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I cried my eyes out with gutters. (I'll try to keep this as spoiler free for anon). When finishing it, I would have happily sacrificed Sealand to change the ending, but I felt bad for Sve and Fin, so instead I would sacrifice "boat guy" happily and without a second thought in order to save everyone.

I wouldn’t change a thing. See, there’s an underlying point here that a certain someone sacrificed themselves so that the others could live.
If he’d not let boat guy go with someone to somewhere, he’d be accepting the fact that the world really was going to crap and would be no better than the certain part with Ned. Though we all love him, I doubt he’d have changed a thing either- because at times like that he is the most selfless and foolish by putting other people first.


Take your friends out on dates. Treat them to a shitty meal at your fav fast food restaurant and then take them to a movie, or go bar hopping, or lay in your bed and watch Netflix all damn day. Literally anything that reminds the people closest to you that you’re there and you love them is the most rewarding thing in the world. It doesn’t matter the way that you do it, just do it. Because sometimes people need to be reminded that they’re valid and incredibly loved. And who better to do it than you?

I’ve always tried to see the bad inside myself and the good inside others. I’ve remained silent until I’ve been asked to speak, because it’s better than being asked to become silent. I used to ruin the present by worrying about the future and then weeped by recalling the past. I believe that every saint has a past and every sinner has a future. Life’s saddest lesson is that the closest people in our life aren’t always the ones who love us the most. I’ve never looked at money as a companion, because it only benefits me when it leaves me. I believe that a liars biggest punishment in this world is that even his truth is rejected. There’s two faces I won’t forget in this life, the one who helped me in time of need and the one who left me in difficult times. I’ve always tried to do what is right instead of what is easy. Always tried to match my words with my actions, because I want to be defined by my actions, not my words. I didn’t know how strong I was, until being strong was my only choice. One thing I’ve learned about people is that if they do it once, they’ll do it again. I`ve always been thankful for the bad things in life, because they’ve opened my eyes to see the good things. As long as I’m standing, I’ll try to give a hand to those who have fallen. I never have and I never will trade respect for attention. The best lessons I’ve learned in life came from the worst feelings I felt in life. I want the rainbow, so I`m dealing with the rain. When I’ve got all that I need, I’ve planned to build a longer table, not a higher fence. I used to be afraid of feeling happy, because it never lasted. I’ve learned that if I fight for my dreams, my dreams will fight for me. My highest ambition is to get to the top and laugh at the things that thought they could bury me. I’ve started to choose my companions wisely, because I’m choosing the front row of my funeral. As I was born crying with people around me laughing, I want to die happy with people crying around me.

“She’s the best thing to ever happen to me. She is one of most kind, sweet people I’ve ever met and she deserves the world.”

“Then why did you leave her man?”

He’s silent for a moment as he looks out the window. “Because I can’t give her those things, I’m a mess. She deserves better than me.”

“You don’t get to make that decision for her.”

We would rather have an unqualified man who grabs, rapes, violates, bullies, and dehumanizes women as our leader than a uniquely qualified woman. What that says about a woman’s worth, about your worth, makes me so sad and frustrated that I want to angry-dance in a barn somewhere. And while I know it can’t mean much coming from me because I am biased, pretend that I am completely objective and looking at your life for the first time. You deserve so much better than this. You actively try to make the world a better place every single day, wrestling big, tangled issues like climate justice, city planning, and environmental policy. You speak up each day for people who can’t. Your default setting is to help, and you’ve carved a career out of doing it. But most importantly, you’ve done it all while negotiating a minefield of people who treat you as though a young, beautiful woman can’t be good at her job, who made you want to dye and cut your hair so that you’d be taken more seriously, who force you to ask yourself with each item of clothing you buy whether it will send a thousand unintended messages at work. I’ve never heard you complain about any of it – this all comes to me peripherally in your stories as small moments tangential to the real plot of your day. This is just the way things are.

Saying I’m proud of you is like saying I’m proud of volcanoes for making the earth I get to stand on. There isn’t a word for how I feel about you today, that’s why I’m trying to say it in 800 instead, and it still feels short. No, Hillary Clinton is not our president, and America voted for Trump in spite of (and in some cases because of) his treatment of women, but I’m writing this in some desperate attempt to make sure that you know it doesn’t define your worth. That it doesn’t define the worth of any woman or little girl who watched the states domino into the evening. I’m pretty sure you don’t believe it does, because you are smarter and more resilient than that, but I also heard you crying in the kitchen last night.

