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Ben Affleck Doubles Down on ‘Justice League’ Future: ‘I’m So Thrilled to Be Batman’

If Warner Bros. hoped to quell rumors this week that it is seeking to find a new Batman, it couldn’t have asked for a better means of doing it than the ecstatic display of loyalty by Ben Affleck Saturday morning in Hall H.

Just two days after a rumor broke that Warner Bros and Affleck are looking for a way for him to “gracefully” exit the role, Affleck appeared at the studio’s San Diego Comic-Con presentation.

And he was all smiles, with an equal measure of practically fanboy level hype. He also seemed to be making it crystal clear that he is determined to remain under the cowl for the foreseeable future.

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As the “Justice League” portion of the panel kicked off, Affleck, along with costars Ray Fisher, Ezra Miller, Gal Gadot and Ezra Miller, walked through the audience rows toward the stage while the film’s heavily-featured cover of “Come Together” blasted.

“Being Batman is the coolest f—ing part in any universe. I’m so thrilled to do it,” Affleck practically shouted as soon as he was on stage. “It’s f—ing amazing [to] have this history of this great studio… They said to me, ‘We want you to be our Batman and I believe them.” So much for all that talk of behind-the-scenes discord.

Affleck was originally set to direct a stand-alone film, “The Batman,” before dropping out to focus on merely appearing on camera. And he took great pains to make it clear that he’s 100 percent on board with his replacement behind the camera, Matt Reeves.

“And Matt Reeves doing it,” Affleck said. “I would be an ape on the ground for Matt, [let alone] Batman. It’s a great time in the DC universe… I’m so thrilled to be Batman.”

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Affleck’s enthusiasm at least appears to be the definitive shoot-down of a rumor published Thursday by The Hollywood Reporter that Warner Bros. is keen to replace Affleck as the caped crusader for undisclosed reasons, but wishes to do so “gracefully” with an in-universe explanation addressed in a future DC film.

The report even held that Affleck himself is dying to get out of the role. At least on Saturday morning, that definitely didn’t appear to be the case.

And just in case it wasn’t clear, he said the following right after the panel showed off the latest “Justice League” trailer: “To get to come to Hall H and say “I’m Batman is so f—ing awesome.”

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I just think it’s amazing that a movie that stars three (3) Black woman is doing better than a film that stars Ben Affleck (arguably one of the most popular actors/director currently) and a Martin Scorsese film (arguably one of the best filmmakers of our time).
I really hope that producers will finally understand that both black AND white people just want to see a good film with diversity and an empowering story Not two white people kissing in space or  some white savior bullshit storyline .

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So this is probably what happens every time there's another spider-man reboot. People will always say the new one is the best. They said andrew garfield is better than tobey maguire because garfield is more comic accurate & doesn't cry. Now people say tom holland is the best spider-man for reasons I don't know yet. Wow I can't wait for another spider-man reboot that people will see as the one who's better than maguire, garfield, and holland

I can’t either. I’d say this is just common in adaptations, as many DC/DCEU fans have no problem saying that They think Ben Affleck is a better Batman than Bale, but I find it annoying given the MCU fandom’s tendency to erase anything that came before it, especially when Tobey Maguire’s Spider-man is one of the main reasons why CBM’s are as popular as They are now. 

Bruce Wayne (Batman) In A Relationship With/Sexual Headcanons

(Sidenote: when I was thinking of these I was imagining the current - Ben Affleck- Batman, so they might fit him better than other versions)

-Like it’s honestly so surprising how romantic he is
-Candle lit dinners at really expensive restaurants
-He tries so hard it’s so cute
–He awkwardly asks Alfred for advice
—Never tell him you know
–He gets moody (cute) when you make fun of him for it
—Like he wrinkles his eyebrows and does this little kinda pout and it! is! adorable!
—He tries to stay angry with you but he can’t
-He plays the best mood-stetting classical music

• He gets jealous really easily

• The sex is super rough
-Sooooo passionate
-He’ll just come in somedays, maybe he won’t have had a good night on the streets or something and he’s annoyed and he just wants YOU
–He will just march in and grab you before you can say a word, kissing you
–He’ll pin you against the wall
—Maybe fuck you right there still fully dressed, slamming you between the wall and him
-Even normally he’s very rough, pinning you down on the bed, squeezing your arms

