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Things You Can Definitely Buy From the Dollar Store: A Guide to Being Poor

Band-aids- You can probably get a box of 100 or so for a buck
Light Pads- Not tampons, because you really shouldn’t skimp on tampon quality, and if you have a seriously heavy flow, I would consider a sturdier brand, but for just some just-in-case panty liners or your last couple days, a 20 pack of liners for $1 is pretty sweet
Pain Relievers- it depends on how many are in the bottle and what your local prices are, so check what it costs for a big bottle at Walmart with 100 in it, vs the 25 in the dollar store bottle. It takes a little math, but sometimes it can save a lot of money to by 4 (25ct) bottles for $4 instead of 1 (100 ct) bottle for $7
Nail Polish & Makeup- If you aren’t picky about brands, Dollar stores have some good ones sometimes. LA Colors is a makeup brand that Dollar Tree sells, among other stores, and most of its makeup is pretty good. ELF is something common at dollar stores, as well, and is pretty darn good for $1-3. I would stay away from Dollar Store foundation and concealers if you haven’t tried it out before or seen good reviews though
Dishes- A dish is a dish is a dish, man. Don’t waste $50 on your first dish set after moving out of your parent’s house. It really isn’t worth it—moving for college, a new apartment every year your lease is up, roommates, parties, exploding in microwaves, soon-to-be-ex throwing them at your head and whatnot: they’re going to get trashed. When you have a steady job, your own house and want to entertain, then go to Bed, Bath, and Beyond and buy the nicest set of dishes you can find. Until then, Goodwill  and Dollar Store dishes are for you. In my opinion, it’s actually more fun to have miss-matched dishes, but if it’s not for you, you can totally buy matches from Dollar Tree. I’ve actually seen some pretty nice ones.
Books- Find something interesting? Go for it. Book is a Book is a Book. Sometimes they even have pretty good ones, it’s worth checking next time you’re in the store
Pregnancy/Ovulation Tests- It’s been proven that the cheapos are just as accurate as the $10 apiece ones. If you have a late period or are feeling paranoid, don’t waste huge money on name brands.
Food- Dollar stores have really evolved when it comes to food. Some even have frozen sections! Be careful, as sometimes the almost empty boxes are actually MORE MONEY per oz. but all in all, you can get some good deals if you look for them. Keep an eye on expiration dates though—there is a reason it’s in the dollar store. Do NOT buy spices from discount stores! If it’s a name brand, that’s fine, but the cheapo brands make spice “mixes” and “Blends” that are usually full of salt to make them cheaper to produce—this is unhealthy for you because if you are seasoning something and want more flavor, you use more spice mix, but you’re adding more salt. Total high sodium risk
• Cleaning Supplies: It all depends on what you can find, of course. But dryer sheets, sponges, toilet bowl cleaner, etc. are all pretty standard and aren’t going to be very different if you spend $1 on it or $10. If you buy one and it doesn’t work for you, or feels ineffective then spring for a more expensive version, but the cheap is always worth a try.
Candles + Incense: some of them actually smell pretty good and you can find a good deal every once in a while. They have pretty nice candle holders sometimes, as well

Things you SHOULDN’T buy from the dollar store
• Spices: As noted earlier, Spice “mixes” usually contain a lot of salt and other filler, so when you go to add more seasoning for more flavor, you just end up with more salt. It’s really unhealthy, over all, and being a low-income or likely in college person can already put you at risk for unhealthy eating. Spring for the real stuff, I promise it’s worth it
• Office/School Supplies: Okay, this may just be personal experience, but I have to be honest, I have not had any kind of luck with pens, pencils, or even the paper. A lot of the notebooks are actually cheaper at a regular store, especially in the fall, and it’s better to stock up on $.20 each then than pay $1 per notebook later. Your individual stores may have better options, but I’ve never found discounted office things (especially pens, ugh!) to be worth the slightly lower price once you factor in the ease with which they break, how quickly they run out of ink and whatnot.
Razors: No. Just, just don’t do it—your skin will thank me later
• Candy: most small snack and candy items are old, from bad batches, or are mostly empty boxes—as well as usually being overpriced. If you need your chocolate to indulge, do it right and spend the same, if not less, amount of money on better candy.
Anything you find questionable: use your gut. It something seems too good to be true, or doesn’t feel right, don’t bother with it. Use your judgement!

