better than chuck e cheeses

feelslikeactualshit  asked:

Can I ask why you hated Chuck E. Cheese? I have an interview there soon and I'm kinda excited but also like. You know, it's Chuck E. Cheese

you know………… i was once like you. chuck e cheese was my first job and i was excited to get paid to work at the funnest place in the world

now, the universal chuck e cheese employee experience might differ from restaurant to restaurant. all i can attest to are my feelings and my co-workers’ feelings:

it is shit. everyone i knew hated it.

constantly understaffed cause at least one person quits a week, it’s like a nightmare hellscape you dread walking into. the suit, everyone needs to get into the suit, it’s fucking filthy and sweaty and sometimes they’re halfway into the dance when they tell you you’re supposed to “wake up chuck e”. our management was a joke. i wear glasses so putting on the head would always askew them so bad and i couldn’t see very well through it but i could feel hands constantly grabbing at me. i worked there when i was still a minor so i couldn’t legally pour beer so i had to try and get a hold of one of our managers via walkie talkie and you can BET they ignored my calls and customers got angry at me. our readers were broken and that lead to long lines and very annoyed parents. i think the weekends were the worst, just in terms of the amount of people there and the amount of kids that would try and tackle/punch/kick you while in the suit. the prize counter was kind of a nightmare too just on account of parents not knowing how the system works and they’d try to pick a fight with you on what the kid is able to get. 

i did it so i’d have some entertaining stories to tell and because i wanted to work a job for the first time but it’s not worth it. like i got some funny stories to tell but was it worth the constant bruises and mental anguish???? no. 

i wish you the best of luck and, who knows, maybe your chuck e cheese has better management than mine did (which could make all the difference in the world) and i don’t mean to scare you but this is just me being brutally honest. it was a bad time