A Letter to My Wife The Day After The Election

why do people who use the “lol u triggered” subset of Jokes™ only use Those Certain Ones and nothing else like I just heard a guy use the same “punchline” 4 separate times regarding 4 separate things like not only is this humor bananas offensive but it’s also repetitive and boring as sin on the most basic level.

No one who thinks about the world at all makes it through their lives without getting caught up in some kind of conspiracy. A lot of the people I grew up with believed vaccines caused autism. Some thought Obama was the antichrist, or at the very least in cahoots with jihadists. Most thought global warming was a communist plot, and evolution the absurd invention of evil scientists.

Conspiracies tend to help create the world they believe in. Fearful conspiracies make the world scarier. Paranoid ones create enemies. Apocalyptic ones end up experiencing their own apocalypse in miniature, sooner or later.

You were caught up in a kind conspiracy, and you made this space kinder. You believed the world was better than it is; and you made it better. You believed a love story was being told that had been waiting for ages; and you wrote and drew and dreamed it into being told. You created all this.

I needed this, unspeakably much. I felt alone. You made me stronger. I’m going to keep writing the things I’ve been writing, and fighting the fight we’ve been fighting; I’m going to keep telling this story, and all the stories, on every street corner and magazine page and indie publishing company and fanfic site that’ll have me. I’ll amplify your voices, too, whenever you have something to say; and when you’re tired and need to be quiet, I’ll sit with you here, or wherever I find you. We are still what we have been to each other.

Of all the conspiracies to be caught up in, I’m glad it was this one.

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Golly they animated my favorite chapter in the manga, now it’s in the anime and its better than I could have ever hoped for. I’m ready to gush about Shigeru and Touko Fujiwara now and I’m so excited to do this because they are the absolute best most wonderful people in the world and I’m so glad that Natsume is with them. This isn’t really a post that has any actual meaning to it, either. No speculations or theories, just me gushing about how much I love Shigeru and Touko and how wonderful they are. Spoilers, and a ton of really sappy praise ahead. 

Firstly I want to talk about them as a couple, pre-Natsume. They are older, and have lived in the house that Shigeru, and presumably his parents, grew up in, for a very long time. What I adore about them is how much they love each other. They are so close and kind to one another. They tease each other a little bit, as you can see through the series, but past that they’re happy and content and comfortable with one another. And oh gosh they went on that date and it was so cute because Touko wanted to go to the aquarium and Shigeru agreed and it was so perfect and lovely and they were so happy. 

Now, as individuals. Shigeru is so kind and gentle. He’s a reserved man, probably doesn’t talk a ton regularly, and I am positive that his best friend is Touko, but he’s so wonderful. He doesn’t make fun of Touko for wanting to go to the aquarium, and they have a lovely time together. He’s so stable and kind and gentle. And when he goes to the funeral, he overhears these adults talking about how they don’t want to take this kid in and how they just want to pass him to someone else, and his first reaction is something that looked a lot like disgust? Honestly, same Shigeru. BUT then he sees this sad kid just sitting alone and dirty and I assume he thinks “How can I help this child be happy and safe?” So his first reaction is to just go home and think about whether or not he and Touko could maybe take the kid into their house. Like he starts cleaning that room, he gets lost in thought. He’s probably thinking “Yeah this could work. Yeah. He could stay here if he wants to. That would be good!”. And he is so understanding of Natsume’s situation too. He hears all this stuff about Natsume being a trouble child, and rather than forget and avoid this little child he’s like “Well then I’m just gonna offer approval, love, gentleness, and genuine affection and let this child relax in this safe and calm environment.” 

And Touko, she is an absolute angel. This is the type of woman who is so genuinely sweet and kind. She called to that crow in the middle of the street without caring about what anyone thought of her. She made friends with this crow and was so happy every time she saw it and I’m so happy that it made her happy. And she loves Shigeru so much, and their relationship isn’t strained or stressful because they don’t have children. And nobody ever says anything about them not having kids as a bad thing! She does seem to want children, but she’s never bitter or sad about it, and isn’t mean to any children because of it. She’s so wonderful. One of the biggest scenes I love though is 

THIS SCENE. Where Natsume mentions a white crow that she can’t see. Her reaction is surprised at first, but then it doesn’t turn into her saying “Where?” or “What are you talking about?” She realizes that Natsume can see something she can’t here and her reaction is 

SHE’S GLAD. She is so wonderful and lovely. She is a beautiful woman who loves this child so much and loves her husband so much and they are the ideal couple. (Also its so cute because when she goes on the trip, she turns to the crow and leaves him in charge of taking care of the house while she’s gone so Honestly? Same, Touko. Same.)