8.13.17 // 2:30pm //guide to school organization

this one was requested by @boglarkat-studyblr, @catharticstudying and @nevermindigotnothin, so i hope you find this useful! i’ve definitely tried a bunch of different organization methods over my years of schooling, so i know a fair bit about it. this post will include my current organizational system and also some other ones i’ve tried/thought of and their pros and cons. hopefully there’s something in here for everyone! xoxo, m

ps. you do not have to be impeccably organized to be successful. studyblr kind of perpetuates this “i need to have everything planned perfectly and color coded and filed away in this super neat system”. not everybody works that way and not everybody needs that in order to achieve their goals. find what works for you.

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BTS and Pet Names

Kim Seokjin

Jin had always have something with your name. He never called you something that wasn’t that. The identity that came along with the letters you were given at birth meant, somehow, a lot for him. He found one and a thousand ways of re-saying your name so it would always be different: he had also fallen in love with it.
But that night, his kisses were tingling on your skin as he thrusted softly into your body. The athmosphere was heavy, and his hot breath mixed with the cold sweat dripping down your back. You wanted something different, so you managed to end on top of him, sucking and kissing the skin of his chest while caressing his body. His moans then became loud and needy, as he let you take control while embelished by your body. So lost was he, he even forgot your name to call you something else.
When the word angel left his lips in a whimper as he gripped your hips tightly, you were both lost in the moment. The way the vowels escaped his lips as he remind you how good he felt, was enough to drive you both to your orgasm.
And he would not forget it. Maybe your name was beautiful, but the way you blushed each time que soflty purred “angel” by your ear, was worth every one of his seconds.

Min Yoongi

He never got the point of it. Why would it matter? He didn’t need to call you something in concrete to know you two loved each other. On the other hand, you were different. One thousand and one pet names fell from your lips each time you saw him, causing him to roll his eyes one thousand and one times a day.
“But why, y/n? It’s ridiculous.”
“It’s not, babe.
“‘m’kay then. You prefer pumpkin?”
Your constant fights around those stupid words were starting to tire him as you only enjoyed more and more his annoyance.
He snapped one night, after spending hours working on a track that just did not worked. Somehow you went from giving him some coffee to be between his legs, sucking him of harshly.
Yoongi’s grunts echoed in the room over your moans and the still playing track, hands tangled in your hair as you bobbed up and down his length. Only then he really payed you attention: his old shirt slipping from your shoulders to reveal the collarbones, the messy hair, the need in those big needy eyes that were yours.
“Such a beautifull doll for me. C'mon, hurry your pretty mouth so i can fill you up. And maybe if you’re a good dollie, i will let you cum”

Jung Hoseok

He would be so into them. He was used to use them with his friends, so using them with you was something he would not think twice.
The first time he called you “sunshine” over the phone, before hanging, you blushed uncontiously. And when you saw him that night and he asked “How was work, sweetheart?” the pink on your cheeks would be impossible to hide, making him laugh and hugly tightly, feeling happier than ever.
It didn’t take you long to get used to those nice and sweet petnames he choosed. So used you got to them, that when he opened his mouth that morning, you almost forgot how to breath.
Hand going up and down his shaft, heavy breaths in each other necks, his finger buried inside your body. Your small whimper where cut suddenly as he increased his pace making you clench and almost shout. That’s when he looked right into your eyes, dark orbs creeping into yours.
“That’s right sugar. Scream for Daddy,”

