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A drunken Maglor WIP snippet

Maglor made a face. “I’ve heard too much of Finrod’s verse,” he said. “It climbed into my head! It is the worst!”

“Maglor!” Amárië objected, laughing over the sound of the harp she was playing.  “If you are rude again about my husband’s poetry, I shall stop and make you play the harp again instead!”  

Maglor made a horrified face.

“My fingers ache, my throat is sore.
My mind makes circles more and more,,
Oh Vanyar lady, kindly playing
I beg, excuse this singer swaying
I can only turn to the last High King
I swore to serve, to his feet cling
And sue for mercy!”

He suited the action to the word and threw himself dramatically down on the grass in front of Fingon.

“It is comfortable here, by Fingon’s feet,” he said indistinctly. “Instead of apologies, I might just sleep.”

Fingon looked up at the stars and laughed.  “He is very drunk,” he told Elrond, unnecessarily. “It might be safest if he does not apologise to anyone else today.  I dread to think what he might say.  Oh no, now I’m doing it!”

“See?  I told you he was good at kinging,” Maglor declared, from the ground. “Of all the many Noldor Kings, you are my favourite, Fingon.  Don’t tell anyone!”

Fingon shook his head in mock despair.  “I too am drunk, but obviously the House of Fëanor has to do it better.”

Maglor peered up at Elrond looking down at him. “We should have just given them the crown to start with,” he told him. “They’re naturally good at it!  It’s probably the Vanyar bit. The Vanyar are good at kinging kings.  But terrible at making rings and things!”

Fortunately, Lalwen, Amárië and the formidable Fingon only looked amused. “I see what you mean,” Elrond said to Fingon. “I was only wondering where you had got to, Maglor!  I wasn’t going to suggest any more apologies.”

“Good,” Maglor said. “You can be my favourite hostage, Elrond.”

Fingon prodded Maglor affectionately with a foot. “Shush, Maglor,” he said.  “If you go on talking, you might say something undiplomatic and have to start apologising again!”

“Shushing!” Maglor said. He settled his face on his arms and closed his eyes.  

“You may have to carry him, if you want to take him home,” Lalwen said to Elrond, looking amused.   “He may still be able to rhyme, more or less, but then, he seems to do that without thinking, as he does breathing. I doubt he can walk without falling over.”

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Smh if people really think bad blood is a diss track, they obviously haven't heard better than revenge. If taylor "rhyme ur name with things" swift was out to demolish you in a song, she would have brought her A game, not something as benign as Bad Blood...

there’s nothing she does better than revenge ;) ;) ;) ;)

about the boy sitting at the back of the class, 28th may, 4:12 am.

i was no one to you,
and you were no one to me
but then suddenly you became the reason i went to school every week

you walked in like you were born to be in chaos,
and from that moment i knew,
i would even go to hell and back for you

you had the kind of voice everyone wanted to listen to
so i found myself thinking
“oh, there’s no way he would be any good”

you would say you didn’t care,
and i would say you didn’t matter
but then you gave me your hoodie to make me feel better

and we would argue all the time
but you ended up with my hand between yours
somehow, it felt like a curse

i lighted up every time you took a step closer
for you shone brighter than the sun
and in the end i realised i couldn’t afford to burn

i don’t know if you’ll remember me next month or next year or next life
but i sure know one thing
icarus’ fall has never been so sweet

For every story where you kiss her; there is a story where you don’t. There is a story where you tell her everything, there is a story where you tell her nothing, there is a story where you stand in front of her with blood on your hands and all you can tell her is that you’re sorry.

The best stories are the oldest ones, the ones stitched into the fabric of the universe, told again and again across worlds and throughout galaxies, with every ‘once upon a time’ piercing it anew. You fall in and out of love with her across the long stretches of time and space, your paths interweaving and intertwining, crafted by the alignment of the stars, by the cold hands of fate, by distant, faceless authors with the power to transform you from ruin into rapture and back again.

Not every ‘once upon a time’ is paired with a ‘happily ever after’. The beginnings change, the endings alter, and only the gods know what may happen in between. You are no god, but you do know this:
there is not a single story in which you do not love her.