Now to talk about these two as a couple WITH Natsume because that is one of the most precious things ever. Firstly, I think it’s important to know that Shigeru and Touko have only ever been told that Natsume is a troubled child, but they want to take him in anyways. They clean out that room, they buy him furniture. And they don’t even jump to this conclusion right away either. Shigeru thinks long and hard before he even brings it up with Touko, and when she says yes, they spend even more time making sure Natsume is going to have a comfortable place to live. THEN on top of all of this, they fight tooth and nail with his other family to let him come stay with them. They even ask him if he wants to live with them, giving him a choice that no other relatives have ever given him before. On top of that, they don’t force him to become part of their family either. They are so patient with him, and don’t make him into a replacement for their own non-existent children. They understand that they aren’t taking this kid in because they want a child to be happy, or because they are being selfish. They’re only thinking of Natsume and how to make his life better. They aren’t completing their family with Natsume, just giving him the option to join it if he wants to. It’s so refreshing and wonderful.

Also, quick side note. I love how quiet and shy Natsume sounds in this episode before he opens up to them a bit more. Like, usually Natsume talks pretty normal around Shigeru and Touko in most episodes. He’s not afraid to be a bit loud, or excited. But before he opens up to them, he’s very quiet and shy, probably trying his best not to upset him in any way so that they don’t start treating him badly because of it. I fully expect that Natsume had been through quite a few familys where he was treated fine at first, until he began acting out slightly. Then, as soon as his behavior was “bad”, the family members started acting colder or harsher to him so the poor baby expected Shigeru and Touko to do the same BUT THEY DIDN’T!!!

Like, one of my favorite parts of the series is how Touko and Shigeru react to Natsume when he’s in the hospital after he fell off that cliff. The rest of his family is really bitter towards him, saying that he jumped off the cliff so he could hurt them. But Shigeru and Touko? They are so kind and gentle to him. Like, this is a kid who is at risk for growing out of his family. If Shigeru and Touko hadn’t come along, I fully expect Natsume would have been cut out of the family at 18 or whatever age is considered the minimum for adulthood in Japan. He would be forced to get a job, or pay back his relatives in some way for them taking care of him for so long, or just cut out of their lives and forgotten, told as a horror story to make sure their kids value and treasure their parents more. Like, if it wasn’t for Touko and Shigeru, Natsume probably would have ended up hurt worse than he was when he fell of the cliff, or homeless at 18, or worse yet, going with that Yokai who wanted him as a pet. But what do Shigeru and Touko do? 

They ask him so calmly if he wants to go live with them where it’s quiet and peaceful, and they are so ready to take him in because they don’t see a troublemaker or freaky kid, they see a lonely, sad boy who hasn’t got the attention and care he needs. They decide that they are able and willing to give him that attention and I love it so much. 

i feel very strongly about paragon shepards tbh

i mean its essentially taking the path of lesser death right? you try to solve things without punching people to death - at least most of the time. but its still the same old very tired, very angry and very done shepard but choosing to be respectful, going out of their way to be nice to strangers in the midst of war but still taking no shit and not being afraid to shut a bitch down when needed.

it’s just the basic premise of an angry, broken little human choosing to be better to the world than the world has been to them that i find so admirable.

Can’t believe ppl are calling Tilikum a murderer, as if shoving an animal into a mentally unstimulating space barely large enough for its needs, forcing it to go through repetitive training and tricks for food and not allowing it to engage in natural behaviors would somehow NOT cause some sort of psychological impact on the animal.
Yes, Tilikum was dangerous. He’d never been ‘safe’ based on his history but he was a large, intelligent animal trapped in an environment that didn’t meet his needs and dealing with the frustrations caused by it, and Sea World somehow thought allowing people to interact directly with some of the largest and most intelligent apex predators in the world was a good idea.
Yes, Tilikum killed Dawn Brancheau. But let’s not act like Sea World wasn’t complacent in her death. And Tilikum deserved better than to be shoved in a box full of water and forced into isolation after it became apparent he didn’t 'play nice’.

R.I.P Tilikum

Mike IS in LOVE with El!

I know they’re young and they have a lot of the world to explore and years to experience things and so many things to learn. BUT. No matter what age you are, you are capable of love.

I know he’s in love with her. He literally would do anything for her like look after her if she got sick, try and protect her no matter what, be upset when she’s gone, treat her like the most precious being on earth, go out to buy her chocolate in the middle of the night if she wanted. He would do anything for her because he loves her.

There people in relationships who wouldn’t do what mike would for El and call it ‘love’. I think we can learn a lot from these two about love. A pure and precious love. So don’t say they aren’t just because of their age. I think they have a better concept of it than half of the world.