Kim Namjoon

Namjoon liked inventing stupid names for you. One day you were his Monster-babe, the next morning his Rapping Goddess and maybe someday you became his Favorite Disaster. But there were some names that never changed, names that appeared each time his lips attached to your neck and his kicks managed to close the door.
You still got wet from remembering the first time he asked if you liked how Oppa fucked his Prince(ss). After that amazing date, he had let playing some instrumental jazz as he slowly undressed you. Each one of his touchs were measured, being gentle but also seductive in a way you had never imagined. Somehow, his skin never left yours, always touching, kissing, hiting, biting, licking. And when he was pounding fervoursly into your body, those words left his lips in a slip, and you knew you had lost (or maybe, won a lot). When he softly whispered in your ear about you being the best royal disaster he could ever wish as you ride him slowly, you realised you were starting to like it. Namjoon loved to let you know you were his fucking Queen/King, specially when his hand were roamming down your body. And those hands felt so good, you didn’t need a castle to believe each one of his words.

Park Jimin

There was something about those old school pet names that made him crazy. Darling, dear, honey, love. So cheesy. So perfect.
But he didn’t know if you liked them, though. He wasn’t sure if you would feel comfortable, or if those were the kind of pet names you liked. So, shy as he was, he would keep his mouth shut. You didn’t call him names either. He had never called you anything, and you did not want to rush.
When that morning he woke you up with gentle kisses on your shoulders, a small smile creeped onto your face. His arms wrapped around your wasit and though he didn’t say anything, you knew what he was craving for. Slowly turning to face him you met his lips, gently sucking on the lower one to earn a sublte moan from his side.
Your hand slipped though his chest to his crotch, soflty plaming him as the kid smiled. Hiding his face on the crook of your neck he bitted and kissed the skin, trying to give back a lil’ bit of what you were offering.
When your hand slipped into his boxers and the pad of your thumb caressed the head of his dick, a cried whimper left his body.
Honey, please. More.” he would ask, a whimpering mess under your hands as you started pumping him quickly. “Ah, like that love.” He’d let the words slip and blush, just to find your subtle giggle
“Don’t worry darling. I’ll take care of you.”

Kim Taehyung

You knew Tae was a ball of happiness and energy. You also knew he was kinda like a kid, and that meant he was curious. Very, very curious.
Still, you were surprised when he asked if you guys could try that.
A few day later you agreed, and there you where, kneeled on the bed. The lingerie he had picked for you, was beautiful and made you feel exposed in some kind of nice way. And then he came into the room, red briefs only covering his body. Your lips crashed hungry for themselves, and it wasn’t long until all the clothes were laying somewhere in the floor.
You had almost forgotten it. Everything seemed so normal and sexual that your mind wasn’t thinking about the business. But then, you scratched his back in the middle of the action, and he flipped you until you were on four, smashing into you harshly and making you moan loudly. His back was burning, but he couldn’t stop his laugh.
“Moan for me kitten. Let me her your meow. You owe me for those pretty marks.”

Jeon Jungkook

One night stands were something he could handle right. He knew what to do, what to say, and how to use a condom.
And it was normal, because there were really beautiful fans out there, and doing them instead of a hired hooker, felt way more better than it should.
It started with his number on your notebook and a rushed phone call. Before you knew it, his hotel room had it’s door closed and your mouth were fighting each other for the power.
And Jungkook could handle it, he could. But you… you were different. You tasted sweeter than anybody else.
That’s why he couldn’t stop his “Just like that, babe” when your mouth wrapped againts his crotch. And the soft whimper that left your lips when you heard those words was not helping him at all. You have never heard someone say babe, baby, or bae so many times in such an erotic way. Especially erotic when he came all over you.
Three years later, those words were still present and your mouth still tasted sweet. And luckily for him, those words made some parts of your body taste even sweeter.


