better than obama

we will never do better than michelle obama. we peaked having her as first lady. we’re never gonna find anyone as poised, as beautiful, as amazing, as inspiring, as engaged, as giving, as hopeful, as elegant—we will never top that.

I’m out here first and foremost because we have never had a more qualified and prepared candidate for president than our friend Hillary Clinton. Never before in our lifetime.

I say this everywhere I go, I admire and respect Hillary. She’s been a lawyer, a law professor, First Lady of Arkansas, First Lady of the United States, a U.S. Senator, Secretary of State.

She has…

Yeah, that’s right. Hillary doesn’t play.

She has more experience and exposure to the presidency than any candidate in our lifetime. Yes, more than Barack, more than Bill, so she is absolutely ready to be commander in chief on day one. And yes, she happens to be a woman.

Just finished watching Obama’s farewell speech, and I am so emotional. It was a great speech, both poignant and forward-looking with an undertone of warning. A reminder that democracy is only strong if we want to make it strong and respect every American, regardless of who they are and what they believe.

We must also not give into fear. America is headed into uncharted territory, but that doesn’t mean we have to allow the ship to sink. Instead, we must keep calm and ride out the storm. And, maybe then, we’ll find a rainbow at the end.

So proud to have voted for Barack Obama as a first-time voter in 2012. I think one day we’ll look back at his years in office as some of the best years of an America embracing a new age of technology, globalism, and understanding.

i fucking bet you could sit donald trump down with a high schooler taking government and ask them questions about the united states government and a god damn senior in high school would beat the president-elect of the united states of america like

“what are checks and balances?”

donald trump: “well, you know, i write a lot of checks, lots and lots of checks, i’m rich, this country is going to be great again, i’m rich. and i’m the best balancer there ever was, i balance better than obama, they practically call me the king of balancing”

high schooler: “wtf”

Normal fans:
I like naruto. He is a powerful. Sasuke is back.YEY!!! Sakura punched kaguya. WOW!!! She is strong. TEAM 7 is BACK !!!!!!!

Hinatards and naruhina fans says(before and after) :
Hinata better than sakura
Hinata better than sasuke
Hinata better than naruto
Hinata better than other girls
Hinata better than madara
Hinata better than kakashi
Hinata better than kaguya
Hinata better than obama
Hinata better than santa
Hinata better than jesus
Hinata is a god
Hinata is a princess
Hinata is a hokage
Hinata better than neji
Hinata stronger than other hokages
Sakura is useless
Sakura is bitch
Naruto and sasuke are gays
Hinata vs Pain
Hinata saved naruto
Hinata is a strong
Naruhina better than narusaku
Naruhina better than other ships
Naruhina better than naruto series
Naruto series is shitty
Sakura jealous hinata
Sakura jealous hinata’s breasts
Naruto says “hinata-chan”
Hinata stronger than pain
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Hinata was always with naruto

Me: What the duck ?

Donald Trump is remarkably unpopular

Donald Trump has a job approval rating is a dismal 37 percent, with 51 percent saying they disapprove of the job he’s doing. Rather than being an effective political tactic, Trump’s habit of frequently saying untrue things has led Americans to conclude by a 53-39 margin that he is not honest. Fifty-two percent say that Trump “does not care about average Americans,” and 62 percent say that he is “not level-headed.”

Even if you make allowances for the fact that polls may be modestly understating Trump’s support, as they appear to have on Election Day, these are dismal numbers.

By contrast, the same poll finds Barack Obama with a 55-39 job approval rating and says that only 34 percent of the public believes Trump will be a better president than Obama (45 percent pick Obama).

There is zero defense for Pinochet. Seriously. No libertarian should ever promote him or ever defend the guy.

Was he better than Castro? Of course.

Was he better than Che Guevara ? Of course.

But that’s like defending Bush Sr because he was better he was better than Obama.

Is that really the argument you want to make as a libertarian ?

Let’s make better arguments than this.

Fuck any mass murderer.

