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This is part two to the Winchester sister imagine series.

Winchesters x Sister!Reader

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Warnings: language, reader off meds

Word count: 616

A/N: The next part to this series will be called Typical Siblings. You’ll noticed I used a line or two from Suicide Squad, yes I know it’s not mine but I’m not acting like it is…sue me. Just kidding I have nothing to give please don’t.

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A good six months had passed by since you’d been taken out of the mental hospital and began living with your newly found brothers and Cas at the bunker. Everything was going better than everyone had expected, meaning it wasn’t nearly as bad to watch out for you as they thought. Well…sometimes. You had days where you would be reckless, more than they would. Days when you couldn’t focus because certain voices lingered deep inside of your mind. It was the moments like those they had to stay at the bunker or keep you inside so you wouldn’t be a danger to yourself or others. Pretty much 24/7 supervision was need at times like that.

“Y/n! Get your ass out of the tree, you little psychopath,” Dean was down below you a good fifteen or so feet scolding you as your swung from a branch upside down, waving your arms around like a ‘little weird’ as Crowley called you.

“I prefer the term mentally creative,” you ignored his demands to get out and continued swinging…it took five hours to get you down…

On some days when they were dealing with demons or Crowley, they really didn’t care what you did.

You stood in front of Crowley, pretending to shoot him with your invisible shotgun. It had taken him a few occasions to get used to you being random, or being totally normal. He learned to either ignore it or just try to twist your mind even more.

“Seems like somebody is having a good time tonight,” neither of your brothers liked when Crowley did this, egged you on.

“My gun, your head. Click-boom! You’re dead,” you had walked over to him and pointed your finger gun directly on his forehead and laughed like an idiot on drugs once you finished your little rhyme

“I’m really not the poetic type love, we’ve been over this. Put up or shut up,” did I also mention the boys hated when he tried to dig around in your mind like this on a bad day? Because they did. Really really hate it.

Then there was the whole thing with the Darkness being released. Oh fun times for the three of you, four if you included Cas- which he was always included. Sam had just had the mark removed from Dean, while your oldest brother- who swore you were the one that was crazy, had just killed fucking Death. Yeah- the Horsemann. With his own personal item too, talk about irony. Being killed by your own possession. Then again, cursed objects. But we’re getting off topic. The three of you ran outside, being greeted by a sky filled with dark smoke rising up out of the ground.

“You guys seeing all this?” your eyes were wide as you slid into the back seat of Baby in a hurried manner.

“'Yeah, why?” Dean turned the key starting her up, but still spoke.

“I’m off my meds,” this got them both to turn around and give you their undivided, pissed off attention.

“You’re what now?” uh- maybe you shouldn’t have said that, but crazy is as crazy does…right? Dean was clearly very pissed off at the fact you had been skipping out on taking your pills.

“I told you she couldn’t be trusted to take them without supervision,” he gave an 'I told ya so’ look to Sam. “How long have you been not taking them,” had he forgotten about Hell being unleashed in the sky?

“Maybe we should talk about this later…” later that night he learned you’d been straight coo-coo for coco puffs for about two and a half months now…which didn’t go over well.

Never mind all these beautiful historical dramas I want a modern day sit com about the Romantic poets like

  • Byron, Shelley, and Keats are roommates.
  • Byron is constantly a dick and Keats is constantly like “fight me” and Shelley is constantly exasperated. 
  • “I swear to God, George, if you even think about fighting him-”
    “Well he asked me to.” 
    “He’s also five feet tall.” 
  • Felicia Hemans lives across the hall from them and everyone thinks she’s really sweet because she bakes a lot and dresses conservatively but she is constantly lowkey throwing shade at everyone. 
  • Byron hates her because she’s better than him at everything. 
  • Mary Wollstonecraft also lives in their building and owns a lot of t-shirts with feminist slogans on. 
  • Every time she bumps into Shelley in the hallway he asks whether her daughter is coming to visit any time soon. He is much less subtle about it than he thinks he is. 
  • Byron frequently gets into flame wars with people on the internet. 
  • “George it’s 3am why are you still awake?” 
    Someone was talking shit about Pope.”
    “Not again.” 
  • At this point, Keats and Shelley have a script they can run through every time they open the door to a crying person asking why Byron never called them back. 
  • A running joke in which there is a loud noise every time someone says Shelley’s middle name correctly. 
  • Another running joke in which Byron and his sister constantly get mistaken for a couple. 