That’s very, very, very important to understand here- we’re not debating facts anymore, we’re debating narratives. “Post-truth politics” should be understood in the most literal way possible. This is not about interpretation of data and events, even less so than it was before; this is about what story is now real. Once the debate is finished, the victor’s narrative becomes a reality. This changes the way we approach these people. To quote Arendt once more:

Foolproof against arguments based on a reality which the movements promised to change, against a counterpropaganda disqualified by the mere fact that it belongs to or defends a world which the shiftless masses cannot and will not accept, [propaganda] can be disproved only by another, a stronger or better, reality.

Monsters on Ice

Seriously though these guys are flipping ridiculous. They aren’t super-saiyaan powering up and shattering whole planets, but they’re shattering world records like they were cheap wine glasses at an Asgardian wedding. 

Victor Nikiforov: 

While Victor may have been heavily influenced by Johnny Weir, I think his Career Path is probably a lot closer to the modern top figure skater in the world – Yuzuru Hanyu – who currently eclipses the competition.

Now I know a lot of people have been comparing YUURI to Yuzuru, but Yuuri’s career is far from the absolute Rocket-ship that has been Yuzuru’s career so far. And Victor’s rise to World’s Top Skater appears to be even BETTER than that.

Victor’s Medal Career:

Gold at Junior World Championships

5 consecutive Golds at the Grand Prix Finals (Yuzuru Hanyu only has 4 – but if he wins this upcoming December, that’ll be 5, and the most consecutive golds won at a grand prix final… ever. I mean he already holds that title, but it’d be by 2 fucking golds. If you aren’t blown away by this guy, you should be.)

5 consecutive Golds at the World Figure Skating Championships (Yuzuru only has 1, and nobody’s ever gotten more than 3 in a row In recent history - so we’ll say after WW2, typically 3 is the most anyone gets in a row, with the exception of Scott Hamilton who is the only skater since 1945 to get 4 in a row. Total number of medals, if you count them even if they didn’t get them consecutively adds Kurt Browning with 4 and Alexei Yagudin with 4. Our boy Victor here, has 5. With potential to win a nonconsecutive 6 if he heads to Worlds in season 2.)

Gold at 2004 European Figure Skating Championships

However many golds he earned at the Russian Nationals every year from 1999 to present (If Kubo-san borrowed Evgeni Plushenko’s record, that would be an additional 10, with a silver in there for good luck) 

At least 1 Olympic Gold medal (unofficially officially at Torino) 2006

At least 2 time Olympian (Torino in 2006 and Sochi Winter Olympics 2014) If Kubo-san’s pattern of putting Victor in Gold anywhere a Russian took Gold holds though, then Victor is at least a 2 time Olympic Gold Medalist - One at Torino, One at Salt Lake City 2002, with a silver in the 2010 Vancouver Olympics which would make him a 3 time Olympic athlete) 

Golds we’ll never know about in his Junior days, but I’m sure were plentiful in his younger years because HE’S FRIKKING BANK. 

Long-time World Record Free-Skate score holder, Likely World Record Short Program high score Holder, and I’m putting money on long-time world record combined high score holder. 

THIS MOFO was pulling 300+ combined score in 2012.

Look at that leaderboard, okay. Chris and Victor have literally BLOWN the world record off the fricking charts. Just tossed it to the side like a sweaty sports towel, and the announcers aren’t screaming their lungs out like they should be. Yuzuru Hanyu, the current WORLDS TOP RANK SKATER was the first to bust 300, but that didn’t happen until 2015! 

Psst - I would also like you to note that Yuri’s score at 6th place is right on par with the average TOP WORLD RANKED SKATERS today. Victor is so fricking extra. 

Okay. Now that we’re all excited, remember that Victor has been regularly pulling over 100 in his Short Program routines. So regularly, in fact, that at the beginning of the series he is able to off-handedly suggest he thought Yuuri would be able to get there, too. And Yuuri replied with a ‘casual’ “oh yeah because you do it all the time…” in all seriousness.

(Yuzuru wouldn’t start doing that until the 2014 Winter Olympics. In fact… NOBODY was doing that until Yuzuru Hanyu was doing that. And almost NOBODY is doing that to this very day, except Yuzuru Hanyu.)

Yuuri Katsuki: 

Yuuri is getting there, with Victor’s help. His Grand Prix Final Short program score of 106 would have been GROUND BREAKING in 2014. Yuzuru Hanyu wouldn’t score that high until the 2015 NHK Trophy – and immediately followed it up with a mind-boggling 110.56 at the 2016 World Figure Skating Championships just March.

