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The other day I was telling @shebasborg that it’d be nice if opening up to Aladdin during the time-skip helped Kougyoku quell her rage towards Sinbad to manageable levels and not fall to depravity.

And then I remembered that we actually did get this,

After Aladdin out of all people saw this,

So maybe it’s not that far-fetched and we may actually get some flashbacks to that later? 


*slams fist on table* Where is my shitty high school drama au? 

Toriel: Costumes mistress and resident Green Room Mama. Literally no tear or stain is beyond her power, the woman has a magic touch. Her fire magic makes for a quick dry too. Very defensive of her drama babies. The ex-wife of the director/head of the department. Its weird. For everyone. She brings really good snacks back to the Green Room. 

Napstablook: One man…er, ghost orchestra. They’re pretty talented with most instruments, and they can usually do music for anything that isn’t too involved solo. Very very shy. Watches their cousin from their spot in the pit

Sans: On the surface, just your average crew member. Black attire, pretty content to dwell in the background. Always seems like he’s dozing during tech days but has yet to miss a cue. Good with quick fixes on equipment. The boy can repair anything with enough duct tape and hopes and dreams. Knows his way around the backstage better than anyone. His shortcuts are truly a mystery

Papyrus: Set designer with a personality as big as his designs. This kind of seemed related thematically to his love of puzzle building to me. Sets are kind of a puzzle. You have to figure out how to make a working model that can suggest a location and yet it has to be able to be moved. In need of some damn supervision: he never really can grasp that while sets should look nice, they’re meant to be the background, not the foreground.

Undyne: Choreographer, always on the move. Does a lot of blocking work with Asgore too. Very aggressive about missed cues, but also very defensive of her fellow drama buddies. She tends to be pretty hard on her costumes, giving Toriel no end of headaches. She may have a crush on a certain tech and lighting director. Shut up. No she doesn’t.

Alphys: Def has a crush on a certain choreographer. She runs lights, sound, mics, anything to do with wires and a computer system far too outdated to do the things its doing. She’s a bit of a genius with this stuff, working wonders on their miniscule budget. Her problem is that mistakes build on each other for her and fluster her until she’s a mess at the lighting board. Fortunately Sans can run tech support and Papyrus and Undyne can run emotional. Introduced Asgore to our leading robot…

Mettaton: The star, of course. He is the drama kid. That one. The one you’re thinking of right now. That kid. He’s them. Constant scene stopper. Compares literally everything to RENT, Hamilton, or Wicked. Like, don’t get me wrong, he’s seen other stuff, but he is drowning in theatre kid stereotypes. An absolute diva, but he’s not a bad cast leader. His confidence can inspire it in others, and he’s willing to bend over backwards (or frontwards, if it’ll sell more tickets, darling ;)) to get a show to be a success. In a way, he feels guilty for ditching his cousin and Shy in the backdrop, but the limelight was simply too tempting. He has Alphys to thank for his introduction.

Asgore: Director and department head. Too stressed to be blessed. He’s got good theatircal instincts and a passion for his students, he’s just too much a yes-man to be a truly great director. A bit of a martyr complex about mistakes in the show, but he takes care of his kids as best he can. He stays out of the Green Room, though. Too many dirty looks from his ex to feel comfortable.

Muffet: Caters long rehearsals. Charges through the nose, but she gets em fed. Knows exactly how many calories to pump into them to give them the energy for a next show, but not too much that they’re sluggish.

Bratty and Catty: Chorus girls who are just a little too excited about the leading man, if you catch my drift.

Burgerpants: Perpetually a side character, much to his chagrin. Its even worse when he has to understudy for Metta.

Shyren: The best vocals they have, but way too shy about it. Asgore keeps trying to get them to take on bigger parts, but….yeah, they ain’t havin it.