-He is such a fuckin dom literally I can’t even explain fully
-He likes to feel that he’s looking after you and protecting you
-He practically busts a nut every time you call him daddy
-He LOVES to see you squirm
–He is very much into getting you just to the brink then stopping over and over again
–and he is great at oral
-However if you want to do something he won’t say no just because you suggested it

• He is still super caring though
- He isn’t weird and possessive like some guys with Daddy kinks
-He NEVER hurts you unless you ask
-If you ever want to try something like choking he make 100% sure your fine with it and keeps asking until you tell him shut the hell up and squeeze harder
–Which he’s actually quite happy about because “holy fuck I think I have a choking kink”

• He LOVES being scratched
-like, REALLY

• Not only daddy but kinda sugar daddy???
-I mean he is rich so tbh it’s expected
-He SHOWERS you in gifts
-and not just lingerie
–Though okay there is quite a bit of that
-But like he buys so much beautiful jewellery
–you tease him and say he’ll blow his whole fortune on necklaces “I don’t need anymore! Stop buying them you fool”
—He doesn’t

• You are ALWAYS arguing
-Well, bickering really
-but never with much passion
–You: *insults him* Bruce: *smiles*
-The only times you properly argue are when he’s being a brave idiot
– “I’ve got to go after them” “Bruce I know you’re a good fighter but you are NOT going after an entire building full of people when you’re already hurt and it’s our date night!” “See you later” “BRUCE!”

•When he gets depressed you snuggle against him
-He doesn’t “do” snuggling
–but he lets you snuggle on him

• You talk. All the time. He only really opens up to you.

•Once he reveals who he is to you, he spends his spare time training you
-He WILL NOT train you to fight as a vigilante
–But he wants you to be able to defend yourself
-Sometimes when you fall on the floor, training sessions turn into kissing sessions

Woah! I didn’t know I had so many batman headcanons! I hope you liked them! PLEASE tell me what you think, this is my first proper post!

Why Batman vs. Superman reviews are... irking me.


I’m a shameless comic book nerd. Most of my followers probably already know this, so it shouldn’t surprise anyone to know that I went to see Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice Friday afternoon. Before I went, I had heard something vague about a bad response from critics, but I decided to be optimistic and open-minded.

I came into the movie with a pretty good mindset; after all, I enjoyed Henry Cavill’s performance in Man of Steel, a movie that, admittedly, had a couple moments which rubbed me the wrong way. I had decided to give Ben Affleck a fair shot at winning me over, and I was ready for wherever the film might take me.

What followed was nearly three hours of what felt like an out-of-body experience. The downside of seeing a movie on opening day was that I ended up stuffed between a seven-year-old boy on my right (whose mother loudly cautioned him to cover his eyes during the “kissing parts”), and an incredibly large gentleman on my left who overflowed into my seat and had a habit of heavy mouth-breathing. Despite all this, I was transported. Darth Vader’s Ventilator and Little Boy Wonder couldn’t make a dent in my enjoyment of DC’s latest blockbuster. I barely noticed how long the run time was, and I felt completely immersed in the world Snyder constructed on screen. 

It took me about twenty minutes to realize why Dawn of Justice felt a bit… different. Once I put my finger on it, though, everything became clear. 

Dawn of Justice is not paced and framed like a traditional Hollywood movie. It reads– or watches, your preference– like a comic book in movie format. It only lacks the speech bubbles. For anyone who is familiar with and loves that form of media, this is like a wet dream come true. It resulted in some bold choices, some traditional movie tropes being abandoned, a few plot twists that seem to come out of nowhere if you’re unfamiliar with the source material. This is not a movie that panders to brand-new fans; it can be somewhat confusing if you know nothing about the DC Comics universe. To be honest, though, I found that beyond refreshing. I’m tired of easily palatable superhero movies, films that are simply a relaxing way to spend an hour and a half, no hard thinking required. I’ll be going back to see Dawn of Justice at least a couple more times, if only because I know there are details I’ve missed in the first viewing. It is a massive, complex, beautiful beast, and it kept me on the literal edge of my seat the entire time. The plot stayed pretty tightly focused on the central conflict, with just enough Justice League foreshadowing and Wonder Woman screen time to tease and tantalize hopeful nerds everywhere.