I feel so unsure of everything.. everyone seems to be doing better than me and I’m just here wasting my time. My mood is constantly low and honestly one of the few things keeping me going is that I’ve lost a bit of weight in the past few days. Do I really need friends? Or am I better off alone? I had been alone for a long time but I guess you get used to having someone there, then when they’re gone everything is different, right? Sorry for the weird post it’s just late night thoughts, I hope you’re all well ❤️

when i analyze and write teru i always keep in mind my own headcanons that teru. is constantly dealing with intrusive thoughts and his ego problem and finding a grey area between the two is nearly impossible so his mind is always bouncing back and forth and dealing with the whiplash like.



and teru is whatever fucked up product comes out of that (me basically) 

Scanlan is always either right on point for an episode or completely screwing up everything. He either holds everyone and everything together and points out better ideas than the others come up with, or he pays 15x more money than he should on seasoning and tries to cast Modify Memory on Lady Kima after telling her he would do it. 

It’s amazing how we can say #YesAllMen but we can’t say #YesAllWhitePeople

Yes, all white people.

All white people are trained to believe they are superior and others are inferior from the moment they are born. Racism is passed down to them from the generation that came before. You have been taught by the media, by every movie, by every book, by every biased history page, that white is human, valuable, and better than everything and everyone else.

So it’s not surprising when white people can’t empathize or relate to people of color in fiction. You’ve been taught not to. You’ve been taught to see us as less than human, or else you wouldn’t go out of your way to JUSTIFY IT everytime an unarmed black person is gunned down for no fucking reason other than racism.

It’s the same way all men have been taught that women are subhuman and inferior. So losing to a woman is terrible and bad!!!! which means female gamers will often face online harrassment because women are not supposed to be – gasp! – good at video games!!! (My ex hated that I was good at video games) Our female brains are inferior!!! Women are supposed to be silent. Women are for sex and raising children. Women are objects. Women are public property, which means they must have their bodies policed in every conceivable way – from groping to fashion to abortion laws – by men, because men know better.

Racism and sexism is an institution of hatred that – yes – has brainwashed an entire group of people for generations. You can bitch and cry and go on about generalizations and “reverse racism” and “reverse sexism” or you can … .


Have peace in knowing that....
  • Aries: you don't have to impress everyone.
  • Taurus: maybe moving on (from lame friends or your lame ex) will be hard, but it will be worth it.
  • Gemini: you don't have to make anyone's life spectacular but yours.
  • Cancer: there are people that love you and you have places that you definitely do fit in to.
  • Leo: not everyone wants to be better than you, not everything is a competition.
  • Virgo: you don't have to change for anyone.
  • Libra: you did the right thing. Everything will work out.
  • Scorpio: people love and care, and if you don't think so, you're with the wrong people.
  • Sagittarius: only you have the ability to change your future, no one else can.
  • Capricorn: you are not alone.
  • Aquarius: the people who've hurt you probably still regret everything.
  • Pisces: no one is mad at you or finds you annoying. You're perfect.

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could you see what was going on in the alpha time line?

“I didn’t even bother to check.  Wasn’t any of my business, so why stick my figurative nose in it?  I might like to know what’s going on with things in general, but there’s some lines I know better than to cross.  Whatever happened though, I’m just hopin’ everyone and everything is okay.”

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While I agree with your message and feel completely disgusted by the rpc lately, I think the way you worded your post just made it sound like you know everything and your writing and portrayals are better than everyone else's when I clearly remember your character kidnapping school girls to rape and kill, also him fucking his s.o. with a knife at one point. What context was that in?

i definitely am not trying to say i know everything or that my portrayals are better than everyone else’s. i do take some pride in my writing, but i can definitely step back and say that i’m not the best, or even close to the best.

i’ve had zero for a long time, and i will be the first person to admit that when i was younger, i would write very, very dark things i knew very little about. i always told myself that i was handling it well and with the proper respect, but i do definitely look back and cringe at some of it. most of it, actually. you may notice how little i write things like that now — and if i do, i’m doing my damnedest to do these things justice.

in the post, i say this: “in the fiction itself, characters can be prone to warped morality and ignorance and have these views. i don’t have a problem with that. in fact, i encourage writers to tackle heavier subjects in their art, and i encourage them to explore heavily flawed, “problematic” characters — but these things have to be written in the proper context.” that is something i’ve always known, but learned how to handle much better. it’s in-character for zero to do terrible things, and i’ve never condoned these terrible things in real life. however, in the past, i would write these things badly, and it would end up glamorizing it.

