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The Only Feedback I Have About The English Dub

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The day of Emma’s birth her name appears on Regina’s wrist, a slight stinging alarming her. She stares down at the letters, neatly written in cursive, and gasps, knowing exactly who the name belongs to. Her mind immediately wanders to Snow, her archenemy, and she closes her eyes, trying to take it all in.

Emma, she thinks, she’s just a baby, and a tear manages to escape and trail down her cheek in despair. She would never get her happy ending, fate had tricked her once again, had played a cruel prank on her and she was left to pick up the broken pieces that were her life.

The first time she sees her, really sees her, her soul mate, everything falls into place, everything feels right. She might just be a baby, Regina thinks, but she would find a way to be with her and that’s how they end up in Storybrooke, where time stands still for everyone; everyone but her.

The price is high, she gave up her own magic for this curse, but it’s worth it and when the tower clock starts ticking again, it’s the day of Emma’s 28th birthday, Regina breathes a sigh of relief because she knows the waiting has come to an end and when she meets her later that day she smiles, seeing the bright young woman she has become, and knows that this is the day she finally beat fate for good.

storyarkcomics answered your post: what should i draw for warmup before i…

How about a guy in a green skin suit with a flowey head mask?


Plot Twist

Wayfaring, presenting noon conference lecture: …and to wrap up the case, this child with cerebral malaria went into status epilepticus. He was given phenobarbital for the seizure and developed respiratory depression and died shortly thereafter because there was no way to protect his airway. 

Later, after presentation was over…

Good buddy N: Great talk. I have one critique though.

Wayfaring: Shoot.

N: WHY DID THE BABY HAVE TO DIE?! And you dropped it out of nowhere! I was eating my cookie and you were all, “the baby died” and I had to stop eating my delicious cookie! Geez give a little warning next time!

Wayfaring: Sorry friend. Do you want me to get you another cookie?