Memes and How They Could Die Differently
  • But her aim is getting better!: Gravity Falls airs an episode about Stan actually having an ex. Everyone on tumblr, facebook, twitter, 4chan and reddit makes this reference. The meme burns out in a blaze of glory, everyone immediately gets sick of it and we never speak of it again.
  • Stronger Than You lyrics: Steven Universe releases a soundtrack CD. There is a bonus track with Estelle performing an all-new single. The single absorbs Stronger Than You to defeat Freeza and take over western civilization.
  • Minions: When people stop outright proclaiming that they hate minions and go back to hating other things that are cool to hate.
  • Every single song, line and clip from Frozen: Oh wow, you thought this was already dead? HAHAHAHAA YOU ARE NOT READY FOR THE SEQUEL. WINTER IS COMING.
  • Thanks, Obama: Give it a year after Obama moves out of office. We'll be blaming the next president for our problems in no time.
  • Donald Trump bashing: Losing the election in 2016 will probably keep him in check, along with the rest of us. But on the off chance that he finds a genie bottle and wins, this meme becomes immortal. It would literally become history. Your great great grandchildren will be made fun of by other countries if we vote for Trump.
  • Illuminati confirmed: Never. Our quest for the truth is endless.
  • Mainstream Media: Bernie Sanders is a crazy old fringe candidate who will never have a chance.
  • Bernie: *consistently fills arenas for rallies*
  • Bernie: *has an agenda most Americans agree with*
  • Bernie: *does better than Obama did at the point in '07*
  • Bernie: *wins against all republicans in polling and is clearly the democrats most electable candidate*
  • Bernie: *wins the Time person of the year poll*
  • Mainstream Media:
  • Bernie:
  • Bernie:
  • Mainstream Media: bUt he's still a fringe candidate who can't win! so let's go back to 24/7 coverage about the totally-not-insane dOnAld TrUmp.
Donald Trump doesn’t want to make America great. He wants to make it afraid.
This was a scary speech, by a scary man, who needs a scared electorate.
By Ezra Klein

Donald Trump is not a candidate the American people would turn to in normal times. He’s too inexperienced, too eccentric, too volatile, too risky. Voting Trump is burning down the house to collect the insurance money — you don’t do it unless things are really, really bad.

Here is Trump’s problem: Things are not really, really bad. In fact, things are doing much better than when President Obama came into office.

Unemployment is 4.9 percent nationally — a number Trump knows is far from a crisis, because it’s lower than the unemployment rate Mike Pence is presiding over in Indiana, and Trump keeps bragging about his running mate’s economic record. The deficit has gone down in recent years, and the stock market has gone up. The end of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars mean fewer Americans are dying abroad. A plurality approve of the job Obama is doing.

So Trump needs to convince voters that things are bad, even if they’re not. He needs to make Americans afraid again. And tonight, he tried.

“Our convention occurs at a moment of crisis for our nation,” Trump said. “The attacks on our police, and the terrorism in our cities, threaten our very way of life. Any politician who does not grasp this danger is not fit to lead our country.”

As Jon Favreau, a former speechwriter for Obama, wrote on Twitter, this was Trump’s “Nightmare in America” speech. The address had one goal, and one goal only: to persuade Americans that their country is a dangerous, besieged hellscape, and only Donald Trump can fix it.

And so Trump spoke of the “illegal immigrants with criminal records” who are “tonight roaming free to threaten peaceful citizens.” He warned of the gangs, violence, and drugs “pouring into our communities.” He invoked “the mothers and fathers who have lost their children to violence spilling across our border.”

Perhaps the night’s ugliest moment came when he spoke of Sarah Root, a college student killed by a drunk driver who was also an unauthorized immigrant. “I’ve met Sarah’s beautiful family,” Trump said. “But to this administration, their amazing daughter was just one more American life that wasn’t worth protecting. One more child to sacrifice on the altar of open borders.”

For the record, almost 10,000 people were killed in America by drunk drivers in 2010 — the overwhelming majority of them by American citizens. Trump had neither answers for nor interest in their deaths.

And it is when you tug on these threads that Trump’s speech unspools and its grossness, and uselessness, becomes clear.

There are many ways in which Americans are actually not safe. More than 600,000 Americans died of heart disease in 2015, many of them unnecessarily. More than 130,000 Americans died in accidents. More than 40,000 died by suicide. There were a record number of drug overdoses in 2014, and gun deaths in America are far beyond those in any developed country.

These tragedies can be ameliorated by policy. Cigarettes can be taxed, alcohol regulated, addicts treated, guns made less accessible. But Trump wasn’t interested in making Americans safer, and so he did not mention any of these policies. He was interested in making Americans more afraid, and so he focused on the dangers that scare us, as opposed to the ones that truly threaten us.

“The first task for our new administration will be to liberate our citizens from the crime and terrorism and lawlessness that threatens their communities,” he said.

“Liberate.” The America Trump speaks of requires an occupying force sent by a strongman to free and stabilize cities that have fallen into anarchy. But our cities have not fallen into anarchy. Our borders are not swarming with illegal immigrants. Murder rates remain far below what the America of the ‘70s, '80s, and '90s experienced. Terrorism is a horror, but successful terrorist attacks are a rarity, and one that would be most straightforwardly addressed through gun control. No liberation is necessary.

