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Ever since the first trailer came out, I could not stop waiting for this movie. Finally, on June 1st, it arrived in cinemas.

And even without a night of sleep, I pulled my closest friends to the theater to go see it. What I found? A movie that did not disappoint. Most people always disagree with me when I say I am a DC fan. Seriously? Why do they always have to compare to Marvel? Can’t we all just appreciate the superhero movies equally?

 With that being said, let’s take a look at everything I loved about Wonder Woman.

*Warning: Spoilers ahead. *


Bless this beautiful, beautiful child. She did a great job of playing a young Diana. I think the audience gave a collective, “Awww” when she appeared. With her doing cute little kicks and punches, it just added to the overall cuteness. But then she gives you this smirk and you know that the Princess of the Amazons is also a stubborn, sassy little girl who knows what she wants and goes after it.


The trailer alone showed some great potential in the fight department, but actually seeing everything on the big screen gives you this whole new feeling! It’s the “holy-shit- I- can’t- breathe” feeling. The kind where you stare with eyes wide open because you’re afraid that if you blink, you’re gonna miss something cool. The first few minutes of the movie, with the amazon warriors fighting off Germans on the shores of Themyscira (thank you, Steve) was amazing! We also see Queen Hippolyta and Antiope in action. (side note: my fave part would have to be her jumping onto a make shift shield that Steve grabbed and killing a sniper, taking down the whole top of the church doing so).

Bruce got nothing on that lasso.

3. Steve Trevor

I love Chris Pine. I have loved him ever since he came out in “Princess Diaries 2” and “Just My Luck”, when I was still a teenager in high school. And then he went and became Captain Kirk in Star Trek, and my fangirl heart could not help but love him more. Now, he has proven again how great he is by playing the charming, fearless, and disobedient Captain Steve Trevor. 

I’m so glad he chose to do this over Green Lantern! He was great when they were using the Lasso of Truth on him, but the funniest part for me was when Diana dropped by while he was taking a bath.

Diana: Are you a prime example of the average man? (or something like that)

Steve: No, I’m above average.

4. Gal Gadot

Unlike most people, I had nothing against Gal (or her allegedly small boobs *insert snort*) when she was first cast as Wonder Woman. Honestly, I was more concerned with how the story would go, but damn. She proved everyone wrong. She played the role perfectly. Perfectly. I am not joking. I cannot imagine anyone else who would’ve done a spectacular job as her. (And take note, she was pregnant whilst shooting this).

She could be fierce, emotional, humorous. She lighted up the screen, man. Figuratively and literally. And yes, she rocked that costume! Ugh that costume! At first, I was skeptical. After all, I am a big fun of the comics, and I sometimes hate it when they change these iconic things about characters (e.g. Barry Allen not being blonde in the TV series or the movie). But I came to love it. It showed more of her Amazonian roots than her iconic outfit in the animated series before.

5. No Man’s Land

This was the best scene/ segment of the movie for me. I had goosebumps watching her climb up to No Man’s Land. Add that to the fact that Steve tells her the soldiers have been there for nearly a year and haven’t gain an inch, yet she just strolls up there like is a fcking field of lilies and is dodging bullets better than The Matrix. My heart. My fangirl heart.

 Everything about it was so right. You have these bleak, grey landscape and yet Wonder Woman is wearing such vibrant colors. Then there are these slow- motion sequence where she’s blocking the bullets like some sort of freaking Jedi. And her shield seems to like glow while she’s getting hit with a machine gun and and and she’s dodging those bombs like they’re nothing. Nothingggggg. Then everyone else follows her and charges at the enemies. And I’m just sitting there like:

Up to now, my feels are still overwhelming. The story was great, the cast was great AND THE DIRECTOR, PATTY JENKINS. YOU ARE A BLESSING FROM GOD. I cannot wait for the Justice League movie. DC got this right, and hopefully, they keep getting it right.


5 Fan Theories Better Than The Actual Movie

Tidal Fears

Steve x Reader

Summary: You have the ability to control fire and water, but you refuse to use your powers after being under Hydra’s control in the past. That’s until someone threatens the safety of your friends and the man you secretly love, and you’re forced to intervene. 

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

Word Count:  + 3k

Warnings: angst, [badly written] fight scenes, injuries, reader has the ability to control water, fluff, Steve being adorable, un-beta’d

a/n: this is my first attempt at writing Steve, so constructive feedback is appreciated! I don’t really know how I feel about this, it has more of an action plot than what I usually add to a fic, so I’m kinda nervous about posting.*runs and hides*

The nightmares started the day after Natasha and Steve had found you locked up at a Hydra base. They’d been performing experiments on you, much like the ones they did on Bucky, except you now had the abilities to control water and fire, which Hydra didn’t fail to use for their own advantage. 