I already knew Cavill would be excellent in his reprisal as Clark Kent/Superman, but he exceeded my expectations, showing a depth of emotion rarely seen in the character, who is often portrayed as a bit of a stoic, all-powerful hero. As a result, I believe he’s made me finally fall in love with a character I previously felt lukewarm towards, at best. 

Ben Affleck was far better than I ever could have imagined, with a versatility that blindsided me. Fans of previous Batman movies know that one of the most difficult aspects of this role is believably and smoothly portraying both Bruce Wayne and Batman. Affleck nailed it. He conveyed the perfect level of disconnect between the dual sides of his personality, while leaving the two tethered together in a way that had me wondering if his performance can ever be matched by a future Batman. 

Jesse Eisenberg was as good as I had hoped as Lex Luthor, and though some of his minor choices for the character surprised me, it was all positive. I was more than satisfied with Gal Gadot’s characterization of Diana Prince/Wonder Woman, and I look forward to seeing her in future movies when she has more time to really shine. 

I also have to add, regarding Amy Adams and the romance between Superman and Lois Lane: There was a lot of improvement in between Man of Steel and this movie. In MoS, I felt almost like the relationship was forced, but Dawn of Justice banished all my doubts. An easy chemistry flowed between the two characters, and Lois Lane proved herself a valuable player in the story, rather than just a love interest/damsel in distress. The feminist in me approves.

Overall, I don’t really have anything negative to say, which is why the critical reception of the film is beyond disappointing to me. I don’t usually put much stock in critics, anyway, and this movie illustrates perfectly my reasons for doing so. I read several of the so-called critics’ reviews, and what I found made me irrationally angry. 

Almost every critic-written review uses overwhelming negativity, ad hominen (personal) attacks, and buzz words to disguise the fact that the reviewer has little to no familiarity with comic books, only with other superhero movies. The complexity that I so admire, the divergence from Hollywood stereotypes that I applaud? Critics loathe these things, apparently. One of the most common takeaways, I found, was that Dawn of Justice should have been more like, or tried to emulate (insert generic superhero movie title here.) The critics show almost no originality in their thinking, and honestly, I’m not having it. 

I’m not the only one, either. The audience reviews rate this movie at 75% positive, compared to the critics’ 29%. I browsed the audience reviews, and out of the negatives, most of the reviewers sounded as if they had never picked up a comic book in their life. One had the audacity to claim that the movie “wasn’t true to DC lore.” I’m not even going to touch that one, other than to say that it is patently untrue. Another person said that they didn’t like Batman as a vigilante character. Um, have you heard of Batman before? The guy who introduced a nine-year-old boy to vigilante crime-fighting as his sidekick? I’m beginning to have flashbacks to when Deadpool was released, and thousands of outraged people demanded to know why it wasn’t family-friendly. The answer is simple: The filmmakers decided not to pander to new fans. Instead, they made a film that comic book nerds like myself will cherish for decades.

The audience in general likes this movie, and I think it’s time the critics caught onto that. The days of trying to be cool and edgy by spreading negativity to everything you touch ended a long time ago. Get the memo, people. In the meantime, I’ll be happily enjoying a wonderful film that hundreds, if not thousands of people, dedicated years of their lives to. 


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“There are cross overs! I’ve seen them!”
Still a better batman than Ben Affleck.

Batman vs Superman: Why I enjoyed myself, but the film is bad and you probably don’t want to watch it (a completely objective review)

I have witnessed it. Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice. What I have to tell you will be hard to hear. But I tell it nonetheless.

Wait until it comes out on Blu-Ray and then rent it. Or steal it. Or just flat out don’t watch it. I don’t think it’s worth the time of an overwhelming amount of people.

But that’s not the same as saying I didn’t like the film. No. I’m going to give you my full thoughts on it below, with many spoilers if you care, and explain why I didn’t hate it like the vast majority of the Internet told me I would. Why I even enjoyed myself.

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