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IMAGINE doodling...

okay so this is based off this text post I saw on Instagram that was a screenshot from Tumblr and I can’t find the original post, so Ima just…

  • Imagining doodling a small flower on the corner of Seungcheol’s paper because he fell asleep in English class
  • and he wakes up to you doodling a third flower on the corner of his paper and gives a smile before asking to get a picture of your notes
  • the next day you see him and there’s a small little garden in the corner of the paper where you had doodled the original three in blue ink 
  • and the flowers surrounding it are drawn in either red or black and yours are colored in with yellow and blue sharpie. 
  • when Cheol realizes that you saw his paper he holds it to his chest in an embarrassed fashion and gives a nervous smile as he closes the notebook and shoves it in his bag
  • and you smile because you realize how soft this boy is on the inside 
  • and that despite having to uphold his whole jock-tough boy image he seems like a sweet and soft boy 
  • but you keep that to yourself because you’re not one to kiss and tell
  • so by mid year, Seungcheol is no longer using the notebook for notes
  • he just doodles in it and sometimes he ‘accidentally’ leaves a freshly drawn page open on the desk beside you
  • and you see as his doodles grow more and more detailed and how his flowers begin to get better and better
  • and now it’s not just flowers 
  • it’s little statues and benches and trees and lakes and buildings and cliffs and other random objects he tried to draw
  • and one day while drawing he gathers the courage to write down his number in a corner and ‘accidentally’ drops it on your desk
  • and you guys start talking about the dumbest things and the closer you grow to this boy the more you realize he isn’t what you thought him to be
  • and after only talking over the phone for a while 
  • you both finally talk to each other in real life
  • and at first it’s a bit awkward because the only time he’s ever heard you talk was when you were forced to introduce yourself at the beginning of the year
  • and everyone is shook that you two are friends at first 
  • and his teammates that you thought were the definition of asshole were kind and like little puppies
  • and once in a while he came to eat lunch with you where you sit out on the quad 
  • and once in a while you go to the school’s football games to cheer
  • now he still shows you the doodles he does in his notebook 
  • and they’re a lot better than when he had first started 
  • his birthday had come up and he had invited you out
  • and you guys ate lunch and just walked around the park 
  • you had even bought him a sketch book as a present
  • but even then, he doodles in his notebook because it’s meaningful 
  • and like the flowers he doodled, your relationship bloomed 
  • you talked to each other much more often than before 
  • he began to embrace his passion for drawing and began trying more complicated things in his sketch book 
  • and when he felt stressed he’d go back to doodling flowers in his notebook which the pages were falling off of 
  • one day you see him looking for a free page to doodle on in his notebook 
  • he’s just cramming drawings inside small spaces between the flowers and lakes and every other thing he had doodles 
  • and it seems like he’s contemplating whether or not he should use the last blank page
  • and you ask him what he’s saved it for, but he just brushes it off and continues to doodle 
  • and suddenly it’s the last day of school 
  • he’s fallen asleep on his notebook once more 
  • and like before, you doodle a flower on the top corner of the page
  • he opens his eyes and gives you an extremely charming smile
  • it makes you blush a bit because you’ve never seen him smile like that 
  • but he’s just staring because he’s so struck 
  • and he lifts his head up from the page to reveal every other spot besides the top corner is doodled on 
  • “It looks like I’ve run out of page,” he says with a shy smile 
  • “It looks like you have,” you reply as your cheeks turn red
  • On the page had been six words you had never imagined him to ask 
  • especially on the last day of school 
  • oh how cliche it had been, but nevertheless you loved it 
  • because who doesn’t love cliche 
  • after agreeing and accepting his confession he let out a relieved sigh and just gave you the purest smile 
  • and he’s just so happy that he managed to gather enough courage and ask you out
  • and of course on a later date he asks you out with actual words like vocally 
  • and of course you accept his confession and agree to be his s/o
  • and he gets so overwhelmed with happiness and he picks you up and spins you around 
  • and you’re shook
  • because you’re in public and he just 
  • picks you up and fuckin spins you around like you’re a feather
  • and when he puts you back down 
  • your face is red as hell and he realizes what he’s done he turns bright red as well 
  • and now you two are just a bunch of blushing kittens and the scene is just cringy as hell but it’s so cute 
  • and all of a sudden he gets a burst of confidence 
  • he grabs your hands and holds them in his own before bending down a bit to grab your attention 
  • and that alone catches your attention so you follow his head up 
  • now you’re looking him in the eye and the same with him 
  • and with a smile he asks four simple words 
  • and once again like before, you nod 
  • and you both lean in and kiss 
  • and it’s just awwww so cute ajfbjashfbajhf