In this one, she falls from the sky; in that one, she looks up at the stars. In this one, she is standing beside you; in that one, she is a thousand miles away. In this one, you tell her you love her. In that one, you don’t.

In this story, you leave her. In the next one, you stay.
—  may we meet again | e.j

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THE FUCK why she used tell/told?Thing is "her"verse rhymes better than "him" one, when i heard song for the first time i noticed that immediately thats why "her-pure" change to "him-pure" (WTF) was so odd to do.but also "Told" is better than "tell" coz it (complicated) rhyme to "aint true NO " so its also weird not using it everywhere. Article said: Camila rewrote bridge, isnt bridge second part about "him"?I think song was about a girl but C changed it.

Only sentence I understood was “song was about a girl and camila changed it” …😂😂😂😂😂😂😥😂 #nodisrespect


anon said they wanted one where you’re alex gaskarths little sis and you’re hooking up with mike so viola - two of my favs omg


You were sitting on your bed, legs draped over Michael’s lap and hands absentmindedly playing with his fingers. You had been dating for well over three months now but had been keeping your relationship on the down low from, well, everyone.

You only had rare moments to yourselves, so you were savouring this one together, intertwining your bodies as close as you could manage, comforted by the others presence. Michael pressed his warm lips to your cheek, and then caught your mouth in a kiss when you turned towards him as a reaction to the gesture.

The kiss quickly deepened, your arms winding around his neck as he gently forced your back onto your duvet. He began pecking lightly at your lips, denying you any intensity, but you were having none of it, beginning to grind your hips up against Michael’s, enticing a moan from his lips.

“You’re lucky I’m taking it easy on you, Y/N.” He growled, dropping his head and nipping at your neck in retaliation of your hips movements.

“Don’t pretend like you’re in charge.” You smirked, deliberately letting small whimpers fall from your mouth, knowing it will drive Michael insane.

“Fuck you.” He pressed his lips roughly to yours once again, taking you by surprise and running a hand up your shirt to grab your left breast, squeezing as you became unable to control your moans.

The friction from Michael’s jeans on your sensitive core was almost bringing you to orgasm, and would have, if your older brother hadn’t burst in right then.

“What the fuck is going on?” He shrieked, as you did also, jumping in shock and heaving Michael off of you, subsequently making him topple off the single bed and onto the floor with a loud thump.

“Nothing… Alex, please….” You begged your brother as he glared at Michael.

Michael had stood up from the carpet and was looking nervously between you and Alex, who was striding angrily towards him.

“Why him, Y/N? Why didn’t you tell me?” His voice petered out and became softer, disappointed, almost.

“I don’t know ‘why him’,” you quoted fiercely, stepping closer to the two boys who were locked in a staring contest, “Alex, literally no one else knows, we don’t want anything to ruin this. Please don’t tell.” You had managed to capture Alex’s attention, and wiggled in between the boys, separating them and immediately relaxing the atmosphere in the room.

Alex sighed and looked you in the eye, resting his hands on your shoulders, “I get it, I won’t tell.” He kissed the top of your head before turning his gaze towards Michael, who took a wary step backwards.

“Alex-” He started to defend himself, but was interrupted.

“I love you man, but you do anything to hurt my sister and I will kill you, you got that?” Alex said firmly, pointing his finger at Michael’s heaving chest.

“Got it, but I wont ever hurt her.” Alex looked skeptical, “Ever. I- I think I love her.” Michael admitted slowly.

Your lips parted and let out a little gasp at Michael’s confession, and you turned to face him, resting your hands on his chest as you looked up into his glassy eyes.

“Don’t say what you don’t mean.” You tested him, hoping to god he wasn’t saying this to get Alex to back off.

“I meant every word.” He reassured you, brushing a strand of hair behind your ear, then leaving his hand to cup your cheek.

“I think I love you too, Michael.” You said with a cheesy grin, Michael’s lips lowering to meet yours in a sweet kiss, before whispering in your ear.

“I know.”

You were drawn out of your haze by Alex backing away from you two, protesting with loud noises of mock disgust.

“Ew, teenagers.”

