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Write a sick day AU where one of them is sick and the other is waiting on them hand and foot?

Carmilla groaned into the couch cushion as her stomach churned.

“I am never trusting you to get blood again,” she muttered, tugging the blanket up higher around her shoulders.

Laura hid her laugh from across the room.

“It’s not funny,” Carmilla insisted, rolling over to look at her from across the room. “Why won’t you come cuddle me?”

Snorting, Laura glanced over her shoulder. “Yeah. Right. Like I’m risking sickness the week before finals. In your dreams, Carm.”

“Come on, Laura, I can’t even get regular sick. Just food poisoning sick.”

“You’ll understand why I don’t just take your word for it,” she laughed, turning back to her computer to sort through her class notes.

Sighing, Carmilla shoved the blanket off her body. “Fine. But you made me do this.”

“Wh-” Laura barely had time to spin around before Carmilla had thrown herself into her unsuspecting lap, the superhuman speed behind it knocking them both to the ground in a heap.

Carm,” Laura snapped, squirming to try and free herself from the hold.

“Shhh. It’s too late, you’re infected. Come to bed now.”

She helped Laura to her feet, tugging at her hands even as Laura batted them away. “Will you just-give me a minute.”

Carmilla frowned, but stopped, looking defeated.

Sighing, Laura pressed her hand to her forehead. She couldn’t disappoint that face. “Relax. I’m just getting my laptop, okay?” She gestured to it up on her desk. “God, you’re kind of insufferable when you’re sick.”

Carmilla laughed scratchily. “You would be too if you hadn’t been sick in two hundred years.”

Tucking the laptop under her arm, Laura tucked her girlfriend under the other, Carmilla’s head automatically falling to her shoulder. “When you put it that way…”

I'm Not Safe, Alone ~ Joe Sugg Imagine


Part 3

The next day was just the same. The anonymous threats carried on but they got more violent. You dead soon, your mine, soon…,🔪,🔪,🔪. She was positive that just an hour out of the house she would feel so much better. Turns out Y/N took more than an hour out of the house, she went out for lunch with her best friend Y/B/F/N and told her everything and went back to Y/B/F/N flat for a few hours then got back home at 4:00.
Late night, again

Y/N gathered up the courage to go to bed in her and Joes room. Was the worst idea she ever made.
Y/N slowly slipped under the bed. Held her breath. Waited.
Down the steps and into Caspers room the person went. Y/N took the risk, and ran fast but quietly up the stairs, halfway until a strong grip held onto her leg, instantly she felt a sharp pain, but kept running. Turning around only to see shadows and blood, lots and lots of blood. “Where’s the fucking gun!” Running into the kitchen, cornered she saw the time. 5:00 it read. Joe will be home in an hour. The person pulled her by the waist into the sitting room. Slicing her back in which felt like glass. Y/N screaming and falling to the floor.
Woah. Ok this got creepy, please please please message me if you want me to change anything. Tell me if you want a part 4!

Love you pretty people ❤️

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