it’s very hard to write an antagonistic character and not slip into questionable territory with the context of your writing. when in the character’s head, you may find that the character glamorizes what they’re doing, and so you write this orgasmic scene in which something utterly disgusting is happening. this in itself can be a very powerful form of prose, but you have to make sure the message gets across appropriately. fifty shades of grey is, at its core, a story about an abusive relationship, but it is presented in the prose as a love story; nothing christian grey does is contextualized appropriately and the result is a generation of readers/film-goers thinking that the danger and discomfort of abuse is deliciously, dramatically romantic.

these are things almost all writers have done before. the problem i have is that i’m seeing people who by now should know better normalizing these things. these are things that i’ve done before, and i am not proud. that leads me to my next point: zero’s entire relationship with abra and the infamous knife-fucking you referenced.

zero and abra’s beginnings, middle, and end were abusive, unhealthy, and toxic in nearly every way. i do everything in my power to contextualize that post-relationship, because my writing partner and i did a horrible job of presenting the “romance” for what it was. we had so much fun writing together (at the time) that we turned a blind eye to the subjects that were presented. like i said before, we told ourselves we were presenting these things well, but we were not. if there’s anything i regret, it’s being so reckless with that storyline and not putting the proper emphasis on how unhealthy it all was.

my writing partner and i were in a very unhealthy relationship ourselves — i can’t talk for abra’s writer, but i know that it made my judgment very cloudy while writing these subjects. when i look back on the plot, i notice how strangely it seems to parallel our own story.

to conclude: you’re right! i don’t know everything, and i have, in the past, made the mistakes that i’m condemning today. i think that’s why i condemn it so heavily: i learned the hard way. thank you for sending this message; i’m glad i got the chance to clarify this. in the future, though, i would appreciate it if you were a little less condescending when you have concerns, and if you would come to me off-anon.

how the signs survive this dog eat dog world

aries: puts out a more aggressive front to hide their easily hurt feelings

taurus: uses material goods to distract from the emptiness inside of them

gemini: talks shit

cancer: eats their feelings

leo: acts like they’re better than everyone

virgo: does everything for everyone so they aren’t left behind or forgotten

libra: acts like they know everything

scorpio: covers up their craziness with a calm exterior

sagittarius: refuses to admit that they are wrong

capricorn: uses humour to distract from their gnawing sense of loneliness

aquarius: pretends to not care

pisces: literally all of the above and more

Revision- James Potter

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Pairing: James Potter x Reader

Characters: James Potter

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Word Count: 521

Author: Charlotte

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signs in an argument
  • aries: yeah, well....... *can't think of a good comeback* fuck you!
  • taurus: *thinks of really good comeback* *doesn't say it bcus they're worried about ruining friendship*
  • gemini: *spits out all of your secrets and insecurities in front of everyone*
  • cancer: *cries*
  • leo: stfu, i do everything better than you, you're an idiot
  • virgo: *stares silently thinking "i'm better than you, sooo"*
  • libra: they wouldn't. they hate confrontation. if they're caught up in one, they apologize and then talk shit later on
  • scorpio: *doesn't say anything throughout, but plots revenge for later*
  • sagittarius: shut your bitch ass up, it's not my fault you do this, this and this *lists all of their flaws*
  • capricorn: *makes snarky, awful comments and regrets it later*
  • aquarius: *pulls out facts and figures for back up*
  • pisces: *bluntly says what you're doing wrong and cries*
Things you will see in the new Star Trek movie:

-Kirk has sex with at least one alien that still manages to look entirely humanoid, feminine, and conventionally attractive

-Jokes/complaints about how logical Vulcans are

-Scottish swearing

-“Dammit man, I’m a doctor, not a *blank*!”

-Alien female character is hostile towards men and acts savagely in the beginning (likely jumps out of nowhere and points a gun or knife at someone) but ends up befriending/sleeping with at least one of the crew (see Kirk)

-A closeup shot that lasts at least three seconds in which Spock raises one eyebrow (that’s all that happens but it’s important enough for a close up, apparently)

-“Keptin on zhe bridge”


-Manpain moment of bonding/homoerotic subtext between Spock and Kirk

-Kirk is told not to do something by Starfleet command which he does anyway

-Uhura is better than everyone at everything but gets no acknowledgement

-Spock yells at Kirk for breaking the rules but ends up breaking them himself, likely to save Kirk/the Enterprise/the universe

-“Boldly go where no man one has gone before”

-Space has sound for some reason