You became an asset to them. They named you ‘The Matrix’.

After bringing you back to the safety of the Avengers compound, you soon became comfortable in the everyday workings there, getting to know the team and reuniting with Bucky. You were so relieved that he was OK, that he was no longer under the control of Hydra.

You didn’t go on missions for the first few months, but you helped out by planning out routes and being the in house nurse for any injuries that the team returned with. Having shirtless Avengers sitting in front of you while you cleaned up their cuts and bruises was definitely the highlight, but you still couldn’t help but feel useless and weak. You had no control over your abilities, and your sleep was plagued by the memories of what Hydra did to you and what you did for them.

One night, you were awoken by a strong pair of hands shaking your shoulders and a loud scream filling the room. Your eyes flew open, soon realising that the scream was your own and that Steve was holding your shoulders, a concerned look etched across his face.

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Making AI systems that see the world as humans do

A Northwestern University team developed a new computational model that performs at human levels on a standard intelligence test. This work is an important step toward making artificial intelligence systems that see and understand the world as humans do.

“The model performs in the 75th percentile for American adults, making it better than average,” said Northwestern Engineering’s Ken Forbus. “The problems that are hard for people are also hard for the model, providing additional evidence that its operation is capturing some important properties of human cognition.”

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starklinqs  asked:

"Please come get me" + Jax, and (?) any Legend you want, really (I feel like it'd be cool to have Gideon there since she's basically their entire tech system)


My poor child.

Martin Stein paced the bridge of the Waverider again, his hand rubbing at his left arm where the words “we’re coming” stood out starkly, a months old scar.  He’d been on a cruise with Clarissa, a celebratory one, when he’d collapsed. At first he’d assumed he was merely ill, but when pain had flared in his knee and wrists, and the tapping had started, pressure, he had known that it was Jeffer—Jax who was the one in danger. Clarissa had managed to contact Kendra and Carter, back in central city, and in the fifteen hours since, the Waverider had materialized. Truthfully, none of them had expected to see Captain Hunter again, but the relief was palpable. With Gideon, with Sara and the Rouges, surely they could find out what had happened. The boy’s mother had not answered when he had tried to call.

“Gideon?” he asked again, not caring that desperation crept into his voice.

“I have still found no sign of Mr. Jackson in May of 2016.”

“Then look harder!” Sara snapped before Martin could. Not that Martin could anyway. His leg had given out under him, yet again, and with one hand he was tapping the pattern he felt across his thigh on the cool ground.

“He needs help,” Martin whispered. “He’s—I can hear him, almost.”

“Tell him to hang in there,” Ray’s earnest smile was pained. “We’ll find him.”


Jax had never learned Morse code. He knew, of course, that Ronnie had. How it had saved Grey’s life. So when they’d first bonded, he’d looking into it. It never stuck, and anyway it was too hard to tell a long ‘tap’ from a short one when it was just pressure, faint and fleeting. After the first Incident on the Waverider, they’d looked into other codes, easier ones, and had settled on a five-tap code Grey had learned in his younger days.

He was glad of it now. As much as he hoped Grey couldn’t feel what he was mostly, he hoped that he could feel this at least.

He’d been finishing up at the shop one night, later than he was supposed to, but Wally’s engine had needed some work, and it was the very least he could do. He hadn’t heard the footsteps behind him until it was too late, and even though Sara had taught him some fighting, he didn’t have Grey, didn’t have his powers.

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It’ll happen - there’ll be a point where the android’s brain will have mapped out that of a human’s, and their knowledge will have surpassed that of ours. And we won’t be able to differentiate the speaking voice of an android from an actual human’s. I do believe that that will be true, because of the rapid speed of technology and nanotechnology advancing…. I know that we will live in this world. How will we all act? Will we teach our kids to fear the android? Will we treat the android inhumanely? Act superior? I want people to wrap their minds around that. I think that we need a mediator, if we’re all gonna rewrite history, and not oppress the Other. The Archandroid, Cindy, is the mediator, between the mind and the hand. She’s the mediator between the haves and the have-nots, the oppressed and the oppressor. She’s like the Archangel in the Bible, and what Neo represents to the Matrix.
—  Janelle Monae, being a way better transhumanist than most transhumanists

anonymous asked:

rom coms or thrillers?

While I love a good thriller (Transporter series, Bourne series, Matrix, etc.), there really isn’t anything better than cozying up on a rainy afternoon with a quality romantic comedy.  And I mean real rom-coms (not romantic dramas; no offense, Harry) like The Proposal or Pretty Woman or Notting Hill…..