“In this race for the White House,” Trump said, “I am the law and order candidate.” And the law and order candidate can only win if there is a crisis of lawlessness and disorder. But there isn’t. Trump isn’t worried about your safety. He is worried about his own electoral prospects.

And this is what made Trump’s speech so truly ugly. It is one thing to whip up fear of the Other when the Other is a threat. But it is fully another to try to scare the shit out of Americans because you’re afraid they won’t vote for you unless they’re terrified. It is demagogic to warn, on national television, of foreign criminals “roaming” our streets simply because you’re behind in the polls. It’s telling that Trump fears only the threats that can be blamed on outsiders while ignoring the more lethal, more pervasive killers that afflict the citizenry.

Trump’s speech was a procession of horrors for which he did not even bother to propose real solutions. He has no actual fix to immigration, no theories on how to reduce crime. Here, his statement bordered on self-parody. “I have a message for all of you: The crime and violence that today afflicts our nation will soon come to an end,” he said. “Beginning on January 20, 2017, safety will be restored.”

But then, perhaps there’s truth to his absurd promises: When the crisis is invented, the solution is simpler. Once Trump no longer needs the nation to be afraid, he will stop scaring it. It is his nightmare, and only he can wake us from it.


Just a reminder that this man ran for president, and Jesus gave him “Gayification” powers.

Simply stunningly unbelievable!

From the brother of a president who lied and sent 4,486 American lives to their deaths for 14 years, sending another 5,000 home injured inside and out, who trashed the U.S. economy as his $6 trillion dollar war was completely unfunded, said the following after Hillary Clinton announced her 2016 presidential candidacy:

Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush used the Clinton announcement as part of a fundraising solicitation to supporters and said the country “must do better than the Obama-Clinton foreign policy that has damaged relationships with our allies and emboldened our enemies.”

We must remember to remind Mr. Jeb Bush that his brother’s war created an optimal environment for the development of ISIS, a relentless killing machine. How can anyone have the utter audacity to ridicule anyone’s foreign policy when his brother, George W. Bush, has perpetrated one action after another causing  irreparable problems throughout the world?

from Pamela Zuppo G+

Donald Trump says Putin is a “strong” leader

Donald Trump and Mike Pence doubled down on their praiseVladimir Putin this week — with Trump calling Putin a “strong” and Pence saying it’s “inarguable” that Putin is a better leader than President Barack Obama. To put the Trump-Pence ticket’s embrace of Putin into perspective, here is a detailed look at what Putin’s leadership in Russia actually looks like.

Donald Trump just said that Putin is a better leader than Obama because he has ‘more control of his country’.

In about 15 years time, that’ll be considered a central point in history essays on ‘Alarm Bells We Should Have Noticed’.

The Whole of Gravity Falls in a Nutshell ((Edited Version of Alternate Titles 1 and 2))
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  • Legend of the Gobblewonker: No Slenderman isn't in this episode that was photoshopped now shut up
  • Headhunters: A wax figure of Sherlock Holmes but thankfully no BBC Sherlock
  • The Hand that Rocks the Mabel: The debut of the character that everyone hates
  • The Inconveniencing: The first sailing of the S.S. Wendip
  • Dipper vs. Manliness: Pop songs are manly as hell and I will fight you over this
  • Double Dipper: We really don't need an excuse to ship Dipper with himself but since it's there we might as well take it
  • Irrational Treasure: "Still a better president than Obama." -Fox News
  • The Time Traveler's Pig: It may not be a Doctor Who crossover but at least there's no Steven Moffat
  • Fight Fighters: The closest thing we can get to a Street Fighter crossover without breaking copyright laws
  • Little Dipper: These things are guaranteed to happen when your twin is born a few minutes before you
  • Summerween: American Horror Story- Cheap Candy Brands
  • Boss Mabel: Dipdop Confirmed 4 Furry 2
  • Bottomless Pit: Petition for Grunkle Stan's voice to stay like that for the rest of the series
  • The Deep End: Dipper got more action with Mermando than Mabel and this must never be forgotten
  • Carpet Diem: Grunkle Stan's sex ed is still better than what's taught in most American schools
  • Boyz Crazy: If How It's Made did an episode on boy bands this would be it
  • Land Before Swine: Sadly not a Jurassic Park crossover
  • Dreamscaperers: Introducing the fandom's new favorite character
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