I want you to understand why I lost my literal shit when Yuuri Squinted at the score in the GPF and they announced it at 106. 

NOBODY but Yuzuru Hanyu has scored that high.  In fact, Yuzuru holds the top two spots in short program scores for all history AND the top score in the free skate at over 200 (219.48 to be exact), which is just as mind-blowing as a 106 SP Score.

Yuuri’s Record-breaking Free Skate score in the GPF is 221.58. Again – absolutely GROUND BREAKING. Yuzuru Hanyu would be the first to break 200, and he did it with a 216.07 in the 2015 NHK Trophy, where he was also the first skater to breach the 300 total score mark. 

Yuuri’s Free-Skate score at the GPF is higher than any skater has ever scored in the history of real life figure skating

But before that, Victor had held the world record Free-Skate score for a ‘long time’.

Yuzuru Hanyu’s world record combined total score is 330.43, which he got in the 2015 Grand Prix Final.  Yuuri isn’t quite there, but I imagine we’re going to see our Ice Monsters completely obliterate that. Or at least match it, during the next season. ** VICTOR ALREADY OBLITERATED IT**

You need to STOP boi.

Yuri Plisetsky:

He CRUSHED his Juniors. We don’t have anything official, except that we know he won gold at his last Junior Worlds because he goes hunting Victor to make good on a promise. 

Then he turns around and in his Senior Debut snags two podium spots in the GPF Qualifiers and DESTROYS the world record at the Grand Prix Final. Held by none other than Victor Nikiforov until earlier that same day, when Yuuri CRUSHED IT. 

With his world record GPF Score and Gold Medal at 15 FRICKING YEARS OLD, He’s already proving he’s the next Bakemono no Aisu.. no .. we can do better than that..   YOUKAISU !! 

((IF you aren’t watching Yuzuru Hanyu, you should be. Watch for him in March/April at Worlds, Oct-Nov for the GPF Qualifiers, and very probably in December for the Grand Prix Final. ))

***NOTE: OP is only a casual fan of Figure Skating and may have made mistakes - but did his best to research what he could to make sure he was gushing as close to the truth as he could manage.*** 


Watch Yuzuru Hanyu. Because if you want to see where Yurio is going to be next season, that’s where to look. 

**Couple of edits, due to some feedback - namely the WFSC record for number of consecutive golds - I’d like to point out that people prior to WW2 were pulling in as many as 10 … but that was Ulrich Salchow who was a pioneer in the building of the sport to what it is today, so I’ve chosen to go with post WW2 as that is what we would consider ‘modern’ figure skating.** 

** Thanks for the notes/messages you guys! I’m so stoked to see other casual fans willing to gush (and help) about IRL Skaters and records, and how fricking Extra our boys are.** 

What I want to know is, Who the hell is responsible for naming the Al-Ghuls family at DC??

  • You got Damian Wayne/Al-Ghul whose first name is Greek for “To Tame”.
  • And then Talia Al-Ghul whose name has Hebrew origins meaning “Dew from God”.
  • Not to mention her mother Melisande Al-Ghul whose name is obviously French for “Strength”.
  • Also Nyssa Al-Ghul whose name is Scandinavian for “Fairy”.
  • and the only son Dusan Al-Ghul whose name is derived from the Slavic noun Duša, “Soul”.

The only one who actually has an Arabic name is Ra’s Al-Ghul whose first name literally means “Head” in Arabic, The only one in an Arabic family to have an Arabic name and it’s as stupid as “Head”?? @People At DC, You do realize that Arabic is the 5th most spoken language in the world right?? isn’t that more than enough sources for you to find better names??

Pure-Love | Draco Malfoy X Reader

English isn’t my first language, so please excuse any mistakes.

Request: Hello! It would be amazing if you would please write a fluffy Draco Malfoy x reader where (Y/N) and Draco have always been friends, but unlike Draco, (Y/N) see’s the world in a different light. She believes there’s good where you look for it, the mud bloods are equals, etc. When she’s forced to become a Death Eater she’s devastated, but Draco is there for her like always.

Characters: Draco/fem!reader, Hermione and pure-blood families are mentioned.

Word Count: 1619 words.

Coming from a pure-blood family had its consequences. Most of them had rules, ways of acting were imposed in members since childhood. (Y/N) didn’t escape it. Her family was a traditional pure-blood family. Arrogant and hateful. Typical people who think they are better than everyone else.

