better than thats a bullshit and you know it

It always gets me so mad when people use the excuse not to ship people because “They are like brother and sister” Well guess what They Are Not. I think that’s just code for “I feel more strongly about another ship so that ship will get in the way of that”. If by “brother and sister” you mean best friends then i guess you haven’t seen or heard of “best friends” growing into something More. It’s actually a cute cliche when you fall in love with your best friend because that person knows you better than anyone else. So thats why we ship those types of ships. I really wish people will stop using that excuse cause honeslty that is such a bullshit excuse. This applys to all shipping fandoms not just Fairy Tail.
    – submitted by @queen-otp

“I loved you.”

this is Killian Jones protecting himself, his heart and also, in some way, the woman he used to - and still - love. because we see in Emma’s face - Dark One’s face - that Emma, the real Emma, is still somewhere because she was clearly hurt, bringing her back for a brief moment.

but Killian doesn’t want to be someone’s toy, not even the Dark Swan’s. he doesn’t want to be manipulate, he doesn’t want to be fooled and let his feelings clouding his judgements. that’s not the kind of relationship he wants. he doesn’t want to be like Belle was with Rumple. remember what he said to Belle:

He will do anything to hold onto his power. Why do you think anyone who’s ever gotten close to him has either run away or been killed? Now what makes you think you’re any different? Tell me something, darling. Why would you want to fight for a man like that?

he knows what the Dark One is capable of (after all, Rumple cut his hand, killed Milah & took his heart) better than Belle’s. and he wants to protect himself from all of these while still wanting to try to save Emma Swan, his true love.

if Killian was a woman, they’d claimed ‘girl power’ and all. but because it’s a man, “he doesn’t truly love her”, “he doesn’t love her dark side”, etc. that’s bullshit.