it’s that the system is limiting his growth. He has a vision of what society could be and what part he could play in it but, because he’s young/inexperienced, that vision is extremely naive, unrealistic, and limited in scope. Living in a small tribe and taking over “parental” duties was shown to be detrimental to his development, but there weren’t many options available to him given how his father had trained/guided him. ESTJs generally thrive when put in the role of protector and guardian but he did not, in fact, it actually wore him down and made him into someone he didn’t want to be - much of his dysfunctional behavior stems from this mismatch of personality and environment. This role stunted his development, keeping him locked in his past trauma (mom’s murder). He absolutely needed new challenges to become the person he was meant to be in his own right, opportunities that could not be found in that environment, which is indicative of EP development. ESTJs seek to overcome the challenges that come to them, ENTPs seek out new challenges to overcome - two very different ways of finding the self. If you read the “personality” section on his wiki page (since I have a poor memory for details), there is a lot of evidence to support ENTP over Te dom:

  • According to his sister Katara, Sokka was initially skeptical, abrasive, sexist and immature and was always sharp-witted. -> Ne + underdeveloped Ti
  • Detached from Katara’s and Aang’s pursuit of the bending arts, he openly expressed his “bender envy” -> Fe loop
  • Not having bending abilities himself, Sokka instead preferred the ways of the warrior and the scientist -> Ti 
  • Sokka thought bending was what got the world in trouble in the first place, so he believed only the skill and strength of ordinary men like himself could ultimately defeat the Fire Nation. -> oversimplistic Ti-Fe judgment based on traumatic Si experience (mom’s death)
  • He could become serious when he desired to or when the need arose and was protective of his sister, Katara -> Hit or miss tertiary Fe. Te doms are generally serious and occasionally become “funny” when they desire to, Ne doms are generally lacking seriousness but serious when they desire to (big difference between JvP preference).
  • Sokka also seemed to realize the importance – and sometimes necessity – of one having to fight their own battles. -> not Te dom
  • He tended to be rash, however, and his pride often led to embarrassment. Despite his obvious cleverness, Sokka sometimes acted silly, if not outright stupid. He occasionally created ridiculous plans that were nearly impossible to carry out. He was also a general victim of slapstick, often being sent flying or getting struck by things. His sarcastic and strange behavior could sometimes carry over into important decisions. When Sokka had been humiliated, his versatility made for a heartfelt apology and changing of his ways. -> Stereotypical Ne-Si bumbling carelessness, eventually corrected by Ti-Fe self-adjustment. ESTJs generally abhor carelessness, which makes them too risk averse, so their mistakes come from inaction or overly anxious action, not from being careless.
  • Sokka had a habit of over-explaining his plans, much to the annoyance of his friends. He also had a habit of missing the point in certain situations, again much to the annoyance of his friends. -> Ne-Si
  • Under the tutelage of the swordmaster Piandao, Sokka expressed various unorthodox procedures while undergoing his training. In one exercise, when told to stamp his identity onto a sheet of paper, rather than simply writing his name, Sokka smeared ink all over his face and pressed it onto the paper. As he presented Sokka with his blade, Piandao related that it was not his skills that impressed him, but his creativity, versatility and intelligence. All were traits that went beyond mere skills and what defined a great swordsman. -> Ne-Ti
  • Perhaps the biggest growth and change in Sokka during his participation in the Hundred Year War was his learning to accept people of the Fire Nation, learning that no nation was entirely good or bad, meaning that he should not blame the people of the nation, but rather its ruler. -> Budding tertiary Fe development
  • Sokka had a great ability to adapt: He changed where change was needed, learned to love and respect others, embraced his own identity, accepted failure, and formed lasting loyalties. -> Not consistent with Te dom development, his development path is Ne - Ti - Fe which eventually leads to healthy and realistic Si expression of personal identity.