One of the rules that was employed in this type of family was simple: be proud of your blood and pride the name of your family, and that meant: lower all others who aren’t like us to make us look better. And for that, all the people with whom (Y/N) had contact during her childhood was just as worse as her family.

During her growth, she attended several meetings that those families had. She had never understood the reason for it, but her mother made her go, always sending an ugly look to the girl when (Y/N) questioned her. Don’t question your ideals, just follow them. In one of those meetings she first met Draco Malfoy when she was presented to his family, which was close to hers. Both children were left out while the adults settled their own things, then they just start to like each other when the meetings began to be more and more frequent. As time went by, they began to ask their parents if they could see each other even when there was no meeting. They were both only children, they felt lonely at home.

Over the years, the two just became more and more friends. They would soon be in Hogwarts and could hardly wait for this moment to arrive. (Y/N) had never felt different from the rest of her family, even though she had realized that sometimes she disagreed with something they did. But she just noticed that maybe was something wrong with her in one of her conversations with Draco.

Both wanted to get in Slytherin, they had been raised hearing that everyone in the family had been part of that house and they hoped to continue the tradition. They were talking about it when Draco left out a nasty comment about the mudbloods. When the eleven-year old girl heard those words coming out her best friend’s mouth, a frown formed on her face and she felt uncomfortable. This has not gone unnoticed by the boy, but he didn’t seem interested in asking her about it. Or just didn’t want to leave the conversation even odder than it already was.

After that incident she began to hear that expression even more. Her parents themselves talked like that, something that she had never noticed before. And when asked about it, (Y/N) would refer to them as muggle-borns, getting some dirty looks from people around her. She didn’t understand why these people had so much hatred of those who had not wizarding parents. She didn’t understand why the different was bad. She didn’t understand why so much hate.

That was when she noticed: she wasn’t like them. And she wasn’t the only one to have noticed that. Soon everyone knew that the (Y/L/N)’s daughter sympathized with muggle-borns. Some of them talked about how she would be the “Sirius Black” of the new generation. And when some families began to avoid the child and her parents, she was punished. No one wants to be friends with a blood traitor. At least almost no one. Draco didn’t seem bothered to keep talking to her, although he avoid touching the subject “mudblood” when he was near her.

And so went another few years. They went to school and entered in Slytherin, which left (Y/N) very relieved because she was afraid of what might happen to her if she got in some other house. Draco made friends there, many because of his last name, but he never left (Y/N) aside. Yet the girl had a bit of difficulty in order to fit in her house, as the rumors had run fast by pure-blood families. She had friends, but not necessarily of her house. Not necessarily the kind of friends her parentes would approve.

The girl often looked at Draco and couldn’t understand why they were friends, especially at times he made fun of muggle-borns, especially Hermione Granger. But (Y/N) gave some ugly glances for her best friend when she saw him doing things like that, which made him walk away, but not before telling a final joke about the person he decided to tease.

Any of her friends also seemed to understand the reason of their friendship. But when Draco wasn’t playing the stupid Slytherin bully, when he was not acting for status, when he was being himself, he was a nice kid. He was a golden boy, and it was a pity that only her could see it. (Y/N) couldn’t forget all the times that parents punished her for something she had said or the way she had acted and Draco had been by her side, comforting her, though he didn’t seem sure of what to say to the sad girl.

After they had entered Hogwarts, her parents stopped annoying her so much. (Y/N) received several letters talking about the filthy people she was befriending with, but she just ignored and threw them away. Of course, every year when she returned home there were two angry people waiting for her at the door, but she seemed every time care less about it, which made Draco relieved. He wasn’t a good shoulder to cry on and didn’t like to see his sweet girl sad, so he was happy to see that her parents didn’t affect her anymore. He didn’t need to see her crying.

Until that day, at least.

Things had changed for them. They had stopped to talk much to each other. Draco was a Death Eater. It wasn’t so surprising to him, he had basically been created for this. But he was shocked to learn that the sweet little (Y/N) (Y/L/N) had become one too, short time after him. Her parents thought that way she would begin to see things as she should. Upon hearing the news that he began to notice that he was seeing (Y/N) less than before, she was quieter, she wasn’t being herself. Then he went looking for her when she didn’t appear at dinner.

Draco found her sitting against the walls of the common room. Her face was swollen and her eyes were red. A few tears were still running down her face and some sobs leave her mouth.

“What’s wrong?” he asked, slowly coming near her.

(Y/N) just gave him a cold look. She knew he knew what was wrong. Draco sighed, sitting beside her awkwardly.

“Don’t be like that.” he remembered because he hated when (Y/N) was sad, he never knew what to say. The girl rolled her eyes.