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I would make a Youtube video but I’ll save you guys the 2005 video edits

Lol but seriously guys I truly feel like I’m acting like a youtuber doing this but in order to really help you guys out I decided to include a Supply Haul in my back to school series. The reason behind this is because I could say this, this and that but I would be hypocritical if I wasn’t actually using the supplies I suggested in any of my past masterposts. I will include pictures of everything I bought as well as a brief description of why I bought it and how I will use it for the upcoming school year. Hopefully this will give you a better understanding of my personal preferences for school and how it may help you stay organized, and succeed.


So let’s begin:

·       Backpack

I chose to go with one of Jansport’s most popular backpack. It has one main pocket with sufficient space as well as two front pockets and a laptop sleeve. I chose this backpack because it’s simple and is a decent size for my first year of college.

·       Notebooks

I bought 5 notebooks for this first semester. Two of them are from Stellar and they are simple, one subject, college ruled notebooks.

The third notebook I chose is a grid notebook which I plan to use for my Intro to Statistics course. I felt this was a better option rather than a lined notebook because it will help me to keep my notes organized and easy to read. This notebook is also in the size 8.5x11 which was really hard to find for me. I don’t like the Mead Five Star grid notebooks and every other grid notebook was small so when I finally found this one I was extremely excited!

The last two notebooks I bought were from Muji. These Notebooks are made of recycled material so they’re an off white color. I plan on using this for my Spanish 202 class. These notebooks don’t have a spiral binding which, for some reason or another, I actually prefer for my language courses.

·       Binders

I chose to buy 4 1" binders for this school year. There isn’t much to this except that I’m going to use these as my main source of organization for each class which includes: Spanish, Statistics, US History, and English

·       Index Dividers

I plan to use these to further organize my classes in my binders. I won’t use an entire pack for one binder but just a few to divide up spaces for my homework, essays, class work, and notes. (also of course I had to pick the cute ones)

·       Folder

I grabbed a single folder along with everything else because, if you’ve read my BTS Series masterposts, then you’ll know that I strongly recommend a folder that you use for important papers or work that is given or needs to be turned in that same day. I grabbed a plastic Five Star rather than an off brand paper folder because I know I’ll be using this all year round for multiple purposes. I’ll need to get maximum use out of this folder so the sturdier, the better.

·       Erasers, Refills, White Out, and Adhesive Rollers

This is all pretty self-explanatory. I just want to point out that I strongly recommend you buy white out because you’ll definitely need it if you prefer writing notes with pen rather than pencil.

·      Highlighters

I bought 15 Zebra Mildliners for this school year. Of course you don’t need this many  highlighters, let alone such expensive highlighters. Just make sure to include a good variety for yourself if you heavily rely on highlighting your notes!

·       Colorful Pens

I bought 2 sets of pens (highly unnecessary but I’m extra) for this year. The first being 12 Pilot G2 pens in 0.7mm as well as 12 Muji pens in 0.5mm. If you don’t have access to online shopping I would go ahead and buy Pilot G2 because those will more likely be in stores rather than Muji pens (If you guys know of any American store that sells Muji prducts LET ME KNOW). But if you’re thinking of buying yourself some Muji pens, I highly recommend them! I also bought a white Gelly Roll pen which I plan to use for my bullet journal.

·       Black Pens

I bought three different black pens (again, EXTRA) which includes the Staedtler Fineliners, Pilot G2 in 0.38mm and Uni-Ball Signos in 0.7mm. I plan on using the fineliners for my bujo and the Pilot G2 for notetaking. The Uni-Ball Signos for whatever other reason but most likely as back up.

·       Pencils

For pencils so far I’ve only bought 2 pencils from Muji which is, again, totally unnecessary. I do plan on buying just some regular pencils from whatever store since I’m not really picky on the actual barrel but rather the size of the lead. I bought these Muji pencils for the heck of it (cuz it’s Muji ya know?) and liked how they looked. Plus they were in 0.5mm lead which is my preference.