“Shut up Alex.” You yelled as he walked towards the door.

“WEAR CONDOMS.” Alex shouted back as he drifted out the room, closing your bedroom door.

“God, sorry.” You mumbled to Michael, burying your blushing face in his warm chest as Michael just chucked.

“DON’T BE SILLY, COVER YOUR WILLY.” He continued from behind the closed door, as you spluttered about laughing, pulling Michael to the bed again and trying to think of better rhymes than the one Alex had shouted.

Since i was just a boy I dreamed of doing something big
I dreamed of lifestyles that are fucking sick
I always wanted to die young and quick
I always thought my life would be epic
I always thought in relation to greatness i will be there in every pic
I thought i would have thousands of fans and my own 5 chicks
Sadly life’s a bitch and she do tricks
The reality is from every side all i got is fucking kicks
Cant stop now though i have to move on
I have to keep trying until i be a fucking don
I’m starting to smoke after being clean forever just to be calm
Working hard nonstop until i be the bomb
Won’t rest until i got one proud mom
Ill keep fucking the world back and I won’t stop until i cum
I assure you that ill make it its just a matter of time
I can’t see someone better than me to rhyme
Gotta push a little harder and ill be the prime
2017 I didn’t make it thats a fucking crime
In no time ill have my own shows with tickets line
Its my time to shine
Bitch I’m da best in town
Phony niggas give me my crown
Someone is better? You are a fucking clown
Fucking her while her face is down
I’m starting to sound mainstream
I’m sorry loyal fans but this is the only way to appear in a magazine
I’m fired more than ever i just filled me with gasoline
I’m aiming for extreme
This can’t anymore be just a dream
Can’t wait until i rap in a concert full of people and my name they scream
I’m aiming for supreme
Can’t wait until i be in every fucking screen
Going for the top and gonna fuck anyone who stands in my way and I’m not being mean
Gonna be the king but I’m searching for a queen
Me with a crown? Nigga what a scene
Do or die nigga no between

I thought I’d have to meet you,
my shining star, in the black,
dodge rocks and flames and emptiness
to see you smiling back.
But I see you now, my shining star,
your feet upon the sand;
can you fault me for the breath I took
when I finally touched your hand?
—  You may have fallen, darling, but you’re still bright enough to blind.
Is that your pulse I’m feeling, or have I recovered mine? 
One day, one rhyme- Day 661 'The house of books'

I had a house made out of books
Which attracted some funny looks.
When I was bored, I’d choose a tome
Read it, then find it a new home.
I’d pick a crime book by the door
Then return it closer the floor
And in its place a love story,
In turn swapped for something gory.
I took Tolstoy from over there
But Tolstoy had a load to bear,
And having took it from the wall
My house of books began to fall!
Down came the classics, leather bound,
Cook books, fiction fell all around.
Soon I’d nought but a paper heap
On which to rest my head and sleep.
Then in my dreams stumbled onto
The plans to build my house anew,
Complete with walls, and roof and floor.
It’s even better than before!

the rhymes from the Hamilton spinoff in the tony awards opening “CBS said this collision of theatre and television needs a risktaker. it needs a rulebreaker. it needs a troublemaker. a mover and a shaker. it needs that chubby dude from into the woods who played the baker” is probably better than any rhyme in the actual Hamilton

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‘Ellenya likes hats and can often be seen wearing her frilly pink bonnet. It’s her favorite one and has got a bunny on it. I don’t mean a picture or design of a bunny…I mean there’s an actual live rabbit sitting on top of her head. I’ve noticed people snickering when they see it, but Ellenya is not one to be influenced by public opinion. She always carries pieces of carrots wherever she goes and, whenever she raises up her hand, the bunny takes them from her fingers and munches on them. I call it her rabbit hat. She refers to it as her bunny bonnet.’

A lot of people find it funny that I wear a hat topped with bunny, but it’s so useful when it’s sunny! It does cost a fair bit of money to upkeep the bonnet bunny, he likes carrots but prefers payment in funny sonnets, served with honey. Bunny is called Sonny, and if I wear a hair bun, he will always run around it, which makes me dizzy.🐇🎩