“Thank you for your help.”

His hand went to her shoulder in a comforting gesture. He opened his mouth again, trying to find words to calm her down.

“If you will say that you understand, give up, because you don’t.” she said getting up, wiping the tears from her face.

“And what makes you think I don’t understand how you feel?” he stood up, getting a glare from the girl.

“You don’t understand because you’re just like them.” some tears began to come down (Y/N)’s face. “I’m not like any of you, I will never be. I don’t belong here.”

Draco didn’t know why… Perhaps the way she had spoken it, perhaps the hateful look that his best friend was sending him… But that was the first time he was offended by being compared to his family. He was ready to respond, to deny that he was like his father, when he remembered that it wasn’t about him, it was about her.

“You’re right, I don’t understand you. But I know you. I know you well enough to know that you are better than all these people. And it’s not a mark on your arm that will change that.” her eyes lit for a few seconds with his words before returning to fade.

“It’s not just the mark.” she threw herself on the couch. “The things I will have to do. The people will have to be with.”

“You aren’t like them just to be with them.” he sat beside her, holding her awkwardly aside. It had been so long that he didn’t do this to her. “It’s not your fault.”

(Y/N) slowly allowed her head to lean on Draco’s shoulder, moving her arms around his waist. The boy’s body tensed at first, but was softening, bringing his best friend closer to him, leaving a kiss on her hair.

“I’m afraid.” she said after a while.

He couldn’t deny that he was too, but the only thing he could pay attention at the time was the fragility of the girl in his arms. Then he just rubbed her arms, letting out a:

“Don’t worry. We’ll be together, I will not let anything bad happen to you.”

She just muttered something in response, snuggling even more against his body.

(Y/N) looked up shyly toward the blonde’s face, making him look down at her. She gave a smile before attaching their lips quickly, then pulling away and returning to leave her head on his shoulder.

A small goof smile appeared on his face as he comforted himself closer to the girl.

“I’m glad I have you.” he said. “You are the only thing that is preventing me from turning into my father.”

The girl chuckled, and as she watched the other Slytherins coming in the common room, looking at them curiously, (Y/N) was sure of only one thing: having the same worldview or not, she and Draco would be together through thick and thin. Always.

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Whats your opinion on disneyworld vs land?

So, I actually have thought this through because I love both places very much and I refuse to say that one is ~better~ than the other.

Walt Disney World is a grand adventure! It’s figuring out immediately what comes next and going to do that! It’s excitement! It’s grandeur! It’s adventure! It’s spectacle! It’s figuring out who you want to be, and it’s learning about who other people are. It’s facing your fears and your devotion at the same time. It’s sampling new culture and indulging in excitement. Walt Disney World is the grandest, most magical place on Earth!

Disneyland is a casual stroll! It’s visiting a long lost friend and catching up with them for days. It’s comfort! It’s serenity! It’s history! It’s home! It’s sitting on the sidewalk and watching the sunset. It’s walking on the pier with an ice cream cone and laughing when you accidentally spill it. It’s running into a jazz band while sipping on a mint julep. It’s feeling cozy and walking on a rainbow. Disneyland is the friendliest, happiest place on Earth!

Another 5 Random Italy Facts

* When McDonald’s opened in 1986 in Rome, food purists outside the restaurant gave away free spaghetti to remind people of their culinary heritage

* Italians suffer more earthquakes than any other Europeans. In 1693, an estimated 100,000 people died in an earthquake in Sicily. The most deadly recent quake occurred in Naples in 1980, killing 3,000.

* No other country in Europe has as many volcanoes as Italy. This is because the Italian peninsula stands on a fault line. 3 major volcanoes (Etna, Stromboli, and Vesuvius) have erupted in the last hundred years.

* Italy’s birthrate is the 2nd-lowest in the Western world. Both political and church leaders have expressed concern and have offered rewards to couples who have more than 1 child.

* From 1861 to 1985, more than 26 million people left Italy (mostly from the south) to seek a better life. Only 1 in 4 came home again.

Imagine Kurogane returning to Nihon at long last after his seemingly endless journey for Tsubasa’s sake and finding that everything is a bit… off. There are faces that he doesn’t recognise and some people he knows are no longer there. The familiar language is not so familiar anymore with new slangs and words coined by the latest theatre productions in town. There are references and jokes that he doesn’t quite catch. Houses have been torn down and new houses have been built. The Castle has one or two extensions. New roads have been opened in the city. New contraptions have been brought from abroad. Things change, Kurogane knows that and world-hopping has trained him to deal with changes probably better than most, but there are certain expectations when it comes to home. However the “home” of his mind doesn’t quite exist anymore.