·       Planner/Bullet Journal

I bought my first Bullet Journal after having tried it out with a different notebook over the summer. I chose to buy the Leuchtturm 1917 dotted notebook since I’ve seen many good reviews and whatnot. So far I really enjoy the quality of the paper and everything the notebook has to offer.

·       EXTRA

Lol so this has been a reoccurring theme in this masterpost but these are just a few extra supplies I bought that I know I’ll be using this school year. This includes Washi tape (for my bujo), Tombow dual Brush pens (for my bujo) and a notepad for quick lists.

So that’s everything that I’ve bought for this school year! There’s certain things, such as my pencil case and loose leaf paper that I didn’t mention because I didn’t buy new ones and they’re pretty self explanatory. If you want to see the pencil case that I’ll be using for this school year you can check out my “What’s in my pencil case” post. Apart from that, if you have any questions of where I bought any of these or whatever else, don’t be afraid to comment, send me a message, or send an ask to my inbox! I'l be happy to answer and send you guys links of where I bought everything.

This was a pretty long masterpost considering I included multiple pictures. This was a lot of effort (much more effort than I thought it would take) so I hope you guys enjoyed and can really understand what I’ve been talking about in my previous BTS masterposts!

Also! Don’t forget to check out the rest of my Back to School Series HERE!

-much love, studyessie ♡

“Thank you for coming into my life and giving me joy, thank you for loving me and receiving my love in return. Thank you for the memories I will cherish forever. But most of all, thank you for showing me that there will come a time when I can eventually let you go. ”

With spring break just around the corner and a lot of travel in the foreseeable future, I thought I’d put together something about traveling and productivity. Now, but productivity I don’t mean studying. I’ve tried that and unless I actually have a test the minute I get off the plan, it’s usually miserable. What I mean is: how can I do more than just sitting around and counting the number of people with bags that definitely won’t fit on the overhead compartment? So here’s what I try to do at airports.

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Bachelor {Tony Stark Oneshot}

“Could you write a Tony Stark x Reader with 28 & 3 where the reader and tony are engaged and tony comes back drunk from his bachelor party and gushes to the reader about how he loves her and is excited for their marriage then gets all embarrassed the morning after I love your blog!!”-Anonymous {xoxoxo}

  I’m going to kill Rhodey and Happy. How could they let him get this drunk! And how much freaking glitter could possibly be on him ? Oh God, I can only imagine how many strippers this glitter came from. Gross.

  4 am you received a call from Tony’s limo driver, requesting help in getting him, along with rhodey and Happy, out of his limo. It wasn’t too bad , rhodey and happy leaned on each other as they drunkenly made their way into your home, Tony could barely walk straight , so you had to toss his arm over your shoulder and slightly drag him in. You make sure the other two men are settled in the guest rooms, telling Friday to monitor their vital incase they need assistance .

 You finally get mumbling tony into you room, and drop him into your bed .

“You know You’re even cuter when I’m drunk ” he slurs, wiggling his eyebrows at you,“ c'mere baby.” He reaches for you , but you step back

“ you are not getting anything tonight Tony. You need to sleep this off .” You grab him some Tylenol and water, watching as he takes them , then sheds his clothes until he’s in his boxers .

“ how was your party sweetheart ?” You ask when you’re finally in bed with him .

He turns to you with a smile , “ it was great ! There was strippers , and booze , I’m pretty sure rhodey talked sam into licking whip cream off a strippers ass crack.” You both snort out laughing ,

  “ you guys need to stop picking on him tony!”

“ hey he loved it !” He argues . “ but you know what? It was missing something.” His tone changed , going from excited to sad. .you wait a few seconds before he continues “ it was fun, everything a party should be ! Hell I’d say it was even Stark party level good . But it needed something to complete it for me … it needed you. It wasn’t the same without you there.” You know he’s trying to be sweet, but you can’t help the laugh that slips out .