Make me choose:  _________ or ___________.


Okay, I asked @just-french-me-up if I could play around with her Teacher! Amis thing, so here it goes. It’s almost a 1000 words, I hope its not too much… oops.

Feuilly is the technology department. Woodwork, Electronics, Graphic Design, Textile Technology, Food Technology. He can do everything. He alternates between which branch of technology he teaches, so every so often his food technology classes coincide to when Bahorel is playing hockey with the lower school on the yard near Feuilly’s classroom. He’s always busy with some project or another, and still teaches every A-level technology course, without fail because he loves to take students from when they start the school until they finish. Every person in the school has a crush on Feuilly, it’s a fact.

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Get to Know Me Meme  |  [2/5] Favorite Movies
    ↳ The Matrix (1999)

I know you’re out there. I can feel you now. I know that you’re afraid… you’re afraid of us. You’re afraid of change. I don’t know the future. I didn’t come here to tell you how this is going to end. I came here to tell you how it’s going to begin. I’m going to hang up this phone, and then I’m going to show these people what you don’t want them to see. I’m going to show them a world without you. A world without rules and controls, without borders or boundaries. A world where anything is possible. Where we go from there is a choice I leave to you.

i have finally seen Jupiter Ascending and frankly i will fight a man for this movie. i will die on a hill for this movie. as a dyed in the wool matrix fan i can tell you that this is a wachowski film to the core and I would in fact argue it is a better film than the Matrix. YES. FIGHT ME. 

but what i find realllllllyyyyyyyyyy interesting is the way tumblr talks about this film vs other films that get popular. like, I don’t know if any of you recall a little film called the winter soldier, but when it came out it was sold up and down my dash as this amazing critique of american exceptionalism . i mean, i think probably i have different ideas of what those words mean, but okay, fine. it’s not just a superhero film it’s so deep! captain america is so important! let’s frame by frame analyze steve’s face as he talks about bucky!

jupiter ascending? LOL ITS GARBAGE ITS SUCH TRASH I LOVE IT!!!! and like okay, I’m glad we’re appreciating this film, but. come on. it is not actually inherently less ridiculous in premise than anything in the avengers universe. And what seems to be missing under the ironic yelling about garbage is the fact that Jupiter Ascending is in fact a pretty thorough, explicit critique of eugenics. It’s not a god damn accident the heroine is a russian jewish (?) “"illegal alien”“ woman. Those are all categories that are/were heavily policed under eugenic laws.

This film is smart. It’s goofy, it has million dollar CGI and frankly amazing costumes, but it’s explicit  in its social criticisms. Far more explicit and coherent, actually, than Captain America!! (Captain America is straight up a eugenic narrative, y'all). 

So, why, exactly, are we so determined to talk about this film as if it’s meaningless fluff? 

I mean, I know why, I just wanna hear you say it. 

Reasons why Edge Of Tomorrow was a nice surprise:

  • the male protagonist is scared and clumsy over a half of the film
  • the female protagonist is the one who teaches him how to fight; he’s the one who needs help, she’s never told what to do (unlike Pacific Rim)
  • basically there’s no romance
  • the parallel with video games is very accurate: not only repeating scenes (spawning/respawning) but also items to use, sequences of directions/actions to learn, individualism (not so much interaction with other characters)
  • aliens are not humanized (they reminds me of the machines in the Matrix - cool - )
  • surprisingly, the screenplay is not so boring and monotonous

I expected a corny blockbuster and it was a lot better than Godzilla and Pacific Rim!

picklestpickle  asked:

a million yes's for fast food au i am much excite

“You smell like grease.”

Levi’s lip curls in disdain, but Eren ignores him. His eyes fall half-closed as he presses forward, attempting to kiss Levi again. The anticipatory twist in his stomach whooshes away as Levi flinches, clasping a hand over his face.

“You reek,” he mumbles through the hand covering his nose and mouth.

Eren tries not to be offended. “It can’t be that bad. I changed my clothes…”

Despite himself, he tilts his head awkwardly downward, attempting to sniff himself. Levi’s eyes narrow, and he shoves at Eren’s shoulder, forcing him to back up a few steps. Only then does he finally lower his hand.

“You smell like fucking french fries,” Levi growls, head tilting backward like he’s afraid Eren’s apparent stench will infect him.

Eren frowns. “Fries are delicious, though.”

“Then why don’t you go slobber on them instead of all over my face?”

“Hey!” Eren cries, hands twisting at his sides. “I don’t— slobber!”