Frisk: Toriel’s kid that hangs out in the Green Room with her. The littlest go-fer. Ask them for anything and they’ll get it as best they can. Very sweet, and very at home on the stage. Mettaton is determined to make a prodigy out of them

Flowey: Frisk’s grumpy….friend? sibling? pet? either way, hangs out in the Green Room or backstage, looking bored. Gives rude and unhelpful comments.


Gaster: Every theatre needs a poltergeist….he’s not malignant exactly, but he’s the reason everyone take the Scottish play thing a little too seriously. Immediately blamed for any missing or broken phones or props. Alphys swears the seats get messed with when she’s alone. Papyrus secretly thinks he might be the one leaving smudgy fingerprints in fresh paint jobs. The only one who doesn’t seem to get pranked is Sans.

Finn Balor x Reader - unWANTED Help

You jiggled your leg up and down as you waited in the hard doctor’s office seat. Your phone battery was now dead thanks to endless hours of just going through twitter to try and distract yourself. Finn was back talking to the doctor about his shoulder that he injured during SummerSlam yesterday. You knew something was wrong when you saw him on the tv backstage and he didn’t raise both arms up with the new Universal Title. And now you were playing waiting game on whether he was going to get to reign as champion or have to drop the title… Finn loved what he did and you knew that an injury of any magnitude would devastate him. A nurse finally came back to get you after Finn’s MRI. As soon as you saw him he gave you a sad smile. “Hey baby.” You walked over to give him a kiss on the cheek. “Hey love.” He grabbed your hand with his that wasn’t in a sling and gently stroked his thumb over you knuckles. “They say anything??” You question as you take a seat beside him on the medical table. “No. Should be in any minute though with the results.” he sided leaning his head on your shoulder as best he could. You two sat in silence for a bit hand in hand as you waited for the doctor. 

Later that day you tweet out: “Not a happy day for the Universal Champ…” 

Today was supposed to be a day of celebration. Finn doing his entrance with a smile on his face and title held up high… Not somber and hindered by an arm in a sling. You stood backstage with two of your close friends Bayley and Sasha as you watched Finn and over his prized title and give the promise of returning better than ever. Once Finn backstage you two shared a tight hug. “I love you.” You mumble into his shoulder as he nuzzles your neck with his nose. “I love you more love.” He keeps his good arm around your waist as more superstars come up to say they will miss him. After Raw you and him head back to your hotel room. He lays on his back fresh out of the shower as you put on one of his tshirts. “Thank you.” He looked up at you as your brush your damp hair. “For what babe??” “For being here for me… Staying by my side as I am a one armed man.” “Finn it’s not like your arm is missing… You just can’t lift it above your head.” “Same difference.” He gives you a cheeky smile. “You’re a goof ball you know that??” You ask laying down beside him. His good arm around your shoulders. Fingers playing with your hair. “Yeah but I’m your goof ball.” He announces proudly kissing you on the nose. You two share a sweet lingering kiss before he rolls over on top of you as you squeal. He straddles your hips and leans down to purr in your ear. “Ever done it with a a man with one arm??” He teases before biting your neck sending you into a fit of giggles. 

After Finn’s surgery you two go to stay at his parents house as he recovers. Things were going smoothly recovery wise but you could tell Finn was a bit cranky with the attention and having to sit still for so long. One morning it was particularly bad… You had just got off the phone with your manager since you had taken some time out of the ring to stay with Finn… Finn came down stairs to the kitchen with an annoyed look on his face. “Good morning.” You chirp only to be answered back with a grunt. “You up for a walk this morning before you go to therapy??” You ask like you always do knowing that getting out of the house always puts him in a better mood. “Nah.” He slams the door to the fridge. “Okay well how about we go get some breakfast from that place you like…” “How about you just leave me alone.” He snapped harshly. “Well excuse me for trying to help you out.” You say sarcastically. “I didn’t ask for your help.” He snaps again. “I didn’t ask for you to take a break from wrestling or to move in here with my parents…” He glares over at you. “You know what?? I am tired of trying to help you get trough this only to be answered back with a rotten attitude.” You huff and grab your jacket and keys heading out the door to leave Finn with his snarky butt.