“ I love you darling; but I will never go to a strip club with you . Ever ”

  “ no no I know that. But I just- as much as I appreciated the party, I just wanted to be home with you. I can’t wait for this - for us to finally be married , forever.” He takes our hand and brings it to his lips. “ waking up to you everyday is going to be awesome , regardless of your morning breath and crazy hair . ”

“ watch it Stark , you’re breathe doesn’t smell like rainbows in the morning either!” He leans closer , gently kissing your lips.

“ I love you more than you can imagine my dear. Always remember that , no matter how much of a grade A jackass I can be, you are it for me. You are my life, you are my love . ” For a second you can’t believe how deep drunk tony just got , maybe he was faking being trashed .

  “ we can be like those old people from the notebook. What were their names ? Aoah and nallie? Oh shit no! Ryan and Rachel right!? We’ll be better than them, we are way more attractive anyway, have you seen me? Have you seen you? Damn.” Oh no, he’s definitely trashed .

“ their names are ally and Noah , love.”

“ no , that’s not it. I’m pretty sure it’s jack and rose.”

You bite back your laughter, “ I love you to Tony , there will never be anyone else for me.” When you turn to look, he’s passed out, drool already starting to form. Yep, I’m marrying this.

 The sound of groaning wakes you up, a smile already forming on your face.

  “ good morning sunshine.”

what the hell happened last night? I - when did I get home ?”

“ around 4 darling .”

“ oh god . I didn’t do anything stupid , why do I remember something about whipped cream and strippers.”

“ Wilson licked whipped cream off a strippers ass.” You answered casually. He let or a quick chuckle groaning right after. “ anything else I should know about ?” He asks

  “ Tony, what’s the name of the couple in the notebook?”

“ how the hell should I know?”

  “ so it’s not aoah or nally ?” The mispronounced Names must of sparked a memory.

“ oh dear God. What-”

  “ you declared your undying love for me, and said we are going to be better than jack and rose from the notebook .” He rolled over, shoving the pillow over his face

  “ that so many different levels of incorrect.”

You snort out laughing at how embarrassed he is . “ don’t be embarrassed love. It was sweet .”

“ yeah yeah, what do you say to a little morning sex, you know , to show how thankful you are for my sweetness .” He wiggles his eyebrows at you before rolling himself ontop of you. His lips are about to land on yours when FRIDAY interrupts

  “ sir, I thought you would like to be informed that happy and rhodey are wandering around your kitchen … in their underwear.”

  “ what the hell.”

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I love notebooks (read: I am particular about notebooks), so when Redbubble started offering them I was both excited and wary. I wasn’t able to find a lot of information about the new product (spiral bound, 120 pages), and I figured there are other people out there with a similar desire for information.

So I bought a couple notebooks on sale last week. Let’s take a look.

Review note:  Photos were taken in natural light on a cloudy day, and may be cropped or rotated, but were not edited for contrast or color.

THE BASICS (from Redbubble product info)

  • 120 pages
  • Cover 350gsm, paper stock 90gsm
  • Front cover print from an independent designer
  • Available in a selection of ruled or graph pages
  • Handy document pocket inside the back cover


The covers are matte cardstock. The outside front cover is printed with the purchased design. The outside back color is black. The inside of both covers are white. 

The print isn’t super sharp but it still looks nice from standard “I am a human using a notebook in a normal way” distance. The image gets noticeably softer when you look at it more closely.

I was pleased (and a little surprised) to see that the cover print did not run or bleed when subjected to a small drip test (a drop of water, allowed to sit and soak into the cover, did not affect the design).  It didn’t look like it’d hold up, but it did.


I bought the graph paper option, which turned out to be sort of a combo between dot grid and classic graph. I like this, since it gives a little bit of guidance while still limiting “background interference” on a finished page.

The guides are light grey. I would prefer blue (easier to get rid of when you’re scanning artwork), but they’re pretty unobtrusive. 

Redbubble notebooks also come in lined versions.  Currently they do not offer unlined.

Paper is… White. Not bright white, but no tones of yellow or off-white, either. It held up pretty well to some dense marker coloring–you can see the colors through the back of the paper because the paper is thin, but there’s very little actual bleed through.