"I bet you taste like fries too,” Levi sneers, ignoring Eren’s outburst as he tilts his head back further. If he bends back any more, Eren thinks it’s going to turn into some Matrix-type shit.

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Here’s some of the great stuff we found on the internet today that didn’t make it onto tonight’s show. Get your click on.

Two koalas act like an old married couple. They cut out the part where one of them gets angry because the other forgot to buy stamps. (via Gawker)

Don’t over-inflate your basketball. Or you know, you can if you want to scare burglars? (via Reddit)

8-bit Matrix game is better than the sequels. Although maybe making an 80’s style game for a 15 year old movie is a little weird. (via Gizmodo)

My action plan to justify flying to Australia to see Nathan Page in a play - DAY ONE HUNDRED!!!!!

Today marks the ONE HUNDREDTH DAY of my Action Plan!

That is absolutely astounding to me!

 One hundred hours of cycling!

One hundred days of loving and appreciating my husband!

One hundred posts written!

 Time for a happy dance!

[Flailing! Dancing! Dancing that looks like flailing!]

I did ride a bike today for an hour, and my husband felt loved and appreciated, but I don’t want to talk about either of these things today.

In honour of reaching this milestone, here are 100 things that I have learned so far from my Action Plan:

1.   I have no natural sense of balance.

2.   Falling on pavement hurts.

3.   Falling on grass hurts.

4.   Falling into bushes hurts.

5.   Falling into cactus REALLY hurts. And cacti are vindictive plants.

6.   I am most vulnerable to injury when my bicycle is not moving. (And especially when I put it in motion. Oh god. Please avert your eyes!)

7.   Aqua-biking may be my favourite activity, ever!

8.   Three-year-olds should never be allowed to hold their Christmas puppies’ leashes.

9.   Riding uphill is less scary than riding downhill.

10. I do not like to go fast on a bicycle. (Someday I hope to want to go fast on a bicycle).

11. The recumbent bike is heavenly on days when just setting foot in the gym feels like an accomplishment.

12. I will do just about anything when asked to by someone with an Australian accent.

13. It is very hard to find a competent bicycle to rent in Hawaii.

14. If you can neither inhale nor exhale without pain, your ribs may be broken.

15. It is a VERY bad idea to fall asleep on an untethered air mattress in the ocean.

16. Music makes cycling much more fun.

17. Texting with friends makes indoor cycling much more fun (but also negatively impacts the quality of your workout.)

18. Mean people suck. Bullies are the worst form of mean people.

19. Working out in your underwear in a public gym is disrespectful.

20. The “morning crew” at my gym are much too serious for my taste, and should be avoided.

21. Having the ability to “bank” workout time helps to make working out every day possible.

22. I can ALWAYS cycle on an exercise bike, no matter how tired I am.

23. Oversized handlebars on a rental bike are the stuff of nightmares.

24. Smiling is contagious.

25. If you smile at a man on the beach, it is a very good idea to have smiled at his female walking companion first.

26. Nathan Page has beautiful legs.

27. It is possible to fall off an exercise bicycle. Sleep-deprivation increases this risk.

28. Smuggled wine consumed after midnight (post-workout) in a gym with girlfriends tastes FANTASTIC!

29. It hurts when your children resent your exercise plan.

30. My husband should be canonized.

31. Tumblr friends who are willing to write ridiculous fan fic with me via PM in order to get me through a horrendous workout can never be adequately thanked.

32. Most men do NOT wipe down the exercise equipment at the gym after they have used it. Most women do.

33. Shorts must be chosen very carefully when cycling.

34. Chafing is disastrous when combined with an everyday cycling regime.

35. Purple bikes are the coolest.

36. I do not possess sufficient cycling skill to remove one hand from the handlebars while cycling without risking death. Ever.

37. The clothes you wear when cycling should reflect your level of skill.

38. Only Nathan Page should wear spandex cycling clothing. (However, he is encouraged to do so as often as possible. And to post pictures.)

39. Having to stop a bicycle by pushing backwards on the pedals can cause me to have a panic attack.

40. When I have a panic attack because my brain has forgotten what it needs to tell my feet in order to stop a bike, it is a really bad idea to simultaneously try to dismount the bike, while it is still in motion.

41. Riding a bicycle outside is fun. Really fun.

42. I am a very competitive person. I will not back down from a challenge, once I commit to it.

43. Just because a bicycle has a rusty chain doesn’t mean it can’t give you a great workout.

44. Few things are more rewarding than watching a puddle of sweat form underneath your spin bike.

45.  Animals are not afraid of bicycles. (In fact, they tend to gravitate TOWARDS bicycles).

46. Riding a bicycle around a blind corner, at dusk, is a really bad idea.

47. Cycling on an exercise bike, with your eyes closed, while listening to jazz, is nothing short of heavenly.

48. Cycling on an exercise bike, with your eyes closed, while listening to jazz, should only be done at a gym where you know NO ONE.