“How does shopping sound?? I bet that will cheer you up and give Finn enough time to cool down.” Nikki smiled as she handed you a fresh cup of coffee. You just shrug and take a sip. “Oh come on it will be fun. We can go check out the new dresses that just launched this season…” Nikki begged for an excuse to go shopping. Before you could agree John Cena came down stairs to join you two in the living room. “Hey Nikki.” He kissed her on the head and then did a double take when he saw you. “You’re not Brie…” He looked a Nikki with a fake confused look. “Y/N is going to be staying with is for a bit…” Nikki explained. “What about Finn?? Aint he like hurt or something?? Aint you two like dating??” John asked taking a seat beside Nikki throwing his arm around her. “Finn has been in a bad mood lately and I think its best if he gets some space.” You sigh finishing you coffee. “Oh…” John nods knowing exactly what Finn is going through. 

Finn was laying on his parents couch trying to pay attention to the tv on infront of him but he didn’t hear a single word coming through the speakers. He was about half asleep when his phone buzzed on the coffee table. It was a text message from John Cena. It was a picture of you playing with his french bulldog. ‘Why your girl at my house??’ Finn scrunched up his eyebrows and replied back. ‘I fucked up.’ John texted back with ‘Your telling me… Look I know what you’re going through… Its frustrating being out of the ring and ya girl taking time off… You feel like you’re holding her back… Talk things out with her using your words and not your temper next time bro.’ Finn laid his head back on the throw pillow and started thinking of how to make this up to you.

The WWE wouldn’t let you take too much time off to stay with Finn since you were a high merch seller. You had just finished up your match against Nattie and you were exhausted. All you wanted to do was curl up in your hotel bed and get some deep sleep. Actually that was a lie all you really wanted to do was see Finn. You hadn’t seen him since the fight last week. Staying with Nikki and John you just traveled over to the arena with them. You looked down at your phone in your hand wanting to call Finn but he hadn’t made an effort to contact you so why bother right?? You were getting updates on him from his mom so at least your effort was there. Sliding the hotel key into the door you shove your shoulder into the door to open it. Throwing down your duffel back you head straight to the bathroom to take a hot shower. You stop in your tracks however when you see Finn standing in the middle of the hotel room out of the corner of your eye. “What are you doing here??” You whispered completely shocked. He walked over to you slowly to stand in front of you. “I’m here to apologize and hope that you will forgive me for being an arse.” Finn gave you a sad smile as you looked around him at the hotel room. He had rose petals all over the bed and on the floor around it. You gave him a confused look as you saw the flashlights all around the bed and on the night stand. “Flashlights??” You giggle a bit. “No candles aloud in the hotel…” Finn blushed a bit in embarrassment scratching the back of his head with his good hand. He sighs and looks you in the eye. “Look I am really sorry for my attitude… And for yelling at you… I just got so overwhelmed with everything… Being out of the ring myself and I felt like I was making you feel obligated to stay out of the ring for my sake… I’m sorry love. I’ll do anything to make it up to you.” You give him a sweet smile and then a kiss on the lips. “I understand baby… I was being a bit much hovering over you and all… I’ve missed you.” You smile up at him as he wraps his good arm around your waist. “I love you Y/N.” “I love you more.” He gives you a devilish smile before picking you up with one arm so you can wrap your arms and legs around him. Placing his lips against yours hungrily you can’t help but let out a sound of contentment at finally being reunited with your man. 

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR READING… and thanks to @cutester for the request… please let me know what you think… any and all feedback is welcome… THANKS AGAIN FOR READING

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If Renee had nothing better to backstage than troll her fans with a picture of an irate looking Dean, why didn’t she go back to her hotel room instead of being a nuisance to everyone that was actually there to work?