better than soda


i once heard someone say
‘if people were rain, i’d be a drizzle and
you’d be a hurricane’
and it instantly made me think of

some other things that have reminded me of you:
she loved mysteries so much she became one,
though she be but little she is fierce,
anything turquoise & teal.

you once said
'to the fools that dream’
you might’ve been half drunk or something, i don’t know, i never know
but i know you were referring to yourself.

so to the girl who is anything turquoise & teal -
you are more than
they say you are.

i have seen you at night when the bombs go off.
i have seen you disarm them and turn around
to only find another and another and another and

i have seen you at night under buzzing streetlamps,
staggering home with your calves slashed open
and you fall in with a mouthful of exhaustion and intolerance.

i have seen you at night when the rain stings us both
and your eyes the color of stormclouds
you curse him to ruins but still fight for him anyways.

darling, you are not a well-kept secret, oh hardly
and your lungs fill with seawater in staying silent
you curse every last thing in your way.

thunderclouds for a heart, webbed with lightning,
white-capped waves for a head, roaring and crashing

you will go down in history, mark my words on it,
a storm with skin
who broke and shattered and flooded
every last thing in her way.

midnight ramblings of a professional to an amateur / s.s.

The Outsiders Rant

It really irritates me that in literally every Outsiders fanfiction and imagine everyone is the same.

Ponyboy: Only talks about books and takes the characters on dates to the library and they almost always meet in school. Okay, yeah, I get it, Ponyboy likes to read, but you don’t have to make that what the relationship is built off of.

Two-Bit: In every imagine he is always drunk and gets into fights. Yeah, he gets drunk a lot but he’s not drunk 24/7.

Johnny: The girl always seems to be having family issues herself, like her parents abuse her or something like that. I know you want your characters to be similar, but they can be similar without the fact that his parents abuse him.

Dallas: Everyone always makes Dallas out to be some rude jerk who doesn’t care about people’s feelings…um…hello?? He died because he couldn’t handle the one person he loved dying. Who know’s, maybe he would be a better boyfriend than Soda.

Darry: I’ve read a couple where it says he smoked and no, he doesn’t. The book said that he never picked up a cigarette in fear of jeopardizing his football career.

Steve: I’m sure he doesn’t only talk about cars and takes the girl out for rides and or drag races.

Sodapop: He has problems too, he’s not always the Prince Charming everyone makes him out to be even though he looks like Prince Charming.

Okay, thank you for reading my rant

Screw it. I found a bag of peanut butter M&Ms and I’M GOING TO EAT THEM. It’s not like today was going to be an emotionally stable day anyway. And I hate having to watch what I eat. I don’t care about my weight or physical health much. As long as my mind is at peace. BUT. Lose-lose situation. I want M&Ms. I have M&Ms. I will eat the M&Ms.