Kendapa and Tomoyo and Soma are glad to see him back, but new people have been hired to fill his position and the current routine of their lives has no place for him in it. They are of course very generous and would find a place for him, but he too has changed and thus has the niggling feelings that it’d leave him dissatified. There is no rush, he is ensured, he has been away on a long journey. Kurogane politely thanks them and goes somewhere else so that he can chew on his disquietness in peace.

Kurogane’s agitation doesn’t escape Fai’s eyes. Fai who has been overwhelmed by Nihon too though in a different way, torn between his characteristic delight in everything new and the awkwardness of being in a foreign city. Kurogane has been trying to teach Fai his native language as best as he could to prepare for a time when they don’t have Mokona by their side, but a hundred tutors can’t prevent the dizziness when you are surrounded by a language that is not your own and you have to make an effort to understand it. Still in a way Fai has been settling in better than Kurogane does. His exotic beauty dazzles the court and his enthusiasm in absorbing words and stories and lores endears him to everyone. But he still looks at Kurogane and just as he saw the pain of a not-quite-fit prosthetics, he can see Kurogane is happy but not altogether content.

So they talk and Kurogane pours out to Fai his thoughts about homes and changes. About how the radiant court of Kendapa and Tomoyo has become alien to him. And about that deep in his mind, he has been dreaming about the canals of Suwa, home of his childhood. It is a vague idea at first but then becomes concrete. If a home doesn’t exist then he will build it himself. He looks at Fai, who seems so happy in the capital of Nihon, but Fai just laughs and asks if he can have sparkling fountains and high towers in this new home. So through the night they sketch out the new city they will build on the ruins of Suwa. The large and small canals for the fields and the ships as well as the streets interlacing them. Printing houses to produce comics for Kurogane. Deep pools and fountains for Fai. A theatre to perform stories that enthrall everyone. A large house that opens its door to all travellers who need a roof over their heads and a warm meal during their long journey. They discuss and argue and laugh, and Kurogane listens for the first time about the towns ensconced in the mountains of Ceres with their swift streams and their magnificent lakes. By the morning, both Kurogane and Fai are exhausted. They fall asleep side by side, surrounded by the plans and ideas for their next journey together.


Happy New Year everyone ! 🎉🍾

I hope everyone had an amazing night just like i did, because there is nothing better than to spend new years eve with the two most important people in my life.

On the one side the love of my life, better half and future husband who always supports me in everything and anything i do, who makes me happy like nobody else ever could and who i love more than anything in the world.

And on the other side my bestie, and future flower “girl” at my wedding lmao. Who is always there for me no matter what and supports every decision i make.. Who i can count on without doubts and who knows what i think before i even say it.

You two, thank you so much for everything. I honestly couldnt imagine my life without you both and i wouldnt want to. I cant wait for the next amazing year and all the memories we will make together. <3

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[And to all of my follower here on tumblr, who support me and show love to the things i do… thank you so much 💜 I will try my best to make you happy with many new projects, collections and pictures. Happy New Year! ]

We can all agree that Naruto has had some pretty emotional moments but I think the one that hit me hardest was this tiny pained inhale he does when Sasuke comes at him after beating his face into mashed potato

My boy is so tired. At this point he has been fighting for more than 24 straight hours watching countless people die and saving the world while trying to keep the people he loves the most alive only to find that Sasuke has turned away from him once again in probably the biggest betrayal of all. For all intents and purposes, he literally fucking died a few hours ago when Kurama was forcibly ripped out of him and since then, he’s done the impossible and triumphed over an actual deity as well as said a final goodbye to his father and mentors. This should be his time to grieve, to rest, to make sure that his friends are ok and maybe start picking up some pieces after the war but instead he is forced into another pointless battle with the person he still considers his best friend in order to save everyone. Again.

On his birthday.

All this poor kid ever wanted was his friend back and yet here he is defending not only his own life, but also those of the Kage and the Bijuu and even Sasuke himself who has always been too stubborn to see it. Naruto is fucking exhausted. Beyond exhausted and to make it worse, he thought it was over and everything would be ok. He has no chakra left apart from the bare minimum needed to keep his heart pumping and this incredible boy is still giving everything he has to save Sasuke even though his body is screaming at him to drop to the ground and never get up. He is always so completely filled with determination and he exudes it from his whole body which is why this particular moment is so striking. We’ve never seem him look so defeated before.

And this barely perceptible moment of weakness is all he allows himself to feel and show before going right back to business.