The last page of the notebook is a sturdy, double-sided pocket, folded from warm grey paper. 


Redbubble gives the dimensions (6″x8″) on their website, but I took some comparison photos with other popular notebook sizes.  

The Redbubble notebook is comparable to a medium Moleskine (the “shiny” black book in the photos above), or a little over twice the size of a standard Field Notes booklet or small Moleskine.


Not too much to say here. Pretty typical, sturdy, double wirebound spiral. You can see close ups of the “inner” binding in the last couple pictures.


Prices will vary.  Redbubble sets a base price of $10 for this product, and each artist can choose what they’d like their markup to be past that.  Looks like most go for $12-$13.

Redbubble offers a fifteen percent discount if you buy three or more notebooks at a time. (And I think that discount stacks with their frequent sales and coupon codes).


It’s a nice notebook!  It’s not going to develop a cult following, but I don’t think it will disappoint you, either. it’s sturdy and pleasant to hold, the paper is better than average for spiral notebooks, and (most important, really) it comes with an endless variety of cover art designed by hundreds and hundreds of independent artists—and you directly support the artist when you purchase one.

All in all, I’ve spent more on worse notebooks. I’m pretty happy with these.

(tbh, I’m giddy about them)

Designs featured in the review are Marianas trench galaxy, pink and mint rift galaxy, and don’t panic by SP8CEBIT (that’s me).

Another witchy purchase!

A lockable box is an alternative to a grimoire that you may find appealing.

There is a degree of privacy to it. It can store items such as notecards, envelopes, and other supplies away from prying eyes. It will not be large enough to store tools such as a wand or a dagger (that I get annoyed when people play with; I may have to find another solution for that).

I opted for rainbow color index cards. The colors could correspond to different elemental magic. I chose blue for water, red for fire, green for earth, purple for spirit, with yellow being for air by default. Notecards may be better for you than a traditional notebook because you can always reorganize them and get rid of the content that doesn't please you anymore (messy handwriting, or otherwise).

Here is the link for the lock box. For the all black version that I have, it will be $14, but you can get it in other colors or see-through for less. They also have bigger sizes for more than that, but this suited my needs. You are on your own for finding the right index cards ;)

and neither have i wings to fly

prompt: wylan, kuwei, “you’re too young to hate the world” / ao3

here’s a list of things kuwei can’t stand, in order.

  1. damp tombs in miserable graveyards with a group of teenage criminals for company.
  2. being spoken to, or about, like he doesn’t exist past the rare moments when one of the others deigns to address him, or give him something to do.
  3. wylan van eck, in particular, talking to him like that.  

because really, what the hell does wylan know about it?  

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Linguistic // 25.9.17 // my first notes in ages! the light in my dorm is significantly better than in my old home haha
I bought this far too expensive notebook for my introduction to linguistic module but it has soft dotted paper and I don’t regret the decision 😅
I did my “recommended reading” yesterday evening so I just had to rewrite my notes before my 2pm lecture 👓🎓
Song of the day: Kreutzer Sonata by Beethoven 💗🎶

Have I Made You Uncomfortable? (Bucky x Reader) Part 5

Summary: It’s no secret that Y/N and Bucky don’t get along. Everyone knows it, they know it, and everything is very clear. That is, until a certain encounter in the library starts a small ripple in the otherwise fairly still surface.

Chapter List


Part Five

Bucky had tossed and turned all night, not being able to fall asleep due to the events of the previous night. He got up and washed his face, before returning to sit on the edge of his bed, his head in his hands. Everything he’d ever said to you flickered through his mind, and he groaned in regret. He changed his dirty clothes into some slightly less-dirty clothes, and made his way downstairs.

He entered the kitchen to see Steve sitting by the kitchen table eating his breakfast. Clint was leaning against the kitchen counter sipping a cup of coffee, barely noticing him. Steve glanced up at him with a neutral expression on his face, before gesturing to the seat opposite him. Bucky sat down and groaned, rubbing his face with his hands.

“You look terrible. I’m guessing you didn’t sleep,” Steve stated nonchalantly, and Bucky sighed.

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