49. Snow is slippery.

50. Ice is more slippery than snow.

51. Making up life stories for the people who are working out around you is a great way to get yourself through a difficult workout. (But try to remember that you do not actually know these people, and that your stories are not representative of their real lives. Harder than it seems.)

52. Attraction is about communication.

53. Flirting is fun. Really, really, really fun.

54. Confidence is more important than your waist measurement.

55. Throwing out clothing that does not suit your personality feels fantastic!

56. Getting lost on a bicycle just means extra minutes for the bike bank.

57. There ARE muscles in my legs. And my arms! (Now if we could only find those elusive cheekbones!)

58. Nathan Page is adorable when he speaks the words “push bike.”

59. I should never wear white (anywhere on my body) when cycling. It invites disaster.

60. A bicycle will NOT fit into a Toyota Matrix.

61. No workout feels better than if you have illegally broken into a gym to accomplish it. (Even if you just pushed open an unlocked door to get in. And cycled in the dark. With spiders.)

62. Hearing of others’ workout success inspires me.

63. Setting a reasonable goal, that you can accomplish – no matter how tired or busy you are – is the most important part of beginning an exercise routine.

64. Although family members find it difficult to cope with having an exercise fanatic living in the house, they eventually give up and stop complaining.

65. Texting, with accuracy, while riding a bicycle is an acquired skill.

66. Spiders can hide (and lay eggs) under bicycle seats.

67. Your arms get a workout through cycling as well. (Seriously. This is WILD!)

68. The road to hell is paved with gravel.

69. Always pack 2 pairs of headphones when you go to the gym.

70. Reading a novel when riding an exercise bicycle is NOT cheating.

71. Bikes parked in sand using a kick stand will fall over. It’s just a matter of time.

72. Threatening to lick people, or objects, may not be a mature way to get your way, but it works.

73. Conflict, when handled with care and an open heart, can lead to friendship.

74. I should never cycle after 3 glasses of wine.

75. My singing voice improves significantly after a cycling workout.

76. Nathan Page is skilled enough to ride a bicycle without a helmet. I am not.

77. It is difficult to hear GPS directions from a cell phone (which is buried in a backpack) while cycling.

78. Making myself do an harder workout than I planned, or was required to do, is effective punishment for a whiny brain.

79. Sleep is overrated.

80. Intimacy is about much more than sex.

81. My children do not want to hear about my cycling adventures. Their friends do.

82. Taking a picture of my legs, in my bathroom, after dark is really difficult.

83. Cycling shoes were conceived by the devil.

84. Get to the 6 am spin class early, or you will not get a bike.

85. There are few things more motivational than Nathan Page’s image on a water bottle.

86. The idea of riding my bicycle in Australia – on the wrong side of the road – is really starting to freak me out.

87. Dreaming about cycling is not a sign of acquired skill, just of obsession.

88. Always tell someone WHERE you are going cycling, so they can organize the search party.

89. You MUST replace your cycling tights if you lose too much weight. Not doing so is a really bad idea.

90. This challenge is no longer about cycling, or even about justifying a trip to Australia to see Nathan Page in a play. It’s about connection, and finding meaning in life each and every day.

91. The search for connection is what gets me out of bed. Being motivated to exercise is easy, when it’s viewed as a practice of “connecting.”

92. Cycling is a wonderful form of meditation.

93. Connecting with beauty is powerful, life-affirming, and altruistic. Beauty is everywhere.

94. Relying on the support and care of others is not a sign of weakness, it is a celebration of connection.

95. Writing a blog every day about riding a bicycle for an hour is MUCH more difficult than the act of riding a bicycle every day for an hour.

96. I am more afraid of flying than I am of spiders.

97. “Do whatever it is that scares the shit out of you!” is the best advice I have ever gotten. Thanks, Nathan.

98. I have totally and completely fallen in love with cycling. I can’t imagine my life without cycling being a part of it.

99. I am already dreading what it will feel like to not connect with so many of you, every day, when this is all over. (Sigh).

100. I was most likely lying when I said that this challenge is no longer about Nathan Page. Of course it is! (Not entirely, but he is still the catalyst to this insanity!) This is the best mid-life crisis – EVER!

Thank you all for coming on this journey with me! It would not have been possible to make it 100 days without you!